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By Dr. Lalith Mendis

Fifteen Prophetic Pointers for 2011 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

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1.Breeze vs Tempest – Breeze for His own. Tempest for the wicked 2.Eternal footprints in the Shifting Sands of Nations' Chaos 3.Year of Joseph's Fivefold Ministry Pl read Lamb & Lion – Jesus Our Price 4.Bethlehem will show up & Jerusalem church will diminish 5.Belial & Jezebel Dethroned from the Nations 6.Western Nations will turn to the Lord as they repent thru the debt crash 7.Asian nations will have ten years of prosperity with wealth shifting to Asia and time to turn to the Lord forsaking idols. After that it will be reckoning time. 8.Valley of Despair & Mountain of Pressure will push many to the Ship of faith. 9.As the Nation Ships face tempest & ruin, nations that have apostolic churches in governing authority will hear the voice of the church & save their nation. Word in the storm 10.Mammon will be judged & money driven ministries with huge overhead will crash 11.Nebuchadnezzar in nations where a Daniel is in royal authority will walk on all fours & implore the whole nation to worship the God of Daniel. Prior to this persecution will come to many nations. Please read my book Bride & Beast Battles 12.Genuine miracles will increase – the Lord will move in His sovereignty 13.Professionals will give way to the Prophetic, reason will give way to revelation , Administrators will give way to apostles, promises will move to provision, 14.Fear will increase the world over making people to seek the Refuge of the Rock Is 4. Light for the Christians in God's Goshen . Darkness in Egypt . 15.Lord will speak wisdom & power thru babes & sucklings by age & by spirituality. Mighty miracles thru three year old children

Psa 90:16 Let Your work appear to Your servants, and Your glory to their children. Psa 94:10-16 He who chastens the nations, shall He not correct, He who teaches man knowledge? (11) Jehovah knows the thoughts of man, that they are vain. (12) Blessed is the man whom You chasten, O Jehovah, to teach him out of Your Law; (13) that You may give him rest from the days of adversity, until the pit is dug for the wicked. (15) But judgment shall return to righteousness; and all the upright in heart shall follow it. (16) Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

Eternal Footprints & Shifting Sands It was Dec 11 th our Carol Service. No one was expecting serious prophecy as it was a day unbelieving relatives & friends are invited to hear the Great Story in grand carols. As the song “Mary Did You Know was sung (that He whom Mary cradled was the great I am and Havi was taking it up & away in his tremendous baritone & tenor), I saw eternal footprints amidst the shifting sands of world's nations in chaos. I pronounced the prophecy. Many nations were cracking up as the sand made the map. Giant footprints of the Lord with dripping blood could be seen in between the cracking nations. Some nations will get on to the footprints of Jesus and be saved. Some nations will struggle to usurp and will be crushed by the One whom they insulted so long.

Tempest & The Breeze Agenda of the Holy Spirit has begun. It will be impossible to sustain church by carnal programs & clever techniques. Money will fail. Money driven ministries will crash. . The breath of God will cause a breeze while the fury of the Lord will cause tempests. Tempests are for the wicked. The Breeze will keep the believers safe from tempest when they learn to mind the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit rather than be moved by the gaseous emissions of a pompous world in her last throes of pretended grandeur. It is an year for discernment to be swept and borne by the breeze of the Holy Spirit. If not you will be swept by the Tempest. Wealth will shift to Asia . Western nations in poverty will turn to the Lord. Asian nations will be given ten years of God's kindness & prosperity to know Him and forsake idols. At the end of ten years there will be reckoning time.

BETHLEHEM & JERUSALEM Bethlehem is where Christ was born & Church began. Bethlehem in every age attracts hostile attention of kings & priest and the neglectful disdain of the innkeepers of the world. They think Bethlehem has no commercial or imperial significance. For God Bethlehem is precious. Bethlehem 's competitor is Jerusalem – brash & brainy, political & powerful, religious & ritualistic, economically energetic. That's where the upward mobile make their pastures. Jerusalem is Political capital. Bethlehem is Spiritual Capital . Where will you invest? Where will you ask your child to cast his lot? We who are called to Bethlehem can find it hard to keep focus on what God thinks is significant. Our peers say Jerusalem is great and run their rat races to get ahead. Digital media say it loud with dazzle. Becoming great in Bethlehem is what David did unseen by all seen only by God. One day he became king. With Christ birth little Bethlehem became famous. Favour reaches up to God's glory (giving up my glory) and touches earth with peace. Mat 2:6 "And you, Bethlehem , in the land of Judah , are not the least among the governors of Judah . For out of you shall come a Governor who shall rule My people Israel ."

More than any else we who are sideline Christianity (though I think with God we are mainstream) and not mainline denomination, suffer indignity when our children have to find schools. We suffer when the dead have to be buried in “unholy” burial grounds. Even for weddings we have to do with make do places. It is only the eye of Christ that brought you to this kind of Bethlehem Christianity that gets adversely scrutinised by high priests, cardinals, scribes & kings. We have to keep our eye full of light. If not we'll be distracted from the pursuit we began. Becoming great in little Bethlehem can happen only God's way .

BELIAL & JEZEBEL DETHRONED FROM THE NATIONS Belial & Jezebel keep false religions deceiving nations. Belial causes waste or nothingness. This is the meaning in Hebrew. Jezebel seduces to keep nations & individuals in her evil charm, making them blind to the ruin caused by Belial. We received on 2 nd Sunday 2 Kings 9 – Jehu will kill Jezebel in Sri Lanka and in nations where the church learns royal government. .

FIVEFOLD MINISTRY ANOINTING OF JOSEPH We are praying that the Head of State will call upon Christian Josephs (entrepreneurs) to help him plan economics. Many Daniels will be found in the King's court who will advise a king about just governance and wise legislative enactments. When a victorious manchild company (bridal church) ascends to the throne, Michael and angels find descent into that nation to defeat the works of satan. Rev 12:5,10,11. Such a church receives the scepter to mould nations – breaking and making. Jer 1:7-12. Church must become the city upon the hill. Each believer becomes the lamp on the stand. Yahweh yatsaw is the name of the Lord that htad redemptive power to fetch a nation or an individual out of bondage to full inheritance in Canaan . Exod 20:3-5. One man's faithfulness in a covenant with God made nations in the past and can preserve an entire nation even now. Gen 17:1-2. Psa 105:17-24 He sent a man before them , Joseph, being sold for a servant; (18) whose feet they hurt with chains; he was laid in iron, (19) until the time that his word (davar) came, the Word (memra) of Jehovah refined him. The time has come for the Lord to release Joseph into the full call and inheritance of God. The Church in the nations has been like Joseph with feet in fetters. Time has come for the Church's promotion and for your personal promotion if you are partner with the Lord in His kingdom advance. God has sent into strategic positions in the world men and women through whom nations will be changed. These are God's Abrahams through whom kings shall come into economic, political and other domains. Gen 17:4-7. They are forerunners of an overcoming Church that will function in a new wineskin. Take care not to persecute this last great wineskin. There is a word that Gove gave you. Obey every word of God until the specific word for you comes to pass.

FIVEFOLD FETTERS OF JOSEPH (20) The king sent and set him free; the ruler of the people, and let him go free. Until this time, it seems as if Joseph's brothers, Ishmaelites, Potiphar or Prison head was controlling Joseph's destiny. Yet the Lord was directing Joseph to the place (prison) where he would make contact with a person from the court of Pharaoh. •

• •

Joseph facing the competition and deception of brothers was tied with the parental root of Jacob deceiving Isaac and Rebecca deceiving Laban. Unknown to us our family roots may work against us. Fetters of human love of a doting father who could not see himself less than Joseph – bowing down to him bound Joseph. Father himself did not receive and affirm Joseph's heavenly oracle. Given to Jacob's fond affection, Joseph would never have left home. A time has come when true fathers will not be a Saul but recognize the Davids and launch them. There are many who once received the multicoloured robe of the Father , now in a pit cast by envious brothers. These are unable to arise beyond the pitfalls of bitterness and walled in Churchianity. There are others sold under the slavery of carnal sin of Ishmael in their life . They could not get Ishmael out of them and lost the promise. There are churches like Lot sitting at the gate of human greatness. There are churches that choose to be in tents like Abraham. God will raise kings from these churches with a kingly anointing to posses their territory. Lot will perish with the world's Sodom . Yet God gives them a chance to come out. God did not even need 50 or 10. He needed one like Abraham who will walk blamelessly day after day. Gen 17:1. There are others who are labouring in the house of Potiphar for their secular career tempted also by Potiphar's wife. The time has come for them to arise to greater things that God has for them. God will use them to transfer wealth from darkness to the kingdom of light if they can serve God alone rather than trying to serve God and mammon. They will conquer Mammon and Jezebel. Yet others have their feet cast into chains in prisons of men . Rev 2:8-11. But the hour has come all circumstances will work together for Joseph's heaven destined promotion. The feet that had iron fetters will be placed on a golden footstool. The promise to the Church of Smyrna .

FIVE FOLD MINISTRY OF JOSEPH Psa 105:21-24 He made him lord of his house, And ruler of all his substance; ernal (22) To bind his princes at his pleasure, And teach his elders wisdom. (23) Israel also came into Egypt ; And Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham . (24) And he increased his people greatly, And made them stronger than their adversaries.

• •

He made him Lord of his house – this is a season that every father will come to full inheritance in the home, in the neighbourhood or at work and in the church. These are the three houses over which God places the Christian. One main theses of this book is to restore the place of the Christian home in the Church's advance. The Local assembly under the Joseph restoration will take authority over demons, disease, disasters, distractions etc. Every Christian can name his house and ask the Lord to restore Lordship – i.e. the Melchisedec king-priest anointing Ruler of all his possessions – this is a season when God will use Christian Josephs to translate the treasures to God's kingdom. Many affluent people will turn to Christ because of the exigency of the times. They will receive dreams. Bakers will receive dreams of condemnation. Butlers will receive dreams of redemption. Joseph will work humbly under a pastor and apostle. To bind his rulers – the Joseph in position will bind (prohibit) ungodly activity of earthly rulers and demonic activity of powers and principalities (demonic rulers). The Lord shall sound his shrill siren for the quickness of the fear of the Lord. Is 11:1-5. Saints and others alike will clearly hear the Lord's siren. Be quick in the hearing of the Lord. Be quick in the seeing of the Lord. The Octopus of terror in Sri Lanka will be cut limb by limb. Sri Lanka will be the incredible God story the world will come to see. There will be a revival of the fear of the Lord. Fear of the Lord will be preached rather than man's felt need. Customer will no more be king in the church. Teach his elders wisdom – Parliamentarians, legislators, judges will come to Joseph to hear the wisdom of the Lord. God will cause God defying knowledge of man to fail with ecological disasters that will cause man to repent of using God's earth greedily and in ungodliness. He will prove that He is the Lord of all the earth. Israel (God's people) will instruct Egypt (the world's empire). God will increase His people . He will make them stronger than those who oppose them.

This is the great triumphant procession in formation until the Victorious Bridal Church will meet her Lord in the air and rule forever. Man's day has ended; God's day has begun. Let those who have ears hear; Let those who have eyes see. Let those who have heart expect great things and rejoice.

New Year Surprisingly  

New Year Surprisingly