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Are You JUST Reading the Reporter and the Short Report? You’re Only Getting a Fraction of the SEANC Updates! By Daniel Pate If you haven’t submitted an email address to SEANC then you’re missing out on many ways to stay informed about what’s going on to protect the quality public services you provide. Members who register their email address are able to receive electronic updates each week. The SEANC Scoop is sent on Fridays and contains top state employee news, The Legislative Update, SEANC in the News stories and a featured statewide member discount. The Legislative Update includes the latest news from the General Assembly and the actions SEANC has taken to protect public services and the people who provide them. This publication is the best way to stay informed on what SEANC is doing for you in the General Assembly. Email is your best bet to immediately receive urgent news from SEANC. For example, members received messages last month that included invitations to rallies and calls to action in the General Assembly that would have been impossible to advertise in the Short Report or the Reporter. In addition to email alerts, SEANC offers many Internet tools to facilitate involvement and update



members on a regular basis. The SEANC website contains a vast amount of information on the organization and offers access to district bulletin boards, SEANC in the News articles and member discounts. SEANC’s presence in the social networking sphere – Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube – also allows members to interact with others and view footage of SEANC events. For example, you can watch all the speeches made at the “Save the American Dream” rally that took place in Raleigh on Feb. 26 by accessing the SEANC YouTube channel. If you are not receiving emails from SEANC, go to and register your information to start receiving electronic updates. If you don’t have an email address, it’s very easy to get one. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! offer free email services with a simple registration process. Don’t get left behind! Send us your email address and receive the latest information as we continue to push for the services that make North Carolina a great place to live.

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What You Can Receive Through Email News Alerts: Information about new legislation, invitations to events and rallies, SEANC responses to major employee issues and immediate notification of news that pertains to you. SEANC Scoop: Weekly updates on recent happenings, media coverage, member discounts and links to SEANC pictures and videos.

The Legislative Update: Latest news from the General Assembly and details on what SEANC is doing to protect quality public services.

May 2011 Reporter  
May 2011 Reporter