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Enjoy the comforts of Calor at home Switching is easy


Calor - energy solutions, WHEREVER YOU LIVE Since 1937 Calor has been the leading distributor of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) on the island of Ireland. Every year we make it possible for more and more customers to enjoy the benefits of gas. Whether you live high on the mountain, deep in the valley, or miles and miles from anywhere, the comfort, convenience, and great value of Calor can be yours.



enjoy all the benefits of Gas Calor Gas is the cleaner, more efficient fuel that provides toasty central heating, instant hot water, quick and controllable gas cooking, as well as the warmth of a real flame fire. Contents introduction


Calor – The Right Choice


THE BENEFITS of switching


switching made easy


Service level options


we’re here to help




Calor – the fuel you’ll be right at home with Today, with so many gas powered appliances available, Calor is the complete fuel for your home. And the really great news is, many of these innovative appliances can now be bought directly online. Check out the Calor Shop online from the comfort of your own home.

Visit to shop for Calor Gas appliances - in comfort! • Central Heating – no matter how cold it gets outside, you’ll be warm and comfortable inside, thanks to your thermostatically controlled central heating • Cooking – cook up a storm in the kitchen, with the kind of easy, controllable cooking every chef dreams of • Gas Fires – curl up on your favourite chair in front of a real flame gas fire • Tumble Dryers – dry clothes whenever you need them • Hot Water – enjoy lashings of hot water, at any time

Controllable Heating

cosy real flame fire

instant hot water

Efficient Tumble Drying

instant, Easy Cooking



“It's great to have our new LPG boiler. The old oil boiler was dirty and we had no idea how inefficient it was compared to the new one until we got it.� David Cantwell, Calor Customer since 2008.

Enjoy a world of difference with a new LPG boiler Switch to the cleaner burning fuel of Calor Gas, and start enjoying all the benefits and savings that come with it. Your new LPG boiler, whether installed indoors or out, will be a much cleaner, tidier, and more compact appliance than your existing old oil boiler.



CALOR GAS – BETTER FOR YOUR WALLET While the enviromentmental benefits of Calor Gas over other fuels are clear to see, it can also help save you money too, on your annual home heating costs. You could save approximately 11.5% on your annual energy bill when you switch from home heating oil to Calor Gas. Comparative Heating and Hot Water Consumption Annual Energy Cost in €

2,700 2,600

Calor - The Cleaner Fuel

This is a






LPG is one of the cleanest burning, most environmentally sustainable fuels available in terms of carbon emissions. It emits 11% less CO2 than heating oil, 33% less than coal and a massive 57% less than electricity.

2,200 2,100 2,000




every year on your energy bills

400 340.6



300 200 100











Source: SEAI – Energy in Ireland Report 2011 However, we still want to do even better. As a company, we adopt best industry practice, and we encourage our suppliers to do likewise. We’ve also introduced a sustainability programme aimed at reducing the carbon emissions of our company by 25% by 2020. More information is available on our website,

Figures based on an average home’s heating and hot water requirement of 3,000 litres of home heating oil per annum using a 70% efficient oil boiler, versus the equivalent LPG requirement per annum using a 92% efficient LPG boiler. Gas and oil prices are valid on 25th July 2012 and prices may vary. Figures are calculated using Irish official Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) software and based on a 230m2 detached house.



Lpg and carbon Tax Carbon tax is charged per tonne of carbon in a fuel. As LPG is a cleaner burning fuel, the carbon tax on it is lower than other fuels. Since May 2012, the level of carbon tax on LPG has increased slightly, but as can be seen below, it remains significantly lower than the same tax on heating oil. If carbon tax increases as it’s expected to do, it will continue to increase more for oil than for LPG. The Carbon Tax gap increases between oil and LPG 6c/l 5.752 4.314

5c/l 4c/l




2c/l 1c/l

LPG before May 2012

Heating Oil before May 2012

LPG after May 2012

Heating Oil after May 2012

*HYIVU;H_°JOHYNLKVU1,000 litres �60 €57.52

�50 �40 €37.29

�30 �20 �10 LPG

Heating Oil

Information source:

it's easy to Join Calor If you’re thinking about switching, you’ll find Calor makes it easy. For instance, if you don’t want to take on the switching project yourself, we can arrange to do all the work for you. To get you off to a great start, we’re offering new Home Energy customers 1,000 free litres of gas. What’s more, if you choose our One-Stop Shop solution, where we look after everything from site visit to first fill for you, you can avail of our interest free payment options. The following pages will tell you everything you need to know about switching – and everything that’s available to you when you do.



1OR 2 Year


FREE options



Customers availing of our One Stop Shop solution, get additional help with the initial cost of switching. We give you the option of spreading the cost over 12 or 24 months, interest free. *Terms and conditions apply, see for details.

Smarter savings at home

1,000 Litres

AN OFFER YOU’LL REALLY WARM TO To get you off to a flying start, we’re delighted to give all of our new customers 1,000 litres of gas – absolutely free. Think of it as an extra warm welcome! *Terms and conditions apply, see for details.






THE BENEFITS – AT A GLANCE Hot water in an instant. Central heating at the flick of a switch. Quick, easy, controllable cooking.

Dedicated customer service

Cleaner and greener

We’re here to help with any queries you have.

Calor Gas is a cleaner burning fuel, generating considerably lower CO2 emissions than oil, peat, coal or electricity.

Tank maintenance

Save on Carbon Tax

We’ll look after your gas tank, with regular inspections and checks, as well as maintenance when required.

Carbon Tax is 35% lower for Calor Gas than it is for oil.

Peace of mind

Calor Energy Advisor

You’ll never have to worry about running out of gas when you choose our automatic top up service. Your tank will be fitted with telemetry which will send us a message when it needs refilling. Get an additional 1c/litre discount when you avail of our Automatic Top Up.

Our experts are always on hand to help you choose the energy solution for your needs, and to help you save money on fuel bills.

Easy ways to manage your bills

Innovative energy applications

Our EasiPay plan lets you spread the cost of your gas bills over the whole year. You even get an additional 1c/litre discount for choosing EasiPay.

State of the art applications, such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP), allow you to generate your own electricity, while providing hot water and heating.

And the warmth of a real flame fire… But that’s not all, there’s so much to enjoy with Calor!

Online account management

1OR 2 Year

You can view and pay your bills, order your next fill of gas and even submit your meter readings on

FREE options



1 or 2 year interest free options When you avail of our unique One Stop Shop solution, you have the option of spreading the cost over 12 or 24 months, interest free.

1,000 Litres

Special introductory offer


New Calor Home Energy customers get 1,000 litres of free gas when they make the move to Calor.



*Terms and conditions apply, see for details.



switching made easy with OUR One Stop Shop Choose Calor’s One Stop Shop, and we’ll look after every step of switching for you - right up until your first fill of Calor Gas is delivered. Terms and conditions apply.



Your enquiry

Home Visit

We’ll explain exactly what’s involved in the switching process, and what your cost and payment options are, including what grants may be available from SEAI.

 e’ll organise one of our W recommended RGII-registered Installers to visit your home, to establish your potential requirements. We have a comprehensive list of RGIIregistered Installers throughout Ireland, so wherever you live, we’ll have one nearby.




Tailored Energy Solution

Your Conversion

your Boiler installation

Following the Installer's visit, we'll recommend the most suitable conversion package for your home.

Once we agree a package, we’ll remove your old system in an environmentally friendly way.

Our recommended RGIIregistered Installer will fit your brand new high efficiency LPG boiler.

6 Now you’re up and running… Your Installer will connect your boiler to your gas tank, and arrange for us to call out and deliver your first fill of Calor Gas.

Self-managed switching It’s possible to manage certain elements of the switching process yourself, with the help of a Registered Gas Installer (RGII). We will be happy to recommend one in your area. Please remember, if purchasing a new LPG boiler yourself, or with the help of your RGII-registered Installer, it must be a high efficiency model (with a recognised minimum efficiency of 86%) in order to qualify for our 1,000 litre free gas offer.



MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE WHEN YOU SWITCH TO CALOR To make your move to Calor all the easier, we have designed a number of packages to suit a wide range of homes. As part of the Home Visit, we’ll be able to recommend the right package for your home. We have designed packages, each based on factors such as the size of your home, predicted usage levels and the location of your existing boiler.


Above ground tanks

The four examples below highlight the range of options available to you as a Calor customer.

Underground tanks

24kW indoor boiler package

32kW indoor boiler package

24kW outdoor boiler package

32kW outdoor boiler package

Approx. house size

100m2+ (1,076ft2+)

200m2+ (2,153ft2+)

100m2+ (1,076ft2+)

200m2+ (2,153ft2+)

Number of bedrooms





Current oil boiler location

















switch from Interest-free Payment per month*

Calor bulk tanks ensure you have a secure supply of home energy

Advice on Storage Options

*Based on 24 monthly payments.

Calor offer a choice of storage tanks - above ground bulk tanks with a unique CLeasy© high quality finish which are durable and easily maintained; below ground tanks ensuring your supply is easily accessible but out of sight and keeping your garden beautiful. If you are short on storage space, we also have a range of options available. Talk to a Calor Advisor, who has the expertise to help you make the right decision. Mini tank supply, for when you're short on space

Standard home energy supply tank. Base dimensions 2m x 1m



YOU’LL NEVER RUN OUT OF cALOR GAS Our tanks are equipped with an automated telemetry system that constantly monitors your fuel level, and automatically tells us when you need a top-up. This means you never have to check how much fuel you’ve left – and it means you’ll never run out. For cylinders, staying in supply is simple too. With our switch-over system, you can ensure that you’ve always got plenty of time to order new ones - or buy them from your local Calor Gas stockist.


Telemetry gauge activates when LPG in your tank reaches certain level


Remote Telemetry Monitoring Centre Our monitoring centre is alerted that there is a need for your tank to be refilled


4 Calor Gas delivery tanker is dispatched from local depot

Tanker arrives at your home to fill tank in plenty of time - guaranteeing you never run out*

*Terms and conditions apply.



CHOOSE THE CALOR PACKAGE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU Here at Calor, we understand that what you want included as part of your energy solution, may not be the same as what the next person wants. So, we believe that it makes sense to design packages around the needs of our customers, and to give you a choice when it comes to deciding what works best for you.



when you avail of the EasiPay or Automatic Top Up service


€12.25 MONTHLY

This is the package for you if you want to keep things nice and easy, with everything you need included as standard. You’re guaranteed the best of service and customer care, for as little as €12.25 monthly. As part of your Classic contract package: • We’ll take responsibility for your bulk tank provision, as well as the maintenance and safety of your tank. • Avail of our Automatic Top Up service and get a 1c/litre discount. • Avail of EasiPay, Direct Debit, Debit/Credit Card payment options. • Manage your account online at • Optional extras include your annual boiler service for €99pa and Carbon Monoxide detectors from

We even offer choice with our annual standing charge. You can choose the package that best suits your needs.


Our three standing charge packages offer various options when it comes to payment plans, services, costs and optional extras. Depending on what you would like included, we can then build these extras into your chosen package.

Offering all that the Classic does, and more, our Comfort Package provides excellent additional benefits. Great value at just €19.75 monthly.

€19.75 MONTHLY

• Includes your annual boiler maintenance and safety inspection.


€20.75 MONTHLY

For just a little extra you get so much more. All the convenience and peace of mind that comes with our Classic and Comfort Packages, as well as lots of additional features and options. And all for just €20.75 monthly. • Pay for gas as you use it. • We place a gas meter on your tank which we can read remotely. • We bill you based on the meter readings.



SWITCH TO COMFORT, CONVENIENCE AND AFFORDABILITY SWITCH TO CALOR If you want to know more about Calor, about switching, or about the efficiency and versatility of LPG, please get in touch with us.

Call us on 1850 812 450

(Mon-Fri, 7am-8pm Sat, 9am-1pm)

Visit us on Email Follow us @calornews


Calor contact For information, advice and support on all Calor products and services, contact our Customer Support Team.


ROI: 1850 812 450 NI: 028 9045 5588

In the event of an emergency outside office hours, please dial:

Email: ROI: 01 291 6229 NI: 0845 075 5588

Calor complies with the International Organisation for Standardisation ISO 9001.

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