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Cosy central heating and instant hot water are just two of the many benefits that Calor Gas brings to your home. However, your heating is only as efficient as your LPG boiler is - and if you’ve had yours for 10 years or longer, it’s quite likely that it’s coming towards the end of its efficient life. Despite regular servicing, boilers of this age will still burn more fuel to get the same results, while adding significantly to your home’s energy costs and carbon footprint in the process. So to continue enjoying the great value that comes with using Calor Gas, your best option is to have a new, high efficiency boiler installed. The resulting lower running costs will save you money in the long term – up to 25% off the average home heating bill.

And as a valued existing Calor customer, we’d also like to help you save at least €300* straight away! You must complete the Claim Form in full and have it signed by your installer before returning it to Calor Gas to avail of this offer. Your boiler must be installed by a Calor-approved Registered Gas Installer. This installation must be installed and certified to conform to the requirements of Irish Standard 813-2002 Domestic Gas Installations (Edition 2), current Building Regulations and Appliance Manufacturers’ installation instructions. €300 will be credited to your Calor Gas account following receipt of completed Claim Form. Calor cannot be held responsible for the quality or warranty of a boiler installation. The contract for this work is between the customer and the installer. This boiler replacement offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Calor offer. Applications may be subject to inspection and verification by Calor personnel. This offer applies to existing Calor domestic central heating customers only. This offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that, in order to avail of any separate SEAI grants or offers, their application and installation complies with the SEAI’s separate terms and conditions. This offer ends December 2011.


So how can I save this €300*? • Once you use a Calor-approved Registered Gas

Installer to carry out the upgrade work, and send us this completed Claim Form when your new boiler’s been installed, we’ll take €300 off your next Calor Gas bill! • Call us on 1850 812 450, email or go to to find your nearest Calor-approved RGIs. Check out to find out if you’re eligible to apply directly to the SEAI for additional grants.


All of the below must be completed in full in block capitals to avail of the Calor Boiler Replacement Offer of €300*.

Yes, I have just replaced my central heating boiler To avail of this offer, customers must ensure this form is completed and customers must return it to the address below: Customer Support Manager, Calor Gas, Long Mile Road, Dublin 12. Please credit my account with €300* Name (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms) _________________________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Daytime phone number _________________________________________________________________________ Mobile ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Your Calor Account No. _________________________________________________________________________ Email address ____________________________________________________________________________________ Boiler receipt enclosed

PLEASE ENSURE YOUR INSTALLER COMPLETES THIS SECTION BEFORE YOU RETURN IT TO CALOR. Make of boiler ___________________________________________________________________________________ Model of boiler __________________________________________________________________________________ Efficiency of boiler ______________________________________________________________________________ The installation conforms to IS813-2002 and has passed a SOUNDNESS TEST and FLUE TEST

To validate claim, it must be accompanied by an RGII Cert 2.

RGII Number _________________________________

Cert 2 Number ________________________________

Installer name (printed) __________________________________________________________________________ Date _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Customer Signature ______________________________________________________________________________ Installer Signature ________________________________________________________________________________ Total cost of boiler and installation € ___________________________________________________________

See reverse for full terms and conditions.


17553 boiler replacement a4 roi v7  
17553 boiler replacement a4 roi v7