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AAT Board Member Application Name: _________________________________

Major: _______________

Class Standing:_____________

GPA: ____

Position(s) Interested in: (You may choose more than one. Position descriptions are attached.) President

Vice President


Social Events Coordinator




Production Manager

Essay Questions: Please answer fully and honestly. These questions will help us get to know you, so show us your strengths and personality. (Feel free to attach extra pages, or use the back of this page to answer these questions to your satisfaction.) 1. Why do you want to be on the board?

2. What specific goals would you bring to AAT if you were chosen to be on the board?

3. In what ways do you feel qualified for the position(s) you are applying for?

4. What does the word “leadership� mean to you?

5. As an AAT Board Member, you will be expected to complete tasks on a deadline. This will be in addition to schoolwork, and required practicum as a Theater Major. How well do you work under pressure? How skilled are you with prioritizing, and time-management?

AAT Board Member Job Description and Responsibilities: President: The president oversees the execution of AAT policies and procedures, helps organize the board and distribute tasks, conducts all board meetings. The president is highly knowledgeable about department and AAT policies and acts as a liaison between AAT and the faculty. Vice President: The VP assists the president in the administration of the AAT board and the supervision of AAT policies. The VP also acts as the liaison to campus associations and attends Clubs and Orgs meetings. Should the board want to write a C&O grant the VP is responsible for organizing the appropriate paperwork. Secretary: Is responsible for the maintenance of AAT membership records, including contact and interest lists. The secretary is also responsible for all AAT paperwork, including contracts, proposals, and forms, and has them immediately on hand for the board's review. The secretary also distributes important information from the board to AAT members that does not fall under publicity. The secretary also takes notes at each AAT meeting. Treasurer: Is responsible for all AAT funds and budgets. The treasurer works closely with Kayleen Merx to organize making deposits, getting budget updates, and other monetary concerns for AAT. The treasurer also runs the AAT cash box at performances not being sold through the box office. The treasurer must be good with keeping track of money and highly organized. Publicist: The publicist creates all posters, programs, and inserts for AAT productions. The publicist also writes and distributes press releases for AAT production, organizes and distributes publicity photos, maintains the AAT myspace page and designs the AAT logo and T-shirt for the year. The publicist is expected to work closely with Caril Jennings on the creation and distribution of publicity information. Historian: The historian documents AAT's season through the collection of copies of all programs, posters and production photos. The historian organizes this information in a format that will be both accessible and useful to the AAT board for the next season. The historian is also responsible for the creation/supervision of the AAT Award Video which includes segments from every production for the year, clips of seniors, and anything hilarious and AAT relevant. Social Events Coordinator: The social events coordinator (SEC) organizes fun and entertaining events for AAT members, usually following AAT and department performances, but is not limited to those times. The SEC also organizes the AAT opening social at the beginning of the year and the AAT award show at the end. Production Manager: The production manager acts as the technical liaison to the Browning Center administrators and the technical faculty members. The PM reserves time in the theaters and rehearsal spaces for all AAT productions, including the Award Show and ensures that contracts with the Browning Center are precise and complete for each production. The PM also works with the department Technical Director to secure rights to shows, purchase scripts, organize ACTF adjudication, and ensure that the technical needs of each production are met. A Freshman Representative and Student Affairs Representative will be selected at the beginning of next year.

AAT Board Member Application 10 - 11  
AAT Board Member Application 10 - 11  

Form for potential AAT Board Members. Must be filled out and returned to Greg Sano, or Jim Christian, by 4/09/10