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Winterisms Ep 1x01: In Search of Ullr By: Sean Tonelli Art: James Cadotte Hey James, so excited for our first part of our new monthly comic strip! I want to keep the style simple, cartoony, like Adventure Time! or Regular Show! Also going for that weird, over-the-top vibe. Should be straight forward. Let’s have everyone wearing 80’s style gear. Bright neons etc. Remember to keep each panel a perfect square, and large enough to scan so that quality will be good. I hate to ask, but can you do hand lettering as well? Won’t be much, it’ll just save time. We can talk about it though. PANEL 1: Young man(YM) in retro 80’s gear, climbing up a steep mountain using ice picks, looking really insignificant compared to the mountain. Can we have the title of this episode in the shape of snow blowing or something unique like that? Leave room for title: TITLE: Winterisms: Episode 1: In Search of Ullr by Sean Tonelli & James Cadotte PANEL 2: YM has reached the top, struggling to get over the edge. In the foreground we see the legs of a Viking-esq man squatting, his back to the reader, keeping his identity shrouded. The YM is looking up at him, wide-eyed and excited yet still pensive. Leave room for speech. YM: Ullr? PANEL 3: Awesome shot of Ullr with his hand outstretched, helping YM up. He looks like a super happy cross between Haggard the Horrible and the Abominable snowman from Rudolph. Big smile, big teeth, horned helmet, dope beard. Give him like a glowing, rainbow type aura around him. Whatever you can do to make him seem god-like. PANEL 4: Side profile of the YM staring up at the massive snow god. Leave room for eventual speech. PANEL 5: Same as above. Leave room for speech. YM: Can we like, have some powder please? PANEL 6: Ullr doin his best bro pose, pointing at the YM. Leave room for speech. Ullr: You totally can broheim!!! PANEL 7: Ullr is blasting YM with powder that’s shooting out of his hands. The powder is so powerful that it has blasted him off the cliff face. PANEL 8: Same shot as PANEL ONE except the YM is flying off the cliff and ULLR is now there shooting snow. Have his speech following him as he falls. Leave room for speech and caption. YM: SSssiiiccckkkkk aaaasssss brrroooo (WRITERS NOTE: You can change this to make it fit) CAPTION (bottom right): Fin

Winterisms ep 1x01 by sean tonelli and jame cadotte  

Script for the first comic strip James & I made

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