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Getting to know the kids, one child at a time FACEBOOK is really great for quick, “sound bite” types of updates, info and day-to-day happenings - and we’ve used this to it’s fullest extent to share about what we’re doing here, but for those who are interested in the background of these children and where they have come from and where they hope to be going in light of their education and family-style living environment,

Staff member Rebecca tutors CCH children each afternoon.

we’ve started a new blog:

An India Moment


IN Thailand. Here we will share the individual stories of these kids and, one-byone, give their testimonies. Interviewing these kids has been rewarding, heart-warming and even surprising for us - you too are sure to be touched!

Celebrating July 4th in India takes some creativity, but we still came up this was spread of America’s favorite festive treats.

We have now been in Thailand one month of our two-month stay and it’s been a refreshing breather from the intensity of Indian life. While we both agreed we would be ready to go back to India now, we still have over a month to make the best of it here in Bangkok where we are

We celebrated the 4th of July in style, hosting a party complete with games, food, music and YouTubed fireworks...

working, playing, spending time with old friends and otherwise living in the moment (and taking advantage of Western comforts that we don’t usually have nearby). Thanks to our Indian staff, the CCH kids are well taken care of, but we look forward to seeing them in September.

Simple things like the giving of bows can make such a difference, such as these girls at Ponduru doing their hair.

With these kids, it’s about more than just a home!

NEW BLOG OF CCH KIDS Durga, of S.N. Padu, was our first featured child on our new CCH blog that will give a little more background to these kids.

VISION is what makes a program like Covenant Children’s Homes begin and grow. The Director of our organization, James, has a big vision for these CCH kids. Our hope is not just that these kids will get off the streets or out of the fields, but that they would grow and learn and dream, and become something great, a model for other children (and organizations like our’s) to follow. Doctors, Engineers, Pastors, Politicians - these are just some of the professions that we envision for these kids in the future. The investment for their education, part of the fundraising we do for CCH, is the key to this dream.

Learn more about Ashok’s past and future at: www.covenantchildrenshomes

What else is going on with us in India?: Daily updates: Facebook

We’re thinking about the India of Weekly Stories: Blog 2031 as much as the India of 2011. Join us in praying and supporting these kids, now and for the Children’s Stories: Blog future...

Help out these kids: Facebook Page: Covenant Children’s Homes, India

• Bibles: $100 (20 children) • Sports Equipment: $20 - $50 per home (10 children)

www.covenantchildrenshomesindia. • Art or Music Lessons: $30 - per home (10 children)


Reuniting with our Thai “family” has been a most unexpected part of our experience in India. We will be here until September 14th when we return to India.

This is the Covenant Children’s Homes This is a newly-opened girls’ home in logo. Please consider connecting us Domakonda. We will be visiting all 11 with a board, church, organization of our new children’s homes soon after we return to India. or foundation you know that might be interested in partnering with us on behalf of these kids...

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