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The insiders guide to College What you need to know that they don’t tell you

Who we are

•  Sean Adams - national award winning former assistant dean and faculty member

General Overview •  General Information you need to have •  Questions you should be asking •  How to help your son/daughter make the right choice •  How to best support your son/ daughter •  Things to avoid

Who we are and what we have to offer •  Over 15 years in experience in Higher Education •  Excelled in college, direct knowledge on how to succeed while at college •  Involved on the inside and know how things really work •  Could not have been a success without active support of their parents

general information you need to have •  Students get answers quicker than parents •  Ultimate goal is to help the students grow •  You have the right to know, so ask •  FERPA is real and we must LEGALLY follow it •  You raised them well, have faith

Questions you should be asking •  Actual costs: tuition, room, board, lab fees, books, etc •  The educational background of the student affairs professionals •  Talk with custodians, dining service people to get a real understanding •  Ask other students, not your guide, about the place

How to help your son/daughter make the right decisions •  Listen to them and their passions

•  Let them study what they are interested in •  Do not make decisions based on jobs after •  Their comfort there is more important than yours •  Try not to let them know you are worried about money •  Help them want to explore their freedom

how to best support your son/daughter

•  Let them address concerns for themselves •  Send money without being asked •  Keep asking about things, even if they don’t respond •  Don’t get upset if they don’t call home home •  Don’t get upset if they want to spend break with their “new” friends •  Appear happy for them as they succeed, even if it means they are closer to moving out

Things to avoid •  Never make a phone call before you son/daughter has tried •  Do not call to argue a grade •  We know how much tuition is and how much you pay •  We don’t actually work for you •  Supervisors get the information from us, so don’t go over our heads

The Insider's guide to College for Parents  

What every parent should know about college and the reality behind college.