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The insiders guide to College What you need to know that they don’t tell you

Who we are

•  Sean Adams - national award winning former assistant dean and faculty member

General Overview •  General Information you need to have •  Questions you should be asking •  How to help your son/daughter make the right choice •  How to best support your son/ daughter •  Things to avoid

Who we are and what we have to offer •  Over 15 years in experience in Higher Education •  Excelled in college, direct knowledge on how to succeed while at college •  Involved on the inside and know how things really work •  Could not have been a success without active support of their parents

general information you need to have •  Students get answers quicker than parents •  Ultimate goal is to help the students grow •  You have the right to know, so ask •  FERPA is real and we must LEGALLY follow it •  You raised them well, have faith

Questions you should be asking •  Actual costs: tuition, room, board, lab fees, books, etc •  The educational background of the student affairs professionals •  Talk with custodians, dining service people to get a real understanding •  Ask other students, not your guide, about the place

How to help your son/daughter make the right decisions •  Listen to them and their passions

•  Let them study what they are interested in •  Do not make decisions based on jobs after •  Their comfort there is more important than yours •  Try not to let them know you are worried about money •  Help them want to explore their freedom

how to best support your son/daughter

•  Let them address concerns for themselves •  Send money without being asked •  Keep asking about things, even if they don’t respond •  Don’t get upset if they don’t call home home •  Don’t get upset if they want to spend break with their “new” friends •  Appear happy for them as they succeed, even if it means they are closer to moving out

Things to avoid •  Never make a phone call before you son/daughter has tried •  Do not call to argue a grade •  We know how much tuition is and how much you pay •  We don’t actually work for you •  Supervisors get the information from us, so don’t go over our heads

The Insider's guide to College for Parents