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MALL ADVERTISING Malls offer a wide variety of eye-catching locations to advertise your brand or product.

You can stretch the boundaries of traditional marketing by utilizing an unsurpassed variety of advertising opportunities. This variety allows you to make an impact, create a wow factor and grab the shopper’s attention. What better place to make an impact than where consumers are most receptive to your message, in a buying mindset and ready to purchase!

Shopping malls are an important part of consumer life. In most communities, malls are the

most visited public place and act as a community center. According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, 75% of Americans visit a mall at least once a month with the average number of visits three times per month. The average length of stay is approximately 89 minutes and the shopper spends at least $50 per visit. With the frequency of visits and the amount of time spent per visit, your seasonal, promotional or branding campaigns will reach your target audience numerous times.

Seamless Wraps offers a wide variety of marketing solutions to stop shoppers in their tracks and target consumers across multiple touch points. From stairway graphics, to sweeping exterior banners to simple signage, we can turn any area of your mall into an advertising opportunity. Take advantage of the blank canvas a mall environment provides for you.

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PARKING & GARAGE OPPORTUNITIES Start your advertising campaign in the parking garage. The benefit to advertising in a parking garage is that your ad campaign will stand out in a relatively uncluttered environment. Transform a drab parking garage into a promotional environment while building brand awareness or communicating a call to action. Your parking garage campaign will allow you to make an impact on the shopper before they enter the mall and a final one as the exit the mall. Take advantage of multiple placements throughout the parking garage, including but not limited to: gate arms, garage walls, floors and columns and light pole banners.


Provide brand exposure at the entry and exit areas of a parking garage. Leave a first impression with the driver entering the garage and a final impression with the driver before exiting the garage.


Turn a garage column into your advertising canvas. Wrap a single column, multiple columns on one floor or columns on several floors. Take advantage of this unique marketing placement.

GARAGE WALLS A splash of branding can add some much needed brightness to the dimly lit concrete of most garages

Turn a dreary concrete wall into an indoor billboard. Blank garage walls provide an excellent signage opportunity. Whether covering an entire wall or a small section, your ad is sure to make an impact.


Parking garage floor graphics offer an alternative way of publicizing your brand or announcing a special promotion. Surprise your mall patrons by placing your advertisement on the parking garage floor.


Dress up your parking lot with light pole banners while directing shoppers, promoting a special event or advertising your brand.


LARGE FORMAT BANNERS Maximize exposure and capture shoppers’ attention on a grand scale. Whether indoors or out, these large, eye-catching banners will be seen by all. Large format banners are a great way to showcase your brand or marketing campaign and create a wow factor.

EXTERIOR BANNERS will make a huge impact on shoppers as

they approach the mall. They will also draw the attention of passersby. Take advantage of the opportunity large exterior banners create to give consumers a reason to come inside!

INTERIOR BANNERS are double sided and highly visible.

They can be hung from the ceiling in the center of the mall to be seen by shoppers from all levels.

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STEP ON IT! Step up your marketing campaign with stair wraps, escalator wraps and floor wraps. This out of the box medium will be sure to capture attention and generate recall.

Stairs and escalators provide a long lasting point of interaction and

provide the ideal location for your high impact message. Make shoppers pause and marvel for a moment before continuing on their way! Escalators are usually located in the main area of pedestrian traffic. An escalator wrap will give your advertisement premium placement and visibility by all mall shoppers. Wraps can be affixed to the glass sides or exterior surface of escalators. Use the treads of a set of stairs or for a unique advertising vehicle. Stair wraps allow you to reproduce a larger than life motif across multiple steps or an entire set of stairs and can feature a 3-d effect.


Put your brand in your customers walking path and capitalize on limitless real estate with a floor wrap. Whether you are hosting an event, opening a store, providing directional signage or just looking for a branding opportunity, floor wraps are a great medium for capturing attention.

175 W. Main Street, Unit 1-2-B, MILLBURY MA 01527 phone: 508.345.0253


CONSTRUCTION ADVERTISING Hide the construction mess while revving up your marketing campaign. Whether the graphics are up for three weeks or three months, take advantage of this advertising space to announce a new store, generate a buzz and build anticipation for what is to come.


Transform a construction eyesore into an attractive branding opportunity. Inform the mall shopper of new developments such as improvements to the mall or a store opening. Give them something eye-catching to look at —no matter what is happening behind that wall!


Don’t have a barricade? Use your existing gate for a branding or “coming soon” message. Seamless Wraps can help you make a statement about what the shopper has to look forward to.

Don’t have a vendor filling your vacancy? 8

No need to keep the space empty—showcase what events or new attractions are coming to your mall by taking advantage of our coming soon programs. Programs are designed specifically for your mall. They can range for simple die cut samples to an elaborate seasonal message.

ELEVATOR WRAPS Take advantage of a totally captive audience with elevator wraps. Advertising can be placed on the interior or exterior of elevator doors, windows, interior walls as well as on the elevator floors and outside of the elevator. Place your message in one location, or for a more impressive campaign, utilize a combination of both interior and exterior placements. Catch the shopper’s eye on the way up, and reinforce the message on the way down! These options provide a great opportunity to target consumers who are spending time both waiting for the elevator and riding the elevator. Your message will be the first and last thing they see.



Doors Floors Windows

175 W. Main Street, Unit 1-2-B, MILLBURY MA 01527 phone: 508.345.0253


DOOR & WINDOW DISPLAYS Take advantage of the blank space that both windows and doors provide by turning it into advertising canvases. Transform your door into a full color billboard with 12 x12 door decals. Promote a sale, store opening or perhaps a special event with a door decal. Reach shoppers at both entrances and exits with your advertising message.

Window displays are the perfect way of drawing shoppers into your store. Use a window display to publicize a special promotion or announce a new product. Seamless Wraps can create a wide variety of window graphics to meet your advertising needs—from graphics that cover your entire window to smaller seasonal decorations.

WALL MURALS Transform your blank wall into an impressive advertising space. Wall murals can help facilitate buying by displaying your message larger than life. No matter the area covered, a wall mural is the perfect solution for high impact branding. 10

BREAK TIME! The mall food court provides a unique opportunity for branding. Shoppers, on average, spend 30 minutes in a food court. This dwell time allows you to reach consumers when they are less distracted and have more time to absorb your message. A captive audience will linger over your ad for a longer period of time. The food court is a great location for a call to action message as those who sit with an ad for a longer period of time are more likely to respond.

Table top wraps can cover a portion of a table or the entire table. Whether you wrap every table in the food court or just a section of tables, your advertising message will definitely be seen.

Table tents are double-sided paper ads commonly placed on tables in the food court. These can be used in addition to another campaign or on their own. Your message will be placed directly in front of the shopper while they are eating or socializing

175 W. Main Street, Unit 1-2-B, MILLBURY MA 01527 phone: 508.345.0253


STATIONARY OR ON THE MOVE Whether the advertising message is on a stationary location or moving along with the consumer, Seamless Wraps can supply high impact graphics to capture the shopper’s attention.

Kiosk wraps can deliver your message on either an RMU, an informational kiosk or an automated kiosk. No matter what the platform, a high impact graphic strategically placed on a kiosk will capture the attention of all mall patrons. Make a mall stroller part of your advertising mix. Transform an ordinary child’s stroller into a rolling billboard. Stroller wraps allow you to move your message throughout the mall, giving your campaign a wider reach. You can also use this medium to target a specific audience—the person pushing the stroller!


MALL EVENTS Malls are no longer just a venue for shopping. Events ranging from craft fairs to fashion shows to celebrity appearances to automobile showcasings and everything in between are now the norm. If you are planning an event at your mall, or showcasing an automobile, Seamless Wraps can handle all of your signage needs. We can work with you to develop creative ways to capture the attention of mall patrons and make your event a success.

Temporary exhibit displays can range from simple directional

signage in poster inserts to floor graphics to banners. If you can conceive it, we can create it! We can help you with innovative ideas to draw attention to your event. If you are showcasing a car in your mall, Seamless Wraps can assist with all of your promotional needs from floor graphics to kiosk wraps. Make your auto showcasing campaign successful and help drive traffic to the dealership.

175 W. Main Street, Unit 1-2-B, MILLBURY MA 01527 phone: 508.345.0253


FREE STANDING SIGNAGE Take advantage of traditional yet valuable marketing tools to promote your brand. T-stands and 22x28 poster inserts can be positioned anywhere within your mall. Use them to promote an event, announce a store campaign, display a restaurant menu, or as directional signage—the uses are limitless. This type of signage can easily be moved from one location to another making it a great option for promoting a short-term event or campaign.

T-stands can be positioned at eye-level and located in key traffic areas. Graphics can be produced with or without stands.

22x28 poster inserts offer a simple, yet effective way of

catching a shopper’s attention. Posters are easily interchangeable.

IN STORE DISPLAYS Is a store in your mall having a big sale, special promotion or perhaps announcing a new product? Seamless Wraps can install an advertising graphic on any surface within your store to grab attention and draw the consumer in. Begin with your store window, ad a graphic to the floor, wrap the cash register counter and even wrap the dressing room doors! The possibilities are limitless. We can work with you to create a campaign that delivers results.



Seamless Wraps offers the best in mall advertising. We offer high quality design, printing and installation to turn shoppers into buyers. Our ever-growing supply of media options will help you turn any underused area of your mall into a branding environment! Whether your needs are simple, or you are looking for a mall-wide campaign, Seamless Wraps can handle all of your production needs. No job is too small—or too big. Our outstanding installers will make your design ideas a reality.

INSTALLATION SERVICES Seamless Wraps can also provide installation only services. If you have pre-produced signage, make Seamless Wraps your preferred installation vendor. Contact us today for more information and complete pricing details. Email: Phone: 508-345-0253


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Malls offer a wide variety of eye-catching locations to advertise your brand or product. You can stretch the boundaries of traditional marke...

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