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9/6/09 9:11:47 PM


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9/6/09 9:11:47 PM

“Tbilisi municipality announced a tender for the maintenance of tens of new fountains and invites all interested people to participate in it.�

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9/6/09 9:11:47 PM

“ An English-American company is working at the building plan of a 180 m high fountain in the middle of the sea -“The Next Riviera” project will put Georgia in the Guinness Records Book. “

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9/6/09 9:11:47 PM

Tbilisi’s real-estate development takes time. It is manifested mostly in closed-off lots, billboards and the occasional construction site. Change in Tbilisi is concentrated on the numerous new fountains. It is unclear of the penchant for fountains is because of the president, the people, or both.

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9/6/09 9:11:48 PM

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