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SeaMist MedSpa Shares Five Amazing Uses Of Botox RI

Summary: - Botox, the well known biological cosmetic anti ageing solution, has many other applications. SeaMist MedSpa lately announced five amazing ways it can be put to use by specialists of cosmetic makeover. Botox, unlike popular urban myth, is not a chemical substance. It is a biological product that causes extremely localized paralysis in a small area surrounding the region of injection. The specialist uses this neurotoxic protein, called botulinum toxin, in a highly diluted form on the region of the patient’s body where it causes loosening of the muscles. Botox is a commercial name of this neurotoxin, derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. There are other commercial names of this biological substance as well, like Neurobloc, Xeomin, and Myobloc. However, the term Botox stuck with public psyche and became hugely popular. The amount of Botox used and the region of injection are very important to take benefit of the localized loosening of muscles. It is not a permanent solution, but a long term temporary solution, with its effects lasting for a few months. The experts at SeaMist MedSpa are leaders in RI Botox applications. The experts inject diluted amount of the substance into a specific region of the patient’s body through a series of small doses. The effect is almost instantaneous, disappearing skin folds and gifting a youthful appearance to the patient. Interestingly, the first discovery of this substance was during researching its applicability as a biological weapon in military warfare. An ophthalmologist from San Francisco, Dr. Alan Scott made the first medical use of this substance. The first usage was to treat cross eyes by relaxing the eye muscles. Later on many other uses of this substance came to application. The first FDA approved cosmetic use of this substance was way back in early 90’s, when its effectiveness in treating Glabellar frown lines came to forefront. Glabellar lines are the vertical folds between

eyebrows that may become permanent with age. Presently, Botox has six FDA approvals for a wide variety of uses. It also has patent applications pending for about 90 more uses! Allergan purchased all rights of this in 1991 with an astounding $9 million. SeaMist MedSpa in Rhode Island has a partnership with Allergan offering a valuable reward program for its clients consenting to the use of Botox. Seamist is definitely one of the leading providers of treatment Botox in Rhode Island. Recently it announced five amazing uses of this substance. These include its effectiveness in treating facial wrinkles and its usefulness in treating the cross eye problem. There are also three other uses of this substance through SeaMist MedSpa. These uses include smoothening of the crow’s feet beside the eyes, perceived as a major sign of ageing. It is also useful in minimizing sweating in the armpits. Another major clinical (not cosmetic) use of Botox is its effectiveness in dealing with migraines. Chronic migraine is a condition when a persistent headache lasts for more than a fortnight. The migraine treatment of Botox RI involves its injection into the localized centers of the body where the headache (and its associated pain) is most severe. The temple and the forehead receive the injection along with the neck and the shoulders. This FDA approved usage significantly mitigates the headache by lowering muscle tension and pressure on the nervous system. Probably it also blocks the pain receptors in nerve cells. With its arsenal of these five Botox uses, SeaMist MedSpa is set to welcome more patients eager to discover the amazing uses of this biological substance. It is safe in diluted amounts, and the experts at the spa definitely know what they are doing.

About the company SeaMist MedSpa is a cosmetic treatment center in Rhode Island located at South Kingstown. Although they are specialists in Botox treatment, but their expertise is not limited to it. The spa offers various kinds of beautification treatments like treatment of dark circles, laser hair removal, usage of Thermage, and usage of Latisse. Visit or call at 401782-2400 for more details.

Contact information about the company: Contact person: Ellen Scobie Address: 36 South County Commons Way, Suite c-5, South Kingstown, RI, 02879 Telephone: 401-782-2400 E mail ID:

Seamist medspa shares five amazing uses of botox ri  

The experts at SeaMist MedSpa are leaders in RI Botox applications. The experts inject diluted amount of the substance into a specific regio...

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