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SHOONAQ' TRIBE OF KODIAK 312 West Marine Way. Kodiak, Alaska 99615 • 907486-4449 or fax 907-486-3361 •

Chairman's Letter Dear Shoonaq' Tribal Members, As 2004 drew to a close, we celebrated another wonderful Christmas gathering. It was great to see so many people attending the Annual Meeting, and the turn out for the Christmas Party was fantastic. Chris Helms, Chairman

The celebration was a great team effort to pull together all the details. Many thanks to Tribal Staff, Tribal Bingo Staff, Tribal Council, numerous volunteers and the Tribal Members who brought so much great food for us all to enjoy, which made a nice evening even better. This year's election has brought a new Council member to the table. Congratulations to Selma McKee on her election to the Council. Also, welcome back to Olga M. Malutin, who was successful in her re-election bid to a seat on the Council. Teri Schneider decided not to Selma McKee was run for re-election this year. Her recently elected to service on the Council for seven the Council in years, will be missed. Thank you December 2004. Teri for all the hours spent in meetings and efforts associated with being a member of Shoonaq' Tribal Council. Your commitment to help make things better for our members will be missed at the table.

(Left to right) Olga Malutin, Councilwoman; John Reft, Vice Chairman; Gary Watson, Councilman; Pat Heitman, Councilman; Chris Helms, Chairman; Heather Parker, Secretary/ Treasurer. (Not pictured, Selma McKee, Councilwoman).

election also put in place a constitutional change that allowed us to create an enrollment ordinance. These two issues were mandated by the original framers of our constitution. There have been a few changes and additions to the Tribal Staff. We will miss those who have left us and welcome the new additions. -Bob Polasky, Tribal Administrator, works hard to ensure that the Tribal Staff are dedicated professionals working together as a team to make sure the Membership has quality

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Table of Contents Chairman's Letter Tribal Court 6( ICWA Report Domestic Violence Program Report Tribal Administrator's Report Member Services Report Enrollment Program Report Native Youth Group Meets Missing Members

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A fter two years of refinement, we are ready to put our election process into ordinance form. The

FebrJ,Jary 2005

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Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak Newsletter

Tribal Court & Indian Child Welfare Report

Rebecca Skinner, Tribal Court Administrator/ ICWA Worker

Please be on the look out for upcoming community meeting announcements regarding tribal court planning and development. The advisory group and staff are very interested in member input and encourage any interested person to contact Rebecca Skinner at 486-4449 and to attend planning meetings.

The Shoonaq' Tribal Council appointed Shawn Olsen, John Reft, and Darlene Rounsaville to the advisory group, and Lawrence Anderson as our first tribal court judge.

Indian Child Welfare Report A big THANK YOU to all families who responded to the letter requesting a Native foster home. In

Chairman's Letter Continued from page 1 people to interact with. To date, he has been very successful in the staffing area-as well as all tasks that he is involved with. Tribal Council members continue to be actively involved in statewide as well as nationwide Native concerns. We are focused on those issues that directly impact the Members of our Tribe. These issues include: traditional use, environmental, and governmental topics. We should all be proud of their efforts, as they help bring positive change to the rules, which sometimes restricts our ability to carry on traditions of our Elders.

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addition to the immediate need for this one child the entire Native community in Kodiak still needs more Native foster homes. Anyone interested in accepting a foster placement can stop by and talk to Rebecca Skinner, or contact Jan Brenteson at the Office of Children's Services (486-6174) . Since the tribe cannot offer substantial financial assistance we recommend that foster families obtain state licensing to be eligible for monthly financial benefits. For those unable to provide long-term foster care we still need homes for emergency placements. Emergency placement families do not need a foster care license, and the placement lasts only until an appropriate foster home is found. Even if you cannot house a child you can still help by teaching our youth through the JOM program, becoming a mentor, offering tutoring assistance or providing your input through tribal committees and advisory groups. Please give us a call and let us know how you want to be involved.


The Shoonaq' Tribal Council and Staff hope to continue the progress that 2004 has brought. As we move away from the 638 contracts that direct our service programs to 4 77 program, which will, with input from Tribal Members, direct services to specific needs of Members, we hope to help bring positive change to the Membership's needs. This year we will continue being actively involved in issues that arise within the state or nation that will impact our Members. We will continue to support improvements in the services available to our Members. Finally, I hope to see more active involvement of the Members in daily operation of the Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak. Sincerely, Chris Helms, Chairman


February 2Q05


Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak Newsletter

Domestic Violence Program Report

Tanya Heitman, STOP Violence Against Women Coordinator

The STOP Violence Against Native Women program is funded by a grant from the Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women. The goals are to raise awareness about violence against women among Shoonaq' and raise awareness about Alutiiq culture among non-Native service providers to ensure that Shoonaq' women receive the best possible services.

Native Women's Advocacy Training In addition to offering outreach seminars educating teenage girls about violence against women, Shoonaq' is proud to announce its sponsorship of advocacy training for Native women. The women involved are undergoing an intense 40 hour, five-week training on providing advocacy services to women in situations of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. When the training is complete, these women will be able to work or volunteer at the Kodiak Women's Resource and Crisis Center. Currently there are no Native women working or volunteering at KWRCC and we are pleased to be filling this gap. We applaud the women going through the training and their dedication to the Native community.

Seminar for Teenage Girls The Native Women's Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women and the Shoonaq' Tribe are holding a three-part seminar series for teenage girls: Building Healtf?y Relationsbips and Healtf?y Lives. Mothers and grandmothers are welcomed and encouraged to accompany their teenager. The focus will be dating violence and topics will include recognizing an unhealthy relationship, assertive communication, assisting friends in dangerous situations and awareness of available resources. The series will

February 2005

Building Healthy Relationships & Healthy Lives Seminar Series Recognizing Dating Violence Thursday at 7:00PM

February 24, 2005

This seminar reviews the signs of dating violence, how to recognize the effects in yourself or a friend, and the resources available to assist you.

KANA's Wellness Center

Healthy Communication and Self-Esteem Thursday at 7:00PM

March 10, 2005 KANA's Wellness Center

Celebration Dinner Saturday at 6:00PM

March 19, 2005 Best Western Kodiak Inn

This seminar teaches teenagers what a healthy disagreement looks like, how to communicate assertively in uncomfortable situations and ways to assist a friend in a dangerous relationship.

This formal dinner provides a way to celebrate and encourage our teenage girls on their journey to adulthood, as well as nurture the bonds between daughter, mother and grandmother.

culminate with a celebration dinner, honoring the journey from adolescence to womanhood. See the seminar schedule above. We would like to thank the Kodiak Area Native Association for their assistance in sponsoring these events. Call Tanya Heitman at 4864449 Shoonaq' for more information. If you would like to discuss the STOP Violence Against Native Women project, please feel free to come in to the Shoonaq' offices and see Tanya Heitman.


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Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak Newsletter

Tribal Administer's Report Growth and Change Bring Rewards and Challenges ... by Bob Polasky, Tribal Administrator So much has happened over the past 18 months that only reflection reminds us how far we have come.

Bob Polasky, Tribal Administrator

Staff and program growth has been substantial and will continue as we seek funds from various sources to address issues and goals.

Enrollment Program reaches goals One major program, enrollment, will now be absorbed among administrative staff as our 2-year grant for the program expires this month. Other opportunities through this funding source, Administration for Native Americans (ANA), will be pursued to meet other needs.

Domestic Violence Program applies for extension The Domestic Violence program has been very successful due in large part to the program's coordinator Tanya Heitman. Tanya wrote and submitted a proposal to renew and continue this program. We are confident the program will be continued due to its success.

Environmental Program funding expected This fall we anticipate funding for a new environmental program funded by the Environmental Protection Agency. Thanks again to Delores, who wrote the proposal. It took a great deal of thought and work, which will pay off as we begin addressing natural resource and subsistence issues. An environmental program coordinator position will be funded with this grant.

Staff member Virginia Abston honored

Our enrollment manager, Delores Stokes, did an outstanding job implementing the grant. We now have an enrollment ordinance, enrollment procedures and a state of the art enrollment computer program. Delores will move into another position, Administrative Assistant, at the end of February.

Recently, at our annual Christmas party, we honored Virginia Abston for her many years of service to the Tribe as our fmancial officer. Virginia has been responsible for handling the financial resources of the tribe through rapid growth - and we truly appreciate her work.

Tribal Court establishment underway

Renovation fundraising ongoing

Our relatively new Tribal Court grant is moving along very well under the direction of Tribal Court Administrator, Rebecca Skinner. An advisory committee is up and running and one Court Judge has been appointed, Lawrence Anderson, and we welcome him.

Efforts to raise money to renovate the building we purchased last April continue. To date we have approximately $270,000 of the $496,000 project committed. In March a major donor will be conducting a site visit as they consider a significant donation to the project.

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February 2005


Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak Newsletter

Tribal Administrator's Report Continued from page 4 Program consolidation brings new opportunities As previously reported, we have changed the way we operate program services significantly by gaining approval as a '477' grantee. This program consolidates the majority of federal funds into one comprehensive program area. Our 4 77 director, Kippy Robbins has been doing an outstanding job implementing this program. We can now tailor plans and approaches for services to meet long-term objectives of individuals needing services. While we are in the infant stages of developing this program, we are already seeing positive results. For example, we have seen some clients move from general assistance into job training programs and jobs.

Council leadership fosters growth For myself, I'm very grateful and fortunate to work with an elected body that is totally committed to moving the tribal government forward to better serve its membership. Our Council is supportive of its staff and has created a positive atmosphere that is conductive to good performance. Council members spend countless hours representing the Tribe and conducting business at meetings and committees. Their strong, active leadership has fostered the growth of the Tribe.

New website soon to launch We are proud to announce that we will soon launch our new website. Final touches are underway at this time. You will be better able to keep in touch with us when we go on-line. Look for our new website address in the next newsletter.


(Left to right) Shoonaq ' Tribal Staff: Rebecca Skinner, Indian Child We/far~ Act _worker/Tribal Court Admin~strator; ~~chelle Holmes, Administrative Assistant; Lacy Roberts, Receptionist; Teresa Stutes, Cama ' 1 Cafe Manager; Bob Polasky, Tnbal ~dm1mst~at~r•. Delores Stokes, Executive Assistant/Enrollment Manager; Tanya Heitman, STOP Violence Against Women Coordmator; V1rgmlQ Abston, Finance Director; Kippy Robbins, Program Services Director.

February 2005

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Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak Newsletter

Member Services Report Accessing Tribal Programs

Kippy Robbins,

Program Services Director

If you would like to learn more about accessing our tribal programs, please stop down and visit Kippy Robbins, Tribal Programs Director. As part of the tribe's policy to offer comprehensive programs and encourage self-sufficiency, !Zippy designs individual development plans for each applicant.

!Zippy helps each applicant assess their current situation and their goals. In addition to tribal programs, !Zippy works closely with other service programs throughout the Kodiak community to tap into as many resources as possible. The result is an individualized plan with support from a broad resource base.

cultural impacts of poverty and unemployment. If your income is at or below the poverty guidelines you are eligible for funding. Grants are limited to $500.00 and one per client per fiscal year. If you have any questions, please feel free to call for information.

Vocational Training and Job Placement Adult Vocational Training (AVT) and Job Placement Training programs help adults enter the workforce and advance in their current jobs. You can already be working and benefit from these programs. AVT currently funds seven students to attend college classes and technical workshops. There are six participants in the Job Placement Training program, four are work on-site at the Cama'i Cafe and two others placed with other employers in the community. Both programs are available to any Native living in the Kodiak area and applications are accepted throughout the year.

General Assistance 2005 Poverty Our General Assistance and Community Service Block Grant provides cash assistance to families living at or below poverty guidelines. Although the application process is paperwork intensive, !Zippy will help each applicant through the process.

Scholarship Program

Guidelines Size of Family

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

$11.630 $15,610 $19,590 $23.570 $27,550 $31,510 $35,510 $39.492

Higher education scholarships are available to tribal members, regardless of where they live, to attend college or vocation school on a full-time basis. Scholarships are awarded twice a year and the next deadlines for scholarship applications are June 15 and November 15, 2005. The tribe currently funds 15 students and strives to maintain our high retention and graduation rate.


Each additional


The intention of this grant program is to provide clients with educational support and temporary emergency financial assistance while they are encountering the negative social, psychological, and

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February 2005


Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak Newsletter

Enrollment Program Report Enrollment Program Transitions at close of grant

Delores Stokes, Executive Assistant/ Enrollment Manager

The ANA grant that funded the enrollment program manager position is at the end of its cycle. This does not mean that the Shoonaq' Tribe won't have an enrollment program. Now that the program is established, the Tribal Office staff can absorb all duties and will continue to serve the members.

Does the US Government owe you money? Earned Income Tax Credit Refunds You may be eligible for an Earned Income Tax Credit Refund. If you and your family earned less than $35,458 this year, the federal government may have an Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) refund for you. A typical family may be eligible for a refund of more than $4,000. This is a lot of money that can help to cover living expenses or to pay off existing debt. You can also use it to help meet your savings goal.

Tribal ID Cards still available The EITC is a federal tax benefit which has been in existence since 1975. It is the single largest federal aid Tribal ID cards are available at any time. Please stop program supporting working families. It provides by during normal business hours from 8:00 a.m. to more dollars than any 4:30 p.m. For those members who live other federal program. The EITC is a tax outside of Kodiak, you Maximum EITC Income & benefit for people who can still have a photo ID Credit Limits for 2004 have earned income prepared. All you need to under a certain amount. do is send a photo by No 2+ It generally benefits lowJPEG attachment to

Qualifying Children

Qualifying Child

Qualifying Children

and moderate-income working families, but it also benefits qualifying individuals with earned income and no children.

It is becoming more Max. income for single filers important to have this ID $34,458.00 $30,338.00 $11.490.00 . . ill your possessiOn as Max. income for "married filing jointlyH filers Indian Health Services $35.458.00 $31,338.00 $12.490.00 The EITC is requires it. If you live in administered through the an area that has an Indian Max. amount of EITC credit Federal tax code. You Health clinic or hospital $ 4,300.00 $ 2.604.00 $ 390.00 must fll.e a federal tax you can access those return in order to receive services with your tribal this benefit, even if you membership card. This don't owe any taxes or did not have income tax especially can help those students attending school withheld. See the EITC Income Credit Limit Chart outside or families who live in the lower-48. to see what you may be eligible for.


February 2005

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Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak Newsletter

Native Youth Group Meets Look what our Native Youth are up to! Student Kelvin Mahle led a group of Native students through the sushi making process, from proper hygiene, to sticky rice tips through proper avocado peeling techniques. Kevin Mahle & Candace Branson organized this years group meetings.

Candace Branson (pictured at left with Kelvin Mahle) organized the group this year.

Everyone at the sushi session had a chance to prepare their own rolls with their choice of seaweed wrap, rice, green onion, avocado, egg and Mahle's own smoked salmon. A fter all the hard prep work the end results tasted even better! The Native Youth Group meets every Monday at the High School with advisory Teri Schneider.

Visit the Cama'i Cafe We at Cama'i Cafe would like to welcome you to our warm, cozy atmosphere on the downtown mall.

Teresa Stutes, Cama 'i Cafe Manager

Come in and check out our menu of assorted deli-style soups and sandwiches, plus many other items to choose from. We have hot and cold espresso drinks and we are the only ones in town that serves the popular Bubble Tea drink in 15 different flavors.

We also have unique native artwork. It's a great place to come pick up a unique gift for that special someone. We also have live musicians that volunteer to play at our cafe. So drop on in and say Cama'i! You can contact Manager Teresa Stutes at the Cama'i Cafe. Please call us at 486-2230.


Native Youth Group members preparing sushi together.

In addition to sharing knowledge amongst themselves (like sushi making) the group plans fund rasiers, discusses college preparation and community outreach projects.


Sushi preparation stations.

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February 2005

Member Response Form Contact Information Update: (if your name or address has changed) Name

Other Names

Mailing Address State



Phone Fax


Requests? Enrollment D

Please mail me _

enrollment packets to enroll my family members. (Indicate the number of padeets needed)

Services D

I'd like more information a b o u t - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Please complete this form

if you have new contact information, or if you have requests, questions or comments.

Place stamp here

Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak 312 West Marine Way Kodiak, Alaska 99615

Current Address Updates Please share any changes to your address or name changes with us. It is important that we keep our Tribal Membership rolls up-to-date to ensure good communications, particularly since we mail ballots to everyone over eighteen years to vote on new Tribal Council members or any other issues that may come before the membership. If you know of other Tribal Members whose addresses have changed recently, please urge them to contact 907-486-4449 to keep our rolls updated. Quyanaa.

Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak Newsletter

Missing Members ~ We're missing current contact information for the following Tribal Members. If you know where they are, please contact them and ask them to update their mailing address with us. Thank you for helping us keep our rolls current. Chrystal Matthew Berry Williiun Clifford William Diana Elizabeth Susan Alisha Lorenza Roberto Andrew Fred Mark Carrie Kimberly Yvonne Ola Valery Alex Amber Delice


Albert Albert f. Amason c. Amason w. Anderson F. Apalone, Jr. R. Apalone A. E. Ardinger M. Argy L. AriZ M. Ariz L. Ariz w. Berestoff s. Berestoff Berestoff T. L. Bezates A. Bezates F. Braswell B 路 le J. A. B~ane Brown, Jr. Burton Calcote M. Calcote ~rred Carlson oan N. M. Carpentier awn Robert Case K L. Cash Tony Chouinard, Sr. Thomas L. Cheryl L. Chouinard Christopher Chouinard Chouinard rsse A. ucas A. Chouinard N. Chouinard Phillip Chouinard Robert A. Sarah R. Chouinard Serenity J. Chya c. Cook Jf,shua errence K Cook Cox, Sr. Maurine R. Susie Cronin D. Petei: Darling Dioguardi Dana David A. Dittmer Debra Dittmer ]. Raynette s. Donnelly Steven D. E~eston Melanya J. E enberg Doni c. Evans M. Failor Tammy Donna L. Felton Frost Nicholas Russell Ga!!ag!ler, Jr. Gallagher Angela s. Garoutte M. Gilmer ta Michael N. Gr:~~!off Ha son Bernice M. Lori L. Hagep. Adam B. Hainilton





February 2005

Hamilton Todd c. Hamilton Charles Kassandra . c. Hamlin Liem Lyn-Ann D. Hansen, Jr. M. Hansen ees Harris-Reft da . J. Lucinda J. Hartman A. Margaret A. Heglin A. N. Hettman,Jr. {)ffr~y eruse M. s. Henson Oscar E. Hobus J. Korbin G. F~ c. Hochmuth Hochmuth Zachar N. Marie A. Anna Hochmuth M. Shaun D. L. Hubbard Shawn Dyan Siiri G. A. Hubbard ~rdan Hunter Dana E. icholas D. Hunter Megaera T. Tricia R. T. Alex F. Imus Colby Gail A. Michael w. Inga Daniel K E. Tanya Inga D. R. ager ~lui omas H. arnecke ida Aaron P. ohnson III Raymond ohnson Austin G. Christther Donal R. ohnson Charles R. Irene ohnson D. L. rwe R. ohnson acie M. tames ohnson aura L. Patrick Lori ohnson Robert D. Karolynn K G. ones Adeline D. M. ones Henry Debra rabelnikoff Amanda M. Karabelnikoff Bliss I. fhn H. ohn Karabelnikoff Cadman R. K atricia R. Killion D. timmie ~an~tta uaruta K c. Knowles aura era L.S. Mitchell J. Krorrutad L dia LaP ante M. Lisa A. flerbert William J. Lau Linda G. Laurel Dennis Anthony E. H. Leite Kristian Dorelynn E. Levine Robin T. Heather D. I. Liebsack Alexie A. Liebsack Caleb A. Linda Cheryll Linder c. Shirley F. Nicholas M. Mahle Christi L. Taluah M. Zackary M.L. Maley Amanda M. Varvara I. Manivo~ Christine E. E. Mariscal Paula Marlys M. Donna E. Maxwell Sasha L. Marie E. Maxwell William c. A. May Kelly McCorkle Rebecca A. Shannon w. Elizabeth s. McCormick Philli B. ~ri:e.P R. Loretta H. McCuistion Darla A. A. McDougal J. Veja A. McDougal Chyleen M. Corbin G. Randall fA. McDo~al E. . McGlas an Marlene John Andriana Janyce Annetta Lars Haley Brooke Herman Thomas Allen Richard Aril







Metrokin Miles Miles Minder Motes Mullan Mullan Mullan

Larion Leland Michelle Richard Walter Peter Richard Aril

Nekeferoff Nelson Nixon Noya Olsen Olsen Olsen O'Neill Opheim Otto Paddock Panamaroff Panamaroff Panamaroff Parker Parker Parker Parker Parker Parker Pestrikoff Petersen Peterson Jr. Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Pollard Presley Presley Reed Reed Reed Reft Reft Reft Reft Reiss Reiss Reiss Resoff Robertson Sargent Schroder Selby Sewdl Showalter Shuravloff Shuravloff

Anthony lfia chelle Anna Matthew Michael Kenneth Wayne Pem Ra el Dawn Diane Gregory Daruel Marie Peter Priscilla Shawn






L. R. E. E. E. A.


L. R. L. M. f. D. L. E. M. M. A. T. M.



Timothy w. s. Loren L. Ronda Timothy N. Christopher Paul R. Donna K Linda L. Mar~aret


Shirey Susan Vick L. Charlene M. E. Sandra Kenneth R. Kenneth w. Kristo拢her P. Lucin a Daniel . Fred F. Nickolas A. Orville A.


Shuravloff Shuravloff Shuravloff Shuravloff Shuravloff Simeonoff Simeonoff Smiloff Smith Spanovic Spears Speer Stevens Stevens Still Stinsman Stinsman Stoltenberg Stoltenberg Strom Strom Strom


Sugak Sugak Suydam Suydam Swensen Swofford Truman Turnipseed Tweten Tweten Vinberg Wallace Wallin Walton Wamser Warner Welch Wolff Wolkoff Wolkoff Wolkoff Wolkoff Yakanak Zharoff,Jr. Zharoff Zharoff

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SHOONAQ' TRIDE OF KoDIAK 312 West Marine Way. Kodiak. Alaska 99615 907-486-4449 or fax 907-486-3361 •

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Tribal Membership Discussion Meeting: What uses, activities or trainings would you like to see for our tribal hall?

Sunday, March 6th, 2005 from 3:00-5:00 PM at Shoonaq' Tribal Center We are seeking funding to expand programs using the Tribal Hall to bring members together for cultural celebrations. subsistence potlucks. trainings and more. We need your input. Snacks and a light meal will be provided along with a valuable Door Prize. Bring your ideas to the Tribal Center on March 6th.

Vocational Skills for Life Training at Shoonaq' Tribal Center We would like to provide an opportunity for Tribal Members and other Natives to learn valuable skills to enhance their employability and personal growth. Components of the training: self-assessments, recognizing your strengths, decision making skills, personal planning/Self management, on-the-job employability skills, anger management, communication skills, budgeting, job interviews, resume writing, worker interviews and many other job related issues. Call for dates and times!!

2005 STK Newsletter, February  

The Sun'aq Tribal newsletter for 2005-feb. Includes chairman's letter, domestic violence program report, member services report, tribal acti...

2005 STK Newsletter, February  

The Sun'aq Tribal newsletter for 2005-feb. Includes chairman's letter, domestic violence program report, member services report, tribal acti...