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Woodside Ltd Australia's largest independent dedicated oil & gas company and one of the world's leading producers of Liquefied Natural Gas

Contractor: Subcontractor: Location: Object: Operating conditions: Year of application: New coating system: Reason:

Veolia Environmental Services (Australia) Vertical Services (rope access) Offshore Western-Australia Jacket (X-knot) Offshore December 2012 Stopaq Wrappingband CZH + Stopaq Intermediate PVC + Stopaq Outerglass Shield XT Failure of existing coating

After surface preparation, the corrosion prevention layer, the Wrappingband CZH is applied

Application of the Intermediate Wrap PVC after the Wrappingband CZH application

The Stopaq Outerglass Shield XT is applied for extra mechanical protection

Case study woodside ltd x knot offshore  
Case study woodside ltd x knot offshore