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Client: Contractor: Location: Object: Object dimensions: Year of application: Existing coating system: Reason: Applied coating system: Surface preparation: Temperatures:

Shell UK Wood Group, Cape Mossmorran, Scotland, United Kingdom Structural Various I-Beam and H-Beams 2013 3 layer (zinc phosphate primer, epoxy midcoat, PU topcoat) Severe corrosion due to failure and weathering of existing STOPAQ basecoat, PU topcoat black St 2 / St 3, water jetting / Sa 2 ½ on pitted area +5 to +25 ambient, +10 to +25 surface

Measuring and precut of Stopaq EZS Basecoat

Application of the pre-cut Stopaq EZS basecoat pieces as the corrosion prevention layer

Details of the application in the corners

Application of the PU topcoat mechanical protection layer

Complete, finished system

Case study shell mossmorran h beams construction  
Case study shell mossmorran h beams construction