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Client: Contractor: Location: Object: Dimensions: Operating conditions: Application conditions:

Year of application: New coating system: Reason: Surface preparation:

PEMEX Secretaria de comunicaciones y transportes Consorcio Industrial Ges Saltillo Paso del Toro - Boca del Rio, Veracruz State Operating and condensating pipeline 30” and a 20” LP gas and oil transport pipeline Cold pipeline in hot en humid environment Surface temperature: 12 to 17°degree Celsius Air temperature: 27 to 29°degree Celsius 2012 STOPAQ Wrappingband CL / Intermediate PVC - Yellow / Outerwrap PVC Failure of existing coating, i.e. Coal tar. No possibility for shutdown Removal of existing coating by means of sandblasting

Surface of the pipe after removal of the old Epoxy coating & start of the Wrappingband CL application

Application of the Corrosion protective layer Wrappingband CL. No primer needed.

Applied is the yellow Intermediate PVC Wrap

Application of the PVC Outerwrap as the mechanical protection layer

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