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Client: Contractor: Location: Object: Operating conditions: Year of application: Coating system: Reason: Surface preparation:

KJO (Saudi Aramco & KOC) McDermott and Smit Subsea Al-Khafji Existing 16� offshore pipeline Subsea 2012 Stopaq Wrappingband SZ / Stopaq Intermediate PVC Stopaq Outerglass shield XT 24 Existing coating failure Removal of existing coating

Failure of existing coating

Application of the Stopaq Wrappingband

Application of the Stopaq Intermediate PVC wrap

Application of the Stopaq Outerglass Shield

The Stopaq System: • Environmental friendly • Shorter cycle times for the entire coating process • Fast and easy to apply • Easy to control application • Strong reduction of interventions, lowering the carbon footprint dramatically • Excellent compatibility and performance of the anti corrosion materials to many kinds of substrates • Huge cost saving • Excellent impact and indentation resistance • Fast and complete cure

Case study khafji subsea repair