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The I. H. Times Miss Fry’s English IV Class May 27, 2008

Female Wrestling By Alex Snyder Have you ever followed women’s wrestling? What do you think about females in a male dominant sport? Is it something you support? Well this article is an interview about a Selinsgrove High School graduate that is now a female wrestler in college. Shuntil E. Snyder is a graduate from 2007. She Shuntil smiles for the camera. started Photo by Alex Snyder wrestling in eighth grade but started off not so good. She said it was nothing like she expected and that it was the hardest sport she ever participated in. She said that the hardest part about getting started was acceptance from her team mates and sticking with it. Her opinion on female wrestling is that it is just as tough as male wrestling. She believes that giving females the chance to compete in a “male” dominate sport

is the best thing. Female wrestling and wrestlers are coming about more and more. That just shows how our society is changing for the good. Now there are more female wrestlers. Shuntil now has a wrestling scholarship at the University of the Cumberland in KY. The wrestling team she is on is Division I. Shuntil is ranked 8th out of 50 to 60-97lb. girls. In college her season starts the second week of classes, which is the first week in September. This year, her season ended April 24th, but the seniors are still wrestling and training for the Olympic tryouts in June. As a team, they had only one loss and the rest were wins including winning the national title. Shuntil also said it was an amazing feeling to accomplish something that only males were known for doing. The team also claimed the number one team title for the fourth year in a row. There are eleven members from the team graduating this year. That’s the most out of any other sports in the school. Also, it is the most out of all the women’s wrestling teams. Throughout the past years Shuntil had the support of family, friends, and coaches. She said what helped her most was everyone striving for her to get better. She also has a little sister looking up to her. She said her little sister Savanna started to wrestle and always asks her for help and advice. She also said that it feels like she can help young girls and old accomplish something they think is impossible.

Feature Say Hello to Greatness By Matt Klock Meet Mark Holdren, Mark is a 215 pound power lifter from Champs Fitness Center. When Mark started power lifting in 2006, he was a mere 195 pounds. Holdren started power lifting because he found that it was something that he was good at doing. In High School Mark ran track and played football his Sophomore year, quitting afterwards to take up power lifting. Holdren attended his first event in 2006, at the IPA (International Power Lifting Association) World Championships. Holdren placed first with a combined bench, squat, and dead lift of 1155 pounds. When asked how he felt after this Mark said, “I was pretty happy with that total but the rest of the events I was pretty lucky in my lifts. I’ll even admit that I make it to the gym about once or twice a week.” After this event Mark attended 10 move events, placing first in all of them except one. His highest total then came at a whopping 1370 lbs with a bench of 420 lbs, a squat of 500 lbs and a dead lift


of 450lbs. Holdren’s long term goals for the sport are to bench, yes you heard this right, 700 lbs at a weight of 198 lbs. Mark does not take any supplements or use steroids. However, he does think that they would make power lifting more interesting but has no problem with the use of them. Mark’s role model is Chuck Vogelpohls, and when asked why, he says it’s because he is a really good power lifter. Mark’s long term goals for himself however, are to prove to everyone that he is good.

Mushroomhead gets pumped during their concerts. Photo by Kara Weaver

Mushroomhead Concert By Kara Weaver

Mark plays it cool for the camera in Miss Fry’s English IV class. Photo by Kevin Robinson

There was a concert at Crocodile Rock Café at 7:00 pm on April 26, 2008. The featuring band was Mushroomhead and three other openers. The other bands were Symbol of Sorrow, Human Sacrament, and Within Chaos. They did the concert at the end of their tour. There was a great turnout. The place was absolutely packed. And to wrap everything up there was an awesome mosh pit. Mushroomhead’s lead singer said “this is a great way to end their tour, because you guys are an awesome audience! Thank you for all of the support.” Everyone knows that they say that to everyone.



Pocono 500 By Matthew Benfer The Pocono 500, a speedway that will be the site of Nascar’s race on Sunday June 8th at 8:00 am. Tickets range anywhere from $50 to $5,000. Many racers will be competing including Dale Jr., Kasey Khane, and Tony Stewart. Sponsored by Nextel and hundreds of other companies it has become a very popular and fun race in Nascar history. Last year it was postponed four times, with Jeff Gordon eventually pulling it out in the last minute. For your entertainment, come to the race on Sunday June 8th at 8:00 am for the unforgettable experience.

Logo courtesy of the Pocono Raceway website.

Is Truck Pulling a Sport? By Zeb Buss My personal opinion on truck pulling I think it is considered a sport because it is competitive and you can get trophies. Also people like me get enjoyment out of black smoke. Also just hearing the sound of the diesel motor and the turbo.

Association. It costs five dollars to enter a class, and it cost six dollars to become a member. Now at Snyder County Tractor Pullers Association it cost a little bit more but you also receive money if you win. So I think truck pulling is a sport because you can have fun, get trophies, and money.

Why some people consider it is not a sport is the drivers just sit in the truck. Also they think it is stupid to do that to a truck. So there is reasons why people think that pulling is not a sport. What the people do to the truck to make them pull better? They put bigger turbos on and different injectors, different cams, and performance chips, and turn the motor up. They also start to get pretty prices when they start putting these kinds of things in the truck. How much money does this sport cost? Well down at the Middle Creek Antique

Picture courtesy of the Google Images.



War in Iraq By Aaron Naugle The war in the Middle East will never be resolved. We will never fix Iraq, and all it is doing is wasting lives and money. The time that it will take we will be in debt by billions. The war in Iraq is costing us way too much money for something that we can never fix because Iraq doesn’t need us to help them. They are struggling against their own government. They say that we are liberating Iraq, but we can’t do that until Al-Qaida decides to come out from hiding. Every second we are wasting money in Iraq for something we cannot fix. We keep sending soldiers to Iraq so that they can die. George Bush said that we will still be in Iraq for 50 to 100 years more and if John McCain wins the election he will keep us there. Could you imagine how many casualties there will be if we stayed for 50 to 100 years. We should pull our soldiers out of Iraq so we can keep them safe.

The Edgeucator By Kyle Kessler

No Child Left Behind Law By Amber Sechrist Since the No Child Left Behind Law took effect in 2002, it has had a sweeping impact on U.S. public school classrooms. It affects what students are taught, the tests they take, the training of their teachers, and the way money is spent on education. Debate rages over whether the law is an effective way to improve academic achievement. Congress was scheduled to decide whether to renew it in 2007. But efforts stalled amid criticism of the law from both Democrats and Republicans, and arguments over how to change it.

Waste of Money By Kelvin Womer

The law, which was passed with bi-partisan support, was designed to introduce national standards to a system in which students in some demographic groups were more likely to succeed and others likely to be left behind. But it allows states to determine how success is measured.



MVAA Hosts Antique Tractor Show By Ian Hackenburg On the weekend of May 16th the Middlecreek Valley Antique Association will be hosting an antique tractor show. The tractor show includes food, entertainment, and tractor pulls. The entertainment will be down in the barn when the Snyder County boys play and on Sunday morning there will be a church service held at the barn. So come on down and enjoy the fun.

Perry Township Man Sets Fire to Own Home By John Stuck Firefighters from nearly ten fire companies were called to 1579 Clark Hill Road early Monday morning for a reported house fire. On arrival, fire personnel confirmed it as a fully evolved structure with possible entrapment. The occupant of the house, 47 year old Wayne Roemer, was nowhere to be found, so he was thought to still be inside. Firefighters from Co. 100 of Fremont, Co. 50 of Middleburg, Co. 30 of Freeburg, Co. 9 of Richfield, Co. 60 of Port Treverton, Co. 7 of East Salem, Co. 5 of Liverpool, and a RIT Team from Shamokin Dam Co. 90 were all dispatched to fight the blaze. Roemer was found hiding in the woods by fire personnel while leaving the scene. Roemer claims that he heard voices, and to get rid of them, he lit his couch on fire. The fire quickly moved throughout the house. Roemer was sent to Geisinger Medical Center for a mental evaluation.

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Prom Interview By Chantele Sanchez May 31, 2008 is the Junior and Senior class prom this year. Student council members, a few teachers, and some volunteer students have come together to make it possible for the Juniors and Seniors to attend the biggest formal dance of the year, where we all get together with our dresses and tuxedos to take pictures and dance the night away. It will be on a Saturday night from 6:30 p.m. until 1 0:30 p.m. It will be held at the Silver Moon in Lewisburg. It happens to finish off the end of the year with an exciting memory that we can all keep with us in the future. Photo courtesy of Google Images.



Three-Wheeler Accident By Mike Inch A young man was injured in a horrific threewheeler accident. His name is Tony Sheaffer. He hit the side of a building when he was riding a wheelie. This happened on April 21, 2008. It happened in Mt. Pleasant Mills on his grandfather’s farm. He was trying to look good in front of his cousins. He broke his collar bone but will be fine soon. Mrs. Miller looks forward to her future after retirement. Photo by Brittney Hornberger

SAHS Retirement By Ashley Hockenbrock

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

FFA Plant Sale

One of Selinsgrove Area High School health and physical education teachers, Ellen Miller, is retiring after the 2007-2008 school year. She has been teaching for 35 ½ years. She said her reason for retiring is because “I can’t keep my pilot light on.” She means that her skills are not as sharp and she is getting to be unorganized. First she had to let the administration know and fill out an application. Last Thursday she had to attend an exit meeting to complete her retiring process.

By Samantha Perkinson The Selinsgrove FFA and the Agricultural teachers are holding their annual plant sale. They are having the plant sale to raise money for the Selinsgrove FFA. This will be held on Fridays from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am till 3:00 pm. Some plants that are being sold are Silver Dollars, Wondering Jews, Petunias, Wax Begonias, Swedish Ivy, Cosmos, Coleus, Marigolds, Impatients, New Guinea Impatients, Various Callbrochia, Black Coleus, Tomato, Lettuce, and Peppers. The prices are between $1.00 and $3.00 and hanging baskets are $12.00 and the Planters are $10.00/ Filled $14.00.

A sample of plants at the annual FFA Plant Sale. Photo by Kevin Robinson

News SCTPA Truck Pulls


Photo courtesy of Google Images.

By Kyle Kessler On Saturday May 24th, the Snyder County Tractor Pullers Association is going to hold a truck pull. People will come to see whose truck has enough power to go 300 ft. The cost is six dollars to enter and parking is free. The pull will last until 12:00 am depending on the amount of trucks. There are about 50 trucks that pull and there is a mix of gas and diesel trucks. If you want to pull your truck, you will have to become a member by going to the Middle Creek Valley Antique Association show grounds, at the Snyder County Prison. This will cost you 15 dollars and you’d better check their website for the rules and regulations at So come watch and help support the SCTPA.

War In Iraq By Aaron Naugle

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Ford Trucks

The Obesity Epidemic

By Zach Habegger

By Nia Page

If I was to choose a truck it would be a Ford F-250 power stroke. Let me start off by saying there really good work trucks, they are reliable, and they don’t break. I’m not just saying this because I like Ford, it’s all proven on the Ford website.

If you haven’t noticed America is getting larger by the second and I’m not talking geographically. More than half of the world is obese, and it is going to keep getting bigger if people do not start caring about their health. Fast food is a major part of people being fat. Also, people not working out and knowing their limits. By knowing how many calories your taking in, it will help you decide if what you are eating is healthy for you.

The Ford F-250 gets somewhere around 25 miles per gallon and the cost for a brand new 2008 is about $23,000, but if you really want a good truck you will pay that much. The F-250 pushes 215 horsepower and you can pull just about anything. The extended cab F-250 has a lot of leg room; you can sit six inside if you don’t have bucket seats. Fords have nice interiors and exteriors. I owned four Fords and they all ran great and I’m looking to by another one. When you have a nice truck like this and you don’t want to spend big bucks on fuel, you can make bio-diesel for just a dollar. With diesel trucks you can get more horse power out of a diesel than you could a gasser because you can get special chips for them to make them have more horse power. The ride is really smooth when hauling tractors and you can haul more.

  Photo courtesy of Google Images.

There are fastfood places everywhere you go. It is hard to resist but it is not that hard if you don’t want to be fat or get larger. A Big Mac from McDonald’s is 65% of your daily fat, and a Whopper from Burger King is 85% of your daily fat. If people would actually look and see how many calories and fat each day they are taking in, maybe the people in America wouldn’t be the fattest people in the world. I also think America is lazy. We would rather watch TV than get our fat butts up and take a jog to burn off the McDonalds and Burger King. America has the biggest people in the world. If people would take time off their day just to run at least 20 minutes a day the obesity rate would go down. By watching how many calories you take in, it will help people be healthier. If we don’t start taking care of our bodies, the world will just keep getting larger and larger.


School: The Endurance Test

Rockband Review By April Bell The game Rockband is very fun to play. This game has lots of different equipment to it and many different songs to play. When you first start off playing it you want to play it on easy, so that you get the idea of it. The equipment that they have for you to use are the drums, guitars, and a microphone. I tell you that you should go and get this game. The money you spend on buying this is a good way to spend money, but only when you have everything that you really need. The equipment that you use are two guitars, which you need two so that you can have a bass and electric guitar. The guitars come with stickers so you can make them look cool and they come with straps for you to be able to stand up and play. The microphone is just like the real thing and the drums are plastic and they come with the wooden drum sticks. The songs that are on Rockband game are all different rock songs. The songs go from the most liked to the worst liked. The song plays up on the TV, so that the singer knows what to sing. When playing this you have to be able to watch the TV and make sure that you know where the buttons are and the colors of them. The speed to play would be medium or hard. Once you play this game you will always want to play and you will not want to put the game down. Just try it and you will like it.


By Cory Johnston Cory shares his good advice. Photo by Brittney Hornberger

In school, we learn, we test, and we mature, and unfortunately to do so, we test. There are many tests we will have to take during school, so with that in mind, I have created this article in order to help teenage students endure during their most vulnerable time. School is a giant endurance test. Some succeed, however some simply drop out. I, being a Senior on the brink of graduation, will answer any questions that other students may have, to help them through.

Q) My mom wants me to get a part-time job, but between school and extra-curricular activities, I am already pressed for time. How can I work a job into my schedule? A) Well, this question can really only be answered by yourself. You must weigh each of your time consuming activities, and decide where each one fits in priority to the others. For example, if cash is desperately needed, then perhaps you need to drop an extra-curricular activity or two in order to fit in a job. If money really isn’t all that important, then stay with the schedule you have now. Do what you will find to be most rewarding, and you will thank yourself for it later.

Q) I can’t seem to understand my class work. I have studied and done all of my homework (to the best of my abilities), and I still don’t get it, yet everyone else in the class seems to handle it with ease. What could I possibly be doing wrong? Photo courtesy of Google Images.

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Opinion Selinsgrove Speedway By Brandon Aungst In my opinion I think that the Selinsgrove Speedway should not be closed. The speedway has been around for as long as the town of Selinsgrove itself. The speedway is a great place to go on the weekends, it can be a good learning experience, and brings people in from the surrounding areas. The speedway is open on Fridays and Saturdays and even sometimes on Sundays. Young kids and adults can race go kart on Friday nights at Raceway Park. Then on Saturday the big track is open for the regular 358 show. The Speedway has occasional 410 shows as well on Sundays. The racing brings in people from all over to come and watch the races or even race. There are a lot of things that you can learn when you go down to the races. The cars are extremely difficult to setup and is a good challenge for the pit crews and drivers. You could be around the cars all night long and watch what everyone is doing but you will still have questions about different things that are happening with the cars. If they would close the tracks all the people that race there will have to go to different tracks and that involves some traveling that some teams do not like to do. Most people are asked the question “What is there to do in Selinsgrove?” most of the people say that there isn’t a whole lot. However, I disagree you can go to the races on Friday and Saturday nights with your friends and family. You could get involved more with the track and get a push truck to help start cars. You could even get a race car and race. If they would close the speedway then the people that go down there now for entertainment for the weekends will have to find other things to do which are limited in a small town. I believe the speedway should not close because it would be a big loss to many people who are involved with the track. It gives a good time for the kids and adults and is a learning opportunity for everyone.

10 President? By Harry Maxwell

If Hilary Clinton becomes president there will be war in the US. Throughout history there has only been one war fought on American soil. Americans don’t know what it’s like to get bombed on and see foreign troops outside killing people. We don’t know what it’s like being prisoners of war or anything that happens overseas. If I was a ruler of a country that hated the United States and the US made a woman president, I would see them as being weak and that would be my sign to come over and bomb everything. Photo courtesy of Google Images.

School… (Continued from Page 9) A) Well naturally everybody develops at their own speed, some excel where others struggle. You may be struggling with this, but your time to shine will come sooner or later. As for your current work, the only other real way to get by is to confront the teacher for a lesson structured to your needs. Almost every teacher (granted they aren’t pushed for time) will be more than willing to help you understand. A lesson molded around your needs may be exactly what you need to fully understand your current class work. Q) I was recently assigned to a group, and some of the members aren’t contributing anything towards the project. How can I get them to work, without having to upset them? A) I always found group work to be annoying and pointless. However, believe it or not it does help us develop for a world where group work… is inevitable. There are three methods you could go about it, and yes they are extreme. However, not wanting to upset them complicates it, because your taking into account the feelings of the very people that are upsetting YOU. The first, the submissive method: You could ask them to help, and if they don’t, do the work yourself, you’ll get the grade (so will they), but at least you will avoid confrontation if they are an undesirable person. The second method: You could be assertive and tell them to work. If they refuse, you can settle it with a teacher, or you can settle it among other group members. And a final method: simply go to the teacher and work it out.

Opinion Athletes and Steroids! By Kevin Robinson For the past couple of years all you have been hearing in the baseball press is about steroid use by athletes. Steroids are not good for you at all. Athletes use steroids because they have short-term performance boosting properties. Effects of steroids depend on the extent of their use and the user’s preexisting physical condition. These steroids are always dangerous and can cause a number of extreme, longlasting and sometimes irreversible health problems. Side effects of steroids include stunting of growth in adolescents, the appearance of masculine physical characteristics in women and of feminine ones in men, unfavorable change in sexual characteristics in both genders and psychiatric complications. I believe there is no reason to use steroids. Yeah, they do help with the abilities you can perform on the field, but they also can hurt you as I have stated. More and more baseball players are being tested for the use of these anabolic steroids. Some of them have used in the past and some haven’t. These steroids can be taken orally or injected, and athletes and other abusers take them typically in cycles of weeks or months, rather than continuously, in patterns called cycling. Users frequently combine several different types of steroids to maximize their effectiveness while minimizing negative effects, a process known as stacking. Steroids are becoming known to younger people around my age, at the high school level. I think it’s really dumb to use steroids it can mess up your whole life and really hurt you or even someone else. During the 1930s, scientists discovered that anabolic steroids could facilitate the growth of skeletal muscle in laboratory animals. This led to Photo courtesy of Google Images.


abuse of these compounds by bodybuilders and weightlifters and then by athletes in other sports. These steroids are not OK to use and people should not use them. I feel if you need to use enhancers to perform better then you don’t feel your good enough to be playing so just don’t play or do whatever it is your doing.

Ducky’s Advice By Brittney Hornberger Brittney shares her wisdom with others. Photo by Kevin Robinson

Q: My Boyfriend and I have been thinking of having sex, but I would like to abstain myself from sex right now.

How can I accomplish this? A: Well, have you told your boyfriend that you want to abstain from sex? If not tell him as soon as possible so you don’t have sex before you’re ready. If he understands he will wait until you’re ready. You should never do something you’re not ready to do. Good luck in achieving your goal. It will be hard but you will appreciate it more when you’re ready to have sex. Q: Ever since I hit my teen years my mom and I fight whenever we are near each other. I want us to get along and have a good relationship. How can I go about doing this? A: I’ve been through those times when it seemed as if all I did with my parents was fight. One way you can have a day without fighting is by doing an activity that you both enjoy. Some examples might be the movies, shopping, and other things. Instead of focusing on what your next fight might be about, ask how each other’s day has been. I found out that fights may occur if you guys both had bad days; be it your jobs, friends, or relationships. You may be on edge and may become irritated easily. The thing is to chill out, take a breather, and calm down before you talk to each other. Good luck!

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Selinsgrove Lacrosse

UFC Sports Opinion

By Kevin Kauffman

By Dale Sheaffer

Who would have thought that the Selinsgrove Lacrosse Team would have finished out 8-4 season? They won 11 games out of the 15 game season. Everyone thought that they were going to have a losing season. It is the first time that they came out with a winning season. Will they stay a winning team? Or will they fall apart before to big tournaments? Having faced their rival Danville and winning all 3 games of the season against them they move off with confidence in the team. Can they win against them for a fourth time or will they lose? But for once in the history of Selinsgrove Lacrosse Team they come out of the season winners.

Many people say the ultimate fighting championship is too vulgar and is not suitable for many people. That may be true, but I have never watched a show that has gotten me so pumped. A lot of people like to watch WWE or any other wrestling show, but how can you watch a show that you know is fake. That is a major turn on about UFC. It’s all real! All the blood, broken bones and broken jaws are real. The only protection they have is the small gloves they wear so they don’t break their knuckles. Another strong point for the UFC is that it is MMA which means Mixed Martial Arts. Not just boxing or just wrestling but all of them combined. So if your ever bored I suggest you tune into UFC, who knows you might learn how to defend yourself.

Ducky’s… (Continued from Page 11) Q: My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years now. All of a sudden he thinks that I have been cheating on him with my one guy friend that I’ve been talking to lately. How can I make him see that he is just a friend?

A: Your boyfriend may feel insure about himself for saying that your cheating. He may feel insecure in that if your spending more time with your guy friend and less time with him it may be affecting him. He may feel as if you’re not spending enough time with him. I notice that guys are competitive and may thing that you might leave him. Have him meet your guy friend so he himself can find out that there is nothing between you and your guy friend except friendship. Also, try talking to your guy and do things with him so he knows that the fire is still there in your relationship. Good luck to you and your man!

Q: I have just recently found out that my older brother is using drugs. I don’t want him to hurt himself. How can I help him heal himself from this addiction to drugs? A: The first thing you have to do is confront him about the drugs. Our loved ones that use drugs may do it because they feel alone, or because they have learned these bad habits from peers. How you can help is by staying with him. Make sure he knows your there to help him get over the addiction. If he doesn’t stop, tell him you will take him to a drug rehab where trained professionals can help him become clean from drugs. However, through this whole trip you should be there for him showing your support and that you care. This may be more helpful than anything else. Good luck in helping your brother overcomes his addiction. Sincerely, Ducky

Sports BCS By Kelvin Womer College football is one of the most popular sports in America. This being said, it has one of the dumbest post seasons ever. Every other sport has a playoff system where the looser goes home, but division one college football has a thing called the BCS. The BCS, aka the bowl championship series, is based on computer rankings that come out every Tuesday throughout the football season. So why doesn’t the BCS work. Some of the reasons the BCS doesn’t work is because there are only a few people that determined which team is the best, and how to rank all the other teams. So these people that pick them could just be picking their favorite teams to go to a bowl game. This is a bad system because on any given day a team can beat a good team. Just look back at the Photo courtesy of Google Images. Super Bowl when the okay New York Giants beat the almost perfect New England Patriots. This is why college football needs a playoff system.

Look back to the beginning of the ‘07 season when Appalachian State beat Michigan. Michigan State was predicted to win 56 to 6, but they lost 10 to 7. So will this ever happen? The NCAA has talked about it for many years. Every year they say it would be too hard, and that the system they have now is working well.

Stone Cold By Mark Holdren When you hear that glass shatter and the guitars start playing you know he is coming, Austin 3:16 the Texas Rattlesnake is on his way to the ring. Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most feared wrestlers to ever step into a WWE ring. If he ever decided to make a full return to wrestling I feel that he would without a doubt be champ. In his day Stone Cold was an unstoppable force in the ring. His signature move the Stone Cold Stunner is arguably one of the most painful moves in the WWE. He is also known for pulling such stunts as driving a beer truck, a monster truck, and a Zamboni to the ring. In one night he gave the Stunner to 16 people including the whole McMahon family. Regardless of how big and bad you think you are, you are no match for the Rattlesnake. If you dare to step into the ring with him plan on losing. Stone Cold is a bad man on a mission. Although you probably won’t see him in the ring anytime soon, you can see him in his 2006 film the Condemned.

Some of the arguments against playoffs are that it will not bring in as much money as the BCS. This is one of the major problems. What if there is not as much money? This can be fixed real easily. All you have to do is instead of sponsoring a certain bowl game, sponsor a certain playoff game. Then you would not lose any money, and have a true champion. If all these changes could be made, college football would really take off. This would make it so much better and there would not be favorites, because any given day one team can beat another.


Photo courtesy of Google Images.



Sports Crossword Puzzle

By Nia Page







2 2



3 4











1. What is the scoring zone called on a football field?

1. What sport uses a balance beam?

2. How many downs do you need to get a first down?

2. How long are the periods in wrestling?

3. What sport shares its name with and insect?

3. What girl sport has seven innings?

4. What sport do you need nine players on the field?

4. Which sport is related to ping-pong?

5. Christy Omaguchi plays what sport?

5. In softball Jenny Finch plays what position?

6. What is the person called that makes the calls in baseball?

6. In what sport do you use swords?

7. What is it called when two people knock their sticks together 7. What sport can you get a hole in one? in field hockey? 8. What sport plays with a net on a stick? 9. When playing basketball, what do you play on? 10. What sport has a three point line? 11. What sport does Harry Potter play?

8. What high school sport has 40 minute quarters? 9. How many yards do you need to get a first down?

Family Sudoku Puzzle By April Bell 9



6 6


3 4



5 6


5 2

4 5


1 2





Global Warming By Cory Johnson


Gas Prices By Matt Klock


Family Dirtbike Crossword Puzzle By Mike Inch


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