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The Indonesian Gummy Bear Times Mrs. Frantz’s English IV Class 17 Nov 2011 If you are interested in coming to join the H2 youth group on their trip to Camp Orchard Hill you can contact John Messner or you can just go on the website and someone will assist you.

Winter Blast Weekend! By Jasmine Watts The youth at H2 Church are going on a trip to Camp Orchard Hill in Dallas, PA. This trip will take place on January 13th and the kids will be coming home January 15th. The Winter Blast Weekend was put together for the kids to have something fun to do, get away for a weekend, and learn at the same time. This camp also helps them learn who they are as a person and helps them make better decisions. The H2 Church started this trip last year and it was a big success; many of kids went and they had a blast. This trip is for the youth at H2 Church and friends of the youth if they would like to bring someone along, ages 7 to 17. The cost for one person is $125. The kids will have lots to do; they can have a movie night (where they all get together and decide on one movie and they sit together and have some snacks while watching a movie). They can have a night of camping out by a campfire, singing and eating some snacks with each other. Other activities include wall climbing, karaoke, a beach party, and Camp Orchard Hill’s famous talent show. The kids can play games like football, volleyball, soccer, snow dodge ball, ping pong, foosball, show off their pool skills, and lots more. To find out more you or to




Logo courtesy of Google Images. Here are some quotes from some or the kids: “Excellent! Committed, caring, knowledgeable; wise strategy for teaching the Word!” “It led me closer to God than I have ever imagined and showed me that just because you're a Christian doesn't mean you can't have fun.”

Feature The World Wide Computer Scandal Logo courtesy of Google Images.

By Austin Reed

Chances are, you’ve bought your computer from a store and you have no clue what’s inside/have the slightest care of what is. Well, you should. We all know the name brand “Intel” and that it’s in near every store bought computer, but why is that? It’s not because it’s a good product, heavens, no, the real fact is, until now, no other company could sell their products, until recently, to the big name brand computer manufacturers. How is this possible? Through illegal and unfair market competition. Illegal rebates, discounts, and deals with companies like dell, paying them over six billion dollars to not use other products, sealed out all the other companies. If you ask, any sane personal computer maker or gamer what the brains of their computer are, they’ll tell you anything but Intel, in fact, most go with AMD. So, how does this affect you? Well, your electric bill is indefinitely higher, if you want to upgrade, you have to replace your motherboard, and you have to pay for a product that’s manufactured to kick off in about three years. It’s all part of the worldwide computer scandal by Intel, it makes me sick. What happened to companies that weren’t in it for the money, they were in it for the greater future of computing! I found my answer with the beloved AMD. For those who care about performance, let’s talk some technical savvy. For the multi-tasking

AE By Clark Kratzer


person and the gamer, you need the processor that can handle more than just one core at a time, you need one with dedicated threads, a good design for heat reduction, and one that’s not going to require a huge budget to buy a new motherboard to run it, new fans because the motherboard can’t support your old one or stock fan, and a new operating system to even run it all. When you begin using anything over half the power of the Intel processer’s power (MHz or GHz) the entire computer slows down to a crawl. This is because of non-dedicated threads, and the processor fights over the available resources, and it drawls massive amounts, for a processor, of electricity to run it. Then the stock fans that come with it are cheap, loud, and most of the time, fail to keep it cool in stressful situations, like using more than half its power. So when using a c computer for anything more complicated the web surfing or Microsoft word, don’t use an Intel. Before Steve Jobs passed away he said “We tried to help Intel, but they don’t listen much. We’ve been telling them for years that their graphics suck… They wanted this big joint project to do chips for future iPhones. There were two reasons we didn’t go with them. One was that they are just really slow. They’re like a steamship…Second is that we just didn’t want to teach them everything, which they could go and sell to our competitors.” Hearing this from a massive computer company should open your eyes to the truth of how awful Intel is. So if you’re wondering why your computer or smart phone is slow and refusing to work, just look down at those stickers telling you what’s inside and see, “Intel inside” and you’ll know what the issue is. So, Andrew Grove, looks like being paranoid has allowed you to survive, but it’s made your product one of the worst, and you’ve become the most hated, enjoy being paranoid.

Editorial Sandusky is to blame, not Joe Paterno! By Joshlyn Keister Is it right that Joe Paterno might be getting fired, for not getting more people involved with Sandusky’s scandal? Is Joe the one that did wrong? Or is it both Sandusky and Joe that did wrong doing? Didn’t Joe do enough for his own responsibility? Would he be in the same situation, if he would have done more to get Sandusky in trouble? Is it right that everyone is acting like Joe did so wrong and is not even mentioning anything about the scandal Sandusky did? Well I personally think that Joe Paterno did nothing wrong! He could only do so much. Since it was one of his good friends that committed a crime, it is going to be hard to go against him. Joe was probably devastated and confused with the overwhelming news that a close friend was sexually harassing little boys. I think even if Joe would have done more to get Sandusky in trouble, they would have found something else to get him in trouble for. I strongly disagree with those who believe Joe Paterno should get fired; it was Sandusky who did wrong not Paterno! Sandusky did wrong and got caught. If he would not have done something so wrong and disgusting he would not be in the situation he is now. He chose to do it, so I think that any consequence that he gets is okay. He does not deserve to get away with what he did. Joe really could not have done that much considering he did not have complete proof of the roomers he was hearing.


It is wrong that anyone would even consider Joe Paterno should be fired for doing nothing wrong. He was not one of the kids that were in the horrendous situation, so he would not know for a fact what really happened. The kids that were in the scandal should have come forward sooner and should have been the ones to tell someone. They were the victims not Joe Paterno! Joe did all that he could with the information he was told. Joe deserves to coach until his actual retirement day, so let him enjoy his last year with his boys and get the bad guy who did the crime. If you personally think Joe Paterno did wrong, think more about your opinion because he was not the criminal who committed such a nasty crime. Joe is a good man who did all what he could with the information he had about the scandal. Joe deserves to have his job and get to enjoy his last year. He is the football legend and always did a good job coaching. Without Joe, the team will not be the same; he has been with them for so long. Logo courtesy of Penn State.

Joe Pa-Fired By Joshlyn Keister



Marcellus Shale Drilling By Dylan Kratzer The question is should the natural gas drilling company’s continue to keep drilling? The answer is yes. The Marcellus Shale company’s should continue to keep drilling because natural gas and oil is very effective and is a more efficient way of heating. In the Marcellus Shale Region there is roughly about 489 trillion cubic feet of natural gas through its extent. In New York they use about 1.1 trillion cubic feet per year. There is plenty of natural gas for many years to come. Citizens of the surrounding drilling sites are complaining that they are having water problems. They say that there are toxic chemicals in their drinking water and this could be a very difficult situation. All of these problems can and will be fixed so the citizens have nothing to worry about. Marcellus Shale companies have been drilling oil and natural gas in Pennsylvania since 2003. The benefits of natural gas drilling are that it is clean, abundant, affordable, safe, useful and economic. The natural gas industry employs 622,000 people directly and helps to create over 2.2 million American jobs. A study was done by Penn State and by 2020 the state could have 250,000 jobs supported by natural gas drilling. Natural gas drilling has been become more and more popular and the more people are informed about it the better they will understand it. The process of drilling is very difficult. First the company’s drill for natural gas then years later they will drill again for oil. Extracting natural gas from the Marcellus shale involves drilling down to the depth of the formation, using new horizontal drilling technology that extracts more of the shale. Once the formation is reached, millions of gallons of water, sand, and a long list of man-made chemicals are injected into the well under high pressure in order to fracture the pores of the shale rock and stimulate the gas to flow. This process is known as “hydraulic fracturing.” Natural gas drilling is a great addition to efficient way of heating and is very demanding. It also boosts the economy in jobs and economic problems.

Diagram courtesy of Marcellus Shale.

By Austin Reed


Elysburg Haunted House

SUBWAY is coming to Selinsgrove

By Joselyn Cosme

By Kelsey Comfort Eat Fresh! $5 FOOTLONG! Everyone


For $10.00 you can go to a haunted house. You’ll be scared for your life but you’ll want to come back next year! And for the fact every year it changes

should know that saying. Come and stop by for some

so it won’t be the same. “It’s the scariest one then all

fresh subs every day of the week.

the local one’s. – Kelsey Comfort-Rivera. If you go

Subway is going to be located on Market

you will help us help the fire companies. This is a fundraiser to help the firemen and their family.

Street, Selinsgrove. We will hopefully be opening it sometime in the beginning of the year 2012. We want

Where to go? Rt. 487, Elysburg PA at the Elysburg Valley Gun & Country Club Gates open AT 7:00pm Last day is October 28th & 29th

Logo courtesy of people of the town and






Hurry up if not you’ll miss it and then have to wait a year.

University to come enjoy the new opening. Greg Reid and his fellow Brothers are going to be the owners. Photo courtesy of Google Images. They own a couple other local Subways around the area. This will be the 5th Subway they own. They plan on remodeling the place at the corner, right across the street from Emma’s Food for Life located in Selinsgrove. It is opened till 12p.m. - 11p.m. MondaySunday. Come enjoy the new, fresh building that’s coming to town real soon! We will keep you updated!



School News By Alex Hostetler The school newspaper takes place at the Selinsgrove Area High School. Anybody can be involved in print journalism for the newspaper. Mr. Myers, the person that is in charge of the newspaper said that he was not sure who started the newspaper. Mr. Gruenberg from Selinsgrove Area High School was in charge of the school newspaper at one time. The school newspaper affects the students at Selinsgrove because they try to write about things that interest the students. The students that write about things in the newspaper helps them express their feelings about the topic. Also it gets the students used to different kinds of writing. The school newspaper happened because they felt that the students needed to be better informed about what is going on in the school.

Clip art courtesy of Google Images.

The Claude Monet Project By Rebecca Haynes The National Art Honor Society at SAHS is working on a project which involves enlarging a work by Claude Monet and each member draw one block of it. After the blocks are finished, they will be put together so that the completed project will be an original copy if his work, however, no two blocks will be alike due to contributions of the members. The NAHS will work on the project during meetings at Resource in the art rooms. The leaders of the NAHS want to do this project because they think it will look

Clip art courtesy of Microsoft Word.

awesome when it’s completed and it’s something interesting to do.

Opinion Supernatural Review By Clark Kratzer Supernatural in my opinion is a great show. It follows the lives of two “Hunters” who are brothers. The story begins with the search for their father who has been away on a “Hunting” trip and hasn’t returned for some time. Dean goes to college to find his brother Sam who was trying to get away from their family “business”. Shortly after they leave they pick up on their dads trail using a journal he had left behind. They encounter creatures of legends as well as spirits in their search. One of the first of these creatures is the Wendigo. There are also other famous legends such as the Hook man and Bloody Mary. They hunt these creatures to save innocent people’s lives. Eventually they reunite with their father and both are nearly killed. The season ends with the opening of the gate to hell.


Photo The show has all the makings of a truly courtesy great storyline. Each episode has the potential to ofhook Google anyone new to the show. It has everything Images. from blood and gore to romance and plot twists. The actors also do a phenomenal job as each expression seems real from the feelings between the characters to the sudden moments of fear. The characters being so well developed that they become a bit predictable as they always stay on the path that protects others. The creatures they use are also very well researched such as the Demons which according to their Christian background are vulnerable to holy water and various charms can ward them off they also go as far as to look up the actual Latin incantations and various symbols such as a devil’s trap. This all together makes for a great and captivating show.

Logo courtesy of Google Images

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Opinion SB1 By Brittany Henshaw Governor Jay Nixon, signed the Senate Bill 1 late October. This bill revised the state testing system and the academic standards to better track academic success in students. It also changes the way that students are evaluated and monitored in the classroom. Personally, I do not think that a test can determine a student’s academic achievement. Everyone has our bad days and some students are not able to test well. The schools that do not make a certain level on this test will qualify for an opportunity scholarship. This opportunity is for the low income students and the students that do not do well on these tests, which they will be entered into a private school. These private schools do not have to make a certain yearly progress. To me, that means that these schools do not have to have any artistic or musical classes and are able to teach the bare minimum in each class.

Soldiers Died for What?

8 Clip art courtesy of Microsoft Word

This doesn’t give the students a better learning experience. Also, these private schools do not have to accept the mentally disabled. About five to eight thousand dollars are spent on each student in Pennsylvania. This bill made Pennsylvania now spend about two to three thousand dollars on each student. I think that it gives less money to be able to meet those academic standards, which can force a school to qualify for the opportunity scholarship. This bill is going to make a lot of low performance school and low income students change schools and receive less money to make these standards. Personally, I think that this bill is not going to make any changes in the academic ability in students.

By Rebecca Haynes

Opinion Review of the movie Tales from Earthsea from Studio Ghibli animation and Hayao Miyazaki


well as making friends such as Torou, a free spirited girl who loves all life. Another movie created by Miyazaki was

By Jerrod Millyard Tales from Earthsea is as of 11/8/11 the most recent release from Studio Ghibli. Some preceding movies were Ponyo, Howl’s Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, and Princess Mononoke. These movies show a unique style of animation that is rarely seen any more in movies. This style is Miyazaki’s art. Hayao Miyazaki, a major artist and animator at Studio Ghibli, draws each scene in their movies by hand and uses his amazing works of art for the animations. His detailed drawings can be seen in every Studio Ghibli movie. Tales from Earthsea is a story of a princess who has lost himself and embarks on a journey with a powerful sorcerer named SparrowHa wk. On this journey he encounters dangers such as slave traders and soldiers that are led by an evil sorcerer as Photo courtesy of minitokyo. net.

Photo courtesy of

hNausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. This movie was the founding creation for Studio Ghibli, created in 1982. The movie shows the adventure of a small village princess and her strife against insects and soldiers to save her village from destruction. This movie shows images of pure beauty and perfect storyline. Hayao Miyazaki was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1941. He started his animation career in 1963 and was involved in four animation companies before his success from making Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind which led to the founding of studio Ghibli. One major point in his films is flight, where either the characters fly or something in the movie involves flight. The film Tales from Earthsea is and proof of Miyazaki’s masterful artwork, careful attention with detail, and his childlike view on the movie are just the start of this work of art’s quality. Though, I may be reviewing this marvelous film only seeing it with your own eyes will you then see the truth of its perfection and uniqueness. See the movie I guarantee you’ll love it.

Opinion Bruce Almighty By Matthew Kratzer Alright, if you’re interested in watching a boring/lame movie, then don’t watch Bruce Almighty. Bruce Almighty played by Jim Carrey, God played as Morgan Freeman, Grace Colonway played by Jennifer Aniston. If you ever watch Even Almighty, this movie is kind of similar, just without the animals. Other movies that Jim Carrey is in are; In Living Color, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask, The Cable Guy, Man on the Moon, Yes Man, etc… Jim Carrey is a known actor across America for mainly his humor.


One of my favorite parts is that when Bruce begins to drive along and asking God for signs of what to do, he completely ignores that fact that there’s a truck with signs on it saying to stop, yield, and caution ahead. In the process of ignoring this sign he ends up crashing. To me if someone is that arrogant to ignore something they want after asking for it, then maybe that person doesn’t really need it. It’s a pretty funny part, but there is definitely meaning behind it. Of course like any movie that has a story line like this, everything always turns out good in the end. Still though there is far much more in this movie then what I discussed. For an attention grabber, while watching the movie, think to yourself. What would you do if you were in Bruce’s predicament? How much are you willing to go through, just to make your life better? Take into consideration though; you get to see what Bruce goes through due to the misuse of God’s powers. So would you want to go through What he goes through?

Photo courtesy of This is a story about a man that goes through some unlucky situations and circumstances. What does anyone do when something doesn’t go the way they want it to go or something bad happens to then? We get mad/upset, which is what happens to Bruce. He gets mad at not just anyone though he gets mad at God! God then makes Bruce meet him and makes a deal with him. That deal is something you will have to find out for yourself by watching this movie.

Photo courtesy of



Could the seals win back to back games?

2011 Football Season By Tyler Klink What started as a hopeful season to make playoffs soon took a turn for the worst. The season started high because the team was pumped up and ready for an exciting season. The first game showed good things in a lost to Mount Carmel. The second game against Danville went bad as the opening kickoff went for touch down and lost. The third came as the seals had a great second half game against Manheim Central Where the offense scored 2 touchdowns and a field goal in the third quarter. The game resulted in a loss but the seals showed they weren’t going to give up. The only win this season so far came against Shamokin, where the seals offense scored 2 quick rushing touchdowns in the 1st quarter. Many Players said that after the Shamokin game was the turnaround of the season and we would go on a winning streak.

The game was ugly and the seals lost 45-0 to Berwick. The 6th game of the year which was homecoming was a close game. The seals offense had some good plays which made a good game. The score at the end was 14-12 Shik. The 7th game was against Milton which was a playoff battle. The game went to overtime and Milton scored the winning touchdown. Player’s reactions after the game were that “we should have beaten them and have clinched a playoff spot.” Moral was down now because this not how seniors wanted their season to go. The 8th game was against Jersey shore where the seals took their opening possession for a touchdown. The seals lost 10-7. The 9th game was against Mifflinburg where the seals offense struggled all night. The defense played strong all night but came up short in the 19-0 loss. The season has been a bad year but the players continue to work hard to try and get the second win of the season against Southern Columbia which is senior night.

The hopes were high again at the Berwick game.

Skate Tournament By Alexander Galloway On Saturday, November 5th, there was a skate tournament held in the Lewisburg Skatepark. Top prizes for this contest were $20 for 3rd place, $35 for 2nd place, and then $50 and an Almost Deck for 1st place. Among the winners were JR Isenburg for 3rd, Alex Galloway for 2nd, and TK for the 1st place prize, winning the match with a nollie 360 flip. “All in all, the competition was a great experience, and I hope we can do it all again really soon before the weather gets too cold,” said TK after being awarded his 1st place position.

Photos courtesy of



Discrimination toward Football Player By Briana Berge Selinsgrove Area High School Football Team has had a pretty bad start to a year, losing football players due to disorderly conduct then most quit just because they were sick of being scolded for something other players did. As for one specific boy in 10th grade he was told he was not allowed to play due to being Photo courtesy of overweight and they did not want to purchase proper clothing and gear for him to be able to play with the rest of the football team. Long hot practices he tried his hardest to show what he could do and to prove to the coaches he was able to play along with the rest of the team. Little did he know they had something else in store for him to do? The rest of the team did their practices the way that they should but not this one player he was to just do laps around the football field while he watched the others actually practice with the ball. The coaches pointed him out from the rest of the team and said he was overweight and needed to change that so they thought making him run every practice without practicing what plays he was in. Did they think if he lost weight right away he would just be able to hop into any game and play the proper way? They didn’t think this one through enough. He is not only a big boy but his heart and soul is into football and he would do anything just to be able to be with the rest of the team and be like all the others.

Logo courtesy of

They had a meeting with not just him but his father too, they said there was something he should do to lose the weight, go to a gym, take diet pills, run more often but he has been to the gym a lot over the past couple years and has already been on diet pills and the running part how is he supposed to lose the weight that they want him to, to be a “perfect” player like they want him to. He started to take more and more diet pills just to see himself be on that field and running people over which was what he was supposed to do. He was to block the ball from any opponent trying to tackle his team. He was very upset with not only himself but the way the coaches treated him. For me being a Selinsgrove Area High School student it hurts me to hear the way that the coaches are putting people down they say they want more people to come out and join a team but when it comes to someone being heavier than the “normal” sized kid they should be in preparation of a bigger uniform and bigger pads. With them refusing to purchase other gear that is discrimination against the kid they’re saying this to and to me that not only makes our coaches look bad but it is also making our school look bad in a way that shows they are too “cheap” to order ONE uniform for ONE kid.


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By Adam Wilks




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