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Southeast Alaska’s Premier Home, Lifestyle, and Real Estate Guide VENTILATION: A BREATH OF FRESH AIR

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Letter from the Publisher

It’s all about Community


t’s March! Not only great editorial contributors, is it almost Spring and am very thankful for my (hopefully), it’s also advertising clients. Without the month that Southeast them, this publication would Living Magazine was unnot be possible. Though I veiled at the Home Show do most production aspects last year. The magazine, of the magazine myself, I along with myself will be at recognize how important it the Home Show again this is to have the community’s By Anna Hoke year and I am looking forsupport and the backing from ward to it. I am thrilled to meet peolocal businesses. Through my ongoing ple, make connections, hear feedback journey I’ve learned that it really takes and share my pride for this publicathe community as a whole to run a tion. It has been a joy to do all aspects business; in a sense it’s like a big famof the business from distribution to ily. I am thankful for not only the Juneau community but for the communities of Southeast Alaska. I’ve gotten a lot of tips and hints from locals on story ideas, business brief content, photo/event opportunities, and more. I am fortunate to live in a small enough community where phrases like “out the ad sales, from writing to deroad” and “the spam can“ are comsigning and photography. I’ve relished monly recognized, but that the comthe opportunity to photograph lomunity is large enough that there are cal events and I invite the public to always new developments, distinctive call or email me when an event arises local events, and the day to day living that you want covered. The most rein Southeast Alaska is always unique. cent gallery that I got the chance to shoot was the Wearable Art show, this • Anna Hoke is the graphic designer and gallery can be found on our website: owner of Southeast Living Magazine. The magazine She can be reached at Anna@seaklivallows me to do things that I am sionate about while learning all the while. I am very lucky to have some


Inside This Issue FEATURES

Letter from the Publisher . . . . 2 REFINANCE: What Does It Mean? How Will it Benefit Me?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Ventilation: A Breath of Fresh Air [Part 2]. . . . . . . . . 4-5 Home Show Seminar Schedule and Exhibitor Map. . . . . . . . . . 6-7

REAL ESTATE SERVICES Prudential SEAK Real Estate Debbie White. . . . . . . 5, 14 Real Estate Service, Inc. Julie Burns. . . . . . . . . . . 12 RE/MAX of Juneau Julie Moe. . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Marty McKeown . . . . . . 8-9 Mimi Rothchild. . . . . . . 10 Scott Wagner. . . . . . . . . . 4 Vickie Gartley . . . . . . . . . 6

MORTGAGE & LENDING Residential Mortgage Vickie Perry. . . . . . . . . . . 3 True North FCU. . . . . . . . 15 Photos: Wearable Art Show. . 10

Home Gardening. . . . . . . . . 11 Have Baby, Will Travel. . . . . 12 People, Events, and Business. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. . . . . . . . . . . 7 Alaska Renovators. . . . . . 10 CoastAlaska. . . . . . . . . . 16 Inside Passage Construction . . . . . . . . . 14 Jim Kelly State Farm. . 2, 14 Metcalfe Communications. . . . . . 11 Public Radio. . . . . . . . 14-15 SEABIA, Home Show . . . 7 Shoefly. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Stopher Construction. .3,14

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What Does It Mean? How Will it Benefit Me? These days the word refinance is everywhere. Often clients will call asking what the word refinance means and if they should consider doing it. The answer to the first By Vickie Perry part is easy: To refinance your mortgage means you will pay off your current home loan and replace it with a new one. You might receive a new term (length of loan), a new interest rate, or a new type of mortgage all together, but the collateral securing the mortgage will remain unchanged. The answer to the second part varies from situation to situation. One of the first considerations to refinancing is the costs involved. Some lenders use the terms “no-cost” refinance. Although legal, I view this phrase as a bit misleading. Most people hear “no-cost” and believe they can obtain a refinance for free. This is definitely not the case. The term “no-cost” generally means you do not have to pay any costs out of pocket, but it does not mean there are no costs

associated with your refinance. “No costs” simply means the closing costs are either added to your loan balance or you are paying a higher interest rate. Fees associated with your refinance are typically very similar to those when you originally purchased. However, these days your credit rating has a substantial impact to your fees. Extracting equity from your home (cash-out refinance) also impacts the fees involved. Some lenders charge extra fees to offer you the lowest interest rate possible. Alternatively, if you are willing to pay a slightly higher fee the closing costs will be less. The next consideration when refinancing is will it save you money? This question needs to be analyzed on the monthly savings, as well as overall savings. At first glance a monthly savings might be adequate, but not if the costs outweigh the benefits. A good lender will give you the breakdown of your recoup period to help determine if the monthly reduction is worth it. Besides your monthly savings, the long-term savings can be astronomical. This is because a lower interest rate means the amount of interest you pay

overtime will be significantly reduced. This can save you thousands of dollars, not just a couple of thousand, but thousands. Lastly, a lower interest rate allows you to build equity in your h o m e more quickly. At times, you might be able to refinance into a program than doesn’t require monthly mortgage insurance. This can also benefit you by further reducing your monthly payment. There are various types of refinance options, everything ranging from rate/term to cash-out. Some folks refinance their term from a 30 year to a 15 year, some folks convert their adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage, and other people are refinancing to extract equity to pay off high-interest debt. Everyone has their own set of reasons for refinancing and if

you think it is something you should consider, sit down with your lender and review the options. You might be surprised at what options are available. Vickie Perry (#AK195996 / #AK167729) is Branch Manager of Residential Mortgage, LLC, in Juneau. She can be reached at (907) 789-2329. Visit her website at

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From buying a new home to refinancing an existing one, Residential Mortgage offers the expertise and personal commitment you deserve.

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Ventilation: A Breath of Fresh Air Part 2: Whole Home Ventilation Systems Last month I covered basic home ventilation including the bathroom fan and air leakage. With homes being tighter and more insulated, indoor air quality By Greg Stopher is starting to suffer Stopher Construction because of the lack of ventilation. This month I am going to cover the benefits and some of the drawbacks of a whole house ventilation system. There are two types of mechanical whole house ventilation systems out there. One is the Energy Recovery Ventilation system and the other is the Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system. In Southeast Alaska, Energy Recovery Ventilation is not and should not be used. Both systems use a heat trans-

fer core but the Energy Recovery core transfers heat and some water vapor back into the supply air where a Heat Recovery core only transfers heat. So an Energy Recovery Ventilation system will only add to the humidity problems that exist in Southeast Alaska. A Heat Recovery Ventilation system or HRV will only transfer the heat from the exhaust air to the incoming air. This process of heat transfer acts as a natural dehumidifier for the house and is useful in our climate.

80% when the outdoor temperature is 40 degrees and the indoor temperature is 68 degrees (pretty common temperature in Southeast Alaska). Take the difference between 68 and 40, which equals 28. Multiply 28 by .8 or 80% which equals 22.4. Add that to the outdoor air temperature of 40 degrees and you get 62.4 degrees, which is the temperature of the incoming supply air from the HRV, a big difference from 40 degrees. Naturally, warm air holds more moisture than cold air so heating cold air will reduce its relative humidity. With an outdoor temperature of 40 degrees and an outdoor relative humidity of 80%, the incoming outdoor supply air is heated to 62.4 degrees in the heat exchanger core, as described above, the humidity of the air drops to just 35% relative humidity because HRV systems act as natural dehumidifiers.

An HRV rating is based on how effective it is at exchanging heat from heated indoor air to unheated outdoor air. The rating is based on the rise in temperature of unheated outdoor air and is called the Apparent Sensible Effectiveness or ASE. The ASE of most HRV systems range from 70% to 90% ASE and will be labeled on the HRV. For Example: An HRV with an ASE of

y o U r P ro f e S S i o N a l J U N e aU a r e a a G e N t , c a l l 5160 North doUGlaS TE WA



1016 boNNie dooN driVe W NE

tunning Waterfront Home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and gorgeous water & mountain views . Beautiful remodel has just been completed including updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, bathrooms with custom tile work and fixtures, and updated flooring . The master suite is the entire upper level and features vaulted ceilings, a sitting area, private deck, and huge master closet . Enjoy the outdoors with decks on all 3 levels . The lower level has a kitchenette, large family room, and exercise room . Parking for 4+ cars & boats! MLS: 10826 . Price $529,000

M e to d ay !

2214-d raVeN rd



As I discussed in last month’s article, code requires 50 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of intermittent ventilation in bathrooms, such as a bathroom exhaust fan or 20 CFM continuous exhaust in bathrooms, such as an HRV. HRVs exhaust the moist air in bathrooms, kitchens, and other potentially hazardous areas and supply air to areas that require fresh air, such as bedrooms and living areas of the home. The exhaust and supply of an HRV should be balanced to not create a positive or negative pressure within the home. A slightly negative pressure is better than a slightly positive so that water vapor is not driven into the walls of the home. Although, if a garage is attached to a home, the garage pressure should always be negative of the home so the chemicals and carbon monoxide in the garage are not driven into the home. It can be a delicate balance between healthy and unhealthy air


ome see this beautifully remodeled 3 bedroom, 2 .5 bath attached home in Bonnie Brae! The home features a remodeled kitchen with propane cooktop, remodeled master bath with custom tile work, updated bamboo floors, a woodstove in the living room, and an updated high efficiency boiler . The large corner lot has plenty of parking for vehicles and boats in addition to the attached garage . MLS: 10759 . Price: $269,000



4416 N riVerSide driVe



his 2 bedroom 2 bath condo is updated and move-in ready . Newer carpet, interior paint, appliances, and kitchen counters . There is inunit laundry, a large covered deck to enjoy the outdoors, storage unit, and 1 car attached garage . Beautiful mountain views! Evergreen Condos is a solid, well run association and is on the FHA approved condo list! MLS: 10901 . Price $195,000


his Valley Ranch is move-in ready with extensive updating inside and out! The functional floor plan features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 300 sq . ft . attached garage . Recent updates include a metal roof with snowstops, windows, furnace, oil tank, and exterior paint . On the interior you will find updated flooring including engineered hardwood, carpet, and tile, and updated water heater, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer . Recent energy efficiency work has updated the home to a 4 star rating! MLS: 11106 . Price: $245,000

it’S tiMe to Sell!

Scott waGNer, abr, cdPe RE/MAX of Juneau

8800 Glacier Hwy, Suite 219 Juneau, AK 99801 907 723-7424 Cell 907-789-4794 Office 888-777-6543 Toll Free

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quality, but by only using natural air leakage and bathroom fans the balance is harder to achieve. With the use of an HRV, the balance is easier to control. Bathrooms need a continuous exhaust of 20 CFM to exhaust moist air. A bedroom requires about 15 CFM per person supply air. I like to supply all bedrooms with about 15 to 20 CFM and a master bedroom with about 30 CFM of fresh supply air. Most people spend at least eight hours in their bedroom every 24 hours so why not have fresh air to breathe while you sleep? I know that I sleep a lot better knowing that I am breathing healthy air. Most standard sized homes with four people and a dog require about 120 CFM exhaust and 120 CFM supply air to produce a healthy and balanced system. Often, indoor air quality is worse than outdoor. Studies have shown that intermittent ventilation cannot handle the pollutants that we bring into our homes. Cleaners, candles, furniture, fixtures, cabinets, pets, combustible appliances, and attached garages are just a few of the items that can bring unwanted hazards into the home. These pollutants just increase over time. However a home with a continuous ventilation

system exhausts and dilutes pollutants. We can also control and filter the air we bring into our homes through the use of an HRV. There are too many potential air quality hazards to list but a good place to begin your research is the EPA website at html. HRVs require about as much energy as it take to run a 100-watt light bulb each day and they also require twice per year maintenance. Filters and the heat core of a HRV should be checked and cleaned twice per year so that airflow remains unhindered and the machine works properly. HRVs require a condensate drain that should be checked for obstructions and the exhaust and supply ports on the exterior of the building should be checked regularly. HRVs work best if a home is tightly sealed and insulated properly. If installed properly and maintained regularly an HRV will supply years of healthy indoor air and efficiently. A lot more work needs to be done on the education and research of home ventilation and indoor air quality. This series of articles only touches on the basics of home ventilation. New products and research keep the field interesting.

Please visit our website to view our office listings, Southeast Alaska MLS listings, and Alaska MLS listings and so much more!

Debbie White

realtor®, broKer®, Gri, abr, crS 2011 realtor® of the year 907-723-9886 Debbie White has been selling real estate throughout Southeast Alaska since 1999 and has called Juneau home for most of her life . Her family first came to Alaska in 1941 and returned permanently in 1970 . While most of her real estate transactions are in Juneau, she is very active in the more rural and remote areas of Southeast Alaska . Her hobbies include gardening, fishing, wood turning, traveling and scuba diving .


As homes are built tighter and insulated more I am sure that home building and indoor air quality will continue to improve. All homes should be comfortable and safe to live in, as builders it is not only important to get the structure and aesthetics right, we also need to make sure that we also get the indoor air quality right. Greg Stopher has over 16 years of experience in the construction field and earned a degree in Construction Technologies from the University of Alaska – Southeast. His company, Stopher Construction, LLC, is a general contracting company specializing in remodeling, custom finishes, additions and new home construction projects. He can be reached at 907-321-2350.

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Shawn Paul

Cheryl Holloway

Delores O’Mara

Shawn Paul is in his 13th year of practicing real estate in Juneau . He has served the local market as a residential specialist and also has worked on commercial projects, new construction and land sales as well as commercial leasing . He’s held the designation of Associate Broker for more than 10 years and has been the senior mentor at Juneau’s top two firms . A graduate of JDHS, Shawn has been proud to call Juneau home for the last 30 years . Put his unique combination of experience, negotiating skills and local knowledge to work for you .

Cheryl is a lifelong Juneau resident and has worked in the real estate industry since 2005 . She has a thorough and historical perspective of Juneau . Her hobbies include reading, gardening, spending time with family, and playing with her dogs . She is very active in her church and community and always jumps at the chance to go out on the water for some whale watching, fishing or just to take in the beautiful sights . Cheryl’s knowledge of Juneau will work for you!

Delores may be the new kid on the block but she is not new to Juneau or the world of business . She moved to Juneau in 2004 and bought a coffee roasting business in 2006 . Besides delivering freshly roasted coffee to her customers, she enjoys hiking, karate, knitting, and gardening . She also has a strong desire to connect buyers and sellers in the real estate market . Add in hard work, dedication and the fact that she’s on the winning Prudential team - what more could you want?

aSSociate broKer & realtor® 907- 723-4010

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realtor® 907-209-6602

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realtor® 907-209-2183

Jessica Rosenberg realtor® 907-957-SOLD (7653)

Jessica joins us from the prudential Anchorage office . Jessica has conducted real estate work throughout Alaska, having performed property management in Kodiak and Valdez, and both property management and real estate sales in Anchorage . In her free time, she enjoys running and exploring the Alaskan outdoors with her family . For professional and dedicated service, call Jessica today .

Brian McWhorter realtor® 907-723-1712

Brian is a long term resident of Juneau . He and his wife Debbie have FIVE daughters and a stepson which has taught him great negotiation skills . He has a degree in agriculture from the University of Arizona . Brian enjoys travelling and doing anything outdoors, from gardening and landscaping to hiking and camping . Let Brian’s skills give your home the best curb appeal! You can call him at 723-1712

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SEMINAR SCHEDULE Saturday March 10

Photos by Valerie Williams

2012 Juneau Home Show The Juneau Home Show is happening in Juneau, Alaska during the weekend of March 9 at Centennial Hall. Friday evening kicks off with wine tasting from 5pm to 8pm. Tickets for the Friday event can be purchased for $20 in advance and $25 at the door. All attendees at the wine tasting event must be 21 years of age or older. Home Show hours for Saturday March 10 are 10am to 5pm and Sunday March 11 from 11am to 4pm. Admission for Home Show attendees is $5, children under 12 are free. The Home Show offers attendees a

chance to visit and learn about participating businesses, win door prizes and also attend specialty seminars.

10:30am to Jimmy Ord, Alaska Housing Finance 11:30am Corporation

Be Energy Smart: Discover energy awareness, resources and efficiency tips that will save you money and make your home more comfortable

11:45am to Robin Ward, Alaska Craftsman Home 12:45pm Program

How to Hire a Contractor

Moderator Jeff McCoy. Alan Wilson with Alaska Renovators, Tom Sullivan 1:00pm to with Alaska Pacific Bank, ,Marquam 2:00pm George with University of Alaska Southeast

No Regrets Remodeling, Open Panel discussion with the experts

Jay Srader and Nicole Jones, City 2:15pm to & Borough of Juneau-Community 3:15pm Development

Accessory Apartments: what you need to know! Join the Community Development Department to explore options when considering the development of accessory apartments.

3:30pm to Betty Hall, Alaska Housing Finance 4:30pm Corporation

More Than a Mortgage: Get the nuts and bolts on how to be purchase ready

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to attend the free seminars offered on Saturday and Sunday. These seminars are taught by Alaskan experts on a variety of subjects. See the seminar schedule for details.

Sunday March 11 11:30am to Betty Hall, Alaska Housing Finance 12:30pm Corporation

For more information about the Home Show please visit or call 463-5774.

More Than a Mortgage: Get the nuts and bolts on how to be purchase ready

12:45pm to Chuck Renfro, Energy Efficiency 1:45pm Associates

Ground Source Heat Pump Systems in Alaska-Explaining how this equipment works.

2:00pm to Jimmy Ord, Alaska Housing Finance 3:00pm Corporation

Be Energy Smart: Discover energy awareness, resources and efficiency tips that will save you money and make your home more comfortable

Come see me at the Home Show!

419 2ND STREET Downtown Investment Opportunity. Apartment building with 7 units, 2 efficiency and five 1 bedroom units. Stellar rental history, built in 1937 and has been extremely well maintained. In 1998 windows, roof and siding were replaced. MLS# 10628. $469,000

106 CREST LANE WRANGELL, AK As is-Where is” Sale. Beautiful home on the hill overlooking the City of Wrangell with Water views. 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath ranch style home 3453 sq ft. in . Attached garage and located on 45,017 sq ft lot. Exotic woods throughout, hardwood floors, marble fireplace, rock fireplace, island kitchen with granite tile, pantry, stainless appliances including commercial stove. Recessed lighting, and a expansive wrap around deck. MLS#11243. Priced to Sell @ $309,900

8119 EASY STREET 4 bedroom, 2 bath Valley ranch. Handicap accessible. Large great room with 2 bedrooms at each end of the home. Master bedroom has a roll in shower and a door leading to the deck with a sidewalk continuing around to front of the home. Built in 2008 and still like new. FIVE star energy rating when built, hardi-plank siding and a 50 year roof. MLS# 11237 $345,000


W W W.


1004 WEE BURN DR Single Family North Douglas charmer has it all. Located in the popular Bonnie Brae subdivision this 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath sits on over 3/4 of an acre giving it the feeling of nature and privacy. Remodeled kitchen and baths, sunken living room and french doors off the dining room are just a few of the amenities. Lots of windows, sky lights and pellet stove make for comfy, cozy living. MLS #11211 $389,000

9229 EMILY WAY Save $$$ owning this 4 STAR + energy rated single family home. Conveniently located, 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath Valley ranch. Enjoy the open concept with a gorgeous remodeled kitchen, Cherrywood cabinets, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. Huge master bedroom with doors leading to the hot tub & fenced yard. MLS# 11138 $339,000


ANDREANOFF DRIVE 3/4 of an acre to build the home of your dreams. This piece of land is located on the corner of the 3rd Andreanoff and Glacier Hwy. MLS #10621 Priced to sell at $125,000

2500 SHERWOOD LANE 5 Acres of Industrial Zoned Land at the end of Sherwood Lane! 3 plus acres have been filled and are ready for use. Plat available upon request as well as list of permittable usage. Sherwood Lane is road that DMV is located on. MLS# 10755 $1,500,000

3718 EL CAMINO ST Great starter home. 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath in convenient valley location. Very recent kitchen remodel including cabinets, countertops, floors and S/S appliances. Energy audit was done and all work completed to bring this gem up to a 4 star rating. Work included insulation, all new windows, slider and exterior doors. Large lot and a 1 car garage just add to the value of this home. MLS# 11225 $255,000

Vickie Gartley 8800 Glacier Hwy, Suite 219 Juneau, AK 99801 (907) 209-3123 (907) 789-4794 •

Home Show Exhibitors 01 Corban Custom Construction 02 Alaska SafeTech Industries 04A Flat Rate 04B Juneau Septic Services 05 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 06 Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation 07 Keizer Logworks 09 Alaska Division of Fire and Life Safety 10 Wood Weavers 11 Don Abel 12 Building Pros Inc. 13-14 Valley Paint Center, Inc. 15 CBJ-Community Development 17-18 Alaska Housing Finance Corp 19 Alaska Craftsman Home Program 20 THRHA 22 Design North Roofing LLC 26 Alaska Pacific Bank 27 WarmBoard 28 Stopher construction, LLC. 29 AEL&P 30, 41 Spenard Builders Supply 31 Lowpete Construction 33 Microcom 35 Cold Climate Housing Research Center 36 Alaska Imagery 38 State Farm Agents: Hayward, Kelly, Willis 39 Alliance Chiropractic Health Center, Inc 40 First Bank 42 True North FCU 43-45 Alaska Renovators, Inc. 46 Alaska USA 48 Valley Lumber 49 Residential Mortgage 50 ReMax 51 Energy Efficiency Associates 52-54 Food Court Seating 55-56 Abby’s Kitchen 58 Bobcat of Juneau 60 Cutco Cutlery and Cookware 63 Arrowhead LP GAS

Booths subject to change. Find updates online at 64 65 66 Egan/Hickel JDHS House Build TT01

Rain Country, Inc. Alaska Hearth Products Prudential Southeast Alaska Real Estate Southeast Furniture Warehouse, Inc. JDHS House Build Capital City Weekly


TT02 AARP TT03 Juneau Affordable Housing Commission TT04 Juneau Urban Forestry Partnership TT08 Juneau Douglas Home Builders TT11 Southeast Living Magazine TT12 Juneau Rotary Club - Rose Sale

WINE TASTING FRIDAY, MARCH 9 5PM-8PM Tickets $20 Advance $25 at door. Must be 21. Sponsored by: Southeast Furniture Warehouse

SATURDAY, MARCH 10 10AM-5PM SUNDAY, MARCH 11 11AM-4PM Call 463-5774 for tickets $5 admission Children under 12 are free Sponsored by:

Presented by:

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Call me today and let’s disc

SINGLE FAMILY 17065 Glacier Hwy

3181 Douglas Highway

Enjoy Gastineau Channel Views from your covered deck! This beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath home sits on a large (15376 sqr ft) lot with an amazing lawn. Plenty of parking for your vehicles and boats, plus a 2 car garage. Over the top kitchen, vaulted ceilings, living room, family room, master suite and more. Call Marty McKeown for a showing today. MLS: 11264. Asking $499,900

5050 Thane Road

Waterfront Beauty on Thane Road! This charming all cedar single family home boasts the following features and more: 4 beds, 2 1/2 baths, 2065 sqr ft, large 2 car garage (plus 272 sqr ft storage loft AND 445 sqr ft wood working shop), on site parking, private drive, 3 large decks, newer custom kitchen (2004), central vac, newer septic system and VIEWS VIEWS VIEWS! Many more upgrades within recent years. All of this on a huge 35,000 sqr foot lot with a 143 feet of beachfront! Call Marty McKeown today for a showing! MLS: 11139 Asking price: $589,900

Lena Waterfront living in this Amazing home on the water in Lena Cove! This 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 baths home has had extensive remodeling done between 2009-2011. Features include: Breath taking kitchen, dining, tile entry way, sheet rock, newer roof, new boiler, new propane on demand hot water, carpet, master bath, large Sauna, large deck, lawn etc. Too many upgrades to list, this home is a MUST SEE! Large 20037 sqr ft lot, plus an 840 sqr ft garage with lots of off street parking. MLS 11268 Call Marty McKeown for a showing today! Asking Price: $698,500.

8451 Kimberly

South facing Valley Ranch! This 3 bed, 2 bath single family home sits on a large 10,000 sqr ft lot. Features vaulted ceiling, sunken living room, 2 driveways, 40 foot covered boat/RV storage, 2 car garage, 3 heat sources and lots of light! MLS# 10983. $289,900


5167 N. Douglas Highway

Two houses on One large lot, North Douglas Highway! This 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath Single Family home shares this 1.27 Acre lot with adjacent house (attached only by a deck) that has 1 bed 1 bath apartment to help with the mortgage, extra also has a 1 bed 1 bath lower unit. Properties feature many upgrades including vinyl siding, metal roof, new kitchen (main house), new flooring, paint etc. Zoned multiple building, zoning to change in 2012 when City Sewer is available. MLS # 11021. $445,000


2571-1 Douglas Highway

Watch the cruise ships from your own deck in this Forestedge Condo. 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath in 850 sq ft of living space. 2 heat sources with electric baseboard and a monitor. End unit, 2 parking spots and a VIEW makes this condo a must see. MLS# 10748 $149,900

Nobody Sells more Real Estate than RE/MAX TM


Toll Free 888-777-6543 8800 Glacier Hwy, Suite 219 Juneau, AK 99801

Marty McKeown BROKER - OWNER Phone: 907-957-2313

discuss your Real Estate needs.

As a life long, 3rd generation Alaskan raising a family here in Juneau, I appreciate knowing who I am working with especially when making a large investment such as a home. With over 20 years of Sales and Service in Juneau and Southeast I have what it takes to make buying or selling your home an enjoyable experience with results you can take to the bank. I am honest and hard working with quality Customer Service as my number one goal!










Tenakee Springs


Beautiful Custom Home in Tenakee Hot Springs! This Single Family home sits on a huge 9375 sqr ft lot, rare for this town. Two building cedar home connected with a coverer wrap around deck. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath with nice open kitchen. Hardwood flooring, large woodstove for cooking plus another for heat. Monitor type stove in 2nd building. Home is approx 80% finished with materials on site to help with completion. Beautiful water views, lot in front is vacant. See MLS# 10202 for waterfront lot. $169,900

0 Jordan Creek Avenue

Light Commercial Lot in prime location along Egan Expressway, on Jordan Ave. Last lot available, saving one of the best for last. High visibility, flat lot, utilities to lot, paved access and ready to build now. Build your business on this large, 1.33 Acre lot today. $14 per sqr ft. Possible subdividing available if smaller lot is desired. Owner financing on approved credit. MLS: 11054

2 View Lots

2 View Lots being sold together, uphill side of North Douglas Highway. Upper lot is 78,107 sq ft (almost 2 acres) Lower lot is 12,497 sq ft. Access road to both lots and views of the channel from both building sites. MLS 10843 $199,000


507 E Tenakee Ave

Single family home, one and a half story with a view of the inlet. 3 bedroom, 1 bath in 1,035 sq ft of living space. Wraparound porch, deck, shed, metal roof, wood stove and monitor are just a few of the many amenities. MLS# 10340. $179,900

LOWPETE CONSTRUCTION Building your Dream Home sound stressful? Let RE/MAX and Lowpete Construction take the stress away with these easy steps:

Thane Road Waterfront Lot!

Waterfront Lot on Thane Road! Almost one acre on the water at the very end of Thane. Nice building spot on the road side with wonderful view of Gastineau Channel. MLS 9256 $169,900

Tamarac Court Lot

Build your new home on this large lot on the Mendenhall river! This 3/4 acre lot is located just off River Road via the Back loop. Great Price on a great lot. MLS #10348. Asking price: $79,900.


8143 Easy Street

8155 Easy Street


• Call Marty McKeown today to look thru Lowpete’s House Plan Book and choose your favorite from over 30 homes! • Discuss financing options, either Construction loan with local bank or possible Builder financing from Lowpete. • Meet with Lowpete Contractor to choose available lots, schedule the build, pick colors and you are on your way! • Taking orders now for Late Spring-Early Summer completion.

• Lot 9, Erin Manor III Subdivision • 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath TO BE BUILT • 2264 sq. ft. • 528 sq. ft. garage • MLS 10024

NOW... $389,900

Lot 12 Erin Manor III Subdivision 4 bedrooms 2 bath TO BE BUILT 1832 sq. ft. 392 sq. ft. garage MLS 10070

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“Still Flying” by Larry DePute, modeled by Christina Vasquez.

The Wearable Art Show is an event held every year by the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council. This year’s theme was “fusion”. The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council was established in 1973 as the official arts agency of the City & Borough of Juneau.

“Lady Blue” by Kathy Kartchner.

“The Beast in the Beauty” by David Walker, modeled by Anna Gonwa Ramonde.

2012 Wearable Art People’s Choice Awards: First: “The Beast in the Beauty” by David Walker, modeled by Anna Gonwa Ramonde. Second: “Lady Blue” by Kathy Kartchner. Third: “Still Flying” by Larry DePute, modeled by Christina Vasquez.

Photos by Anna Hoke Southeast Living Magazine SEE THESE PHOTOS AND MORE ON OUR WEBSITE W W W . S E A K L I V I N G . C O M


– 2905 Jackson Road – Juneau, AK –

VIEWS GALORE! Come to the top of the hill and enjoy the Beautiful views from this well appointed Executive home. This spacious 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home has a marble entry, Vaulted Ceilings, a huge window package to flood the house with natural light, granite countertops, master suite, and so much more! The Covered decks, formal dining room, and 3120 sq. feet of living space make this the perfect house for entertaining. Add a 905 sq. ft garage and it as close to perfection as it gets! Asking $630,000. Call for your private showing today!

When you decide to upgrade your home or office, we are ready to help. We have spent years honing our craft. We are knowledgeable about the latest innovations in building products, healthy indoor environments and interior designs so we can bring function, durability and style to your world. Our staff are experienced professionals who choose to live and build in Alaska and our company is ready to meet your remodel and repair needs.

Alan Wilson, Owner

780-3627 call for more information w w w


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a l a S K a r e N o V a t o r S




c o M

9111 Miner Ct.

This 1767 Sq. ft. Ranch Style home has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It has a newer kitchen, roof, boiler, and remodeled bathrooms. The backyard is huge and is the perfect place to play! Come take a look today! Asking $340,000

Mimi Rothchild RE/MAX of Juneau Associate Broker, Realtor

Office: (907) 789-4794 • Cell: (907) 209-7459 • 8800 Glacier Hwy., Ste. 219 Juneau, AK 99801 Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

H ome Gardening The Number-One Outdoor Recreational Activity in the U.S. By Peter Metcalfe

When I was making a list of likely vendors for a Juneau sports and recreation show, I came up with about 60 different categories ranging from camping supplies to fitness clubs to fishing charters. Gardening was not on the list. About that time, David Lendrum showed up with his crew to plant a tree in the pit we had prepared for it in our postage stamp of a front yard. This was last summer, shortly after I heard that the Glacier Valley Rotary Club had chosen to discontinue the Juneau Boat Show, which prompted my wife Sandy and I to go forward with a plan to produce a sports and recreation show at Centennial Hall.

We had long delayed acting on our plan because the Rotary Club’s boat show had a lock on the ideal weekend for a Juneau sports and recreation event: near the end of March when most of us are transitioning to new recreational activities, and a weekend coinciding with the conclusion of the annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament. I got to know David and his wife Margaret shortly after they launched Landscape Alaska some years ago. To introduce their new business, they participated in the Public Market, an annual event I started in 1983. Last summer, as I stood by and watched David and his crew plant our new apple

tree, I asked him what he thought of our idea to produce a sports and recreation show. “Well,” he replied, “gardening is the number one outdoor recreational activity in the United States.” For me it was a light bulb moment. I realized then that we needed to have a gardening component to the show. When I shared David’s observation with Sandy, she took an immediate interest. Having the green thumb in the family, Sandy will spend the whole day outdoors gardening while I’m out on the boat trolling for king salmon — I just wish I could be as good a fisherman as she is a gardener. As of this writing, the vendors who have signed up to participate in the first annual Southeast Alaska Sports and Recreation Show include retail vendors offering a wide selection of items such as hunt-

W W W.

ing and fishing equipment, all terrain vehicles, hiking and jogging gear, bicycles, and boats, as well as a number of government agencies, community visitor bureaus, and volunteer organizations. Seminars will be hosted featuring wilderness safety, hunting and fishing skills, bicycle maintenance, wildlife photography, and the art of weather prediction. And, if all goes as planned, local gardening supply retailers will team up with gardening experts to present products and conduct seminars throughout the three-day event. The Sports and Recreation Show will be held at Juneau’s Centennial Hall on March 23, 24, and 25. Admission, good for all three days, will be $5 per person. Photographs by Peter Metcalfe




Have Baby,

WILL TRAVEL LEAVING SOUTHEAST By Hannah Lindoff and particularly for parents traveling alone with their children. I know this first hand, as I travel frequently for business and bring my daughter with me whenever possible. In 2011 I flew about 40,000 miles with my daughter on my lap; had I paid d. for her tickets she ol ig ar daughter M indoff and would have made MVP on L ah n an Pictured: H Alaska Airlines. Because I was traveling for work I did nearly all of these trips on As the winter rolls on and Spring Break my own. There were highs and lows inapproaches many families will take advanvolved with each voyage but for the most tage of the time off to travel out of town. part travel with a baby or small child is Airline travel is part of life here in Southmanageable, even on your own, if you are east Alaska but boarding a flight can be prepared to dedicate the day to your child. daunting for families with small children



SPRING is around the corner and everyone has a to do list in the back of their mind. Let us take some of those items off your list. Don’t let it get out of control!


ent Window & door replreacplem Gutter cleaning & ng acement Painting & stainisheds Decks, fences & all sorts And odd jobs of

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When my daughter was an infant, I tried to think of airplane time as extended snuggle time and for the most part it was, usually she ate and then fell asleep in my arms. I was often too hot, sometimes my arms fell asleep but it was still a sweet time. Off the plane I placed the baby in a front carrier for moving through the airport and always checked her car seat. Airlines check car seats for free, they do not count as part of your baggage limit, and this method saves you from carrying a heavy car seat through the airport. I also used a backpack as a diaper bag/carry-on rather than a traditional diaper bag. The backpack not only holds more but is much easier to tote around than an over the shoulder diaper bag. Now that the baby is too large for the front carrier I travel with a collapsible stroller. I always gate check the stroller so it doesn’t count against my checked baggage or carry-on items and I don’t have to worry about finding a spot for it in the overhead bins. A bonus here is that the crew will usually unfold the stroller and have it set up for you once you get off the plane. If possible and practical, when traveling alone with a small child or children choose a smaller airport for your arrival. For example, arriving in tiny Santa Rosa is much easier than San Francisco or Sacramento because you can hit the rental car counter while watching for your bags, there is no large terminal to cross and you don’t have to search for an elevator or manage a heavy load on the escalators. As my daughter got older I developed an “arrive early board late” policy. Arriving early allows you to fully harness the excitement of the airport, the new people in the boarding area and the children’s play area. The recent addition of the play table in the Juneau airport has made my life much easier. Anchorage has a private family room with a slide and plenty of room to sprawl out where a kid can burn off energy behind closed doors. The Ketchikan airport has great toys but they are just set in one corner without any separation from the rest of the boarding area which means you have to maintain volume control. The Seattle airport play room is one of the best I’ve been in; it’s large, colorful and always full of other kids to play with. Children’s play areas are marked on airport terminal maps so if you have a layover in an unfa-

miliar airport, they usually aren’t hard to find. The only play area I ever found to be unworthy of a trek across the terminal is the Portland play area. It’s one table of toys and a TV showing cartoons, set in the center of the walkway between two boarding gates. An onboard movie or TV show is fine for older kids once they are on the plane but the time prior to boarding is not best spent sitting and watching TV and because the kid’s play area is in the middle of the walkway, there are 360 degrees of escape routes. I try to make sure we have at least half an hour in the playroom to burn off energy before we board but in airports without dedicated playrooms you can still get your child’s heart rate up with some hide and seek, chasing, etc. Yes, other waiting passengers might give you some dirty looks but in the end a little disturbance before you board is going to be much better for everyone than a fidgety, irritated toddler on the plane. The airline can’t guarantee a free seat next to you when you take a lap infant, but most airlines, especially Alaska, will do their best to block off a seat if you’re flying with a lap infant. Therefore it’s best to add his or her information to your ticket well before the day of departure. You can do this online or by calling the airline. However, because the blocked seat is not guaranteed and because the idea of spending any extra time sharing a tiny seat with an active toddler is unappealing, I always board last. After 40 minutes to an hour of fun and excitement in the airport, I like to feed the baby once we get onboard. I also carry an empty water bottle for her and fill it up prior to boarding so she doesn’t have to wait for the beverage service. I like small, time consuming snacks like goldfish crackers, raisins or apple slices for the airplane. They feed the kid and take up a chunk of time. At this point there is a good chance that the hum of the airplane engines will lull you child to sleep. However, it’s best not to believe this is going to happen and start thinking of reading your book or getting a nap of yourself. Once your agenda strays from “keep the baby happy” to any other goal, you set yourself up for disappointment. continued on PAGE 14

Make Plans to Attend the Juneau Home Show Visit the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation booth at the Juneau Home Show on March 9-11 at Centennial Hall. Complete a survey for a chance to win an iPad 2*, and join us for our seminars:

The Smart Way of Saving Money”: Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at 2 p.m. • “More Than a Mortgage”: Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Sunday at 11:30 a.m. *Must be 18 years or older to participate. One entry per person. Drawing 3/11/12 at 4 p.m.

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Have Baby, Will Travel (continued...) continued from PAGE 12

If you are traveling internationally with a lap infant you can often request a bulkhead seat. Many airlines including Delta have bassinets they can screw into the wall for the baby. However, the airlines won’t release the bulkhead seats until the day of flight so it can be a bit stressful not knowing if your seat assignment is going to work out. Make sure you request the bassinet as soon as you book and get to the international gate early. Alaska Airlines can’t assign you the bassinet on their partner airline when you check in so you have to go to the gate and arrange it at the ticket counter before your flight. This can be a hassle but it’s worth it; 33 D with a lap infant for 10 hours is not an option. When I flew to Europe with my eight month old I never actually used the bassinet, but it was great to have the freedom of the bulkhead on the flight and to be

seated in an area designated for small children. A tip to those flying internationally without a small child- choose a seat a few rows back from the bulkhead or bring your noise cancelling headphones! While Delta Airlines reserves the bulkhead for children, on Alaska Airlines you cannot sit in the bulkhead row with a lap infant. As well, the exit row is off limits and parents with twins cannot sit together because four people to a row is the maximum the airlines allow. These policies are enforced so it’s better to choose a seat you are allowed rather than be forced to move to an unattractive location once you’re on the plane. For international travel you will have to have a passport for your child, even if they are just an infant. Technically the airline requires identification for all lap infants

but I have never been asked to present the baby’s ID other than on an international flight. I always carry her passport just in case but in general airline personnel try to make a traveling parent’s life easier. TSA has recently improved their policies for children and families as well. Kids under 12 do not have to remove their shoes and many airports have special security lines for families or at the very least will guide parents and kids to the metal detector rather than the body scanners. Traveling with small children will never be completely stress free, especially if you are on your own, but it’s best to remember that most people on the plane are rooting for you, not against you and many have been in your shoes. I was once on a Horizon Air commuter flight where the passengers spontaneously clapped for me after I changed the baby’s diaper in the

teeny-tiny onboard restroom. To all the parents leaving Southeast with their children this Spring Break - good luck, you can do this! And to all the folks who find themselves seated near a small child on the plane, a few kind words can help a stressed out parent a lot and please, save your extra napkins, just in case!

Hannah Lindoff grew up in Juneau and returned to the community after graduating college. She now lives with her husband Anthony, daughter Marigold and dog Haagu on Mountainside. Hannah can be reached at



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Julie Moe, Realtor®

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mally recognized at the organization’s REALTORS® Conference & Expo in November.

Julie Moe of ReMax of Juneau was awarded the esteemed Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation and joins a worldwide network of elite global real estate practitioners with expertise in working with international clients as well as serving the growing multicultural population in the United States. The CIPS Designation is awarded by the National Association of REALTORS®, the world’s largest trade association representing over 1,000,000 REALTORS® in the United States. Moe will be for-

Members of the CIPS Network are crucial players in today’s global real estate market. The CIPS designation recognizes members who have achieved the necessary training and experience to work successfully with international clients and properties. To earn the CIPS designation, REALTORS® complete rigorous coursework devoted to learning cultural differences and international business practices. Designees must also prove achievement in international real estate transactions. Julie Moe joins a distinguished society of over 2000 real estate professionals throughout the world who have earned the CIPS designation. Julie Moe recently returned from Guanacaste province in Costa Rica, one of

the most favorable retirement destinations on the planet and can assist you with information on how you can make Costa Rica your retirement or second

home destination. For more information, contact Julie Moe at or visit her web site at

7th annual Basic Skills and Free Skate Competition Photo By Anna Hoke Editorial By Ebett Siddon The Juneau Skating Club held its 7th annual Basic Skills and Free Skate Competition on Sunday, February 19th. A total of 28 skaters participated in 11 events. The Basic Skills events were element-based, with skaters performing individual moves for the judges. The Free Skate events included a series of mandatory technical elements choreographed to music, with each skater also earning an artistic score that contributed to the overall score. Skaters in Free Skate levels also participated in an interpretive event in which skaters listened to a new piece of music and choreographed their own routine. The skaters heard the music twice while on the ice and then performed their routines. Skaters were judged on their artistic interpretation of the music and their ability to link moves to the music. SEE THIS PHOTO AND MORE ON OUR WEBSITE W W W . S E A K L I V I N G . C O M

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