SH 171 Summer-2020

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The National Maritime Historical Society Needs Your Support! Like so many maritime and other organizations throughout the world, the COVID-19 health crisis has had profound effects on the National Maritime Historical Society. As a long-established maritime organization with an institutional history that goes back nearly six decades, we’ve had our fair share of challenges. Once again, we’re adjusting our sails, making strategic changes to operations, and working together to weather these uncertain and stormy seas. Can we count on your support? If you love Sea History magazine and the work we do to promote our shared maritime heritage for sailors and scholars of all ages, please consider making a donation to the National Maritime Historical Society today. Especially during this challenging time throughout our world, we are grateful for your support, which preserves a legacy of knowledge and provides critical funding for Sea History magazine, online resources at, our ongoing educational initiatives including Sea History for Kids online and our documentary on Ernestina-Morrissey, the Society’s efforts to highlight the plight of historic ships in distress, and the conservation of the Society’s maritime library and collections—a treasure of scholarship, information, literature and lore. Use the attached envelope to mail in your contribution or Donate today at

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