Sea History 153 - Winter 2015-2016

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Maritime History sponsored by the National Maritime Historical Society Congratulations to the 2015 National History Day Maritime History Prize Winners Connecticut


(North Carolina continued)

Senior 1st Place-Website: "The Amistad Revolt." Student: Josephine Bensa; C lassical Magnet School, Hanford Teacher: Jeffrey Huberman

junior 1st Place-Exhibit: "Grace Hopper" Students: Hannah Kaczynski and Alanna Myshrall; Bruce M. W hittier Middle School, Poland Teacher: Mary Ellen Johnson

Senior 2nd Place- Perfo rmance: "By Endurance We Conquer: The Leadership and Legacy of Sir Ernest Shackleton" St udent: Mead Krowka; Immaculate Catholic School HHS, H endersonville Teacher: Yvo nne Krowka

junior 1st Place-Exhibit: ''Amistad Incident & Trials" Students: Lindsey McDonald, Sommer Miller, Paige Moffat; Memorial Middle School, Middlebury Teacher: Sharon Wlodarczyk

junior 2nd Place-Exhibit: "Leadership and Legacy Behind the G uns: Rosie the Riveters on the American Homefront" Student: Ashton Maze; Greely Middle School, C umberland Teacher: Kathi Kea rney


New Jersey

junior 1st Place-Exhibit: "The Boston Tea Parry" Students: Tyree Artis and Daniel Fogbawah; Talley Middle School, W ilmington Teacher: Howard Bechler

junior 1st Place-Documentary: "Prince Henry The Navigator" Student: Rishab Bhatt; Grover Middle School, Wesr Windsor Teacher: D ebra Cohen


junior 1st Place-Ex hibit: "John Paul Jones" Students: John Collins and Tucker Simpson; Lawrence M iddle School, Lawrence Townsh ip Teacher: Priscilla Taylor

Senior 1st Place-Performance: "Leadership and Legacy of a Civil War Submarine: The H. L. Hunley" Student: Anthony Dukes; Dukes Home School, Doraville Teacher: Alice Dukes

junior 1st Place-Exhibit: "Henry VIII: A Legacy Blighted " Student: Aylan Meyers; Swain County M iddle School, Bryson City Teachers: A mber G illi am and Kim berly Jamison junior 2nd Place-Exhibit: "Theodore Roosevelt: Leadership and Legacy Related to the Panama Canal " Student: Matthew Blount; Saint Peters Catholic School, G reenville Teacher: Joe Hughes

Rhode Island Senior 1st Place- Paper: "Nath anael G . Herreshoff: Leader, Naval Architect" Student: Mackenzie Fraser; Pilgrim High School, Warwick Teacher: Alison C urry Wallace

New York Massachusetts Senior 1st Place-Exhibit: "Save the Fort! Edwa rd Rowe Snow's C rusade to Preserve a New England C ivil War Landmark " Students: Patrick O'Brien and Brendan O 'Brien; O'Brien Home School, Ware Teacher: Katie O 'Brien junior 1st Place-Exhibit: "Fearless Father O 'Callahan: Leadership and Legacy Aboard USS Franklin" Student: Stephen O'Brien; O 'Brien Home School, Ware Teacher: Katie O'Brien

Senior 1st Place-Paper: "King Ferdinand and Queen Isabell a: The Golden Age of Spain" Student: Edward Trosset; Cooperstown Junior/Senior High School, Cooperstown Teacher: Michelle Hitchcock

Senior 1st Place-Exhibit: "What The Ice Gets The Ice Keeps-Ernest Shackleton" Students: Zoey Andrade and Elizabeth Morris; St. Mary Academy Bay View, Riverside Teacher: Michelle-Anne Vasconcellos

junior 1st Place-Website: "Panama Canal: Leadership and Legacy" Student: Benjamin McHugh; Granville Central School, Granville Teachers: Mark Vanderzyden, Ann O 'Brien, and Mara McCarthy

junior 2nd Place-Exhibit: "Marj ory Stoneman Douglas: Leader of the Everglades Conservation Effort" Students: Freya Badger and Meagan Heatherton; Sa int Margaret School, East Providence Teacher: Laura Doliber

North Carolina junior 2nd Place-Website: "Ferdinand Magellan: Resilient Leader with a M isunderstood Legacy" Students: Matt Anderson, Kalman Baker, and Casey Wood; Norton Middle School Teacher: Jack H owley


Senior 1st Place-Documentary: "Midget" St udents: Spencer Freeman, Tyler Phinizy, and Jordan Spargur; South Central H igh School, Winterville Teacher: Jennifer Brya n

Washington Senior 1st Place-Website: "George W. Goethals and the Panama Canal" Student: Andrew Cooper; Liberty High School, Issaquah/Renton Teacher: JoA nn Olsson 11