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Books - by CDR James Cheatham USNR-Ret. "NIGHT BEACHING"-an unscrupulous captain tangles with some "Gator" navy reserve officers, $8.95, and "SAILING THE CAROLINA SOUNDS"-historical places and my favorite people, $10.95. iUniverse Publishers, 2021 Pine Lake Rd., Suire 100, Lincoln, NE 68512; Call roll free 1-800-288-4677 or visit Custom Ship Models Half Hulls. Free Catalog. Spencer, Box 1034, Quakertown, PA 18951. 1812 Privateer FAME of Salem, MA Sails Daily May - October. Ph. 978-729-7600; Great maritime history books from Washington State University Press. Shop online at ws upress. or call 800-354-7360 for free catalog. BOOKS: It Didn't Happen on My Wtztch and Scuttlebutt by George E. Murphy. Memoirs of forty-three years with United States Lines aboard cargo and passenger ships. Anecdotes of captains, chief engineers, crew members and rhe company office. Web sire: www.gemu; e-mail: . FREIGHTERCRUISES.COM . Mail ships, conrainerships, trampers . . . Find the ship and voyage that's perfect for you. Ph. 1-800-99-Maris. Model Restoration I Construction, Captain Norman Smith, Great Island Model Shipyard, 106 Lombos Hole Rd., Harpswell, ME 04079; Ph . 207-833-6670; e-mail: Jonesport Nautical Antiques. We offer wo rld class nautical antiques & nautical gifts (old & new) 1-800-996-5655 or on the web at EXPERIENCED MODEL BUILDER. Ray Guinta, PO Box 74, Leonia, NJ 07605; www. modelsh ipsbyraygui Art Prints. NYC Fireboats 16" x 20," $ 18 each . Also avai lable for commissioned work. Cal l Steve White, Phone: 7 18-317-5025; e-mail :

ATOMIC 4 parts, carburetors, Oberdorfer pumps, Featherman Enterprises, , or Phone: 71 7-432-9203.

It's not too late to order your National Maritime Historical Society Holiday Greeting Cards! This William G. Muller painting of the Cunard Line's Mauretania steaming through New York Harbor is new for 2007. For a look at the other cards and to place your order, visit our Ship's Store at the NMHS web site: Don't procrastinatethe holiday season is upon us!

Maritime & Boating Films Maritime Hi story Seafaring Adventure Classic Movies Short Subjects Reviews Visit our website for o Podco sts complete listing of new ond unusuol DVD s ond audio progroms.

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Ship and boat portraits custom carved by hand. Lou Carreras, woodcarver. Phone: 978--466-8631 , e-ma il:; web sire: http://

READY ABOUT-Voyages of Life in theAbaco Cays. Entertaining memoirs will make you laugh and learn about living on a Bahama island. Over fifty photos. E-mail:




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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING with Sea Histo ry: To place yo ur classified ad ar $1.60 per word, mail your complete message along with paymem, to: Sea History, Advertising Desk, PO Box 68, Peekskill NY 10566.

OWNE R'S STATEMENT Sea cem ent fil ed I 0 / 0 I / 07 required by the Act of A ug. 12, 197 0 , Sec. 368 5, Title 39, US C ode: Sea H istory is published quanerl y at 5 John Wa lsh Blvd ., Peekskill N Y 10566; minimum subscriptio n price is $ 17 .50. Publisher and editor- in -chief: N on e; Ed itor is D eirdre E . O ' Rega n; owner is ati o nal M a ritim e Hiscorical So ciery, a non-profit corporation; all are located at 5 John Wa lsh Blvd ., Peekski ll NY t 0566. During th e 12 months precedin g O ctober 200 7 th e average number of (A) copies printed each iss ue was 2 5,478; (B) pa id and /o r requ es ted circu lat io n was: (I ) outside county m ail subscriptions 12,686; (2) in -counry subscrip tions O; (3) sales through dea lers, carriers, counter sales, other no n-USP S paid distr ibution 4 59 ; (4) o ther classes m ailed throu g h USPS 444 ; (C) total paid and/o r requ es ted circulation was 13,589; (D ) free d istribution by mail , sa mpl es, complimentary and other 9,36 3; (E) free di str ibu tion outsid e the m ails 845 ; (F) total free distribution was 10,208; (G ) total distributi o n 23,797; (H ) copies not distributed 1,68 1; (I) total [o f I 5G and H J 25 ,4 7 8; (])Percentage pa id and/or req ues ted circu lation 5 7 %. 111' actual numbers for the single iss ue preced ing O ctober 2007 are: (A) to tal number printed 2 5,463; (B) paid and / or requ es ted circul ati o n was: ( l ) outside-co unry mail subscriptions t 6,6 78; (2) in-counry subscriptions O; (3) sa les throu gh dealers, carriers, counter sales, other no n-US PS paid distribution 4 6 0 ; (4) other classes m ail ed throu gh US PS l ,290; (C) to tal paid a nd/ or requ es ted circulation was 18,428; (D ) free di stribu ti on by mail , samp les, co mplim en tary and o th er 3,790; (E) free disrribucion outside rh e ma ils l ,08 0; (F) total free distribu tio n was 4,870 ; (G ) total distribution 23 ,298; (H ) co pies nor distributed 2, 165; (I) total [of I 5G and H J 25,463 ; (]) Pe rcentage pa id and /or requ es ted circulation 79%. 1 certify that the above statem ents are correct and comp lete. (sign ed ) Burchenal G ree n, Exec uti ve Direcro r, N ational M a ritime Histori cal Soci ery.

SEA HISTORY 121, WINTER 2007 -08

Sea History 121 - Winter 2007-2008  

Sea History 121 - Winter 2007-2008  

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