Sea History 099 - Winter 2001-2002

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THE CONSTITUTION AND THE GUERRIERE Color prints (3 0 " X 23 ") of the second o f fo ur pa intin gs by Mi che l Feli ce Corn e of this battle in the Wa r of 18 12 are now available for purc hase at a cost of $95

Nantucket Farewell The Wh aleship " Essex " Roundin g Great Point , Nantucket Beauti ful ly reproduced full color signed & numbered print avai lable

For additional information vi sit our website at www. lftanti I lo .co m or write for free brochure L.F. Tantillo , Fin e Art 243 Iri sh Hill Road, Nassa u, NY 12 123 Te lephone: 5 18-766-4542

Old & Rare Maritime Books

THE NEW HAVEN COLONY HISTORICAL SOCIETY l 14 Whitney Ave nue, New Haven, CT 06510 , 203 -562-4183 For info rm ati o n, co ntact James W. Campbe ll , Lib rari an Ch ec ks, Mas terCard o r Vi sa may be used for paym ent


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• Ex plo ration and voyages by sea • Shipbuilding, seamanship and naviga tion • Naval history •Whaling • Yachting and C ruising • Commercial fisheries • Lighthou ses, pirates and shipwrecks • Logboo ks, d ocuments and man uscrip ts • Sea charts • Books relating to marine arr, anriques and ship mod els

W e are eager to purchase single volumes or entire collections in these subject areas.

Ten Pound Island Book Co. 76 Langsford Street, Gloucester, MA 01930 (978) 283-5299 e-mail: web: Catalog available on request.

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A spirit of hard work, enterprise & cooperation sailed the tall ships of yesterday & the Liberty Ships of World War II... and that's what makes things move today!

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