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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS raphy, a Renaissance American testifies as to the tumultuous events of his working life, from the Battle ofBritain through the Kennedy assassination, Cold War tensions , the Reagan years, down to the present, when he finds America and the cause of freedom ill-served by a public press increasingly fixated on a lowestcommon-denominator approach to news reporting. It is a mark of Cronkite's extraordinary range of interests that he says little of the maritime world in which he has been both a yachtsman and a leader in historic preservation and education. His dedication to high journalistic standards shines through every page of this frank account of contact with presidents and doughboys, Londoners dodging German bombs. and media executives sometimes upholding the traditions of the free press- and sometimes not. He is rigorous in the standards he applies. Toward the end of the book he observe·s that among the problems of the press today, a bi g one is that "televi sion news is an inadequate substitute for a good newspaper." Words worth h eeding, from the person who, through te levision, became the most trus ted person in America. PS Rendezvous with Destiny: A Sailor's War, by Theodore C. Mason (Naval InstitutePress, AnnapolisMD, l 997,296pp, illus, ISBN 1-55750-580-2; $29.95 hc) This third and final volume in Mason's memoirs of World W a r II returns to some of the scenes visited in Battleship Sailor and "We Will Stand by You" with new stories a nd other points of view. This book a nd the prev io us two are the real thing. Mason pull s no punches and tells it like it was, warts a nd all, for the e nlisted men. JA Maritime Heritage (Binnacle Publishing, 168 Ardgowan Road , London SE6 lXB , UK; 18 1 333 0771, FAX: 181 3331162; £25 for 4 issues) The premier iss ue of this British journal truly covers the world of the maritime heritage, with articles on sa il and steam , lightships and naval vessels, m a ri -· time art a nd maritime toasts, artifacts, vessel preservation, mu seum news and an assorted grab bag of other topics. Publisher K a re n Bellamy a nd Commi ss ioning Editor Denis Stonham both worked at the National Maritime Muse um in London and their wide ex perie nce shows in the content and qu a! ity of the publication. JA

Ship Paintings Restored. Mu se um quality restoration of old paintings. Damaged old ship paintings purchased. Peter Williams, 30 Ipswich St., Boston MA 02215. By appointment: 617-536-4092 Read Steamboating, the annual how-to journal for steamboat owners, builders and dreamers. $25/year. Satisfaction guaranteed. Bill Mueller, Route 1, Box 262-H, Middlebourne WV 26149. Liberty Ship Furniture, oak-rare and historic. One of eac h: chief mate's berth$ 1,750; purser's chiffonier-$750; purser' s desk-$750; or best offer. Photos ava ilable. Ted Ballew , PO Box 54194, Redondo WA 98054. Tel: 206-839-89 l 6. Ocean liner memorabilia for sale, I 00+ pa ge catalog ava ilabl e $ 5 . We bs it e: http: //co ll ect in g.co m/s hi ps hap e/ Email: ship s hape@co ll ec tin g.co m Mail: 1041 Tuscany Pl ., Winter Park FL USA 32789- 101 7. Tel: 407-644-2892, fax: 407644-1833. Lighthouse Checks! For details and order form send SASE to Bev's Studio Inc., PO Box 1547, Mukilteo, WA 98275

are swirled by muscular forces. His stuff has been legitimi zed by the professional racing sailors who tell him " You paint it the way it really is out there." Call Berni e Klay for Bond 's catalog. Telephone: (800) 24 7-3262/ (718) 343-9575 Captured by Pirates! 22 firsth and accounts written by pirate captives, collected into an exc iting new nonfiction book. $ 19.95 plus $3.50 shipping. Visa/MasterCard. Fem Canyon Press, P.O. Box 1708, Cambria, CA 934281708 . 805-927-4151. www .theg rid .ne t/ fem .canyon Maritime Books- Used and rare. All maritime subj ects. Free catalogs upon request. Ameri can Booksellers, I 02 West I Ith St., Aberdeen, WA 98520. 360-532-2099. Ocean Liner oil by Joseph Wilhelm : Leonardo da Vinci 24" x 16" $4, I 00. Paul Douglass, P.O. Box 446, East Sandwich, MA. 02537 ; (508) 888-2282. New on C.D. Oscar Brand sings salac ious sea songs and bawdy brin y ballads. Great for drunken sail ors, but don ' t expose the chil dren. Also, trad itional sea songs of South Street by the X Seamen. Both C.D.s $34, postpaid. Also ava ilab le on casette. Telephone: (800)247-3262 I (7 18)343-9575

Olde Nautical Shoppe, Na uti ca l Antiques, Artifacts, Ship Models, Clocks and Barometers , Scien tifi c In strum en ts, Spyglasses and Telesco_pes, Nautical Furniture and Deco r, Lighthouses, Harbour Lights and Lefton, Vintage Fishing Tackle, Buy and Sell'! 8 13441-3036, 25 Causeway Blvd., Clea rwater Beach, Florida, "A t the City Marina ."

To place your classified ad at $1.60/word, phone Carmen at 914-737-7878. Or send your message and payment to Sea History at PO Box 68, Peekskill NY 10566.

Shipping Line China for sale: send $2.00 for complete li st from over 100 com pan ies to: ShipShape, I 041 Tuscany Place, Winter Park, FL, USA , 32789- 1017.

Nautical Decor and Antiques

Want: Map poster of Central Ameri ca by Jo Mora for Grace Line - 1933. Telephone: 714-730- 1000. An ideal business fo r a person who loves ships and likes to meet people of different nationalities is for sale. Inv olves visiting ships in Baltimore harbor providing nav igation computers and related products to foreign ship officers and crew. Can be operated by a co upl e or by a man or woman alone using modern communication meth ods. For furth er detail s pl ease write to K. A. O!kio Co., 3520 O'Donnell Street, Baltimore, MD 21224, Fax: 410-276-1 3 12.

SEAFARER, LTD. Route 9, Oceanville, NJ 08231 Visit our 3,000 sq . ft . store or send $3 for brochure 609-652-9491


Tours: Birthplace of Cap tain Jam es Lawrence (Don't give up the ship! ) Mon.Thurs. 1-4 and Sun. 2-4. $5 p.p. Burlington Co unty Hi storical Soc iety , 457 High St., Burlington, NJ 0801 6, 609-386-4773.

Historical fiction from the age of fi ghting sail to WWI , WW!I and modern times. Hardcover and paperback books, new and used. $3 for catalog, refundabl e with first order. Tall Ships Books, PO Box 8027B Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52408-8027

Copper Weathervanes accurately modeled to your reques t from bugeyes to yachts. SASE, Weatherv anes, PO Box 494, Del Mar, CA 920 14, 619-481-8333.


Ocean Racing Art by Willard Bond captures life and death stru ggles of sailors against the elements. Hi s frenzied canvasses fill ed with yellow and orange sail s barely held in check as mountains of grey and green briney


Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Comfortable accommodations for just 12 passengers. Reasonable prices.

Cruise & Freighter Travel Association Box 580-218H6, Flushing, NY 11358 • 800-872·8584


Sea History 081 - Spring 1997  

7 THE AMERICAN FLAG AT SEA: Economics Alone Is Not the Answer by David A. O'Neil • 10 South Street Receives a Schooner, 30 Years Ago by Pete...

Sea History 081 - Spring 1997  

7 THE AMERICAN FLAG AT SEA: Economics Alone Is Not the Answer by David A. O'Neil • 10 South Street Receives a Schooner, 30 Years Ago by Pete...

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