Sea History 075 - Autumn 1995

Page 27

"Liverpool Harbor, after 1845 ," attributed to C. Hustwick (fl. 1840s), shows a variety of local and oceangoing craft portrayed against a background of Liverpool's extensive wate1front in this imposing canvas. Just to the right of center is the dome of the customhouse and warehouses of the Albert Dock, which help to date the painting to after 1845 . Un like most Liverpool paintings, this canvas does not bear the images ofidentifiable ships. lnfact, recent conservation has uncovered several layers of overpaint on the Marryat signals, housef!ags and


ensigns of the two largest vessels revealing an attempt to change their identities sometime between the time the work was painted and when it was acquired by the Peabody Essex Museum in 1926. The reverse of the canvas bears the curious name C. Hurstwick. Although no residential artist of this name has been located to date, a C. T. Hustwick was listed as a painter in the 1857 city directory, and both an F. and C. Hustwick, painters of ships, portraits and scenes, lived in the city of Hull . Oil on canvas, 45" x 84 ", Peabody Essex Museum Collection .