Sea History 073 - Spring 1995

Page 52

''I've sailed everything there is to sail, but I've never sailed anything ~ quite like this before.'' -HALSEY HERRESHOFF,

four time America's Cup defender, aboard "HMS" Rose


T he onl y C lass A size sailing vesse l under the US fl ag upon whi ch the public may emba rk- all who sail aboard her partic ipate to the best of the ir ability. Come a lone or with fa mil y or friends-s ig n on fo r a few days or a few weeks. No pri or ex perience is necessary, nor is ex trao rdinary fitn ess req uired . R easonabl e rates. To rece ive a schedule, ra tes and additi ona l in fo rmati on, write or call :

"HMS" R OSE Foundation, 1 Bostw ick Ave., Bridgeport CT 06605 "B" (203) 335-1433

"B" (203) 335-0932

Fax: (203) 335-6793

ROSE is a US documenled vessel, inspected and certified by the US Coast Guard. Saf ety standards f or Sa ilint: School Vessels differ fr om those of passenger vessels on a comparable route , because persons aboard training ships a r e not passengers bw participants who share in the ship's operation. ROSE meets or exceeds all safety requirements/ or a vessel of her size and class.