Sea History 073 - Spring 1995

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Since 1910 Petroleum, Petrochemical and Vegetable Oil Barging5,000 to 150,000 BBLS

Dry Cargo Barging 4,000 to 8,000 DWT

Shipside Services -

Other Services and Equipment Deck barges - Steam and electric generator barge Tank cleaning - Full barge repair fac ility

Inland and Ocean Towing -

1,200 to 7 ,200 HP Bun kering - Potable water Vacuum barge - O il y water, Rapid Spill Response bilge and ball ast remova l in N.Y. Harbor Area

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MARITIME HISTORY . Vol. 1: The Age of Discovery edited by John B. Hattendorf

A spirit of hard work, enterprise & cooperation sailed the tall ships of yesterday & the Liberty Ships of World War II ... and that's what makes things move today!

Ori~ Ed. 1995 (Open Forum Series) Paper $29.50 ISBN 0-89464-834-9 This text is designed as an introduction for advanced high school and undergraduate courses in maritime history and the age of exploration. This series of essays, developed from an NEH Summer Institute in Early Modern Maritime History at the John Carter Brown Library, is designed to summarize the latest interpretations in this field, introducing students to the wider literatu re. There is no other up-to-date, basic text cu rrently avaJ able in this field .



MARITIME HISTORY - Vol. 2: The Eighteenth Cenhtry edited by John B. Hattendorf Ori~ E d. 1996 (Open Forum Series) Paper Price Not Set ISBN 0-89464-944-2 YFoom!lSiiCorders add $3.00 rofiirst book, $1.00 each add'rtionaffo cover shipping. ·• )( ,.., . Foreign shipping costs available upon request .·

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