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The Oxford Book of Sea Stories, selected by Tony Tanner (Oxford University Press, New York NY, 1994, 406pp; $25hc) The list of authors with selections included in this new compendium of sea tales reads like a Who's Who of 19th and 20th century Anglo-American literature: Conrad, Melville, Poe, Crane, London, Kipling, Masefield, Forster, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Faulkner, etc. Here, the sea is not the setting for genre-writing of the thriller, romance and western mold. It is rather the ultimate soul-searching arena of many of the greatest writers ever to have lifted pen and set sail. BB Boats: A Manual for Their Documentation, edited by Paul Lipke, Peter Spectre and Benjamin A.G. Fuller (American Association for State & Local History , Nashville TN, Museum Small Craft Association, Mystic CT, 1993,415pp, illus , appen, biblio, index; $37.95pb) This useful guide to measuring, recording and preserving boats, a collaborative project of the Museum Small Craft Association and the American Association for State & Local Hi story, manages to assemble a comprehensive documentation manual out of such disparate components as field sketching, boat stabilization, cultural context and archaeological reconstruction. Contributing chapters are provided by Willits Ansel, Maynard Bray, Kevin J. Crisman, D.W. Dillion, Benjamin A.G. Fuller, Paula J. Johnson, Paul Lipke , William N. Peterson, Peter Schmid, David A. Taylor, Peter T. Vermilya and Garth S. Wilson. BB Whaling Will Never Do For Me: The American Whaleman in the 19th Century, by Briton Cooper Busch (University Press of Kentucky, Lexington KY, 1994, 265pp, notes, biblio, index; $29hc) This history of the whaling life is anthropological in scope, observing all areas of social life to answer the author's thesis question: "given the sweated nature of the industry, and the low rewards paid to most men, what kept the men in service once their illu sion s, if indeed such had brought them aboard, were shattered?" Mr. Busch 's answer explores the nature of discipline at sea, the hierarchical structure of a whaling crew, the various legal and illegal means of redress at a sailor's disposal, and the religious beliefs, sexual behavior, and ceremonial practices of the men who lived on whaling ships. BB SEA HISTORY 70, SUMMER 1994

The Jeffersonian G unboat Navy, by Spencer C. Tucker (University of South Carolina Press, Col umbia SC, 1993, 265pp, ill us, appen, notes, biblio, index; $39.95hc) Mr. Tucker examines the naval gunboat program pursued duri ng Thomas Jefferson's pres idency-a program that left the young nation virtually powerless on the sea in the War of 1812. Tucker describes the forces that prompted the decision to pursue such a poorly conceived policy, and carefully details its failings as a coastal defense system in theWarofl812. BB Boarders Away II: Fir earms of the Age of Fighting Sail , by W ill iam Gilkerson (Andrew Mowbray, Inc., Old Louisquisset Pike, Li ncoln RI 02865, 1993 , 331 pp, illus, appen , notes, biblio, index; $65hc + $4s&h) The author follows up his Boarders Away-with Steel with thi s examination of weapons used on American and European vessels, 1626-1826, including chapters on fireworks, small artillery, multi-shot guns, ship's muskets, rifles and boardi ng pistols, copiously ill ustrated by color plates and the author's own splendidly illuminating drawings. JA The Landings in North Africa; November 1942 (GPO 008-046-00159-6; $6.50), The Sicilian Campa ign; 10 July-17 August 1943 (GPO 008-04600160-0; $9.50, T he Aleutia ns Cam paign, June 1942-August 1943 (GPO #008-046-00155 -3; $8 .00), T he Landing in the Solomons, 7-8August1942 (GPO #008-046-00 161-8; $4.75), T he Battles of Savo Island, 9 August a nd The Eastern Solomons, 23-25 August 1942 (GPO #008-046-00162-6; $4.25), The Battles of Cape Esper ance, 11 October 1942 and Santa C ruz Islands, 26 October 1942 (GPO #008-04600163-4; $4.00), and The Battle of Guadalcanal, 11-15 November 1942 (GPO #008-046-00164-2; $4.50). These seven volumes are part of a series of21 published and 13 unpublished combat narratives of specific naval campaigns produced by the Publications Branch of the Office of Naval Intell igence during WWII. They have been republished by the Naval Historical Center as part of the Navy's commemoration of the 50th anniversary of WWII. The narratives were prod uced by a small team composed primarily of professionally trained writers and and historians, who based their accounts on research




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Sea History 070 - Summer 1994  

11 The Cape Horn Road by Peter Stanford • 16 Returning to Normandy by Walter Cronkite and Walter Jaffee • 17 Britain Looks Back by Kevin Hay...

Sea History 070 - Summer 1994  

11 The Cape Horn Road by Peter Stanford • 16 Returning to Normandy by Walter Cronkite and Walter Jaffee • 17 Britain Looks Back by Kevin Hay...

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