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~-fl/ ·Air· Space MUSEUM

After decades of worldwide service, this historical vessel now rests peacefu lly in New York harbor. Today, In trepid no longer makes history. In stead, she is the storytelle r for America's history_ and technology on the sea, in the air and o ut m space. •Five major exhibit theme halls• Continuous movies&: videos • Hundttds of anifacts,


and diora=as

• More than 70 historic ain:raft, rockw, capsules and satellites

Classic Windjammer Vacation Outstanding Sailing Free Brochure:

Capt. Steve & Chris Cobb Box 798A Camden, Maine 04843 207-236-2750


Open Wed. thru Sun. year 'round, 10:00 AM to 5 PM Adults $4.75. Children $2.50. Seniors $4.00 Box office closes at 4 PM


ChDdnn undtr7,un.W'onned military and Mweum membenFl"ff


INMAREX LTD. are pleased to announce effective July 17, 1989 we have relocated to Stamford Harbor Park 333 Ludlow Street (at Canal Street) P.O. Box 120020 Stamford, Connecticut 06912-0020


Scandinavian Marine Telephone: (203) 975-7100 Telex: 669538

Inmarex Telephone: (203) 975-7150 Telex: 6 720934

FREIGHTER TRAVEL *UNUSUAL *UNCROWDED * "UN-FORMAL" Twice monthly newsletter lists cabins/rates/routes available for passengers on freighter from U.S. and worldwide ports. One year subscription $27.

Freighter World Cruises, Inc. 180 So. Lake #335SH Pasadena, CA 91101 (818) 449-3106



London, Moonlight over Lower Pool 1897

FREE SWEEPSTAKES A $1500 John Stobart print will be given away to publicize the fifth annual Sea Heritage Marine Art Contest. Stobart prints hang in museums, corporate offices and fine homes.

86 prints have been Issued since 1974. Many sell for more than 20 times their original price in the current art market.

Everyone has a chance to win: Send business card. Write on the back,

"/ wlll talk up the Art contest". Bernie Klay will put your card in the raffle.

Artists enter the Sea Art Contest: Send a self addressed stamped envelope for an entry blank and rules. SEA HERITAGE Box 241HI, Glen Oaks, NY11004 (800)247-3262/(718)343-9575

Statement filed 4-18-89 requ ired by the Act of Aug. 12, 1970, Sec. 3685, Title 39, U.S.Code: Sea History is published quarterly at 132 Maple St., Croton NY I 0520; minimum subscription price is $ 15 . Publisher and editor is Peter Stanford; managing editor is Norma Stanford; owner is National Maritime Hi storical Society, a non-profit corporation; all are located at 132 Maple St. , Croton, NY I0520. During the 12 months preceding October 1988, the average numbers of: A) copies printed each issue was 19,362; B) paid circulation was I) sold through dealers , carriers and counter sa les 2,789; 2) mail subscriptions I0,727; C) total paid circulation was 13,5 16; D) free distribution , samples, comp lime nta ry copies were 5,446; E) total distritution was 18,962; F) copies not distributed were I) office use 400; 2) return from news agents, O; G) total= 19,362. The actual numbers for the single iss ue preced ing October 1988 are: A) total number prin ted 16,500; B) paid circu lat ion was I) sales through dealers, carrie rs and coun ter sa les 4,983; 2) mail subscriptions 9,827; C) total paid circulation 14,810; D) free distribution , samples, complimentary copies were 990; E) total di stribution was 15,800; F) copies not distributed were I} office use 700; 2) return from news agents 0; G) total= 16,500. I certify tha t the above statements made by me are correct a nd complete. (S igned) Norma Stanford, V. P., National Maritime Hi storical Society


Sea History 051 - Autumn 1989  

Sea History 051 - Autumn 1989  

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