Sea History 036 - Summer 1985

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CJ\farlirispik~ ... uniqu e handcrafted fram es for your favorite prints or paintings.

THE SEA HAWKS Here are today's fighting Se2 birds of the Navy and their daily encounters with our adversary, the Soviet Fleet. Military con·

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The whaling era brought the skill of Marlin spik e Sea m en s hip (k n ot t ying) to a fl ouri shing fo lk art. After 7 yea rs of st ud y Barbara Merry is offering this fa scinating a nd intrica te folk art to the public. Various sizes are avai lable and each is one of a kind . Send today for free brochure.

TtIE 7\ !Tarlirispik~ CJ ~ Box 568 ARTIST


Marion , MA 02738

llict is a constant threat. Here are Battle Group Commanders with a strike force second to none. Exciting NEW VIDEO of today's Air Navy. • The Cutting Edge: The S3 V"tldng; a sea bird that can strap on missiles, bombs & homing torpedoes. With on-board computors, infra-red sensors, she lock.s onto Red subs and never lets go. • Orlon-Guardian of the Seas: Able to range out 14 hour> and patrol thousands or miles, the P3COrion scnunbles fleet attacl< fighter> to pin-point the enemy. Uke the Viking she can haul a big bag or weapons plus 6 tons or mines. • The Marine Modllne: A VTOL brute, the AV-gB Harrier can hustle 5 tons or '"srutr· including '2ser guided missiles, bombs and a 25mm High Velocity Galling Gun ... making this deadly bird a real "macho" machine. just the thing to warm a Marine"s heart. Running time: 73 minutes. Priced at only


Specify 0 BETA or 0 VHS Send tc> FERDE GROFE FllMS 3100 Alrpon Ave. . Santa Monica 90405 U.S. and Canada add 12.;o shippin& foreign orders add $3.50. CA res. add 61h% Sales Tax. Visa & Master-incl ude card no. & exp. ORDER TOU.·FllEE (800) 854-0561 , ext 925. In Calif. (800) 432-7257. ext 925 .


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