Sea History 035 - Spring 1985

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1933 the Park Service had been operating a Historic American Buildings Survey with Federal relief funds, in cooperation with the American Institute of Architects, which helped assemble the personnel , and the Library of Congress, which had agreed to serve as recipient of the material collected. Around the same time, Eric J. Steinlein approached the Maryland Historical Society with a project to record surviving wooden vessels of the Chesapeake Bay region. The Society had no funds available, but suggested that he might take his proposal to the Works Progress Administration for support similar to that being given to the Historic American Buildings Survey. Steinlein, who had begun recording wooden vessels on his own while travelling throughout the eastern United States in the 1920s as a book salesman, was not unhappy when the Federal agency required that the scope of the survey be enlarged to cover the entire nation. Their other requirement was a sponsoring organization. With the help of Frank A. Taylor, then a curator in the Division of Engineering, Steinlein was able to get the Smithsonian Institution to be the sponsor, and to agree to receive the collected material. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt heard of the project he endorsed it enthusiastically. The survey was initiated in March 1936, with Eric J. Steinlein as its director and Frank A. Taylor as his assistant. Eight regional offices were set up around the country, and around 100 naval architects, marine historians, and model builders were put to work gathering information . Hull lines were taken from collections of builders' half models, original builders' plans were transcribed , and where possible, actual vessels were recorded in complete detail. Of the vessels involved, hardly one survives today. Unfortunately, the project only lasted eighteen months before it fell victim to cutbacks in Federal programs in October 1937. Many craft remained to be recorded, but the Survey's accomplishments in that brief period are impressive: 426 different vessels had been documented in 1044 drawings and 550 photographs. Since 1937 this material has been preserved in the Department of Marine Transportation of the Smithsonian. A catalog was published in 1938, and copies of individual drawings or photographs have been offered at cost to researchers . Following the founding of the Council of American Maritime Museums in 1974, Melvin H. Jackson, then Curator of Marine Transportation at the Smithsonian, proposed publication of the entire SEA HISTORY, SPRING 1985




NAVAL INSTITUTE PRESS ANTI- SUBMARINE WARFARE By Rear Ad111irnl /. R. Hill, RN (Rct.) In this remarkabl y co nciSL' yL'I comp rehensive study, thL' a u thor emp loys a \'vidL' variet y of source material to summa ri ze all that is cu rrentl v known about the anti-submarine forces of th~¡ Soviet Union, United States, and NATO countrit.?s. After thoroughly exam inin g the hardware, strategies. and tact ics of rnod ern ASW fleets, Admiral Hill puts it all toget her by demonstrating how NATO might fi g ht an anti-s u bmari ne bait IL' in the case of Soviet attack in Eu rope. 112 pages/121 pho tos/ 19 line drawings/ Bibliog.

# 081 -5 .

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Th is ch ill ing story of the All ies' narrow esca pe from defeat at the hand s o f Nazi sub marines docur1""tents the most critica l mont hs in th e Battle of the Atl an tic; th e wi nter and sp ring of 1942- 43. The autho r, an active participa nt in four key battles, desc ribes the valia nt day-to-day efforts of the co nvoys a nd tells the equally fascina ting story of th e U-boats. 312 pages/ 60 photos/ Apps./ lndex # 091-2 . . . . $14.95

Anatomy of the Ship : THE TYPE VII U-BOAT

ALLIED LANDING CRAFT OF WORLD WAR TWO Prepared by the U. S. Navy Department

By David Westwood

Sought as collector's items fo r nea rl y fo u r decades, this ma nu al is now reprod uced in its en ti rety. Ove r 350 p hotogra phs, detail ed internal an d external drawi ngs, and d ata tab les make th is book th e best si ng le reference ava ilab le on the Ame rica n, Britis h, and Aus tralian equ ipmen t dev ised for am p h ibi ous wa rfare duri ng Wo rl d War II. 200 pages/ 350 photos and line drawings

# 064- 5 . . . . . . . .

BLOODY WINTER, Second Edition By John M. Wa ters

Here is a fu ll desc ri ption of the Type VI I U-boat, incl u di ng the ma ny va riations and improvem ents in troduced durin g its lo ng serv ice ca ree r. Ove r 300 d rawings and p hotog rap hs give eve ry deta il of the boa t - genera l a rrangeme nts, h u ll co nst ructi on, machinery, supe rstructu re, rig, armame nt, fire co nt rol, and fi tt ings - wit h indep th descriptive keys. 92 pages/ 320 illus.

# 886- 7

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THE GRAND SCUTTLE : The Sinking of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow in 1919

By Dan van der Vat Th e aut hor gives a fuJI. account of the Ge rma n flee t from its creat io n by Ti rp itz to its complete frus trati on in war, its disgrace by mutiny, an d the sa lvat ion of its morale by an un para ll e led act of se lf- d estru cti on. The book prese nts in deta il the Anglo-German nava l arms race, th e battle of Jutlan d and the U-boat campa ign, th e internme nt o f th e Ge rm an fl eet, th e ord er to sc uttle, and th e un matched sa lvage ope ration that is s ti ll go in g on today. 235 pages/ Illus./ Apps./ Notes/ lndex # 225- 7 . . . . . . . ........... . . $16.95

WITNESS TO POWER : The Life of Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy

By Henry H. Adams He re is th e fi rs t fu ll-sca le po rt ra it o f F.D.R.'s top military adviso r by the acclai m ed biog rap he r o f Harry Hopkin s. Adams s hows how Lea hy, as Roosevelt's co n fi d ant, att ended th e wart im e con fe rences at Tehe ran, Ya lta, and Po tsda m and ad vised the p residen t on both mi li tary and dip lo mati c matters. Th is biog rap hy is equ all y revea li ng of hi s ea rl ier years o f serv ice to the gover n me nt, incl uding hi s tenu re as ch ief of nava l ope rat ions, governo r of Pu ert o Rico, and ambassador to Vich y Fra nce. 400 pages/ 36 ill us./ App./Bibl iog./lndex #338 - 5 . . . .. $22.95

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