Sea History 025 - Autumn 1982

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Time of Change ...

An upgrader at the Seafarers Harry Lundberg School of Seamanship learns automated engine controls on a training simulator.

Seafaring is in a period of great change and challenge. Radical new types of very costly ships that bear little resemblance to their predecessors. New methods of cargo handling. Changes in propulsion and ship design for energy efficiency. Widespread use of automation replacing manual jobs on board ship. The use of electronic data processing to expedite cargo movements and monitor ship operations. At the Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship at Piney Point, Md., we are up-grading the skills of our seamen to meet the technical challenges of this new age of seafaring. We are doing our part to maintain a strong, competitive and job-making American merchant marine on the trade routes of the world.

Seafarers International Union of North America 675 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11232

Frank Drozak, President