Sea History 025 - Autumn 1982

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Ship Waverrree off Cape Horn painted by Oswald L. Brett

Do Something for the Ship! The full-rigged sailing ship Wavertree is earning her living the hard way in Os Brett's painting-she's batling to windward in a rising gale, to get round Cape Horn. A tough fight! But we knew a couple of the people who sailed in this old Cape Horner, and they were men who sang at their work. Today this ship is a living memorial to such men and the ships they served with such devotion-the tall ships that crossed wide oceans, leaning on the wind, and came to New York to build a city from the sea. We are proud to help i11 the restoration of the ship at New York's South Street Seaport Museum. The

records don't show whether our tugs handled the Wavertree when she left New York under sail in 1895, but we had been in business in the harbor for over a generation at that time. Since then our business has become worldwide. And we know that our industry, the shipping industry, has a role of deep importance to play in keeping alive the proud traditions, the spirit of loyalty, cooperation and enterprise-the things that are needed to conceive great voyages, and to make them. Do something for the ship! For the ship and her people did everything for us.

NOTE: Those who contribute $100 or more to the Ship Trust to support the restoration of the Wavertree wi ll receive a fine print (image size 22"x32 Y2 ')of Os Brett's painting, signed by the artist. Please send your check, name and address to SH IP TRUST, c/ o National Maritime Historical Society, 2 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY 11201.

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