Sea History 013 - Winter 1978-1979

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A Special Selection of Nautical Books for the readers of VOYAGES: Tales from the Great Age of Sail by Alfred T. Hill . Five true accounts of voyages during the mid1800s-gripping adventures on the great squa re-rigged sh ip s of yesteryea r . Published in cooperation with the South Street Seaport Museum . No. 203796/$8.95


ut•lrll YACHTSMAN's CHOICE: The Best of Rudder Magazine. History, adventure, biography, design , profiles and nostalgia, se lected from almost a cent ury of writing. " [S]om e of the most signifi cant and perceptive work in the field . ." - Yachting. No. 506616/$10.95

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RIDDLE OF THE SANDS by Ersk in e Child ers. A new edition of the c lass ic sa ilin g and spy thriller. " [T]he most famous seagoing spy story ever written , now reissued in a new edition . [B]eautifully cadenced suspense and supe rb descriptions of sea and sa nd and tide . Smithsonian . No. 507728/

STARBOUND by Gordon and Nina Stuermer. A co lo rful voyage around the world on a SO-foot square-sai l ketch . "A cheerfu I, enchanting book , brimming with esse ntial information . ." - library Journal. Illustrated with photos. No. 507787 /$12 .95 THE LONGEST RACE by Peter Cook . and Bob Fisher . The comp lete story of the most adventurous yacht race of all time-lavishly illu strated with photos and diagrams . It is a grippin g acco unt of the1973 Whitbread / Round-the-World R.N .SA Race . " [A] magnificient accomp li shment that has extended yac htin g horizons. The knowledge gained ca n now be sha red by all in a book worthy of it. " - Sail Magazine. " [W]ell worth a read ." - Cruising World. No.

$12.50 LEGENDARY YACHTS by Bi ll Robinson . A beautiful vo lum e of nautical h istory and romance covering Ameri ca's greatest yachts-their designers, owners, v icto ri es and defeats . Ove r 200 photograp h s, large format. No. 0

51175X/S14.95 SMALL BOATS AND BIG SEAS: A Hundred Years of Yachting edited by Ralph Stephenson . The very best writi ngs about yac hting - by sa ilin g writers o r writing sai lors-since the second half of the 19th century . Il lu strated with photographs . No. 513523/$9.95

505644/$14.95 HEAVY WEATHER SAILING by Adlard Co les . The sta ndard reference on ext reme storm s and survival. A classic , illu strated with photos and cha rts. No. 600678/

AN EVOLUTION OF SINGLE· HANDERS by D . H . Clarke. Sing lehand ed sailing from the first voyages to modern races . "Outs tanding feats of seama nship are recorded here-feats that should not be forgotten, obscured, or ignored " - Yachting News. 11lu strated with photos . No.

$15.00 GREAT STORIES OF THE SEA AND SHIPS ed ited by N . C. Wyeth . Illu strated by Peter Hurd . " A c lassic co ll ect ion of sea stories, superb ly illustrated . A fine addition to any nauti ca l library ." - Boating. Over 430 pages . No. 507736/



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