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DR. BRIAN FLYNN ISBN 978-1-937720-10-0 Inspiration/Gift, 96 pages, 6 x 6, Hardcover USD $14.95 Flynn’s observations of people’s fascination with walking the beach and their connection to beach stones is illustrated through his photography in this full-color, inspirational book.


DR. BRIAN FLYNN ISBN 978-1-937720-14-8 Inspiration/Gift,128 pages, 6 x 6, Hardcover USD $14.95 The Voices of Stones is the second volume in this inspirational series from Flynn, former Rear Admiral/Assistant Surgeon General, psychologist, and photographer. This book will resonate with those who face loss of all types.

The Voices of Fishermen NEW

by Dr Brian W. Flynn

There is something in all of the world’s people that dislikes randomness. We want explanations for the seemingly unexplainable. Most of all, we want to find ways to control what happens to us and those we love. Superstitions are one way by which we seek that goal. This book highlights some of the superstitions handed down through generations of commercial fishing families. The voices of these fishermen form part of the living history of fishermen and their families everywhere. The Voices of Fishermen is the third volume in this inspirational series from former Rear Admiral/Assistant Surgeon General, psychologist, and

Pub Date: June 2015 Price: $14.95 Content: Full-color illustrations Format: Hardcover w/Jacket Dimensions: 6 x 6 Extent: 104 pages Category: Inspiration/Gift Carton Quantity: 72 ISBN: 978-1-937720-21-6 award-winning photographer, Dr. Brian Flynn. As in his previous books, Dr. Flynn again is able to communicate the powerful lessons learned during his many years as a trauma psychologist.

About the Author Former Rear Admiral/Assistant Surgeon General, US Public Health Service, psychologist, and photographer, Brian Flynn is currently an Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress at USUHS. He and his wife live near Annapolis, Maryland, and on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

CATCHING THE LIGHT Bruce Munro “Field of Light” is an installation that comes alive at the onset of dusk. Suddenly, when the field grows dark and almost invisible, the stems of light that Munro planted there in the thousands burst into bloom. A spectacular visual and emotional response is experienced by its eager visitors. In Chasing the Light you will experience British light artist, Bruce Munro’s incredible dreams come to life. The book features stunning images from all his light-based installations, along with an essay from renown art critic Dr. Richard Cork and an introduction from Waddesdon Manor’s Lord Rothschild. Bruce’s first US exhibition, located in Longwood Botanical Gardens, Pennsylvania, titled “Light,” drew more than 300,000 visitors over the summer of 2012. Munro’s exhibitions are premiering this year around the US and UK.

Pub Date: Available Price: $49.95 Format: Hard Cover with Jacket Dimensions: 9 x 12 Extent: 228 pages Carton Qty: 14 Category: Art Coffee Table Content: Color throughout ISBN: 978-1-937720-17-9 Major Selling Points: • Major US and International botanical garden exhibitions of artist’s work. • Supporting PBS documentary.

About the Author

Bruce Munro is best known for immersive large-scale Art installations based on his interest in the medium of light. British born, he settled in West Wiltshire, UK, in 1992 and has designed contemporary residential light art pieces and large-scale walk-through lightbased installations. His exhibition at Atlanta Botanical Garden runs through summer 2015 and is followed by an exhibition at the Desert Botanical Botanical Gardens, Scotsdale, Arizona, which opens October 2015.

Light NEW

Bruce Munro British artist Bruce Munro’s imaginative and innovative installations create a captivating evening experience for visitors to his “Light” exhibitions around the world. Light illustrates the artist and designer’s career from his first ephemeral, outdoor “Field of Light” in Long Knoll Field, Wiltshire, to the the artist’s exhibitions at Eden Project, V&A, Holbourne Museum, Salisbury Catheral, and Waddesdon Manor, and includes his most recent US exhibitions at Cheekwood Botanical Garden, Nashville, TN; Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, OH; The Hermitage Museum and Gardens, Norfolk, VA; and Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA, spring 2014. This book includes an essay by award-winning art critic, historian Dr. Richard Cork, who offers insight into Munro, his work, and his life history.

Pub Date: Price: Content: Format: Dimensions: Extent: Category: ISBN:

October 2014 $14.95 Full color throughout Hardcover w/Jacket 6.25 x 6.25 96 pages Art 978-1-937720-18-6

“Munro is to fiber optics, you might say, as Dale Chihuly is to blown glass and Christo to wrapped fabric.” —Adrian Higgins The Washington Post

Title: Field of Light 12 note card set Price: $14.95 Content: Color throughout Dimensions: 5 x 7 Content: card case of 12 note cards w/12 envelopes ISBN: 978-1-937720-20-7 This collection of note cards is made up of “Field of Light” images from many of Bruce Munro s spectacular outdoor installations. Packaged in each boxed set are 12 note cards and 12 envelopes.

Reclaim Your Life You and the Alcoholic / Addict Carole Bennett

Reclaim Your Life: You and the Alcoholic /Addict is written for the family and friends of alcoholics / addicts. It is an honest, straightforward, and informative Pub Date: Available Now look at the disease. This book deals Price: $19.95 with the different aspects of addiction Format: Trade Paper and how family members and friends can cope as they experience life with Dimensions: 6 x 9 the alcoholic / addict. Extent: 240 pages Clinical psychologist Carole Carton Qty: 38 Bennett provides techniques, Category: Self-Help strategies, resources, stories, and Content: Black & White support to empower readers to ISBN: 978-0-9708050-4-1 reclaim their lives while managing the consequences.

“I know this book will be a practical and valuable tool for family

and friends of someone addicted to alcohol or other drugs.” —Robert Lindsey, President/CEO, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc.

About the Author

Carole Bennett has a masters degree in clinical psychology and counsels alcoholics/addicts and their family members and friends through the confusing and difficult experiences of addiction. Carole Bennett writes regular blogs for Psychology Today and the Huffington Post on addiction and recovery.

Is there a Dry Drunk in your life? NEW

Carole Bennett

No one wants to think that the mate chosen for life or a wonderful son or special daughter has a habit that has taken over their life. Your heart breaks in two pieces: one half feels the pain and suffering your loved one is going through, and the other half can’t help but question what you did wrong and how you can fix it. Loving an alcoholic/addict is often confusing, unsettling and disheartening. In Carole Bennnet’s second book, she goes indepth into some of the most perplexing and baffling areas we as parents, spouses, siblings, family and friends deal with when we love an alcoholic/addict. Is There a Dry Drunk in Your Life? answers the questions commonly asked by those who love an alcoholic/addict. Through processing questionnaires and solid advice, Carole Bennett presents tactical plans and ways to come to grips with the many struggles of living life with an alcoholic/addict.

Pub Date: May 2015 Price: $14.95 Format: Trade Paper Dimensions: 6 x 9 Extent: 170 pages Carton Qty: 38 Category: Self-Help Content: Black & White ISBN: 978-0-9708050-4-1 Major Selling Points: • The author is a staff blogger for Psychology Today and the Huffington Post with regular guest appearances on national radio stations. • Supports the family and friends who are involved with recovery. • Offers specific communication tools to set boundaries, goals, and consequences.

Mom Grace NEW

Experiencing the gifts of motherhood Holly Lomelino

Pub Date: June 2015 Price: $14.95 Format: Trade Paper Dimensions: 5 x 8 Extent: 132 pages Category: Christian Content: Black & White ISBN: 978-1-937720-13-1

Being a mom is a hard and messy job. Overworked and underpaid, moms can find it difficult to remember what a gift it is to be a mom. Yet despite motherhood’s many challenges, God gives us a multitude of grace—a.k.a. gifts—as we make the journey through motherhood. Mom Grace is a sampling of those gifts. Meant to inspire, encourage, and challenge you in your motherhood, Mom Grace is an invitation to grow in new perspectives. It is about learning how to recognize the many blessings and gifts God gives us as moms, and to give thanks for them, even in the midst of the chaos and difficulties.

About the Author Holly Lomelino is a homeschooling momma of five lively children who know how to get dirty and have fun. She is passionate about Jesus, the body of Christ, and holistic health. A graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, Holly and her husband, Jason, live and minister amongst UCSB students in Isla Vista, California, where Jason is the lead pastor of Isla Vista Church.

Jesus Burgers volume 2. NEW

Jason Lomelino & The Isla Vista Church Family

In the second volume of testimonies from the Jesus Burgers ministry, we share the stories of twenty-five lives transformed by the power of Jesus. These individuals have become catalysts of change in the college town of Isla Vista, California. Their transformative experiences have caused a ripple effect that goes beyond the square-mile party town. In these stories of faith, hope, and love, you will see the glory of Jesus, hear His heart for this generation, and taste of the goodness of God.

Pub Date: June 2015 Price: $14.95 Format: Trade Paper Dimensions: 5 x 8 Extent: 192 pages Category: Christian Content: Black & White ISBN: 978-1-937720-08-7 The first Jesus Burgers book is also available, see bottom of next spread.

About the Author Jason Lomelino is pastor of Isla Visa Church, located in Isla Vista, California. Under his leadership, Jesus Burgers has grown into a significant community outreach program. Jason and his wife, Holly, have five children and live in Isla Vista, California.

Julia’s Magic Putter Written by Page O’Brien Jasinski Illustrations by Peggy Lindt

Pub Date: Price: Content: Format: Dimensions: Extent: Category: Carton Qty: ISBN:

October 2014 $17.95 Full-color illustrated Hardcover w/Jacket 9 x 11.25 34 pages Children’s Picture 10 978-1-937720-21-6

Julia and her brother Jojo are frisky and fun-loving Labrador pups who love to play golf. Alas, Julia has lost her Magic Putter and cannot find it anywhere! Whatever will she do without her Magic Putter? Join Julia and Jojo and all of their golf-loving friends who help on this quest to find Julia’s Magic Putter. Enjoy this heartwarming tale as Julia’s search leads her to the timeless truth that her magic lies within her. This fun and educational children’s picture book features full-color painted illustrations from California animal artist Peggy Lindt.


JASON LOMELINO & LUCAS BELL Christian 192 pages 6 x 9 Trade Paper ISBN 978-1-937720-13-1 USD $14.95 “I see today’s generation—those of our church and those we reach out to in our community—as hungry for family, community, and life together,” says Lomelino. From the authors of Jesus Burgers comes inspirational stories on the four core foundations of a church family.

For lack of a silver spoon NEW

poetry by Lenard wood Sr Leonard Wood Sr. is a prisoner in the Ohio State prison system. He has written this collection of Bible-based Christian poetry with thoughtful intent since his incarceration in 1993. His goal is to inspire and encourage others who are facing difficult Pub Date: circumstances and trials of life. Price: This collection includes 50 of his Format: inspirational works of poetry. Dimensions: Extent: Category: Carton Qty: ISBN:


Volume 1 Christian 192 pages 6 x 9 Trade Paper ISBN 978-1-937720-08-7 USD $14.95 Each week, this church family grills, flips, and serves burgers, with a ketchup heart and a mustard cross, to the partygoers in this infamous party town of Isla Vista, California, a college town adjacent to the UC Santa Barbara. The story of this ministry is told through the true accounts of over twenty people whose lives were transformed.

May 2015 $7.95 Softover 6x9 50 pages Christian Poetry 10 978-1-937720-21-6

ABCs of Peak Performers 26 Simple Steps to a More Empowered, Joyful Life Bill Poett

Pub Date: Available Now Price: $19.95 Format: Trade Paper Dimensions: 6 x 9 Extent: 240 pages Carton Qty: 36 Category: Inspiration Content: Black & White ISBN: 978-0-9708050-5-8 Major Selling Points: • Nationally acclaimed performance coach and motivational speaker. • Twenty-six keys that comprise a six-month program. • Quotations, poems, and essays that motivate and inspire. • Engaging exercises at the end of every chapter.

“Bill Poett is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever worked with!” —Wayne Gretzky, NHL Hall of Fame Bill Poett gives twenty-six easy-to-use lessons for achieving greater success in reaching career, health, and relationship goals. Become a peak performer, get extraordinary results, and change your life! Drawn from the Asian warrior concept of “Tatsujin” (fully actualized person), this step-by-step life course teaches, leads, guides, and cajoles you on an adventure of self-empowerment and practical performance enhancement. Organized from A to Z, this book provides key ideas for improving performance, along with exercises that make change happen. Whether you want to jump-start your career, get in great shape, or experience life to the fullest, this book will help you achieve your potential for a joy-filled life.


The Shift into Joyful Self-Expression Bill Poett

The Warrior-Heart Project is a national seminar developed and run by the author of Live and Love Fearlessly, Bill Poett. “When we live and love fearlessly we have no energy to waste on time-stealers and useless activities,” says Poett. A warrior’s heart breaks like everyone else’s, but by using the principles in this book, you train yourself to grieve, heal, and reengage using love as a tool everyday.” Learn to live and love fearlessly, because between now and dead, nothing else really matters! The bottom line is this: we all come with an expiration, and all of our stories end exactly the same way, dead! Shrinking and hiding our love and light from the world is not the answer. Life isn’t easy, and it isn’t fair. This journey is not about finding yourself . . . it is about defining yourself. Developing your warrior heart can be the most amazing adventure imaginable. By using this material, you will develop your infinite internal knowing to the point that you know you are strong enough to handle anything.

Pub Date: Available Now Price: $14.95 Format: Trade Paper Dimensions: 6 x 9 Extent: 144 pages Carton Qty: 36 Category: Inspiration Content: Black & White ISBN: 978-1-937720-15-5

“I am a true believer that Bill Poett is on to something BIG! His Warrior Heart workshop left me energized, hopeful, and more openhearted.” —Ellen Leyva, About the Author Bill Poett holds eleven Black Belt degrees, and is a close quarter combat instructor. As an acclaimed motivational speaker and success coach, Bill Poett brings tools from the battlefield to the boardroom, for your personal pathway to success.


THE STORY OF HUGHES AIRCRAFT D. KENNETH RICHARDSON Aviation/History, 504 pages, 6 x 9, Hardcover ISBN 978-0-970805-08-9 USD $24.95 Past-president Ken Richardson has compiled this remarkable piece of American aerospace history, which covers the many complex products in all fields of electronics as well as the inventive teams who were at the forefront in every field of electronics technology.


FRANK H. LEONE; MBA, MPH Business/Sales, 356 pages, 6 x 9, Hardcover ISBN 978-1-937720-06-3 USD $79.00 Leone’s work provides a comprehensive sales guide for healthcare organizations. It includes integrated service suggestions, hundreds of sales & marketing strategies and tactics for healthcare professionals, and a valuable, detailed 52-week action plan.





Business 240 pages, 6 x 9 Trade Paper 978-0-970805-03-4 USD $18.95

Self-Help 92 pages, 6 x 9 Trade Paper 978-1-937720-04-9 USD $14.95


Alignment is the foundation of a profitable, well-run company. With over thirty years of experience, Moore provides leaders with a proven success strategy for an organization’s total alignment.


“Seeking Home” is excellent for anyone faced with the need for assisted care. Wagner offers guidance, personal stories, and uplifting advice, encouraging a happy attitude that makes the process of finding a caring home easier.


CHEF JOHN SARICH Cooking/Wine, 256 pages, 7.5 x 9.5 Hardcover ISBN 978-0-970805-02-7 USD $32.95 Sarich guides readers through ten Pacific Coast wineries. Each winery presents a menu that pairs recipes with the wines of that estate. Chef Sarich’s stunning book contains over 125 new wine-friendly recipes, wine recommendations, photos, and a comprehensive index.



MARCY LUIKART Historical Fiction, 218 pages, 6 x 9 Trade Paper ISBN 978-1-937720-16-2 USD $14.95 A multi-generational story spanning 100 years and chronicled through the stories of three people: a promising 1904 Olympic rower named Joe; his young love, Annie; and Joe’s grandson, Sonny. “River Braids” weaves together their generations-long bond with the Mississippi River itself.




Inspiration 204 pages, 6 x 9 Hardcover 978-1-937720-05-6 USD $24.95

Historical Fiction 262 pages, 6 x 9 Trade Paper 978-0-970805-06-5 USD $14.95

“Womansong” shows busy women that they can find the time and the way to be themselves. This series of reflections about modern womanhood discusses how women can find a measure of equilibrium while fulfilling their multiple roles.

Based on true events and set in the Sierra Nevada railroad outpost of 1910 Truckee, California, this story follows the Edwards family as they struggle to survive in the harsh mountains during the turbulent early twentieth century.

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