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July 2012

Published for SEAGO Member Entities and Strategic Partners

Vol. 2, No. 7

Supply Chain Capital – Nogales, Santa Cruz County

By Akos Kovach According to a recent BizTucson article, Nogales is described as the Gateway to Economic Opportunity June 13, 2012 written by Gabrielle Fimbres (http://www. . We could not agree more~! And to prove it the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in Santa Cruz County and the Mayor of Nogales are partnering with SEAGO, the Micro Business Advancement Center SBDC, SBA, and several others from Ambos Nogales in both the public and private sectors to highlight the opportunities to be found during a special event on Friday, November the 9th. In an interview with Supervisor Rudy Molera we learned that the county is actively working on two big projects that will affect economic strength – the Palo Parado

Bridge project - and an Army Corps of Engineers project on the Old Tucson Highway Bridge. When asked what must we do to improve and increase border trade Molera was adamant – “We need proper staffing levels and good training for the personnel at the ports of entry – we need to do a better job of supporting the produce industry at the crossing points.” Molera spoke excitedly about the collaborative efforts of the City of Nogales and Santa Cruz County on the November 9 event – “We want to encourage not discourage business attraction and increased border trade, by working together in partnership with the Port Authority, Fresh Produce Association and others in the private sector we can show the world why this truly is the Supply Chain Capital.”

“We have a beautiful community here and I believe we can overcome any ‘lack of unity’ by bringing business leaders, community leaders, government officials and all the right decision makers to our Nov 9 fiesta of information. We are ready to show the world we are ready to compete, this upcoming event is hitting the nail on the head with the message – we are the Supply Chain Capital”, said Molera. Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino was equally enthusiastic - “What we are go­ ing to do is get the truth out about Nogales and change the perception of Nogales. We are a major part of the Sinaloa-Sonora and Arizona Sun Corridor. This is a huge trade corridor, accounting for trade to Canada and the rest of the world. The positive message we are sending is by helping to grow Nogales we are helping Santa Cruz County, Read Full Article

Rural Broadband Opportunity By A’kos Kovach For several months we have been posting articles in the newsletter and on the SEAGO Blog about the Arizona Rural Broadband Initiative. The process has been slower than we had all had hoped, but is now in full swing.

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“Ten to one” - this term conjures up a smoke filled room with gamblers laying bets, but in fact refers to the bounty $1000 will bring us. If we can raise $1000 we will be eligible for a $10,000 match through the Broadband Initiative program so a Gap Analysis study can be performed. What is a Gap analysis? The answer is simple – by going through a checklist - researchers can quantify and identify existing broadband resources in a given area. Concurrently, through a series of interviews, surveys

and questionnaires the actual need assessment can be determined. Thus by comparing ‘what Ne we have’ to ‘what we ws S need’ we would generan lette ta r & the Cru spon ate a ‘gap analysis. CC

Several possible rural broadband sub regions have been identified and

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When is a good time to grow my business? cash. Then I figured it out. If I gave up the room I was renting, I would get my security deposit back. Plus I had my last paycheck and if I canceled my car insurance while I was gone, I would get a refund. Suddenly I had enough dough to go to Hawaii and stay there for three months! Even people who are well off rarely have such a lengthy vacation, but I did because I wanted to (and because I was willing to camp on the beach).

Klaudia Kovacs

The point is that if you are really committed, you most definitely will find a way. So get a piece of paper out and write down all the things you are doing now and whether those actions produce the results you want. This will give you a good indication of how committed and successful you are at the moment.

Steve Jobs was a mastermind of innovation and creativity. In his famous 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, he shared that he never waited for the “right moment” but had always lived his life in the now. If you really mean business, this is the time to make things happen. Stop dreaming, contemplating, hoping, planning, writing, re-writing, and discussing. Start doing! If you are not in action, you are living your excuses. The most popular excuse, of course, is money. It is legitimatesounding but it is still an excuse. I personally have never met anyone who did not find a way to get money together for what they really wanted. When I was young and extremely poor, I wanted to visit Hawaii. The islands are 180 degrees around the world from Hungary (where I was born) and I thought travelling half of the planet would be the coolest thing - so I had to go! The problem was, I just got laid off from my minimum-wage job and had no

If you are neither committed nor successful, I say, enough of planning to do things next year, when the time is right, when you lose 10 pounds, when the kids grow up or when you have cash in the bank. If you ever lost someone you loved unexpectedly or if you ever missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because you did not grab it right then, you know very well that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Life is now! The current moment provides the opportunity to get obstacles out of the way. If you need help and want quick results, hire a Business Consultant. If you are not sure whether business consultation is worth it, let me assure you that it is! An expert can provide exceptional results in a short period of time; that’s why they are called an expert. You can also hire an assistant, or if you have financial challenges, find a great intern. Barter with friends or family members and ask them to get certain tasks done with/for you. Whatever way you decide to do it, give yourself the gift of being in action NOW! WIN A PRIZE! Ask How

The Turning Point Monthly, July 2012, page 2

New Mexico Energy Expo July 18 - 19th Clovis Civic Center - Clovis, NM Wind Energy Solar Energy Renewable Energy Electrical Grid Connections Land Owner Institute Training Programs


Local Musical Group Invited to Havana, Cuba Musica Sin Fronteras, a tri-national chorus from Bisbee, Tucson, Sierra Vista, Hermosillo and Agua Prieta, Sonora has been invited to perform during the first week in August in Havana, Cuba by the Bishop of the Episcopalian Church of Cuba. For more about this group and how you can help, CLICK HERE. Watch videos HERE!

Two New Arizona Workforce Connection Offices

Effective July 1, 2012 Cochise, Graham and Greenlee Counties will merge to provide WIA services to the citizens of the three counties. New Career One Stop Centers will open in Graham and Greenlee on Monday, July 2, 2012. The hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM. Arizona Workforce Connection Graham One Stop Mt Graham Shopping Center 1910 Thatcher Blvd. • Safford, AZ Arizona Workforce Connection Greenlee One Stop 300 N Coronado Drive • Clifton, AZ

Explore Cochise Stronghold

Attention Artists!

Photo courtesy of

Look in your basements, garages, sheds and local thrift stores for an old chair and use your skill and imagination to turn it into a work of art. You may even find a side table, bench or

By Erika Breckel, Media Relations, City of Sierra Vista, Arizona Located in southeastern Arizona, Sierra Vista’s documented history dates back 13,000 years to the Clovis people – hunters of the now-extinct mammoth and large game. In later years, the area was home to Cochise and Geronimo, whose conflicts against the U.S. Army are legendary. Also known as the “Hummingbird Capital of the United States,” Sierra Vista is one of the

Is issued at the beginning of each month by the SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization Economic Development District. 118 Arizona Street, Bisbee, AZ 85603 (520) 432-5301, To subscribe, visit

must-see places in the world for bird watchers and naturalists. With so much to see, we invite you to visit Sierra Vista and encourage you to explore our attractions, learn about southwestern military history, visit our ghost towns, be amazed at the archaeological finds, mountain bike in the canyons and hike along the river. A premier hiking spot is Cochise Stronghold, located in the Dragoon Mountains, with canyons and trails thick with vegetation and oaks. At an elevation of 5,000 feet with granite domes and cliffs rising high above the floors of the canyons, the several trails vary in length and difficulty. To read the full story, CLICK HERE.

Valuable Export Guide!

bookcase. All small furniture accessories are accepted. The Auction even welcomes artists’ chairs from out of town. The Chair Auction is held in conjunction with the 30th Annual Bisbee Historic Home Tour, “100 Years”, Friday, November 23rd and Saturday, November 24th. Proceeds from the sale support the Bisbee Woman’s Club Scholarship Program. Artists split the sale price of the chair 50/50 with the Woman’s Club or may choose to donate the full sale amount. Entry forms can be found at the Bisbee Visitor Center, P.O. Box 1642, Bisbee, AZ 85603, 520-432-3554 and may be dropped off at the center or mailed when completed to Judy Perry, P.O. Box 1721, Bisbee, AZ 85603.

A’kos Kovach, publisher and editor Margaret Dillard, copy/graphics editor Items for publication are welcomed from SEAGO member entities and strategic partners. Copy must be submitted at least 7 business days prior to the end of each month.

Created by the Center for Economic Vitality at Western Washington University. CLICK HERE to download the complete report! The Turning Point Monthly, July 2012, page 3

CLICK HERE for information.

Regional Events July 3-4 - Independence Day, Veteran’s Park, Sierra Vista. 5-11 pm-Food vendors, talent show & dance. 6:00-7:30 pm-Youth talent show. 8-1100 pm Street dance with Sean Trackman & the Copper City Rail Band. July 4 - 7:00 am - Registration. 7:30 am - Judging of entries. 8:00 am - Promenade starts. 8:30 am - Awards presentation. 11:30 -12:30 pm “Salute to The Union” - Ceremony. 9am-3 pm Fort Huachuca military displays. 4 pm “Live Broadcast” on K101 (100.9 FM) by Cherry Creek Radio from the City of Sierra Vista sports complex. 8:05 - 9:00 pm The 45th Spectacular “4th of July” Fireworks Show. Patriotic music during the fireworks on K101 & KWCD (92.3FM) For more information, please call Leisure Services at 458-7922. July 1-7 - Independents Week - Local First Arizona in association with the American Independent Business Alliance. For details about how you can participate, business graphics and resources CLICK HERE. July 12, 2012 - 5:30 pm, Benson Chamber of Commerce Swearing In Of 2012-13 Board Members. Benson Chamber Office, 168 E. 4th St., Benson, AZ 85602. Contact: Mike Hug, for information. July 18-19 - Five State Renewable Energy Resource Expo & Conference, Clovis Civic Center, Clovis, N.M. $50 per person. Register by July 6th. Click here to register. July 19, 2012 - 9:00-noon, HR Issues for the Small Business Owner FREE seminar by Cochise Small Business Development Center. Cochise College. 901 N Colombo Avenue, Sierra Vista, AZ. To register: Rachel Norton at 520-515-5478, nortonr@ Continued on Page 6

BRINGING VETERANS INTO THE WORKFORCE: An MOU between the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Veterans Affairs formally launches an initiative to bring veterans into the workforce. Collaborations between organizations can support water systems operators and small systems in new and innovative ways.

This 33-page report, available on SEAGOEDD’s website (at blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/new_ laws121.pdf) is meant to be a guide to recent enactments of the second regular session of the 50th Arizona Legislature.

This partnership will help connect utilities that have staffing needs with qualified veterans, many of whom have the perfect skillset for operations. A point of contact liaison will be designated in each state to facilitate these relationships. Water systems may also be able to take advantage of incentives offered to employers of veterans. Private utilities may also see a tax advantage. CLICK HERE to see the Information Bulletin of the Southwest Office of Native American Program for the week of June 25, 2012 or Visit their website!

SUNGLOW RANCH EARNS AWARD TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel website, today reveals Sunglow Ranch was chosen once again as a 2012 Travelers’ Choice award winner 2012. According to Brooks Bradbury, general manager of Sunglow Ranch, “This is a well deserved honor by our entire team, and reflects our collective efforts to focus on providing over-the-top service to everyone who arrives here at this Chiricahua Mountain hideaway. Thank you to our loyal guests and neighbors who have provided so much support and encouragement over the years.” The annual TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice awards honor the world’s best hospitality venues, who earn their distinction from those who know them best -- real travelers. Unlike any other hotel honors, TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice winners are based on millions The Turning Point Monthly, July 2012, page 4

of valuable reviews and opinions from travelers around the world. “TripAdvisor is proud to recognize the world’s most outstanding hospitality venues with the Traveler’s Choice Awards,” said Christine Petersen, president, TripAdvisor for Business. “Recognizing the best of the best based on traveler feedback and reviews, value and quality are the hallmarks of our winners. We are thrilled to congratulate Sunglow Ranch for achieving an extraordinary second consecutive Travelers’ Choice award.” For more information about Sunglow Ranch, visit www.sunglowranch. com. For the complete 2012 TripAdvisor® Traveler’s Choice list, go to

SDBC Counselors Receive Certification SBDC counselors can become certified as Export or Trade Counselors by passing the SBA Intermediate Level certification exam, or by attaining the more advanced designation Certified Global Business Professional through the National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators – NASBITE Cochise College SBDC point man Robert (Bob) Mucci AND International Trade Specialist Cecilia Schurmann are the first two members of the entire Arizona SBDC network to achieve this designation. Both Mucci and Schurmann have been recognized for competence in passing a curriculum which also provides certification as a Certified Global Business Professional. We offer our congratulations to Bob Mucci and Cecilia Schurmann for bringing this valuable certification to the SBDC Network and to our Region in particular. Send an email to congratulate Bob here: or to Cecilia here: schurmannc@ We congratulate their efforts and for bringing these valuable certifications into our collective toolbox.


Regional Events

- WHAT YOU TOLD US We asked the question “What is important to you? With regard to local municipal services here are the interesting results: Law Enforcement Fire Protection Services Ambulance Services Good Streets Good Parks Good Sewer Services

37.04% 29.63% 18.52% 3.7 % 7.4 % 3.7%

See more results and follow THIS LINK to the blog and leave your feedback and comments.


The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is reaching out to you. As you know AAA services often expand or contract based on seasonal needs and of course demand for services. AAA volunteer training and peer support is excellent. With a service area covering almost 14,000 square miles (Santa Cruz, Graham Greenlee & Cochise Counties) it is critical to have an effective volunteer base. If you would be interested in sharing your time and talent as a volunteer, please consider our AAA program. Please contact Kathleen Heard by email or call 520-432-5301 x 208

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See Regional Events, Page 5 for info.

Sunshine Tours A FACE-

BOOK CONTEST SPON3 Canyons Transit Co. is a Southern Arizona transportation & tour company. They also operate Arizona Sunshine Tours. Want to be chauffeured? This is one way to transport your family and friends while providing a unique narrative of our “Land of Legends” along the way! Tony Grzywa provides daily shuttles to and from Tucson International Airport. They also provide connecting service to both Greyhound and Amtrak stations in Tucson and Benson. The SEAGO EDD is proud to introduce you to Tony Gryzwa and his transportation services which include Sierra Vista, Huachuca City, Whetstone, Hereford, Palominas, Benson, Tombstone, Bisbee, Sonoita and Patagonia and he is planning to expand. The company is on-line at: & www. The Turning Point Monthly, July 2012, page 5

July 20 - 5-9 pm, First Annual Monsoon Art Storm @ Gadsden Hotel. Artists with original work contact Maryann @ 520220-0387 or July 21 - 6-9 pm, Save Our Garden Fundraiser, Elfrida Community Garden. Admission: Couple: $15, Adult: $10, Children: $2.50, RSVP to Paula Robinson by 7/13 @ (520) 642-1236. July 24-27 - 5th Annual Border Summit - Pathways to Sustainable Communities, McAllen, TX. National Development Council (NDC) on Economic Development Credit Analysis. For more information about the training, please visit our website: July 26 - 10 am, Southern Arizona Economic Development Roundtable. Cochise College, Sierra Vista Campus. RSVP by July 20th with AAED Executive Director, Joyce Grossman - Sept. 12-14, 2012 Governor’s Economic Development Conference. “The Great Arizona Rebound. Wigwam Resort, Litchfield Park, AZ. Reserve space today. www. or read more!

Douglas Has a New City Manager

Recent Changes in Border Commerce By Thomas J. Lindmeier, J.D., LL.M.

Customs broker/trade consultant/customs compliance

At the beginning of my career with the U.S. Customs Service in Washington D.C. (when it was the U.S. Customs Service prior to the merger with the Border Patrol) I worked in a variety of positions concerning the proper interpretation of import requirements. After I left, I helped businesses deal successfully with various offices regarding the import and export requirements which are part of international trade. This includes keeping aware of changes which are reported in the Federal Register. In this first issue I report on a variety of notices which appear in the Federal Register, as well as other information of which I am aware. Douglas’ new City Manager Carlos De La Torre (left) is welcomed to his new position by new Mayor Danny Ortega Jr. (right) at Thursday’s meeting. By Bruce Whetten Douglas Dispatch Article Dated June 22nd, 2012 Douglas Mayor and City Council approved the hiring of a new city manager at a special meeting Thursday night. Douglas native Carlos De La Torre was approved by a 6-1 vote to replace Curtis Shook who is retiring June 28. De La Torre will officially take over July 2. He will be paid an annual salary of $120,000 Councilwoman Marget Morales was the lone nay vote Thursday. Morales stated at the meeting she wasn’t against De La Torre’s hiring but rather against the salary he was going to be paid feeling it was a little high. “I feel honored,” De La Torre said after Thursday’s meeting when asked how it felt to be named Douglas’ new city manager. “It’s a great opportunity for me. It’s a great opportunity I believe for the community as a whole and really appreciate the council has given me and really look forward to working with the council and the community.” De La Torre is a 1988 Douglas High School graduate then attended both Co-

chise College and the University of Arizona. He has worked for the City of Tucson, Bisbee, Douglas, Cochise County and now back to the City of Douglas. “I’m happy about the opportunity and look forward to whatever challenges we have ahead of us,” he said. Douglas’ new Mayor Danny Ortega Jr. said this is an exciting start for the city. “I’m really looking forward to working with Mr. De La Torre,” he said. “We’ve known each other for a few years now and I think together we can as a council and Mr. De La Torre take this city a long ways.” Twenty people applied for the City Manager’s position; five were interviewed and of those five De La Torre was selected.

ACA Vision Grant Applications Due July 15, 2012 CLICK HERE to see Guidelines The Turning Point Monthly, July 2012, page 6

I hope that you will take the time to read the newsletter and that there is some material in it which will help you. The recent notices which I have found and which may be of some interest to you include the following: 1. The Department of Commerce issued a notice to expand upon the list of organizations which are denied export privileges to include parties who are related to currently denied parties. The thought here is that this will prevent the evasion of existing trade denial orders by preventing the action through the related party in place of the party who is currently denied. 2. CBP currently has both a hard copy and an electronic method to use to submit information to CBP regarding a claim that specific imports should be excluded. These excluded imports are in violation of trademark, trade name and copyright which are owned by others. This notice extends the time for the submission of comments to CBP. 3. In another notice, the tariff rate quota for tuna was set at 17,270,370 kilograms for 2012. Any amount in excess of this amount is admissible, upon payment of an additional 6.5 percent of duty above and in excess of the statutory duty of 6 percent. CLICK HERE to read full article.

CCAH Prepares for 50th Annual Cake Auction Formed in 1962 the Cochise County Association for the Handicapped grew from the need demonstrated by the community at large. Parents of disabled children, churches, service organizations, business leaders, and concerned community members serve knew there needed to be an alternative to institutionalization for physically and mentally challenged children and adults in Cochise County. At the time of incorporation in 1964 the original name has morphed into the acronym CCAH, but many people have no idea what the letter stand for specifically - the

original school for children was more commonly known as “The Little Red School House” by the Bisbee community. It should be noted that during this period public schools were not required to provide mainstream educational services to children with disabilities. Generally children were institutionalized at the Arizona Training Program at Coolidge (ATPC), also known as the “children's colony”. And this is why the more humanitarian and dignified approach of serving, teaching and training came to be here in Cochise County.

much of which is shown live on Cable TV and streamed on the internet. This year will mark the 50th year for this impressive and fun community activity. As the CCAH prepares for this milestone celebration please help us locate old photos of the Little Red School House and other memorabilia from the early days of the CCAH Mark your calendars now to “bake a cake and participate” – Saturday November 3 – for more information: or - join us as a volunteer, sponsor or donor - write or call 520-432-5771

One of the most well known fund-raisers of the Cochise County Association for the Handicapped is the Annual Cake Auction,

Where is the Supply Chain Capital of Arizona? By Akos Kovach

The answer is Nogales, in Santa Cruz County. Billions of dollars worth of produce, merchandise, cars, iron ore and other products cross through the International border at Nogales. Yes, that is a “B” for billions. But instead of telling you how many billions right now, or how many millions of dollars of business is transacted every day along the border – let’s describe the how and why – First, don’t just think of Nogales as a quiet border town with a low crime rate – think tourism, think destination – think art, culture, and literally thousands of years of archeological history. Second, think about the City of Nogales extending across the border, or as we like to describe “Ambos Nogales” - after all there are two cities names Nogales, one in Arizona and the other literally a stone’s throw to the south in state of Sonora, Mexico. Why is this is important? 300,000+

population,that’s why. Third, the local “talent pool” is complimented by the numerous colleges and educational centers located in Nogales, Sonora. A well trained, available workforce. Cochise College has a presence in Nogales and Pima Community College and the University of Arizona serve the area. Fourth – Image Building – contrary to media reports – there is NO ‘border war’ in Nogales, it is safe in Nogales and SAFE to do business in Nogales. Major American and European industries agree –that is why companies such as Masterlock, American Fasteners, Avnet Logistics, Eurofresh, Samco Scientific, Winchester Electronics exemplify that indeed it is safe to do business in Ambos Nogales. But specifically Nogales, Arizona offers a business friendly atmosphere, with room to grow along the rail road and a major interstate highway. Nogales has a Community Facilities District, and an impressive city administration

well versed in expanding smart, sustainable business development. The private sector knows how to collaborate and the Foreign Trade Zone in Nogales is open for business. Site selectors often comment about the significant opportunities that exists in this region of Arizona. As a Supply Chain Capital offering Interstate highway, rail road and air transportation this is a true cross- road to everywhere. Again mark your calendar for Friday November 9 International trade event in cooperation with the Micro Advancement Center SBDC from Tucson, the SBA, and many others. Additional activities are being planned for the day before and the day after the Friday November 9 event. Guided Tours of Nogales, Sonora, entertainment, etc. stay tuned we have plenty to offer everyone~!

A new application has been added to the website. Visit http://azredistricting. org . The district locator is now posted on our homepage to help you find your new congressional and legislative districts. pen the page and enter your zip code at the top center of the page to find your districts. O The Turning Point Monthly, July 2012, page 7

A Photo Journey to Soriana for Nogales Children Alma Cota de Yañez, Executive is the Director of Fundación Empresariado Sonorense A.C., in Nogales. FESAC’s mission is to generate social welfare support and monitor the organizations of civil society in the pursuit of the sustainable community development. FESAC works with many local groups providing training and education. A recent project was with the Asociación de Madres de Niños con Síndrome Down (Asociación) that offers services and support for children with Down Syndrome and their families. . Through direct advocacy, this group works to ensure that all local children with

An outcome from the May 17 International Trade Summit Please find the attached link, another benefit brought to you by your SEAGO EDD – how about shipping cost savings? As the expression goes –“It is not how much your earn, what matters is how much you keep.” Click this link to find out how much your organization can save by using the Global Services of 2SHIP, a stra-

Community Development Block Grant Projects Underway By Bonnie Williams SEAGO CDBG Program Manager Recently, the City of Nogales Walnut Street Improvement Project went into full swing. The Prime Contractor, Standard Construction, is replacing the water main and laterals for the low income residents on Walnut St. The City crew will be doing the hard rock excavating, as a cost cutting effort, as well as the final road paving. Also, the Town of Huachuca City has the Skyline Loop Water Line Project underway. The Prime Contractor, Surface Construction, is projected to be completed within a couple of weeks. The City is using CDBG funds that remained after completing the renovation of their police station earlier in the year.

Down syndrome have access to quality education through specialized, competent care in the regular school system or special schools. FESAC led an outing to Soriana, a retail department store chain in Mexico which now practically covers the country. Soriana is 100% Mexican-owned and competes head on with Wal-Mart. Read more about Soriana. Read more about FESAC ( at their website or from this article titled, “Strengthening Nonprofits & Grassroots Organizations in Nogales, Sonora” from the US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership. CLICK HERE to see more photos.

tegic partner with a history of successful web-based transportation solutions. Air, rail, truck or ship you owe it to yourself to find out how much you can save.

The City of Willcox has the Community Center close to completion, having started back in March they have progressed well and have enhanced one of the County’s largest and oldest Adobe buildings by stabilizing decayed adobe, replacing wooden window and door lintels, laying brick (to help prevent water leaching into the adobe foundation) where concrete pathways existed, and painting the exterior. The City has used multiple other prior year CDBG funding opportunities to complete the interior renovation, and provide a new roof and HVAC and electrical system. This building is on the National Historic Register. The City of Tombstone has completed 8 home rehabilitation projects, and is about to start the final house. Multiple

The Turning Point Monthly, July 2012, page 8

new roofs, energy efficient water heaters and HVAC systems, ADA ramps, deck and stair replacements, painting, new flooring, mold, lead and asbestos mitigation and new energy efficient windows have been provided to low income home owners. Priorities have been health and safety, and energy efficiency to lower their utility bills. The City of Benson has recently completed a large drainage study and will soon be out to bid for construction of a street project.

Duncan is about to go to bid for a new well and other miscellaneous water system improvements. Huachuca City, Bisbee, and Patagonia all have projects in the design phase. More on those later. I would love to hear about the progress other communities are making for the next newsletter! To contact Bonnie Williams, email:

SEAGO July Newsletter  
SEAGO July Newsletter  

SEAGO July Newsletter