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Growing Greenlee

Feb. 2014 “Published Monthly for SEAGO Member Entities, our Strategic Partners & everyone interested in Southeastern Arizona” Vol. 4, No. 2

From your Greenlee County Supervisors: District 1 From David Gomez

District 2 From Ron Campbell

First let me congratulate the Greenlee County Tourism Council as they recently elected new officers for 2014 and moved forward with several new projects and events that will further showcase Greenlee County. Also the Greenlee county Chamber of Commerce has new leadership that has taken on the challenge to regroup, rebuild and re-energize the Chamber. The leadership of both organizations are providing that much needed infusion of hands-on results that everyone can see, hear and read about for themselves. Thank you.

My primary message today is to sincerely convey my profound pro-growth support for Greenlee County. But frankly we hear questions such as: “but how much growth is enough???” or “ When do we approach the threat of disrupting that small town feel?” These are excellent questions and the answers are both simple and complex Growth brings what some consider to be benefits while others are not so convinced. The financial impact of growth serves many residents, and local businesses, the Towns and the County through sales tax revenues.

Second, on the matter of progress with respect to our on-going efforts to Grow Greenlee. As you know we have achieved very positive results in population growth and better reporting of accurate population numbers. This may not seem like much until you begin to appreciate the benefits that accrue to our County and both Towns through sales tax, state shared revenue and similar population driven income streams. We are truly Growing Greenlee and now we have solid evidence verified by the State Demogrpaher's Office.

Fortunately, because we are located in a very rural section of Arizona, what places like Gilbert and Tempe faced as they grew exponentially will not happen here in Greenlee. While we are extremely pleased with the resurgence in our population we simply do not have the sort of infrastructure in place that could ever support growth as experienced in places like the Phoenix suburbs mentioned above or other fast-growing areas such as those found in the Tucson area.

And finally, speaking of income streams, about PILT, I wanted to share some good news with everyone via a message I just received from Senator John McCain's office, please continue to call your representatives, contact them to show your on-going support for PILT funding in the future, but here is the latest:

See John McCain’s correspondence on Page 2

The “happy medium” everyone seeks can be achieved and will be achieved through the process of engagement. We are constantly seeking your input and your feedback. For example we open our doors at the County level to the public twice each month during our Board of Supervisors meetings. Anyone who wants to play a meaningful role in Growing Greenlee is invited to participate during the call to the public and by attending the numerous stakeholder meetings and partnership meetings we hold and CLICK HERE to read more ...

District 3 From Robert Corbell As many of you already know the Greenlee County Board of Supervisors has taken an active and aggressive role in promoting economic development throughout Greenlee County. Among the significant aspects of this process is the team being developed to ensure our success. In upcoming days and weeks you will have an opportunity to see first hand how the strategy we call Growing Greenlee is performing. You should know that I have taken personal responsibility to see that Growing Greenlee succeeds. Along with all the meetings we have at the county level I have personally accompanied SEAGO Economic Development Planner Akos Kovach several days a month working to accomplish our many goals, such as adding new homes and new businesses. We have gone together to meet with numerous county and town officials plus business owners always promoting the strategy and inviting others to join the strategic alliance. A lot of time is devoted to District 3 from 3-way to Franklin and in between, interacting with private citizens and local businesses to gain local input that will help promote these goals of more commerce and economic growth. I am kept up-to-date and am happy to keep you informed as well. It takes a lot of time to research information that will soon be used to assist investors that Greenlee County truly offer a great environment for investing. Greenlee County has adequate water resources to aid in even more infrastructure and population growth. CLICK HERE to read more ...

Comments pertaining to the Draft Highway Primary Freight Network (PFN) by Randy Heiss | Executive Director, SEAGO

The SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization (SEAGO) is a Council of Governments serving local and tribal governments in the four-county region of Cochise, Graham, Greenlee and Santa Cruz counties, Arizona. SEAGO performs a wide variety of regional planning functions, including transportation and economic development planning, and is a key stakeholder and planning partner with the Federal Highway Administration and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

The core purpose of establishing a National Freight Network (NFN) is “to assist States in strategically directing resources toward improved system performance for efficient movement of freight on the highway portion of the Nation’s freight transportation system, including the National Highway System (NHS), freight intermodal connectors, and aerotropolis transportation systems” (Section 1115 of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act). As you will see from our comments below, SEAGO strongly believes that strate-

Payment in Lieu of Taxes Program May End

Greenlee County joins national effort urge Congress to save PILT

There is concern that Congress may vote to end the PiLT program that offers financial support to counties that have significant amounts of land that are owned by the federal government. Payments to counties are compensation for the loss of property tax that would be collected if the land was privately owned. Payments provide funds to 1,900 counties in 49 states and officials are asking Congress to provide $25 million in funds nationwide. Read the USAToday article, “Counties fight for reinstatement of federal payments” - CLICK HERE!

By Walter Mares, Managing Editor, Copper Era

Is there actually strength in numbers? County officials across the United States are hoping so, and that includes the Greenlee County Board of Supervisors. They are all strongly urging Congress not to kill the Payment-In Lieu of Taxes (PILT) Act that is critical to budgets of American rural counties such as Greenlee. CLICK HERE to read more ...


Thursday, February 27, 2014 • 10:00am – 2:00pm • Clifton Schools-Junior High Gym

Meet Hiring Employers Employers provide general information about career opportunities, collect resumes/ pre-screen candidates and/or conduct on-the-spot interviews if you are potentially qualified! Locate Community Resources for Job Search Meet with local organizations that provide assistance with/tools for conducting job search, offer resume help and/or host employment workshops/job skills classes. Research Educational Training Opportunities Explore various educational or vocational certification/degree programs that may help you begin a new career or upgrade your skills needed for advancement. We recommend that you: Dress appropriately to present yourself in a professional manner. Bring copies of your resume with you. Job Seekers register here

300 N Coronado Blvd, Clifton, AZ 85533 PO Box 816, Clifton, AZ 85533 Phone (928) 865-4003

gically directing resources toward efficient movement of freight will not be fully possible if sufficient highway segments that support international trade are not included in the highway PFN. As a regional transportation planning organization, SEAGO understands the challenges and complexities the DOT has faced in developing a highway PFN that reflects the criteria for consideration identified by CLICK HERE to read more ...

Dear Supervisor David Gomez: I am pleased to inform you that a one year extension of the Payment-in-Lieu-ofTaxes program (PILT) has been included in the 2014 Farm Bill, which will be filed in the House of Representatives later today. I’ve heard from you and many other county supervisors about how important PILT is for delivering vital county services to your constituents. It’s unforgivable that Congress would allow local communities to face such uncertainty in their budget planning process by failing to take action on PILT for this long. Arizona is the 6th largest state in the nation and about two-thirds of our land base is under federal ownership. As such, Congress should pay its county taxes through PILT just like any other land owner. While I’m supportive that PILT funding is coming from savings generated by cuts to wasteful Farm Bill subsidies, this unfortunately is just a temporary solution. I agree with you when you say Congress needs to permanently reauthorize PILT. Please be assured that in the coming months I will be working with my colleagues in the Senate to accomplish this goal on your behalf. I’m hopeful that I can continue to count on your steadfast support in helping me fight for PILT.

The Turning Point Monthly February 2014, page 2


Sierra Vista and Sonora, Mexico Collaborate to Expand Economic Development Opportunities Mayor Rick Mueller presented a Key to the City to Juan Edmundo Lopez Durand, Undersecretary of Promoting Employment and Productivity, for Sonora, Mexico. Executives from the two organizations met to discuss how Sierra Vista and the Mexican state of Sonora could work together to enhance economic development on both sides of the border. Sierra Vista executives in attendance were City Manager Chuck Potucek, Assistant City Manager Mary Jacobs, and Economic Development Manager Nancy

Grant Opportunities Available

Martin. Sonora’s Human Resources and Development Administrator, Jackline Maldonado Urrea, was also present. “I was honored to meet Undersecretary Lopez,” said Mueller. “Sierra Vista’s Plan for Prosperity identifies the importance of strengthening our alliance with Mexico and emphasizes the partnership with the neighboring Mexican state of Sonora. Our meeting was a significant step in expanding our collaborative possibilities,” he said.

Data Infrastructure Building Blocks

CLICK HERE to read more ...

CLICK HERE to learn more ...

Sponsor: National Science Foundation Deadline: 4/9/14 Amount: $1.5 million-$5 million Type: Science & Technology, Social & Economic Description: This program encourages development of robust and shared datacentric cyberinfrastructure capabilities to accelerate interdisciplinary and collaborative research in areas of inquiry stimulated by data. Effective solutions will bring together cyberinfrastructure expertise and domain researchers.

From the Bisbee Chamber of Commerce by Fred Miller | BCofC Board Member

Greetings & Happy New Year! As this new year begins, we hope it will be a bountiful time for all of us. This is a lengthy newsletter because there is much to report. In the future, they will be shorter. !Muchas Gracias to Robert and Deanna¡ As an organization devoted to helping businesses in Bisbee we truly owe a debt of gratitude to former director, Deanna La Velle, and former President, Robert Carreira. Through hard work and community

is issued at the beginning of each month by the SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization Economic Development District. 1403 W. Highway 92, Bisbee, AZ 85603 (520) 432-2622, ext. 210 To subscribe, email: A’kos Kovach, publisher and editor Margaret Dillard, copy/graphics editor

Items for publication are welcomed from SEAGO member entities and strategic partners. Copy must be submitted at least 7 business days prior to the end of each month.

involvement they brought the Chamber back from the almost dead, balanced the budget, moved the office, and increased the activity of the Chamber - including putting on a successful Car Show and Blues Festival. We have seen a revival of interest by businesses in the Chamber because of their efforts. At the inaugural meeting of the new board Robert summed up the success and attributed it to listening to members, taking action only when there was a strong majority in favor or against, and fostering a mutually respectful working relationship with city government. If the Board were to be guided by those three things, we will continue to build on CLICK HERE to read more ...

Strengthening Rights for Persons with Disabilities

Sponsor: Department of State Deadline: 2/14/14 Amount: $700,000-$1 million Type: International & Border, Social & Economic Description: This grant supports organizations that provide technical assistance to civil society and governments on the effective implementation and enforcement of legislation to protect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities. a. This consortium should be able to work more broadly, but must include Kenya and Tanzania among its target countries. CLICK HERE to learn more ...

Intellectual Property Enforcement Program

Sponsor: Department of Justice Deadline: 3/13/14 Amount: Up to $400,000 Type: Public Safety, Social & Economic, Science & Technology Description: The Intellectual Property Enforcement Program is designed to provide national support and improve the capacity of state, local, and tribal criminal justice systems to address intellectual property criminal enforcement, including prosecution, prevention, training, and technical assistance. CLICK HERE to learn more ...

The Turning Point Monthly February 2014, page 3

Regional Calendar of Events Feb. 1 & 15 - Bountiful Baskets, 11:30 am, Duncan Park. Feb. 4 - 7 Decoding Online Marketing Webinar, Feb. 4, 3:00 to 4:00 pm MST The Essentials. REGISTER HERE! Feb. 5, 11:00 am to Noon, Beyond Banners. REGISTER HERE! Feb. 7 - 10:00 am to 11:00 am, MST. Result Oriented. REGISTER HERE! Feb. 4 - Business Planning for Cochise County Food Producers: A Cochise College SBDC Event 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, Cochise College, Sierra Vista Campus. Contact: or Register Now! Feb. 6, 13, 20 & 27 - Farmers Market, 10:00 am 4:30 pm. Clifton Train Station. Feb. 8 - Greenlee County Drag Series. Feb. 8 - Friends of the Copper Queen Library Chocolate Tasting, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Central School, 43 Howell, Old Bisbee. $10. Feb. 13 - Clifton Town Council, 7:00 pm at Clifton Town Hall.

UPCOMING EVENTS GREENLEE COUNTY, AZ FEBRUARY 19 & 20 - Greenlee County Housing Forum, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm both days. Morenci, Club. FEBRUARY 26 - Greenlee County Trails Study Open House. Duncan: 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Location TBA. Clifton: 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Train Depot. MARCH 6, 2014- New Mexico Workforce Connection Career Fair, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Deming Event Center MARCH 9, 2014 - The First ever Duncan Thunder starring Troy Olsen of Nashville MARCH 9, 2014 - Duncan Thunder starring Troy Olsen of Nashville Fame and Reid Richins MARCH 14 - Second Growing Greenlee Opportunity Summit, Morenci Club. APRIL 11 & 12, 2014 - Spring Rampage, Greenlee Co. Fairgrounds APRIL 12, 2014 - Greenlee Co. Mud Drag Series APRIL 11 & 12, 2014 -Javelin Chase Bicycle Event

Feb. 14 - 102nd Statehood Day Celebration,Noon. Arizona State Capitol Museum Historic Senate Chamber

A Save Our Home AZ and AZ Mortgage Relief programs event will be held on Friday, February 21,2014 in the Si-

Feb. 15 & 16 - Greenlee County Cattle Growers 100th Anniversary, open to the public after lunch on 2/15.

erra Vista Council Chambers from 9-6. While this event is being held in Sierra

Feb 18, in Willcox, Friends of the San Pedro, Friends of the Frisco, Cochise County Tourism Council & Greenlee county Tourism Council , meet, greet, lunch and share. Questions? call Rachel Norton, SBDC, 520-515-5478

Vista it is open to all SEAGO region homeowners. To avoid a wait, you can schedule an appointment by going to http://arizonadepartmentofhousing.

Feb. 19 & 20 - Greenlee County Opportunity Forum, 9;00 am to 6:00 pm both days.Morenci Club, Morenci, AZ For information, call (928) 241-1771 ir (520) 678-5553 or visit to register to attend or be a vendor. or contact Mickey Breen at 602/771-1047.

not needed, but you may have a wait time.

Feb. 19 - Greenlee County Tourism Council. Feb. 21 - Global Connect Arizona Trade Finance Seminar, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Thunderbird School of Golbal Management, Yount Auditorium, 1 Global Place, Glendale,AZ. CLICK HERE to read more ...

Arizona’s 102nd Statehood Day Celebration

Feb. 25 - Greenlee County Pride Society, 5:30 pm. Sr. Citizen Center. Mar. 6 - New Mexico Workforce Connection Career Fair, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Deming Event Center..Job Seekers-CLICK HERE! EmployersCLICK HERE! or call: Phone: 928-432-6932 ext 302 Mar. 15 - Bisbee 500 Stair Climb Glow, 7:00 pm Old Bisbee

February 14, 2014 • Noon Arizona State Capitol Museum Historic Senate Chamber

Border Community Alliance

Introductions Arizona Secretary of State

Governor’s Proclamation The Honorable Ken Bennett

Now through May 2014.

Arizona Poet Laureate Alberto Rios

Tour Dates: Tours begin in the US around 9am, and end at La Roca Restaurant in Nogales, Son. around 3-3:30. Tours end with a short presentation by the US Consul or the director of Economic Development for Nogales Sonora. Questions? Download our Cross Border Tour informational sheet HERE. Visit our website at www.bordercommunityalliance. com to find out more about our Cross Border Tours. To register email ptrulock@gmail. com or call 520-398-3229.

Welcome and The Honorable Ken Bennett,

Pledge of Allegiance The Honorable Ken Bennett

Cross-Border Tours

2/20, 3/20 & 5/15 .

Appointments are

State Librarian Joan Clark Presentation of the Polly Award The Honorable Ken Bennett Recognition of the Polly Rosenbaum Writing Contest Winners The Honorable John Huppenthal Superintendent of Public Instruction

The Turning Point Monthly, February 2014, page 4

Conclusion of Historic Senate Program. Contest winners will read their essays in the Historic Supreme Court Chambers

SBDC Director earns NASBITE global business credential As part of the Cochise College’s Small Business Development (SBDC) and Cochise Colleges commitments for continued education and continual improvement in goal and performance management Mark Schmitt, Center Director (SBDC) recently passed the NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) examination. He is currently the 7th person in Arizona to successfully complete this exam. NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional credential (CGBP) ® provides a benchmark for competency in global commerce. The CGBP® designation demonstrates an individual’s ability to conduct global business, including global business management, global market¬ing, supply chain management, and trade finance. The certification confirms that knowledge in 4 key areas: Global Business Management Develop and/or assist with the strategic and operational planning, development, imple-

mentation, and assessment of the international aspects of the business. Global Marketing - Manage, implement, coordinate and/or assist with marketing, including planning, sales, research and support functions to assess customer needs; evaluate opportunities and threats on a global scale; and meet corporate needs within environmental constraints and corporate goals. Supply Chain Management: Evaluate all supply chain options that result in the best overall solutions to support the international business plan while complying with all rules, regulations and security issues from sourcing to final distribution. Trade Finance: Evaluate financial risks and methods, select and implement most favorable methods of payment to support global activities, and ensure that all related costs are included at the time. In addition to the aforementioned domains, the NASBITE CGBP® includes the following topics across all four domains: • Documentation • Legal and regulatory compliance • Intercultural awareness • Technology resources in support of global trade – www.

GLOW! The Bisbee 500 Stair Climb Glow! This inaugural event is a 3 mile course that features ALL NEW staircases (No REPEAT STAIRS of the Bisbee 1000 Course) connected by roads that will have participants lighting up Old Bisbee like never before! After illuminating the stairs of Bisbee, all are invited to stay for the post-race party featuring DJ Billy the Kid , cash bar and black light dancing into the night. T-shirts will be on sale with glow markers/glow paint available so you can decorate your own. Cash prizes will be given for the “glowy-est” t-shirts.

CLICK HERE to read more ...

Participants have the choice of doing it as a “timed participant” or simply as a “glow worm” (untimed). Go to www.bisbee1000. org for more information and to register. The Turning Point Monthly, February 2014, page 5


As mentioned in the report, the Governor’s budget continues the HURF raids while legislative leadership wishes to end them for at least the next two years. Please continue to communicate with lawmakers the importance of ending the raids as they must now decide upon conflicting priorities to reach a budget agreement. Thank you, Kevin Adam Rural Transportation Advocacy Council

The Governor’s budget proposal for State

Fiscal Year 2014-15 was released on Friday with no reductions to the HURF raids which have been roughly $127 Million each of the last two years. At a Friday press conference, her Budget Director, John Arnold, indicated that ending the HURF sweeps should be a priority and that HURF funds should be replaced with General Fund revenues to pay for Department of Public Safety costs, just not now. The Governor’s proposal increases ongoing expenditures by $175.2 million and also includes $188.9 million in one-time spending, all of which are apparently higher priorities than restoring HURF this year. Included in that one-

Message From Deputy Secretary, Matt S. Erskine

CLICK HERE to read more ...

CLICK HERE to read more ...

Rural Landscapes Survey Last fall, I made the results of our Renewable Energy Opportunity Analysis (REOA) available to you in the form of GIS shapefiles, our report and/or maps. Here is a link to our report and maps by region: http:// content/renewable-energy-opportunityanalysis Specifically, data was provided regarding the highest opportunity areas for the siting of utility-scale solar facilities.



As we look forward to a prosperous 2014, we should all be encouraged by the continued strengthening of our national economy. In 2013, U.S. businesses created 2 million jobs, bringing the total of jobs created in the last four years to 8 million. Our economy is growing at a stronger pace. The unemployment rate has steadily fallen to its lowest point in five years. Importantly, our fiscal situation is firmer, with

From Mark Apel | University of ArizonaCooperative Extension-Cochise County

It is important for me to report on the impacts of this effort and would appreciate your feedback on how the data may have been used by you, your colleagues or decision-makers. Could you please take a minute to reply with answers to the following questions: Have you or colleagues taken advantage of the GIS data provided you for your area?

If yes, please describe how the information was used – for example: Used to generate maps for decisionmakers? Used in reports on the solar potential for your jurisdiction? Used to support decisions about specific solar projects proposed in your area? CLICK HERE to see more questions and respond to this survey

Morenci Parks Happenings It’s that time of the year again! Morenci Parks and Recreation is putting together our next Activity Guide. We hope you have a ton of community related events/program information for us. This Activity Guide will cover Late May through the August/September time frame. In order to execute the Newsletter in a timely fashion, we will have a hard deadline for submissions this season, and I thank you in advance for working with me on meeting this deadline. Please keep in mind that this Newsletter is a programs guide, therefore we are looking for “what to do” type items, while steering away from past events offered and/or static information. If you do not have any infor-

mation you wish to submit, please let me know that as well. Please submit your content in MS Word or PDF format; and focus more on content, rather than aesthetics. Please remember to keep file sizes small, as once the entire newsletter is created it is a much larger file to forward on to print. Deadline: Sunday, February 9, 2014. Thank you and I am looking forward to working with everyone again this season. Amanda Young |Front Desk Admin. Morenci Recreation Center Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold E:

The Turning Point Monthly, February 2014, page 6

eRegions is the electronic newsletter covering issues in legislation, transportation, community and economic development, homeland security and the environment for NARC members. View current issue (pdf file): January 21, 2014 CLICK HERE to access past issues of eRegions.

Greenlee County Housing Forum February 19 & 20 • 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Morenci Club • Morenci, AZ

Music diplomacy: GV band makes historic trip to Mexico

Featuring the design and build team of AGENDA 9 AM - All booths open Oberg, Riggs, Bloodworth and Nuebeck Participants: 1. Greenlee County officials 2. SEAGO Housing Counselor 3. GILA Health Resources 4. Town of Clifton 5. Town of Duncan 6. National Bank of Arizona 7. Az Workforce Connection 8. Huachuca Mountain Insurance 9. Long Realty 10. Zero-mod Housing 11. Greenlee County Chamber of Commerce 12. Greenlee County Tourism Council Come find out who else has a booth

10:30 - 11:30 Presentations 11:30 - 1:30 One-on-one with support vendors 1:30 - 2:30 Presentations 2:30 - 5:00 One-on-one with support vendors 5:00 - 6:00 Presentations This forum is for anyone and everyone interested in knowing about home ownership, what home floor plans are available, new home locations in Greenlee County and much more.

CLICK HERE to read more ...

Speak one-on-one with Mortgage lenders, homeowner insurance agents, realtors, employers, health care profes­sionals plus local County and Town officials. Come one come all, invite your neighbors, family members, co-workers and friends. For information: Call: 928-241-1771 or 520-678-5553

Arizona Gives Day is a way for people to find, learn about, and contribute to causes they believe in.


Arizona Gives Day

Non-profits REGISTER NOW or visit http://www.arizonanonprofits. org/content/arizona-gives-day-0

The impressive news about Greenlee County is gaining a broad audience and attracting an abundance of interest. You can see for yourself what the buzz is about by attending the Two-day Housing Forum at the Morenci Club in Morenci, Az on February 19 and February 20.

THIS WEEK’S HIGHLIGHTS 2014 Washington Policy Conference Preview; Draft Agenda Available Nominations Now Open for NADO’s 2014 Congressional Partnership Awards; Deadline to Submit Online is February 24 President Signs FY2014 Omnibus Appropriations Package into Law House and Senate Return Next Week; President Delivers State of the Union Address Upcoming NADO Webinar to Feature Small Town Downtown Economic Development Strategies Save the Date! EDFS and National Rural Transportation Conferences to Occur December 2014

CLICK HERE to read this newsletter ...

The Turning Point Monthly, February 2014, page 7

SEACAP Housing Assistance Contact Cecilia (520) 287-5066 (800) 293-1144 Leave Message

Atalanta’s Music & Books, oldest retail News from the business in Old Bisbee Benson/San Pedro Turn the clock back to September 1975, Valley Chamber HISTORIC BOOKSTORE that was when Circles Robinson opened Red Black & Green Records on OK Street. Did you know that Joan Werner owned one bookcase of used books in Circle’s record store back then? When Circles decided he wanted to live in Central America he sold the store to Joan for the wholesale price of the records! These were LP’s, now fondly known as vinyl. Joan took over the business on June 4th, 1976 and wisely moved the store to Main Street, into the F.W. Woolworth Building renaming it Atalanta’s Music & Books. After just 6 months Joan moved the store to 32 Main Street (now the home of the Tang Gallery) where the store was located for 18 years. But that location became increasingly crowded, so finally Joan moved the store one last time, into the old JC Penney’s building at 38 Main Street, where it is today. Over the years, the store expanded to include new as well as used


38-year-old turnkey business for sale in Bisbee. Established, profitable - a fixture on Main Street. Great opportunity for an energetic, ambitious person. Serious inquiries only. 4000 square feet (2000 square feet currently occupied.) Building is 100% solar electric. Sale price includes one year of rent and most utilities, all inventory, computerized inventory management system with 7,000 customer club members, computers and fixtures. Retail store currently sells books, music, musical instruments, art supplies, toys; also organic & recycled clothing, house wares and gifts. Contact Joan Werner Atalanta’s Music & Books 38 Main Street Bisbee AZ 85603 520-432-9976 CLICK HERE to read more ...

5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals in 2014 by Kaludia Kovacs |

To welcome the New Year with all its possibilities, I find it necessary to bring closure to the previous year first. Acknowledging the things you have achieved is as important as reviewing where you fell short and what you can do to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Here are 5 suggested steps to have a solid plan for 2014:

1. Create a few hours of solitude when you won’t be interrupted. 2. Name the very decisions and beliefs that helped you to achieve your goals. 3. Now, write a list of things you need to do to accomplish them in the future and add additional goals for 2014, if you want to.

by Debi Kilpatrick | Office Manager, BSPVCofC

Welcome to the New Year! As you all know the Benson/San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce has been working to regain it’s footing for the past couple years. After making some calls to some of the other chambers in our state, I have discovered that we are not the only ones! Many of the other smaller Chambers are also going thru reorganization pains. We are not the only ones in this county. There are approximately 4 in this county alone. Touching base with them, has been enlightening & educational. Touching base with some of our more successful Chambers in the state has been educational as well. Albeit the more successful Chambers have a larger population in their areas, there is much that can be learned and be applied to our area. We have a lot to offer tourists, families, and industry. We need to pull together and promote ourselves and our beautiful geographical location. What we currently offer our members Free Online Advertising. Finish reading this article on the SEAGOEDD Blog - CLICK HERE !

CLICK HERE to read more ...

JOB SEEKER INFORMATION Greenlee County Career Fair

Thursday, February 27, 2014 • 10:00am – 2:00pm • Clifton Schools-Junior High Gym

WE WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR PARTICIPATION CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW! Benefits of Registration: -Increase visibility! Advertising and Promotion in Graham & Greenlee Counties -Recruit candidates! Screen candidates & collect resumes (current & future hiring needs) -Increase efficiency! Conduct on-the-spot interviews for qualified candidates 300 N Coronado Blvd, Clifton, AZ 85533 PO Box 816, Clifton, AZ 85533 Phone (928) 865-4003 The Turning Point Monthly, February 2014, page 8

Hoppin’ Grapes opens in Sierra Vista by Luanne Mattson |

Southern Arizona is becoming the place for wine tasting. In December, a wine tasting lounge, Hoppin’ Grapes, opened in Sierra Vista. The shop showcases New World wines at their Fry Boulevard location.

Wolfe says the atmosphere is relaxed and comfy. It features couches and loungey furniture, so guests can kick back with friends and enjoy the tasting experience. The shop mainly focuses on wines, but also features craft beers. It has a noshing menu that includes cheese plates and desserts.

Hoppin’ Grapes offers daily wine tastings, and their wine list changes frequently. If you’re looking to explore new things, owner Kristine Wolfe and her husband Eric Potvin will be happy to welcome you. In January, they featured a unique wine made from agave and ginger. Hoppin Grapes offers select food pairings with cheeses, of course, but also cookies and desserts.

Hoppin’ Grapes Wine and Beer Tasting Shop 409B W. Fry Blvd Sierra Vista, Arizona 520-338-WINE

We would like to show you the new features of the tool. To arrange a demo at a time that suits you email PS: if you sign up to the updated fDi Benchmark before February 28th 2014 you will get 10% off its subscription price. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the locations that matter to you Trend data on selected data points Prepare compelling business cases and value propositions Operating Cost Model

The first Greenlee County Chamber Mixer was a resounding success as attendees came from as far west as Pima and Thatcher, and as far east as Virden and Silver City, New Mexico. Clifton, York, Sheldon, Duncan and Morenci were all represented.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday – Thursday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday & Saturday Noon to 8 p.m., Sunday

To find out about more local wines, visit the vineyards page of the Cochise County Tourism Council’s website,

FDI expertise, data insights and assessment tools We have released an enhanced version of fDi Benchmark, fDi Intelligence’s platform that evaluates the competitiveness of countries and cities across 600-plus global locations and in more than 65 sectors.

Greenlee County Chamber Mixer

(l to r) Charmaine Chidester, SBDC; Kimberly Termain, Arizona Workforce Connection and Emily Gojkovich from Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments.

A palpable excitement was in the air and ran throughout the crowd that grew to be over 50 participants. Chamber President Laura Dorrell served as hostess and emcee, the Gila Health Resources facility was the host location and they did an outstanding

Congressman Ron Barber with Wings Over Willcox President Homer Hansen

job of making everyone feel welcome. Business owners, the new Star Advocacy Center (they assist in family violence cases, child abuse, etc.) for Graham and Greenlee County, plus established businesses, such as National Bank of Arizona, The Simpson Hotel, Chase Creek Marketplace as well as organizations such as The Business Association of Chase Creek Arizona (BACCA), the Clifton Visitor Center, Greenlee County Tourism Council, Clifton Historical Society and Museum, Friends of the Frisco and many others. It looks like the fastest County in Arizona may also have the fastest growing Chamber of Commerce as well!

The Turning Point Monthly, February 2014, page 9

February 2014 newsletter final a  

February 2014 newsletter final a