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5-7 March 2014 | Punta Villa Resort, Iloilo City, Philippines Organized by SEAFDEC/AQD with funding from GOJ-Trust Fund Prospectus The Southeast Asian region has highly diverse marine flora and fauna. Many of these aquatic species have been utilized for human food and trade, and yet continuously over-exploited for decades. As a consequence, many species in the region have become threatened or endangered. Public concern in environmental protection and marine resource conservation has also been heightened. Immediate action towards replenishment of the over-exploited species is needed to maintain and secure a wholesome ecosystem, which also supports sustainable fisheries for food security and livelihood in the region. Aquaculture is undoubtedly a practical way to reduce fishing pressure on wild aquatic species and is an effective measure to fulfill man’s demand for food fish without harming wild resources. Release programs, that actively repopulate local stocks, ascribe to the development of seed production technologies in aquaculture. Moreover, aquaculture has continuously been addressing the issues of food security and widespread poverty in the Southeast Asian region. However, broodstock and fry of not a few aquaculture species, particularly high value species, still depend on wild resources. Hence, fishing pressure on these species has seriously affected the sustainability of the coastal resources. Endeavors toward resource enhancement and sustainable aquaculture practices are complement efforts in securing livelihood and decreasing poverty in Southeast Asia. With regard to resource enhancement, stocking through release programs together with appropriate fishing regulations are recognized as effective means to restore the population of overexploited aquatic species. Although an array of seed production technologies and hatchery practices have been developed for numerous species in several countries, thus far, practical information and skills which could be utilized for stock enhancement are still lacking in most Southeast Asian countries. Similarly, promotion of sustainable and environment-friendly aquaculture practices still need to be pursued through the development of region-oriented technologies and knowledge. In order to promote and augment regional initiatives on resource enhancement and sustainable aquaculture practices, and to contribute to poverty alleviation, livelihood and food security, SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department will hold a 3-day international workshop on resource enhancement and sustainable aquaculture practices in Southeast Asia. This workshop will be funded by the Government of Japan.

Topics for the International Workshop

1. Country Reports  Status reports of SEAFDEC member countries on resource enhancement and sustainable aquaculture practices including pressing issues, gaps, possible strategies, and recommendations in their respective countries. 2. Contributed Papers on the following topics  Establishment of stock enhancement strategies for over-exploited and/or endangered species;  Resource enhancement through community-based management;  Refinement of hatchery and nursery technologies;  Updates on seed production technologies;  Genetics in aquaculture and stock enhancement  Feed development and management;  Good aquaculture practices/ responsible aquaculture;  Affordable and economically viable aquaculture technologies; and,  Other matters supporting resource enhancement and sustainable aquaculture practices. 3. Workshop Discussion - "Identification of research gaps and collaborative activities among member countries”  Needs and requirements of member countries to promote resource enhancement and sustainable aquaculture practices;  Special needs of member countries for learning procedures and methodologies for the respective practices;  Application of knowledge and utilization of available resources; and  Training needs of personnel in member countries.

Expected outputs At the end of the workshop, participants will be updated on the issues related to resource enhancement and sustainable aquaculture, and will put forward recommendations to address the issues. Awareness and commitment to enhance and support research and development towards wholesome and responsible production of aquatic species will be increased.

Participants and resource persons SEAFDEC member countries, local government units, policy-makers, and those from academe and other organizations/institutions engaged in fisheries and aquaculture management, research, technology extension, fish farming, seafood trade and processing, are invited to participate in this workshop. Resource persons are scientists and researchers from SEAFDEC/AQD and invited experts from other institutions.

Dates and venue The workshop will be held on March 5-7, 2014 at Punta Villa Resort, Iloilo City, Philippines. Participants may be billeted at the workshop venue.

Registration fee Category


After 31 January 2014

International participant Student Non-student

USD 100 USD 150

USD 125 USD 200

Local (Philippine) participant Student Non-student

PHP 3,000 PHP 4,000

PHP 3,500 PHP 4,500

Registration fees cover the cost of conference kit, lunch and snacks.

Payment For payment of registration fees, you can remit to SEAFDEC/AQD’s Peso bank account with details indicated below: Beneficiary Name (Account Name): Beneficiary Address: Bank: Beneficiary Account No.: Bank Swift Code: Branch: Bank Address:

SEAFDEC/AQD – International Workshop on Resource Enhancement and Sustainable Aquaculture Bgy. Buyu-an, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines United Coconut Planters Bank 10-307-000187-9 ucpbphmm Iznart Branch Iznart St., Iloilo City, Philippines

or SEAFDEC/AQD’s Dollar bank account with details indicated below: Bank: Beneficiary Account No.: Bank Swift Code: Branch: Bank Address:

Bank of Commerce 023-21-000001-1 pabiphmm Iznart Branch Iznart St., Iloilo City, Philippines

Kindly furnish us a copy of your deposit slip by sending it through fax no. (+63 33) 511-9177 or email @ if payment has been done.

Registration: Please click here.

Call for papers: Please click here.

For confirmation of attendance, please contact the following: Dr. Maria Rowena R. Eguia Secretariat, International Workshop on Resource Enhancement and Sustainable Aquaculture Practices in Southeast Asia SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department, Philippines E-mail: Telefax: +63 33 5119070 Website: *************** For details on accommodation arrangements at the conference venue, contact: Mr. Ferdinand Yanes Punta Villa Resort

Sto. Ni単o Sur, Arevalo, Iloilo City, Philippines Phone: +63 033 336 1105 to 06 E-mail:,, Website: www.puntavillai oi o com/

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