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By Ashlyn Daniel-Nuboer ashlyn@seacoastscene.net

Pancakes or waffles? Sausage or bacon? If breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, how do you find the perfect meal to start the day off right? The Seacoast Scene has created a list of a few spots worth visiting that will cure all manner of breakfast cravings, whether you’re hankering for a guilty pleasure — think French toast drenched in pure maple syrup — or healthier fare (smoothie, anyone?). According to a 2015 NPD study, the common breakfast essentials of bacon, eggs and pancakes are growing in popu-

larity, while the variety of breakfasts out there range from organic juiceries to holein-the-wall diners. It seems that breakfast has evolved into a large and diverse market. So where should you go get breakfast?


The Seacoast is loaded with cafes that hold health as their No. 1 priority. The Juice Box (77 Lafayette Road in North Hampton, N.H.) is a small spot owned by Rye, N.H., natives Ryan and Tyler McGill, who sought to create a place along the seacoast that mirrored their own active and healthy lifestyle. Also the owners of Summer Sessions in Rye and Portsmouth, the


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Seacoast Scene 9/15/16

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