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Remember the TV show Cheers where everyone knew your name? Well we have a place in Hampton called “Hoatys” where everyone knows the owners, Pam and Gary, and after 30 Larry Marsolais years of being in the restaurant business they are retiring and moving on to something else. This is a small restaurant where they serve breakfast and lunch and on any given day you could stop in and you would know someone. It is a great place for the locals to go and have a great meal, but during the tourist season there are some days when you have to wait in line. Pam and Gary always help out with the community whenever they can and are seen at many local events. When you walk into Hoatys you can sit at a table or pull up a stool

at the counter where there are no walls and you can watch Gary cooking your meal on two large flattops. The atmosphere has the smell of food and the buzzing of folks talking. If you want to talk sports, you’re at the right place. The business has been sold and the name will stay the same. Pam and Gary’s last day is Jan. 29, so you still have time to stop in and say goodbye. Personally I want to thank them for 30 years of greatness and wish them well with whatever they may do. From all of us at the Scene, good luck and welcome to the new owners. As always feel free to call me anytime at 603-935-5096 to discuss local issues or to place an ad. Larry Marsolais is the general manager of the Seacoast Scene and the former president of the Hampton Rotary Club.




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EVENTS TO CHECK OUT JANUARY 23 - FEBRUARY 5, 2020, AND BEYOND Beetles, borers and woolly adelgids

Speaking for Wildlife: NH Bugs,The Big Three will be held at the Lane Memorial Library in Hampton on Wednesday, Jan. 29, from 6 to 8 p.m. NHBugs: The Big Three informs New Hampshire citizens and visitors about three invasive insects of greatest concern to our trees and forests: emerald ash borer, hemlock woolly adelgid and Asian longhorned beetle. This presentation includes information about the life cycles, identifying signs and symptoms of infestations, and management techniques for each pest. Visit lanememoriallibrary.org.

After the marathon bombing

Also at the Lane Memorial Library in Hampton, on Thursday, Jan. 30, at 6:30 p.m. Roseann Sdoia will talk about her book Perfect Strangers: Friendship, Strength, and Recovery After Boston’s Worst Day, which reflects on her experiences that day and the three people who changed her life forever, including the one who saved her life and the firefighter who has been by her side since that day. All are welcome to attend this free event. For more information, visit lanememoriallibrary.org or call 926-3368. Refreshments and a book signing will follow.

Soup’s on

The New England Shores Baptist Church of Hampton is hosting its annual soup potluck on Sunday, Feb. 2, from noon to 1:15 p.m. Church members prepare their special soup recipes, and all attendees do a taste test and vote on their favorite soup. All are welcome. Find the event on Facebook.

Take the plunge

The Penguin Plunge is back at Hampton Beach on Saturday, Feb. 1, for the high school plunge, which starts at noon, and Sunday, Feb. 2, the main event for all “plungers,” which also starts at noon. Whether you plunge as an individual or gather a team together with co-workers, friends or family, this is a fun way to raise money for Special Olympics of New Hampshire. Find more information and to register visit SONH.org.

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By Rob Levey

If you want to eat healthier, you can pack a lot of nutritional punch with superfoods. Find out what they are, why they’re good for you and how to make them taste good so you can add them to your diet without sacrificing flavor.

What are superfoods?

Dan Kinsella, owner of Sea Change Fitness & Nutrition in North Hampton, said it is important to understand what superfoods are. “There is no accepted definition of the term ‘superfood’ in the medical science community, so it opens the door to a lot of interpretation,” said Kinsella, who is also a certified strength, conditioning and nutrition specialist. But generally speaking, he said, superfoods tend to be very nutrient-dense and possess a healthy amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

“Some claim they reduce the risk of certain diseases and improve overall health,” said Kinsella. “Ultimately, superfoods optimize the body’s ability to function,” he said. “[Eating them] maximizes the nutrition density per bite compared to other foods.”

Pick your produce

According to Eileen Behan, RDN at Core Physicians in Exeter, adding whole fruits and vegetables such as berries, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables to your menu is “probably the fastest way to improve your diet.” “They lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke, prevent cancer, and improve eye and digestive health,” she said. In terms of cruciferous vegetables, Behan said broccoli is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K and folate. Cauliflower is also a nutrient-rich vegetable.

Fitness matters Proper nutrition by itself will not necessarily lead to fitness. “Being fit means having more energy, strength and flexibility, which as we age can help prevent injuries, decrease stress levels, improve sleep and lead to a better quality of life,” said Kinsella. A proper fitness program can therefore play a critical role. “A fitness program that includes both cardiovascular and strength training is best for total body health,” he added. When beginning a new fitness program,

Kinsella said, it is important to seek the advice of a professional who can teach you proper techniques to avoid injury and maximize results. “Being in shape in your 40s, 50s and 60s could minimize the risk or prevent diabetes or a heart attack,” he said. “Being in shape in your 40s, 50s and 60s could also allow you to still enjoy the sports and activities of your younger years or maybe something as simple as getting on the floor to play with your grandkids.”


“Both cauliflower and broccoli can be steamed until tender and served with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese or a squeeze of lemon,” she said. While not cruciferous, but a vegetable nonetheless, Behan cited sweet potatoes as another superfood worthy of consideration. “They are loaded with carotenoids and are a good source of potassium and fiber,” she said. “Cut into wedges, toss with a little oil, salt and pepper and roast until crisp.” As for leafy greens, kale, collards, spinach, mustard greens and Swiss chard are rich in vitamins A, C, K, magnesium and more, Behan said. “For a hot side dish, sauté greens in olive oil and garlic add some red pepper flakes for spice and a splash of vinegar,” she said. For kale, Behan suggested eating it raw in a salad. “You’ll avoid losing any nutrients, but the leaves can be tough,” she acknowledged. For a tender kale salad, Behan said to Blue Moon’s Kale Salad This salad has been a staple at Blue Moon in Exeter for over 10 years. Salad Base 1 bunch Lacinato kale, cut lower stem, chiffonade and sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of salt 1 cup carrot, shredded 1 cup cabbage, red or green, minced 1 teaspoon spirulina powder Dressing 1/2 cup fresh squeezed, orange juice 2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice

wash and dry the leaves, tear or chop them into bite-size pieces and pour a little olive oil or lemon juice over them. “Massage the leaves until they get soft and a little darker in color,” she added. “Use as you would lettuce.” For fruits, berries are also considered a superfood, as they contain a compound called anthocyanin. “Anthocyanin appears to have a protective effect for our heart, bones, skin, blood pressure and even memory,” said Behan. “They are also a good source of vitamin C.” She suggests using them in baked goods, on top of oatmeal, or in smoothies. When you cannot buy fresh fruit and vegetables because of cost or the season, Behan suggested turning to frozen fruits and vegetables. “Studies find frozen produce carry a comparable nutrient profile and in some cases are even richer in nutrients,” she said.

2 tablespoons lime juice 1/4 cup raw apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon your choice of hot sauce 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil Garnish Raw sesame seeds Prep salad base, toss. Combine all dressing ingredients in a 16-ounce jar, shake well and pour over salad base. Toss well. Keeps 2 to 3 days.

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Dan Kinsella of Sea Change Fitness & Nutrition. Courtesy photo.

Power-packed protein

The best source of protein, explained Behan, is from beans, nuts, fish and poultry. “You want to limit red meat, though, and cheese, and avoid bacon, cold cuts and other processed meats,” she said. On the other hand, all beans, according to Behan, are healthy beans. “They’re rich in protein, fiber, copper, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc,” she said. In preparing them, she said, to try to use no-salt-added varieties. “Add a handful to your tossed salad, or stir them into your vegetable stews, curries and soups,” she said. Do not throw out the juice from canned garbanzo beans either. “It’s called aquafaba,” said Behan, “which can be used to make a vegan whipped cream or used as an egg substitute in cooking.” Lentils are also grouped with beans because they grow in pods. “Experiment with lentils,” said Behan. “They cook in as little as 20 minutes, and you can keep frozen batches in the freezer for a quick protein source. Use them as a replacement for ground beef in chili or even lasagna.” The only caveat with beans or legumes, said Maria Larkin, RDN at Better Gut Better Health in Newington, is that they can irritate the bowel due to lectin content. “In a sensitive gut lining, they can create intestinal bloating due to the sulfur and Chicken & Couscous Salad Courtesy of Dan Kinsella, Sea Change Fitness & Nutrition 4 free-range chicken breasts Pearl couscous 1 large broccoli head 1 package of mixed-color tomatoes 1 jar roasted red peppers Parmesan cheese Fresh parsley Fresh cilantro Salt and pepper

type of carbohydrate known as fructans,” she said. Larkin said this occurs because humans do not have the digestive capacity to digest beans well. “It is unfortunate, as many vegetarians rely on beans for the main source of protein,” she said. “Soaking beans or slow cooking helps reduce lectin content if this is an issue for some.” Yogurt, too, is a rich source of protein, especially the Greek variety. “Greek yogurt, which is strained, has almost double the amount of protein,” said Behan. Noting yogurt is also a great source of calcium, Behan said it also great snack. “Put plain yogurt in a mason jar, top it with frozen fruit, and when the berries melt they make a delicious no-sugar-added sauce,” she said. ”Yogurt is also delicious on oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon or as a replacement for sour cream in soups.” According to Behan, salmon is  rich in omega-3 fats, which may help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. “Many sources of wild-caught salmon are more sustainable than farmed salmon,” she said. For more information about choosing sustainable seafood, she suggested seafoodwatch.org as one possible resource. “Salmon is sold fresh, canned or in pouches,” she added. “The pouches are easy to use, too, so there is no draining, and they are usually wild-caught salmon.” 8

Grill the chicken breasts. To prepare the couscous, boil 2 cups of water, 1 tablespoon olive oil. Once boiling, add 3 cups of couscous. Simmer for 3 to 5 minutes. Then cover and let sit. Cut the broccoli into small pieces. Dice the tomatoes and roasted red peppers. While the couscous is simmering, saute the vegetables until the broccoli florets are just bright green. Add the sautéed vegetables to the couscous. Combine with chopped herbs, Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Cut the grilled chicken into strips and serve. Makes 4 servings.


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A healthy dish from Bad Lab Beer Co. Courtesy photo.

7 127745

Great grains

Tiny seeds from tall grasses, whole grains include barley, quinoa oats, rye, brown rice and corn, to name just a few. “Whole grains carry the outside bran layer, which is why they are darker in color and they naturally carry substances that can protect against disease, such as fiber, chromium and magnesium,” said Behan. She said the word “whole” should appear in the ingredient list. As examples, she said to look for terms like whole wheat, whole

rye, whole corn, whole oat flour, etc. “The words ‘enriched flour’ or ‘wheat flour’ are not whole grains,” she added. As for how to cook whole grains, Behan said it is as easy as boiling water. “Serve any of these to replace white rice, pasta or potatoes at a meal,” she said. “For extra flavor, cook any of the following grains with broth instead of water and season with salt, pepper and a little butter or olive oil before serving. These are also good with chopped fresh herbs stirred in.”

How to cook grains



Eileen Behan, RDN at Core Physicians in Exeter, shares basic cooking instructions for some super grains.

Couscous: Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Stir in ¾ cups couscous. Remove from heat, cover and let stand until liquid is absorbed.

Barley: To cook, combine ½ cup barley with 2 cups water or broth. Bring to a boil, stir, cover and cook until tender. Also delicious added to soup to replace potato or noodles.

Quinoa: Bring 2 cups of water to a boil and stir in 1 cup of quinoa and 1 teaspoon canola oil. Cover and cook on medium heat until tender.

Bulgur: Combine 1 cup bulgur with 2 cups water. Bring to a boil, stir, reduce heat, cover and cook about 20 minutes or until tender.

Brown rice: To cook bring 2 cups of water to a boil add 1 teaspoon canola oil and a pinch of salt. Bring to a boil, stir, cover, reduce heat to low and cook 45 minutes until soft and tender.

Cornmeal: Bring 4 cups of salted water to a boil, slowly add 1 cup cornmeal, and stir constantly. Reduce heat and cook until all water is absorbed and the cornmeal is soft and creamy. This is also called polenta.

Wheat Berry: To cook, combine 1 cup rinsed wheat berries in 2½ cups water or broth, add 1 teaspoon canola oil. Bring to a boil, stir, cover, reduce heat to low and cook for 45 minutes until soft.

Curried Cauliflower Bowl from Bad Lab Beer Co. Courtesy photo.

Prep time

As for general advice on how to prepare superfoods, Kinsella said eating them in their natural state is optimal. “Adding butter, dressing, sour cream, marinades or other sauces can add excessive amounts of calories from fat and sugar as well as a lot of sodium,” he said. To add flavor without adding fat, sugar and salt, he suggested the use of herbs and spices like parsley, cilantro, rosemary, thyme and cinnamon. He also recommended low-sugar vinaigrette dressings. “Even better, find a healthy recipe and create your own,” he said. “Just remember, it is important to have a healthy balance of

Curried Cauliflower Bowl Courtesy of Bad Lab Beer Co. This popular dish incorporates red quinoa, is vegetarian and can easily be made vegan. Curry Rub ½ cup curry powder 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper 1 can (15 oz.) coconut cream 1 cup tahini 2 tablespoons salt 8 limes juiced

superfoods from protein, carbohydrates and fats to avoid nutritional deficiencies.” According to Behan, you should include a fruit or vegetable at every meal. “Try eating a more vegetarian type diet or at least eat vegetarian during the day and eat only one source of animal protein like fish or chicken at night,” she said. A good breakfast, she said, would be oatmeal with fruit and a sprinkle of nuts followed by a peanut butter or hummus sandwich with vegetable soup at lunch. “At dinnertime, fill half the plate with vegetables and choose whole grains like brown rice or whole wheat pasta over white pasta,” she said. 10

½ cup honey 1½ cups lime juice 1½ cups red wine vinegar 4 teaspoons salt 4 cups oil Place all ingredients in the blender except the oil and blend well. While the blender is still on slowly add the oil. Store in quart containers. Will separate but you can just mix the dressing up well. Dressing will last a week in the refrigerator.

Toast curry powder and cayenne pepper. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

Garnish Fried potato sticks, crumbled feta, and fresh cilantro

Curried Cauliflower Break cauliflower into florets and place in a large bowl. Toss with enough rub to coat each floret well. Cook at 375 for 15-20 minutes.

Pick Up 1 teaspoon minced shallots 1 teaspoon minced garlic 2 tablespoons julienned roasted red peppers 1 cup roasted curry cauliflower 1 cup baby kale, washed ½ cup cooked quinoa

Garlic Lime Vinaigrette ¼ cup roasted garlic



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Superfood caveats

According to Larkin, there are caveats with superfoods. “As a dietitian working with folks with gut health issues, food allergies and sensitivities, my perspective on what is healthy for one person is not necessarily healthy for another,” she said. Some foods such as berries and dark leafy greens, for example, could be loaded with pesticides. “Unless eaten organic, they can be a source of toxic burden to the body,” she said. “Always look for organic when a food contains a high water content such as with berries and greens.” While they contain anti-cancer substances that are health-restorative, she said cruciferous vegetables are also high in sulfur. “It can cause digestive upset in individuals with genetic abnormalities with

This is one of the lighter vegetarian options from Bad Lab Beer Co.’s Sunday brunch menu. Avocado Spread 1 ripe avocado ½ lime, juiced Salt and pepper to taste Using a whisk, mash the avocado, add lime juice and salt and pepper to taste.

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Avacado Toast from Bad Lab Beer Co. Courtesy photo.

Garlic Lime Vinaigrette ¼ cup roasted garlic ½ cup honey 1½ cups lime juice 1½ cups red wine vinegar 4 teaspoons salt 4 cups oil Place all ingredients in the blender except the oil and blend well. While the blender is still on, slowly add the oil.

processing sulfur and/or intestinal bacterial overgrowth issues,” she added. Like beans and legumes, nuts may contain lectins. “If not soaked or sprouted, they can further disrupt the digestive process and damage the gut lining,” said Larkin. A rich source of protein and omega-3s, fish can also contain a lot of mercury. “Knowing which fish on the food chain to purchase and consume is important,” said Larkin, who said the Environmental Working Group (ewg.org) provides updates on which fish are safest to eat. Grains, said Larkin, also contain lectins, so soaking them is best. “Some grains contain gluten, which can be bothersome to those with gluten intolerance, sensitivity or Celiac disease. My experience with folks with inflammatory bowel disease is that grains may be poorly tolerated,” she said.

Store in quart containers. Will separate but you can just mix the dressing up well. Dressing will last a week in the refrigerator. Demi Salad 2 cups of Spring mix 1 tablespoon of shredded carrots 1 tablespoon of diced tomatoes 1 tablespoon of julienned red onion ½ tablespoon of Roasted Garlic and Lime Vinaigrette Pick Up 2 slices of multigrain bread, toasted 2 eggs, cooked in butter and over easy. You can use oil to cook for a lighter option. Butter/oil Prep demi salad and toss with vinaigrette, place on plate. Spread avocado mash on both pieces of multigrain toast. Place your over-easy eggs on your avocado toast. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds.



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Make one or bring your own to Winter Kite Fly

Kites will be flying high overhead at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport on Saturday, Feb. 1, at the second annual Winter Kite Fly hosted by the Newburyport Youth Services in conjunction with Kites Over New England and Blue Hill Observatory. The day will start at 10 a.m. with its first kite making session for ages 2 to 8, with another one following at 11:15 a.m. for ages 9 and up at Francis T Bresnahan Elementary School in Newburyport. Each kite costs $5 and for those who don’t already own a kite or want to purchase one Blue Hill Observatory will be selling a wide range of kites for all

levels of experience starting at $4 and ranging all the way up to $100. Attendees can register for these classes prior to the event by visiting the NYS website. “The kite-making session in the morning offers a nice overview history of kites, technology, and the math behind it all. It’s one big STEM lesson thrown in with a bunch of history about us and New England geared toward kids,” said Donald McCasland, program director of Blue Hill Observatory. Adults are welcome to join both kite-making sessions and the flying of them as well. The kite flying will commence at 12:30 p.m. with

snacks and hot drinks supplied by Changing Tides, a cafe based in Newburyport. This event is completely dependent on weather conditions and has no backup date, but if there is snow on the ground, let the kite flying commence. People from KONE and Blue Hill Observatory could bring out some really unique kites and other fun activities if the weather cooperates. “The range of kites flying ... is based on wind conditions. If there is enough wind but not too much we might see some larger kites, like ones shaped like a shark or an octopus,” McCasland said. “Hopefully we get some big kites flying but it all depends on the weather.” According to him, ideal wind conditions for flying kites are 8 to 15 mph. “Any kite can fly with those conditions,” he said. If there is enough snowpack on the ground and the conditions hold up, McCasland said they might offer “track kiting,” where someone gets pulled around on skis by special kites, as well as horse-drawn sleigh rides for everyone to enjoy. McCasland suggested coming prepared and planning accordingly due to the inability to predict what the weather or fields might be like. “The most important thing is to bring warm clothes, extra socks, multiple layers, etc. We have no idea what the condition of the field may be,” he said. There will be a portable fire station as well

to help keep guests warm and toasty while they aren’t flying. Last year the Associate Director of Recreation at NYS, Margot Harrington, was watching CBS Sunday Morning and caught a segment about kite festivals out in the Midwest during the winter months. She immediately went to the drawing board and thought of ways to bring this to life on the Seacoast. “Last year was a great turnout; we had 30 to 40 families at the kite-making sessions and then more people met us at the park to fly,” Harrington said. “We need snow to do the event, though, because we need to be able to drive cars onto the fields and can’t do that when the fields are wet and muddy.” Harrington also noted that since Maudsley is a state park, attendees will have to pay to park. “Bring a good attitude and some friends. It’s open for everyone,” Harrington said. — Chad Ripley Winter Kite Fly at Maudsley State Park Where: Maudslay State Park, 74 Curzon Mill Road, Newburyport When: Saturday, Feb 1. First kite-making session 10 a.m., second kite-making session 11:15 a.m., kite-flying 12:30 to 3 p.m. Cost: $5 to make a kite, free admission to fly, pay to park More info: newburyportyouthservices.com


Slow and steady wins the Prius race Dear Car Talk: Do Prius owners really think they need to set the (slow) pace for everyone else? Very often, at the head of a line of slow-moving vehicles is a Prius, or one By Ray Magliozzi will pull out in front of another car and slow down every car behind it. Is it because the car cannot accelerate, or is it because the owners of that particular car feel the need to control others? — Susan I don’t think it’s either one, Susan. We know a famous researcher named Dr. David Giovannoni. We call him Dr. Joe Baloney. He once explained to us that humans (and organizations) achieve what they measure. So, for instance, if you want to lose weight, what would you do? Well, you might cut out sweets, drink water instead of soda and maybe start to exercise (Note: we’re talking about you, not me). Then you’d get on a scale. And if the number on the scale was lower than it was the week before, you’d keep doing those things, because you’d know they’re working. You achieve what you measure. Now, who buys a Toyota Prius? Someone who wants to get better gas mileage than the

rest of us mortals. And guess what a big screen on the dashboard of the Prius does? It measures mileage. Constantly. By watching the numbers change on that screen, Prius drivers learn very quickly that by accelerating very gently, they can coax their mileage up from 53.8 mpg to 54.1 mpg. That makes them feel good. So they learn to feather that gas pedal and take 25 seconds to get from 0-60 while you’re cursing at them through your windshield. It’s not that the Prius can’t accelerate. It will accelerate like pretty much any other car if you put your foot down. And it’s not that they feel a need to be controlling. They’re just pursuing their personal goal of maximizing their mileage — because they care about it, and they’re constantly measuring it. Likewise, if you measured your blood pressure, Susan, you’d probably find that it goes up when you’re stuck behind a Prius. If you took a few deep breaths and said to yourself, “How nice, there’s a person who cares about the planet and is making the world a better place by wasting less fuel,” you’d see your blood pressure go down. Then you’d throw the blood pressure monitor out the window and pass the Prius with a few choice hand gestures.


Dear Car Talk: I have a 1997 Cadillac Seville. The power steering was making noises, so I took it to the old Cadillac dealer (which is now a Chevy dealer). This led to an expensive succession of repairs. They said the fluid was leaking from the pressure hose, the pump, and the steering rack and pinion. They replaced all three for $2,200. The remanufactured pump they put in made a grinding noise, so they replaced that with another one. After that, the car was harder to steer, so I took it back again. They did a pressure test on the second remanufactured power steering pump, and found that it was producing 800 psi, below the minimum acceptable 1,700 psi. So they put in a third one. The SLS was still hard to steer, so I went back again. They confirmed that it’s harder to steer than it should be but said the third pump is “operating as designed.” Now the car drives like it barely has power steering at all. What do I do now? — John I’m guessing you’ve already tried crying, John. If not, we’re shipping you a full box of our patented, extra-soft Car Talk tissues. Have at it. It could be a seized universal joint in the steering column, but if they missed that coupling when they changed the rack and pinion, shame on them. They’re using remanufactured power steering pumps because new ones probably aren’t

made anymore for this car. And they’re obviously not of great quality since at least two out of three of them failed — and the jury’s still out on the third one. It’s possible that your current pump is sub-par, too. You could ask them to take one more shot at it, especially since they agree the car is supposed to be easier to steer. If it’s harder to steer primarily when the car is cold, or primarily in one direction rather than both directions, then they might have given you a defective rack and pinion. I would think they’d have put a new one in, but who knows? And as you now know, power steering racks are very expensive to replace. It’s not a cheap part, and there’s a lot of labor involved. So they’re going to whine if you push them for another new one. But they owe it to you to solve this problem after all the money you spent. And if they replace the rack and pinion again, ask them to find you a new one. But really, the pump, the rack and pinion, the hoses and the universal joint represent pretty much the whole system, so there’s not much else it can be. If you’re not willing to fight with them, you could accept the steering as is, and join your local YMCA instead. There you’ll be able to bulk up your arms, which will make the steering seem easier. It’ll help with jar-opening at home, too. Visit Cartalk.com.

Strawberries Dipped in Gourmet Chocolate

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AT EARTH’S HARVEST KITCHEN & JUICERY “Feel-good food” is how Chef George Bezanson likes to describe the concept of Earth’s Harvest Kitchen & Juicery (835 Central Ave., Dover, 516-7600, earths-harvest.com) — not only is everything on the menu made fresh in house, but many items utilize ingredients from local farms. Breakfast and lunch are both available all day, with options like baked goods, omelets and salads, plus sandwiches, smoothies, smoothie bowls and juices. Daily specials are also a big part of the menu’s success; recent options have included a barbecue vegan chili bowl, fried shiitake avocado toast, cheddar and smoky chili sourdough bread, and miso chocolate chip scones with caramel sauce. Bezanson started his culinary career in the fine dining restaurant scene in Boston. Before coming to Dover, he opened and constructed menus for several restaurants in New Hampshire, like The Bridge Cafe in Manchester and Pressed Cafe in Nashua. The Scene recently caught up with him to talk about what he’s been cooking up at Earth’s Harvest Kitchen & Juicery, plus some of his personal favorite menu items and some must-try options. How long has Earth’s Harvest Kitchen & Juicery been around? About four years. In the beginning the menu was a lot smaller. Over the course of four years we’ve introduced so many things based both on what we can produce and what the community would want. What makes Earth’s Harvest Kitchen & Juicery unique? What sets us apart is that we do pride ourselves on being able to make everything in house, and we put those techniques into lunch and breakfast in a unique way. I

basically wanted to take what I learned in fine dining and implement that into everyday food. What is your personal favorite dish? Our bánh mì, which is available as a sandwich or as a bowl. We get our braised pork belly from Kellie Brook Farm [in Greenland] and we also do a house-made tonkatsu sauce and spicy kewpie mayo. What is a dish that everyone should try? I would say you have to experience the cheddar chive biscuits, the breakfast sand-


Earth’s Harvest Kitchen & Juicery in Dover. Courtesy photos.

wiches, the bánh mì or the veggie burger. If you’re a meat eater, you can still eat the veggie burger and feel satisfied. We first had it as a special and then people kept coming in and asking when it was coming back. What is an essential skill to running a restaurant? You can be a talented chef and know the ins and outs of food, but you really also need to know how to deal with people, both your customers and your employees. If you don’t know how to

keep them happy, then you’re only going to get so far. What is your favorite thing about being on the Seacoast? The community and the talent. I have met so many honest, genuine people, and I’m just really blown away by all of the culinary talent that’s out there. It doesn’t feel like anybody is in competition, either. My message has always been about the success of an area, not just one single restaurant. — Matt Ingersoll

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Beer & Wine Tastings at our SEABROOK Location! 1/24 Woodstock Brewing 4-6pm 1/25 Springdale Brewing 12-2pm 1/31 Great Rhythm Brewing 4-6pm 2/01 Baxter Brewing 12-2pm 2/07 Hidden Cove Brewing 4-6pm 2/14 Harpoon & Arctic Summer 4-6pm 2/15 Scofferhofer Bier 12-3pm

2/21 Citizen’s Cider 4-6pm 2/28 Rising Tide Brewing 4-6pm 3/06 St. Archer Beer & Brown Bomber 4-6pm 3/13 Smuttynose Brewing 4-6pm 3/20 Cigar City Brewing 4-6pm 3/27 Shipyard Brewing 4-6pm 4/03 Oskar Blues Brewing 4-6pm

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With eight beers to choose from and the Seacoast’s biggest bonfire of the season, Smuttynose Brewery’s second annual Crackle & Hops Winter Festival on Saturday, Jan. 25, is back and, according to the brewery, bigger and better than last year’s inaugural event. “We have hundreds of Christmas trees in our field waiting to be ignited. We have eight beers available for your enjoyment [and] two will be new releases,” said Andy Hart, director of hospitality for Smuttynose. “The Town of Hampton drops off every Christmas tree to the brewery and we have the largest bonfire the New Hampshire Seacoast has ever seen.” The event will also feature a food truck serving grilled cheese and soups, Winterfest competitions — including a snowman-making competition and cornhole — a DJ and sledding for all ages. There will be sleds available or you can bring your own. A portion of the proceeds go directly to Hampton Fire Fighters Charitable Organization. “We had the first annual last year in 2019,” Hart said. “We wanted to gather the community during the winter for a charitable cause. Bringing our community together is something we thoroughly enjoy doing here at Smuttynose Brewing Co.” And after the success of last year’s event with over 700 attendees, over $1,000 raised for Hampton Fire Fighters and its being the No. 1 requested event to bring back for 2020, Smutty-

nose had little choice but to do it again and do it bigger. The brewery has doubled the number of fire pits from 10 to 20, where attendees can hang out and stay warm between sledding runs (weather permitting) to make s’mores and enjoy all the beer, hot chocolate (spiked and virgin) and food there is to offer. There will also be a tent set up where HFFCO members will answer any questions and take donations. “[This event] means a lot. We feel we have an obligation to give back to the community that has been so supportive of us over the past 25 years. We feel a large part of the craft beer industry is to stay connected with your community and give back when you can,” Hart said. The tickets are on pre-sale now at $10 a person; there’s free admission for those under 21. Tickets the day of the event are $15 a person. The brewery and the Smuttynose Restaurant will be open as well during the event. “Let’s get outside and have some fun,” Hart said — Chad Ripley Crackle & Hops Winter Festival Where: Smuttynose Brewery, 105 Towle Farm Road, Hampton When: Saturday, Jan. 25, 3 to 8 p.m. Cost: $10 pre-sale, $15 at door; under 21 free admission More info: smuttynose.com, 436-4026, andrew.hart@finestkindbrewing.com


TRY THIS AT HOME Healthy poached pears

& , e v o L , Peace

! g n i p p o h S

at the

Healthy poached pears. Photo by Michele Pesula Kuegler.

January is nearing its end, so I have one more healthy recipe before we tiptoe into February and Valentine’s Day cooking. To balance out this month of healthy eating I created another good-for-you dessert recipe. I believe that even when you’re trying to eat in a more mindful way, you still need to treat yourself to things you like. So this week features a dessert that should satisfy your sweet tooth but isn’t full of sugar and calories. This healthy dessert is a poached pear, which works for a multitude of reasons. First of all, if you eat two halves, you are getting a serving of fruit. Second, you also are getting a bit of calcium from the yogurt. Third, there’s very little added sugar in this recipe, just enough to trick your mind into thinking you’re eating an indulgent dessert. I chose to poach these pears in cranberry juice because I liked the slight pink hue it gave the fruit. It also helped that I had spare cranberry juice in my house from the holidays. If you have cider or apple juice on

hand, either of those would work well. In addition to being a healthy dessert, these poached pears are really simple to make and can easily be made in advance. Poach the pears whenever you have time, and then they can sit in the fridge for a couple hours or a couple days. When it’s time to serve them, simply mix up the yogurt and cinnamon (or you can do that earlier as well), and top the pears. Ta-da! Dessert is ready. Honestly, these poached pears are so healthy, you might want to make a double batch and keep a few on hand. They work both as a breakfast dish or could be part of your lunch. Who says you can’t eat dessert as your meal? Michele Pesula Kuegler has been thinking about food her entire life. Since 2007, the New Hampshire resident has been sharing these food thoughts and recipes at her blog, Think Tasty. Please visit thinktasty. com to find more of her recipes.

Healthy Poached Pears with Cinnamon Cream 1 cup cranberry juice 1 cup water 4 seckel pears ¾ cup vanilla yogurt ¼ to ½ teaspoon cinnamon

When all 8 halves are poached, place on a plate and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Combine vanilla yogurt and cinnamon in a small bowl. Place pear half on serving plate, skin side down. Bring cranberry juice and water to a boil in Top pear with a tablespoon of the cinnamon cream. a small saucepot. Cut pears in half lengthwise; using a spoon Serve immediately. (Pears can be poached in advance and stored remove seeds and stem. Place 4 pear halves time in cranberry mix- in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.) ture; reduce heat to low. Makes 4 servings. Simmer for 8-10 minutes, or until just fork *Don’t let them boil to the point of being tender.* Repeat with the remaining halves. mushy.

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Return to hops 4 IPAs to get your hands on



The Cat’s Meow IPA by Exhibit “A” Brewing Co. (Framingham, Mass.) Just a great beer, with lots of tropical aromas, mild bitterness and aggressive hop character. Anyone who enjoys the IPA style is going to be a big fan of this brew. I like that it’s not too big at 6.5 percent ABV. I like a big double IPA from time to time but I think sometimes the high-ABV IPAs can be too much for everyday drinking. Bring this to a Super Bowl party and guests will be pleased.

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Full Clip IPA by Stoneface Brewing Co. (Newington) I come back to this one over and over again because it’s just a tremendous allaround IPA. It has a nice burst of citrus and pine but it also brings some unique fruity, not quite tropical, notes to the table, along with just a little sweetness. This is one that begs you to take another sip.


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Sometimes India Pale Ales or IPAs get a little irritating. For one, there are a million of them now, with most breweries putting out multiple IPAs, and that just makes it a little overwhelming. I mean, how is anyone supposed to stay on top of all the IPAs? On top of that, now you have breweries teaming up to produce collaborative, small batch IPAs. When Trillium Brewing Co. in Massachusetts teams up with Bissell Brothers Brewing Co. in Maine on an IPA, people are going to want to try it. And I get that and I want to try it too, but I’m literally out of breath just writing this. It’s all just a bit much — limited quantities, special hop strains, IBUs and “hop heads.” I think the IPA culture can have a bit of a negative effect, because it is overwhelming and it is a bit much — it’s just beer after all. Sometimes, I think we need to remind ourselves of that. And yet, I find myself turning back to the IPA style over and over and over again. I suppose there’s a reason why the style has taken the craft beer world by storm over the past decade. With that in mind, here are four IPAs I’ve had recently that I think anyone with taste buds would also enjoy.


Cloud Candy IPA by Mighty Squirrel Brewing Co. (Waltham, Mass.) This brewery is starting to take over my life and I like it. I think Cloud Candy, which is a New England-style IPA, is my favorite brew from this Massachusetts brewery with its big hop flavor,

The Cat’s Meow IPA by Exhibit “A” Brewing Company. Courtesy photo.

hazy pour and tropical fruit notes. I also have a thing for dry-hopped brews, not that I can tell the difference when a brew is dry-hopped multiple times or not, but I am for dry-hopping. Just like the Cat’s Meow, this one comes in at 6.5 percent ABV, making it drinkable. This is a great brew to hand to someone who is adamant they don’t like IPAs. Squeeze by Great Rhythm Brewing Co. (Portsmouth) It’s not the hops that hit you in the face with this brew, but a big explosion of citrusy flavor. I get a lot of bright orange flavor, which makes this a particularly pleasing brew. The lower ABV — 5.7 percent — makes this extremely drinkable and approachable, even if you’re scared of the IPA style. I enjoyed this thoroughly alongside way too much pizza. Jeff Mucciarone is a senior account manager with Montagne Communications, where he provides communications support to the New Hampshire wine and spirits industry.

What’s in My Fridge House Lager by Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers (Framingham, Mass.) Because sometimes you just want a beer. This is a perfect example of how craft brewers are delving into lighter, more approachable brews, not just IPAs. This is easy to drink, quite flavorful, refreshing and entirely satisfying. It goes well with life. Cheers!

Clearly Organic.

What matters to you, matters to us. Crafted in America's heartland, Grainger's Deluxe Organic Vodka is made from 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten free corn, and is distilled 7 times to deliver a clean, smooth taste. Now Available at your local NH Wine & Liquor Outlet P L E A S E E N J OY R E S P O N S I B LY. P R O D U C E D A N D B OT T L E D B Y G R A I N G E R ’ S D E L U X E . B O S TO N , M A . Š 2 0 2 0 . 130001



Jerry Thornton talks Patriots


Library hosts the sports writer and radio host

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remembers how the PatriThe Patriots’ season may be over, but there’s ots started out, he said, and still a chance for fans to to some people it seems like the team has always had succelebrate their favorite cess. This book goes back team and its history. Jerry Thornton will be to the beginning and shows at the Salisbury Public how their first years weren’t Library in Salisbury, Mass., the greatest. on Thursday, Jan. 30, from “The Patriots of my youth 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. to hold a were like the stray dog who discussion about his book followed you back home,” From Darkness to DynasThornton said. “In a lot of ty: The First 40 Years of ways, I appreciate the sucthe New England Patriots. cess they are having now Thornton is a writer for Barbecause I remember the bad stool Sports and previously days.” was part of a sports radio Some details from the show on WEEI 93.7 FM out From Darkness to Dynasty by Jerry book include not having Thornton of Boston. a stadium for the first 11 “I came from a really odd direction,” said years, listening to games on the radio instead Thornton about his career. “I was working a of watching on television because they day job and started doing stand-up comedy. couldn’t sell out home games, and having no Eventually, I got a call from HBO about a doc- merchandise. Thornton said he was of legal umentary they were working on.” drinking age before the Patriots won their first That documentary was Emmy Award win- playoff game. ning Reverse of the Curse of the Bambino, “I wrote the book for people who aren’t released in 2004. aware of just the level of futility they lived with Taking part in the documentary led to oth- for four decades, but also for the people who er opportunities in the sports world. Barstool lived through it. We knew they were ridiculous Sports, a sports and pop culture blog out of but we loved them just the same,” he said. Boston, contacted Thornton about writing Thornton enjoys visiting places and havfor them. ing discussions with people, like his upcoming “I sent them a sample and they hired me. event with the Salisbury Public Library. He Then Barstool grew and I’ve been with them enjoys talking to a room of people because of his stand-up comedy past, but he also wants since the beginning,” he said. Around 2013, WEEI asked Thornton to this to be a conversation. fill in as a radio host on occasion. He said he “Patriots fans are the most plugged in, emobecame their “go-to” guy when someone was tionally connected, internet-savvy and engaged out, and it turned out they were basically audi- of all sports, maybe all culture,” he said. “Every tioning him for a spot. time I talk to them, I always get something out “It was like The Bachelor, and I got the final of it. I’ve met people who have cared for the rose,” he said. “My very first day on the job team since their first season. People who can’t [had me interviewing] Bill Belichick. Meeting even remember Brady’s first year because him live on the air for the first time was like a they’re too young still know it all and are as 4-year-old meeting Mall Santa. I didn’t know if engaged and passionate as the adults.” I’d cry, scream or wet myself. He said hi to my Thornton published another book about the co-hosts, turned to me and said, ‘Jerry, it’s an Patriots in 2018, Five Rings: The Super Bowl honor to meet you.’” History of the New England Patriots (So Far). Thornton said that was the fourth best He discusses how the team went from being moment in his life, after his marriage and the irrelevant to hyper-relevant due to Super Bowl birth of his two kids. appearances. Both books can be purchased at After two years with WEEI, Thornton local bookstores and online. returned to Barstool Sports full time because When Thornton isn’t writing, he still perhe felt some ownership and pride over being forms stand-up. His next show will be on with the website since the start. Saturday, Feb. 22, at Victory Point Restaurant “I loved being with WEEI and it was a at Marina Bay in Quincy, Mass. His writing is dream job. I could have done it for the rest of always available on Barstool Sports and he is my life, but Barstool was the best opportunity on Twitter @JerryThornton1. for me,” Thornton said. The event at Salisbury Public Library is free From Darkness to Dynasty: The First 40 to attend and will run from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Years of the New England Patriots is the book in the Meeting Room. Email cmarsh@salisthat Thornton always wanted to read but didn’t burylibrary.org for more details. exist, so he wrote it himself. Not everyone — Danielle Roberts


Ukuleles unite

Seabrook Beach Sports Connection Open Daily at 11am

Group hosts annual Groundhog Day Luau

WORLD FAMOUS Seafood Chowder “SNHUG” aka Southern New Hampshire Ukulele Group. Courtesy photo.

Music and community is what the Southern New Hampshire Ukulele Group is all about. “SNHUG was created for the purpose of bringing together people interested in jamming and playing music together, specifically with the ukulele. Our second mission is to do a little good in our community,” said June Pinkham, organizer of the group. “We played for veterans groups, nursing homes, community events … but we also wanted to do something special for a specific charity.” The Ukulele Kids Club — an international nonprofit that donates ukuleles to music therapists and children in the hospital — was the perfect fit and they have been raising money for the organization since they formed the group. They’ve raised more than $65,000 for the charity. “The organization has brought smiles, music therapy and instruments to over 8,000 children nationwide. It’s truly a perfect storm in a good way,” said Pinkham. One of the events organized by the SNHUG to raise money for the Ukulele Kids Club is the annual Groundhog Day Luau. The luau will be held on Saturday, Feb. 1, at Austin 17 House on Route 125 in Brentwood and will feature performances, food, prizes and raffles. “We hope to raise $5,000 at this event. It’s our one big fundraiser every year and we have performers around the Seacoast and around New England who donate time and talents to help us sell tickets and raise money,” Pinkham said. Some of the performers for the luau will be Steve Roy, Andrea SzirbikGroft, SCS Ukulele Ladies and The Unlikely Strummers. This year there will be an additional fundraiser with the luau. Gary “Creek-

man” Sredzienski is the luau’s emcee and an extreme swimmer and will do a fundraising swim that day. “He raised $8,000 for [this] fundraising swim in 2017 and has decided to do it again for this year,” Pinkham said. “He’s raised $80,000 from all the swims he has done.” Besides the luau, the SNHUG raised $23,000 in April 2019 at the World’s First Battle of the Ukulele Bands, held at the Portsmouth Music Hall. They also host a “SNHUGFest” annually in Dover during the summer. There are almost 500 members of the SNHUG, but 30 members are considered to be part of the core group and help to work on fundraisers and arrange performances. “I think people enjoy the camaraderie as well as the opportunity to learn how to play the instrument. It’s a small instrument, easy to learn and happy-sounding,” said Pinkham. “It’s just not possible to be sad while playing the ukulele.” Pinkham said that her favorite part of being in the SNHUG is meeting new people she wouldn’t meet normally. “We often challenge each other to do things we would have never done, like singing in open mic sessions. It brings us a little out of our comfort zone, and it’s a fabulous way to relieve stress and get out and play music,” she said. “If I can do it, anyone can do it.” SNHUG hopes to continue growing and making a difference in the community, and keep having fun while playing the ukulele. The Groundhog Day Luau starts at 5 p.m. Proceeds will go toward the Ukulele Kids Club. General tickets are $20 and VIP tickets are $30. Visit facebook.com/ SNHUG. — Danielle Roberts

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The Great Pretender, by Susannah Cahalan (Grand Central Publishing, 366 pages)

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The Great Pretender is a jaw-droppingly interesting and brilliant read about the treatment of mental health in America. Cahalan certainly has credibility in this area. She wrote the book Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness, in which she chronicled her own descent into madness, her family’s inspiring faith in her, and the lifesaving diagnosis that nearly didn’t happen. It turned out that she had an undiagnosed brain infection. Of course, this got her interested in the world of psychiatry and how someone is diagnosed as being mentally ill. In her newest book she centers her research on an important study conducted by David Rosenhan. “On Being Sane in Insane Places” is his paper. It’s a nine-page article published in Science, January 1973, that helped to revolutionize thinking about the abuses of psychiatric hospitals. In his study, Rosenhan sent several participants who had been tested as “psychologically fit” into psychiatric hospitals and found that every single one was diagnosed with a mental illness and prescribed medications. It was a revolutionary study showing how inaccurate psychiatry can be, but on the other hand it did damage to the specialty because people then had significant doubts that psychiatry could accurately help mental illness. Rosenhan’s study cast a particularly dark shadow on psychiatric hospitals. On the positive side, the creation of the DSM-III (the then-newest edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual) was influenced by this study, but on the negative side, as a result, psychiatric hospitals closed down from lack of funding all over the country. In short, Rosenhan’s study exposed real fraud but it also hurt those with true mental illness. With this study on top of the history of lobotomies, shock treatment and the institutionalization of (primarily) women, all of a sudden the field of psychiatry became very questionable. Cahalan wonders whether other patients might have undiagnosed ailments like she did. She recounts a few cases of patients who had brain inflammation but because it was diagnosed so late they ended up having permanent damage that resulted in a diagnosis of mental illness. So, what is mental illness and how is it diagnosed? That’s what The Great Pretender is all about. Calahan is here to tell us: It’s complicated. This summer I attended a conference on the subject of PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neurological Disorder

Associated with Strep) in children. There are children around the world who, for whatever reason, once exposed to strep start showing psychiatric symptoms. The strep gets into their brains and sets up shop. They become aggressive, have intrusive thoughts, and develop severe OCD tendencies. Many of these kids are initially treated with psychiatric counseling and OCD medication. However, there is no amount of counseling that would help a brain infection. You need the correct medication (in this case antibiotics) to correct that. Do these children have mental illness? Or is their mental illness a side effect of another illness? Things are not so clear when you’re talking about the human brain and behavior. I found this book to be fascinating. It’s an intelligent discussion of what mental illness is and how the field of psychiatry has advanced (and yes, you’d better believe that it has advanced) through the years. We’ve gotten much better with diagnosis and treatment, but I think we’ll find that we’ve barely scratched the surface regarding how to diagnose and treat those with mental illness. We still have so much to learn. The Great Pretender is a meticulously researched piece of nonfiction. It may change the way you see mental illness. I would not recommend this book if you are in a mental crisis — the last thing you would need then is to doubt treatment. But I would recommend it to advocates, caretakers or anyone who is interested in the history of mental illness treatment in America. Highly interesting and provocative read. This one comes with a very strong recommendation. A — Wendy E. N. Thomas


Hometown girl

Seacoast native Beebe talks Dustbowl Revival there’s an excitement and a freshness.” “Generally, you’ve been playing them for at least a year if not longer,” Beebe said, adding that she’s looking forward to the group’s upcoming tour. “It will be fun to have some fresh material.” The official release show is slated for Brooklyn’s Bayside Bowl on Jan. 31, but fans can get an early preview at 3S Dustbowl Revival with Heather Maloney. Courtesy photo. Artspace the day before Liz Beebe moved west from the Seacoast (there’s also a show at The Sinclair in Cama decade ago following a Hollywood dream, bridge, Mass., on Jan. 29). It’s a hometown much like Zach Lupetin, who took a Univer- gig for Beebe, who was born in Exeter and sity of Michigan writing degree to Venice went to elementary school in NewmarBeach looking for screenplay work. Both ket. She and her husband moved back not ended up in a band. Lupetin founded soul too long ago and run a taco truck in Kittery Americana collective Dustbowl Revival in when Beebe isn’t touring. 2008, and Beebe joined five years later. NeiSurprisingly, functioning as a bicoastal ther completely left their theatrical impulses, band isn’t the challenge it might seem. however; Lupetin still creates stories, and “When we were all in the same place, it Beebe acts them out, while both sing. wasn’t much different,” Beebe said. “We “It was a perfect pairing,” Beebe said in a were on the road so much that we would just recent phone interview. “The way that Zach sort of disband and take care of our personwrites, it’s incredibly easy for me as a per- al lives when we came off tour. … Before former to pour myself into the story that he’s we moved back, it was already sort of on my telling. Sometimes he’s writing about total- mind that any of us could live anywhere and ly different things than what I am singing still do this.” about, but the actor part of me … as the charBeebe is working on her debut solo acter or performer, makes decisions.” album with Kassirer at his studio in Maine. On Is It You, Is It Me, a new album out “You’ll hear the softer side of what Jan. 31, some of the stories are topical and you’ve experienced from me in other colhard hitting. Lupetin addresses the Parkland laborations, and a more personal and deeper School shooting on “Get Rid of You.” The connection,” she wrote on an Indiegogo funsong delves into how young survivors “han- draising page. It will be her first collection or dled something they really shouldn’t have originals — she released the all-covers Hush had to deal with,” Beebe said. “We really Now: Lullabies for Sleepy People last year. respect them and the choices that they have “After recording Dustbowl’s album, I had made to stand up … we want to support that to record some harmonies that we didn’t as much as we can.” have time to catch in the studio in L.A.,” “Enemy” explores the notion of civili- Beebe said. “I went up there and just had ty amidst today’s fractious politics, how it such a great time continuing to work with stresses family and friends. him… I just approached the subject with “It’s difficult to talk to people about top- him, like, ‘Hey, would you be interested in ics you care about … with an open mind and working with me when I start recording my respect,” Beebe said. “To me, the song speaks solo stuff?’ We have such a great working to that emotional state when you’re having rapport, and it feels like a really supportive those conversations where you don’t feel very environment, and he was down to do it.” friendly, but you also don’t want to be outside — Michael Witthaus of your own integrity and authenticity.” Most of the new songs were written with Dustbowl Revival w/ Heather the help of producer-musician Sam Kassirer Maloney and played for the first time when recordWhen: Thursday, Jan. 30, 8 p.m. ing began. This “was a really new thing for Where: 3S Artspace, 319 Vaughan St., us,” Zach Lupetin said in a May 2019 interPortsmouth view. “It’s always a bit scary when you Tickets: $18 members, $20 in advance at have new songs that you’ve never played 3sarts.org live and you’re going right to the studio —




“Decade in Review, Part 1” — fun stuff from 2010 & 2011 Across 1 Part of PSL 6 Henna, e.g. 9 Bean that goes in bars 14 Make up (for) 15 Fish eggs

16 Ivy League sch. 17 Game show legend who, in his late 80s, returned to host “Let’s Make a Deal” for a week in 2010 19 Heavy weight, in France 20 Health stat that can be misleading

21 Farm grunt 22 Billboard’s Hot 100 #1 song of 2010 (originally a limited-time free download on Kesha’s MySpace page in 2009) 23 Black Widow portrayer, in tabloids 25 Forest growths 26 Neptune’s home 27 “Good Will Hunting” director Gus Van ___ 28 Break down 31 Shareable PC files 34 Veteran actress who got to host “Saturday Night Live” in 2010 after a grassroots campaign 37 Red-headed Disney princess 39 AI game competitor 40 ___ Boogie (“The Nightmare Before Christmas” character) 41 A cappella group formed in 2011 that


11 Symbol that’s a lowercase letter split by a vertical line 12 Part of A.D. 13 1,024 bytes, briefly 18 Hair-covering garment 22 Like nanotechnology’s scale 24 It’s on the plus side 25 “Lady Marmalade” singer LaBelle 27 Ring setting 29 Songwriter Redding 30 Round red root 31 Bear whose chair was too hard 32 1857 litigant Scott 33 Works into the schedule, with “for” 35 Magazine first published in 1945 36 Give a lift 38 North America’s oldest sport 42 In shreds 43 Inside looks? 48 Drummer in the Electric Mayhem 50 Award for Alfonso Cuarón 51 Potter’s device Down 52 Misjudgment 1 Gyro ingredient, often 53 “Finding Dory” actor Willem 2 Smashable items 54 Join metal to metal 3 Gin complement 55 “Four and twenty blackbirds baked 4 Crate contents in “Angry Birds” in ___” 5 Friend of Roo and Pooh 56 “Hold up!” 6 Brand used in pipes 7 Form of the Sanrio character Gudetama 58 Amts. in recipes 60 Active chemical in cannabis 8 Predatory fish 61 Mauna ___ (former Hawaiian 9 Bifurcate erupter) 10 Pig in ___ won NBC’s “The Sing-Off” 44 Part of RPI 45 Do some math 46 Elizabethan collar shape 47 Dorm leaders 49 Regrettable 51 Kind of poster 54 IBM computer that beat two humans on “Jeopardy!” in 2011 56 “___ oughta!” 57 Templeton, in “Charlotte’s Web” 59 “Cast of thousands” films 60 Only one of 2011’s top 10 highestgrossing films that wasn’t a sequel 62 Broad, flat beans 63 Long-handled farm tool 64 Thrown for ___ 65 Farm machinery manufacturer 66 ___ Poly (West Coast school) 67 Temptations



BEACH BUM FUN HOROSCOPES All quotes are from Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours, by Robert Boyle, born Jan. 25, 1627. Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Thus we restore Old pieces of Dirty Gold to a clean and nitid Yellow, by putting them into the Fire, and into Aqua-fortis, which take off the adventitious Filth that made that pure Metall look of a Dirty Colour. Clean off the mud and you’ve got pure gold! Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) I must desire that you would look upon this little Treatise … as the beginning of a History of Colours, upon which, when you and your Ingenious friends shall have Enrich’d it, a Solid Theory may be safely built. It’s just a start. Aries (March 21 – April 19) For the Sun ... in Clear weather … appears of a Colour more approaching to White, than when nearer the Horizon, the Interposition of certain Sorts of Fumes and Vapours make him oftentimes appear either Red, or at least more Yellow. You may be looking at things through rose-colored fumes. Taurus (April 20 – May 20) … when the Ground is covered with Snow, (a Body extremely White) those that have Weak Eyes are wont to complain of too much Light: And even those that have not, are generally Sensible of an Extraordinary measure of Light in the Air; and if they are fain to Look very long upon the Snow, find their Sight Offended by it. Bring your sunglasses on that winter hike. Gemini (May 21 – June 20) But both my Watch and my Eyes tell me that ‘tis now high time to think of going to sleep, matters of this Nature, will be better, as well as more easily, clear’d by Conference, than Writing. Talking beats texting. Cancer (June 21 – July 22) That a Solution of Silver does Dye Hair of a Black Colour, is a Known Experiment, which some persons more

Curious than Dextrous, have so Unluckily made upon themselves as to make their Friends very Merry. Curiosity meets merriment this week. Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) But, Sir, though I be very backward to admit strange things for truths, yet I am not very forward to reject them as impossibilities, and therefore I would not discourage any from making further Inquiry…. Keep an open mind and ask questions. Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) … having once purposely plac’d a parcel of Snow in a Room carefully Darkned, that no Celestial Light might come to fall upon it; neither I, nor an ingenous Person, (Skill’d in Opticks) whom I desir’d for a Witness, could find, that it had any other Light than what it receiv’d. Snow does not glow in the dark. Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) … though I think the Opinion I have endeavour’d to fortifie Probable, yet a great part of our Discourse concerning Colours may be True, whether that Opinion be so or not. A person can be right about one thing and wrong about something else. Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) … yet not having then the advantage of my best Microscope, nor some Conveniences that might have been wish’d, I leave it to you, who have better Eyes, to try what you can do further…. You can only do so much without the right tools. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) … for you know well, how wide a difference I am wont to put betwixt things that barely may be, and things that are …. There is a difference. Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) … Men are often deceiv’d in taking Holes for Spots of Ink; And Painters to represent Holes, make use of Black, the Reason of which seems to be, that the Beams that fall on those Holes, fall into them So Deep, that none of them is Reflected back to the Eye. So there’s light down there somewhere?


Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. Answers will appear in next week's paper.

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23. ‘66 ‘Fresh Cream’ opener that meant “non-specific urethritis” 24. Distributes royalties, along w/ASCAP 27. Jason of Sebadoh 32. ‘Let It Come Down’ Smashing Pumpkin James 35. English Beat ‘__ Salvation’ 36. ‘Guitar Town’ guitarist/singer/actor Steve 37. Prince might give you a ‘__ And Wet’ kiss 39. Post-show hotel chain 42. Tori Amos album ‘Boys For __’ 43. Counting Crows ‘Across __ __: Live In New York City’ (1,4) 45. Nobodys ‘Ain’t No One Getting __’ 47. Bassman Kinchla of Blues Traveler 48. George Thorogood solo drinking song (1,5,5) 51. Half of hippie t-shirt name 52. Gooey Collective Soul hit? 53. ‘Buzzin’ funk hopper


1. Tesla tells it like ‘The Way __ __’ (2,2) 5. Hallucinogen used to enhance shows, at times 8. God’s book not oft read by death metal member 13. What ZZ Top was just looking for on ‘75 classic

14. Might split at best show of your life? 16. You will see a campfire one while strumming around it 17. The 10 minutes during recording where you step outside for air (5,4) 19. Chocolate drink at outdoor winter show 20. R Kelly ‘___ Fly’ (1,7,1,3) 22. Raspberries ‘__ __ The Way’ (2,3)


58. Muse will get off at this stop on ‘13 ‘The 2nd Law’ single (5,7) 62. Billy Sheehan ‘To Be With You’ band (2,3) 65. ‘02 Chris Isaak album ‘__ __ Tonight’ (6,3) 66. Beach Boys had a ‘Little Deuce’ one 67. Clothing line on a garment that might tear during show 68. Pet Shop Boys “Cause you’re __ __ York City boy” (1,3) 69. What CD did w/free poster (w/”it”) 70. Prince “What if God was __ of us” 71. Sugarland ‘All I Want __ __’ (2,2)


1. Wham! ‘Make __ __’ (2,3) 2. Judas Priest ‘___ Lover’ 3. Elle Fitzgerald “__ rainbow blending now, we’ll have a happy ending now” 4. ‘01 Nick Cave album ‘No More __ We Part’ 5. “It’s too __, baby” Carole King 6. Dead Boys frontman Bators 7. ‘13 Stone Sour hit ‘__ __ A Favor’ (2,2) 8. Dave Clark Five song that inspired a Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ song? 9. ‘03 3 Doors Down hit ‘The Road __ __’ (2,2) 10. UK studio for live transmission 11. Brian Eno ‘Small Craft On A Milk Sea’ sidekick Abrahams 12. Slice of time in music 15. Klaus of The Scorpions 18. ‘One Thing’ Gravity __ 21. Stephen Stills band (abbr) 24. Prince told us she wore a ‘Raspberry __’

Single Vision Rx

2 Pairs Single Vision




25. ‘The Gentlemen Who Fell’ singer/ actress Jovovich 26. Marc Anthony ‘__ __ To Know’ (1,4) 28. Goes with an “aah” 29. Springsteen pal Joe 30. Cher says sooner or later ‘__ __ Sleep Alone’ (2,3) 31. Movie band Spinal __ 32. Killers ‘Day & Age’ bonus track ‘Forget About What __ __’ (1,4) 33. Twisted Sister’s ‘Captain’ 34. When camping, Crooked Fingers says ‘You Must Build __ __’ (1,4) 38. Abby Ahmad ‘__-Me’ 40. 1985 Rick Springfield album about Eastern “way”, perhaps 41. Bowie band __ Machine 44. What rock star item became after dating 46. Sevendust song w/a break down? 49. The Who drummer Jones (abbr) 50. “Gloria, I think they got the __” Laura Branigan 54. Beck ‘Where __ __’ (3,2) 55. ‘87 Prince album ‘__ __ The Times’ (4,1) 56. What ballad did to the ladies 57. ‘98 Pearl Jam album ‘Live __ __ Legs’ (2,3) 58. Cry Of Love passes a ‘Peace __’ 59. Letters To __ ‘Here & Now’ 60. Kind of “song” 61. Subdued Prima J song? 62. One-time Boston label 63. ‘Sailing’ icon Stewart 64. Famous beer at concert stand (abbr) © 2020 Todd Santos




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Extreme measures

David Ostrom, 40, and his ex-wife, Bridgette Ostrom, 38, have been tussling over custody and visitation issues and property taxes for some time, but a frustrated David, of Paola, Kansas, has come up with a unique way of settling their differences. He has challenged his ex, of Harlan, Iowa, and her attorney, Matthew Hudson, to a trial by combat and asked the Iowa District Court in Shelby County to let them “resolve our disputes on the field of battle, legally,” the Des Moines Register reported. In court documents, Ostrom claims such a trial “has never been explicitly banned or restricted as a right in these United States.” Ostrom also asked for 12 weeks to secure some Japanese samurai swords. Hudson, for his part, argued that the fight could end in a death, and “such ramifications likely outweigh those of property tax and custody issues.” At press time, the court had not ruled on the motions.

The Continuing Crisis

In Mexico City, Mexico, on any given day, 22 of the 467 escalators at subway stations are broken down, reports the Associated Press, and on Jan. 14 Metro authorities published a list of causes, including “corrosion due to urine” among the top five. Fermin Ramirez, assistant manager for rails and facilities, said he’s concluded that riders urinate on the escalators in off-peak hours or at lightly used stations — “even though it seems hard to believe.” “When we open up escalators for maintenance, there is always urine,” Ramirez noted. Twitter users pushed back, noting that there are no restroom facilities in most Metro stations. The Mexico City subway provides 1.6 billion rides per year — the eighth largest in the world by some measures.

Least competent criminals

• Bibb County (Georgia) jail inmate Mary Beth Odum, 40, asked for and received a special Christmas card from a friend this year: a greeting filled with methamphetamine and Suboxone from Timothy Lee Snow, 40, according to authorities. The Associated Press reports deputies intercepted the card and began investigating Snow, detaining him on Jan. 9. On his person they found meth, Xanax and a revolver. In his home, deputies found more meth, Suboxone, marijuana, steroids, packing materials, a shotgun and a rifle. He was charged with possession and intent to distribute the drugs, along with giving an inmate drugs. Odom also faces charges of attempt to commit offenses pertaining to the possession of drugs. • Storm Corral, 40, and a possible accomplice went to a lot of trouble to enter the Cigarettes Cheaper store in Sonora, California, on Dec. 22, according to police. They bored a hole in the ceiling, gaining access from a vacant building above the business,

which probably took a couple of hours, Sonora Police Chief Turu VanderWiel told Fox40. When Corral tripped an alarm inside the store, he tried to escape back up through the hole but ended up falling through the ceiling into a storage room, all of which was caught on surveillance video. For all his effort, Corral came away with just a bag of rolling tobacco and two energy drinks, said an employee of the business, but he caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. Corral, who was already on probation, was charged with burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime. Police are still looking for his suspected accomplice.

Can you blame her?

Shawna Joseph, 28, of Jersey City, New Jersey, lost her cool on Jan. 7 at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission in Bayonne. Asked to leave around 2 p.m. after becoming angry over the length of the lines, authorities said she returned later that afternoon and unleashed her wrath, smashing computers, assaulting workers and kicking the police officers called to arrest her. The Associated Press reported that Joseph eventually was responsible for about $23,000 in damages, according to authorities, and after she was arrested, she was found to have a PCPlaced marijuana cigarette in her possession; she was charged with criminal mischief, drug possession, aggravated assault and hindering apprehension.

athletes finish their events and the 1,000s of condoms handed out all over the village are put to use.” In response, Airweave, the manufacturer of the beds, told AFP the beds will hold up to 440 pounds and have been through rigorous stress tests. “As long as they stick to just two people in the bed, they should be strong enough to support the load,” the company said.


On Christmas Eve, a man in Bradenton, Florida, woke up to find an intruder in his room. It wasn’t Santa Claus; the victim was awakened by a man sucking on his toes. According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, the victim demanded to know what the man was doing and the suspect simply responded he “was there to suck toes.” In the ensuing fight, deputies said the suspect claimed to have a gun, but the victim managed to force him out of the home, where the thwarted toe-sucker smashed a window in the home and destroyed the windshield of the victim’s car before leaving. The Bradenton Herald reported officers were unable to locate the suspect using a K9, so they took DNA samples from the man’s toes, and the incident is still under investigation.


The Daily Hive reported on Jan. 15 that an event scheduled for that day at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver was postponed because of snow. Why is this weird? The event was a campus-wide snowball fight set to take place at 12:30 p.m. The university reasoned that traffic problems and canceled classes would make it more difficult for students to participate. The school rescheduled the snowball fight for the next day.


Journalist Vladimir Mkrtchyan, 41, of Moscow, Russia, came across a painting he made when he was just 6 years old and decided he ought to sell it, Oddity Central reported. It soon got a lot of attention after he posted it Jan. 13 on the Russian classifieds site Avito with an asking a price of 140 million rubles ($2.3 million). Mkrtchyan defended the price, telling Russian media the painting, titled “Red Army Man on Horse,” reflects the realities of the Soviet era through the eyes of a child. “I put all my soul and all my childhood delight into it. As you know, the artist’s hand is guided by God, which means He liked it so much. ... The price ... is extremely low for such an artwork,” he gushed. Visit www.newsoftheweird.com

The passing parade

KTVX reported a man in Sandy, Utah, mistakenly assumed his local 24 Hour Fitness was open ... 24 hours. Dan Hill went to the gym late on Jan. 11 and finished his session with laps in the pool after midnight. When he emerged, he realized everyone was gone and the doors were locked. “Doesn’t the name suggest that they stay open 24 hours?” Hill complained on Facebook. He called his wife, who suggested he “find a comfortable place to sleep.” Instead, he called police dispatch “and the guy pauses for like 10 seconds and says, ‘You’re where?’” Hill said. He explained that he didn’t want to risk tripping the alarm system and “get busted for breaking and entering,” so police responded and freed Hill from his unexpected prison. A manager from the gym apologized in a statement and said, “We made the decision recently to close select clubs in the overnight hours. ... We clearly did not do a good job of our closing procedures for this club on Saturday night.”


During the Tokyo Olympics this summer, athletes will sleep on beds made of cardboard, a nod toward sustainability in keeping with Tokyo’s commitment to a “green” Olympics. Which all sounded admirable until Australian basketball player Andrew Bogut pointed out a potential problem: “Great gesture ... until the


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