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An Old-Fashioned Celebration

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Proud to Be Old

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Join Seabury for an Old-Fashioned Celebration on May 17 for Seabury’s Leadership In Aging Awards!

2017 Leadership in Aging Awards Celebration 2017 Leadership In Aging Awards Celebration Seabury’s Leadership In Aging Awards Celebration will be held at AMP Powered by Strathmore on Wednesday, May 17 from 6:00 - 8:30 pm. Join Seabury for an old-fashioned cocktail reception as we recognize our honoree, Ike Leggett, for his commitment to older adults in Montgomery County and the Washington, D.C. region.

Purchase tickets now at For more information on Leadership In Aging or to find out about partnership opportunities visit or call (202) 414-6313.

Seabury Resources for Aging is pleased to announce Ike Leggett as the recipient of the 2017 Leadership In Aging Award. The award is reserved for individuals who have made a significant contribution to improving the lives of older adults and family caregivers. In 2014, Mr. Leggett was elected for a third fouryear term as County Executive for Montgomery County, Maryland. He is the first African American elected to the office. Mr. Leggett served as the President of the Maryland Association of Counties in 2015. He was also President of the County Executives of America in 2013-14. Prior to his election as County Executive, Mr. Leggett served on the Montgomery County Council for four terms as an At-Large Member and as President of the Council for three of those years. Before engaging in politics, Mr. Leggett served as a Captain in the U. S. Army. His tour of duty in Vietnam earned him the Bronze Star Medal. He holds Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Juris Doctorate, and Master of Laws degrees. As an elected official, he has supported legislation that has increased the minimum wage, created programs for immigrants and individuals with disabilities, expanded affordable housing, and strengthened supports and services for older adults. It is not surprising that through his efforts Montgomery County was designated by the World Health Organization as an “Age-friendly Community” and that he was named a “Washingtonian of the Year” by Washingtonian Magazine in 2015. Throughout his tenure, Ike Leggett has worked to address the needs of the country’s growing older population. Montgomery County has modernized and expanded transportation options for older adults by tripling the number of people using the Connect-A-Ride service, modernizing their Call-n-Ride subsidized taxi program, adding an escorted transportation program, and expanding programing for education on transitioning from driving. The county also has utilized private/public partnerships to address the transportation and mobility needs of older adults by constructing and repairing hundreds of miles of sidewalks, adding traffic signs, and increasing crossing times at lights. In addition to the physical improvements to the community, Montgomery County’s fire and police departments have developed programming and undergone training aimed at increasing the safety of older adults. Through Mr. Leggett’s management, the county expanded recreation, nutrition, and exercise programming by offering 60% more health and wellness courses, more than doubling the number of older adults served through the Home Delivered meals program, and increasing by 20% the number of clients served through the Senior Nutrition Program. Housing and aging in place have also been a priority for Mr. leggett. Through his leadership, the number of villages and local organizations that help older adults age in place has grown from four in 2009 to 20 villages, with nine more in the works. Through public/private partnerships, Montgomery County has acquired and preserved thousands of units of affordable housing and created hundreds of new units of affordable housing for low-income older adults.

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Pet Power

Ms. Pearson with her wingman Tiger

Ms. Maina with Paulo

Twenty nine years ago Louise Pearson met a Sun Conure. Sun Conures are noted for being lively, vocal, and expressive birds and this one is no exception. He put up such a fuss and was such a feisty guy that Ms. Pearson named him Tiger. The two have been inseparable ever since. Tiger gets up with Ms. Pearson in the morning and eats meals with her. Ms. Pearson, a resident of Seabury at Friendship Terrace, also takes Tiger down into the lobby with her a few times a week. Having Tiger “makes me get out - out of bed in the morning to take care of him and out of my apartment to talk with neighbors,” says Ms. Pearson. Tiger is a great conversation starter and she has met many new friends with Tiger serving as a true “wingman.” Many other residents get joy from Tiger too as they don’t have pets of their own, sometimes stopping by Ms. Pearson’s apartment to check in on Tiger.

residents and often just plain fun. They provide companionship and motivation for staying active and engaged.” Residents at both communities are permitted to have pets, with some restrictions.

Downstairs in Friendship Terrace, Susan Meyers-Kahn has a cat, Egypt, who is well known by residents and visitors to the community. Mrs. Meyers-Kahn received Egypt at just 3 weeks old, from the daughter of a friend. Mrs. Meyers-Kahn and her late husband always had cats. Egypt “keeps me going, thinks she always needs to be fed, and demands attention,” says Mrs. Meyers-Kahn, “When I get lonely I am thankful that I have the cat.”

Assistant Director of Seabury’s care management prograrm Christine Bitzer agrees about the value of pet ownership and visits. “They add structure and motivation and caregiving opportunities for all pet owners. And older adults with dementia find cuddling a stuffed pet animal also to be therapeutic and calming.” Many care management clients are pet owners and care managers recognize the key role pets play in clients’ lives.

Many Seabury at Friendship Terrace and Seabury at Springvale Terrace residents have pets. Anne Benefield, administrator of Springvale Terrace remarks, “pets are a great therapeutic tool for

So if you are visiting Friendship Terrace and hear a welcoming squawk, say hello to Tiger! He will always make you smile.

Shirley Maina couldn’t agree more. Paulo is a Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot and as Seabury at Friendship Terrace resident Miss Maina puts it, “has the intelligence of a 2 year old and also the attitude of one.” But that attitude is something she really appreciates. Paulo is 23 years old and has been part of Miss Maina’s life for almost 20. “When you are down you have someone who cares for you and is with you no matter what. Paulo is also something I care for and is a great companion. Birds bond with their owner and you are then part of a pair.” Paulo likes to eat with Miss Maina, bathe with a plant sprayer, and to talk with her and visitors to the apartment.

To find out more about life at Seabury at Springvale and Friendship Terraces, contact Chuck Thornton at (202) 244-7400 or email Ms. Meyers-Kahn and her cat Egypt

Care managers make arrangements for pet care when owners are hospitalized. A care manager may also advocate to guardians, landlords and family about the value and importance of pets in the client’s life. Seabury Care Management offers care planning and counseling to help older adults and their families manage the health and lifestyle challenges associated with aging. For more information, contact Seabury’s Care Management office at (202) 364-0020. | page 3

Stuff the Shed Donation Drive Seabury has kicked off its annual Stuff the Shed supply drive for Age-In-Place®. Our award-winning program helps older adults age safely in their homes by providing volunteer yard work and house cleaning services. Last year, Seabury tackled 626 intergenerational service projects in the District’s Wards 4, 5 & 6 – and that’s a lot of garbage bags and cleaning spray! With a busy summer ahead, we ask the community to donate items crucial to our work: trash bags, gardening gloves, dust masks, and non-latex cleaning gloves.

Stuff the Shed will run from March 20 through May 6. Donation items may be dropped of at Annie’s Ace Hardware, 3405 8th St. NE at Annie’s Hardware on May 6 from 8 am - 2 pm. For more information check out or call (202) 414-6313.

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“I am so proud to be old!” An Age-In-Place® Story Mrs. S moved into her Washington DC row house in 1963. “I paid $17,000 for it,” she said. But today, houses in her neighborhood sell for more than half a million dollars, which only makes it more difficult to pay for taxes and insurance. Still, she says, “The neighborhood is changing. New families are moving in, which is great.” Mrs. S. was raised by her grandparents in southeastern Virginia. She moved to Washington in the early 1950s to attend Howard University where she received her degree in sociology. After college, she got married and then worked for the federal government for a short time, starting as a clerk typist but hoping to move up from there. She soon welcomed a son who was born with severe health issues, prompting her to leave work and stay home to care for him and his two sisters. When she had a free moment, she would substitute teach or provide home daycare to earn some extra income. When her youngest child started school, Mrs. S returned to the workforce. Yet sadly, her own poor health forced her into early retirement. “I have arthritis and Sjogren’s syndrome, which make my joints painful and makes me very tired all of the time.” Mrs. S., who by then had divorced, was never eligible for any retirement plans. She now lives on a Social Security benefit of just $700 each month. She gets by on savings from when she rented rooms out of her home. To stretch her meager food budget, she eats a primarily low-fat, dairy-free, plant-based diet. Mrs. S. notes that her food and medical care take up much of her income. Insurance now costs more than the servicing of her house loan did. Mrs. S. has two main things in her life that keep her connected to the community – the radio tuned in to the public radio station and her Ipad on which she listens to books and “googles everything.” It was during one of these Google searches that she found Seabury’s Age-In-Place® program. Mrs. S. says “Age-In-Place® is so important because most seniors want to stay in their homes.” Mrs. S. loves gardening and it makes her feel good and is an important part of her life. Gardening is not a requirement to stay in her home but it is a really important part of her life. Thanks to Age-In-Place®, Mrs. S. can maintain her garden. Age-In-Place® volunteers come to see Mrs. S each month to help trim the ivy, weed the garden, move plants and help her plant the bulbs she loves so much. According to Mrs. S, the volunteers are “just wonderful! They work hard and spend some time talking with me too. And I love to talk.” “I am so proud to be old,” says Mrs. S., “ I didn’t think I’d get here but I did and I am trying to enjoy it.”

Washington DC Services & Programs

Metro Area Services

Senior Living

Seabury Programs and Services Seabury at Friendship Terrace offers retirement living for active, independent older adults in the Tenleytown area of Washington, DC. Phone: (202) 244-7400 Seabury at Springvale Terrace offers affordable personal care and assisted living in a community located near downtown Silver Spring. Phone: (301) 587-0190 Home First Residences* provides a shared-living home and support for older adults needing assistance with personal care and medication management. Phone: (202) 635-9384

Information and Referral Line (202) 364-0020 Call for free information, assistance and referral to the appropriate Seabury or other community program. Care Management provides professional guidance and support for older adults and their families. One time consultation and care management services are available. Call for information on fees and subsidies. Phone: (202) 364-0020 Congregational Resources provides guidance for Episcopal and United Church of Christ congregations as they develop programs, services, and share resources with older adults and caregivers. Phone: (202) 414-6316

Aging and Disability Resource Centers* services include: home-delivered meals and group meal sites; nutrition counseling and education; case management and support for caregivers; and social, recreational and wellness activities. Ward 5: Phone: (202) 529-8701 Ward 6: Phone: (202) 397-1726 Age-In-PlaceŽ coordinates volunteers to provide yard work and house cleaning service to older adults living in Washington’s Wards 4, 5 and 6. Phone: (202) 635-9384, ext. 105 Senior Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired* enhances the quality of life and independence of older adults who have lost or are losing their vision. Transportation is provided to and from the Center from anywhere in Washington DC. Phone: (202) 529-8701 Seabury Connector* provides referrals and information on transportation options as well as transportation services to medical and public benefit appointments for DC seniors 60 and over at no charge. Phone: (202) 727-7771

*A part of the Senior Services Network supported by the D.C. Office on Aging | page 5

What is Seabury’s Enhanced Mobility Program? Through a grant from the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB), Seabury Resources for Aging is dramatically expanding transportation services to older adults in D.C. The grant will allow Seabury’s Alternative Transportation office to serve older adults and individuals with disabilties. Seabury’s Enhanced Mobility program provides subsidized transportation funds for eligible residents of the District of Columbia through a prepaid Visa debit card. Customers may use the card to pay for transportation-related expenses which include but are not limited to taxi services, select mobile transportation apps, private transportation services and long inter-city bus services. To sign up to the Enhanced Mobility program or learn more, email enhancedmobility@ or call (202) 844-3000.

Supporting Independence ...

One Trip at a Time Carolyn Dia is a proud parent of three, grandparent of 16, and recently a great grandparent of one! Carolyn also has been a resident of Washington, D.C. for the last 17 years as well as a Seabury Connector customer and supporter. Recently, Carolyn testified in front of the D.C. Council about Seabury Connector explaining “as a member of the Advisory Council and also a client who uses Seabury’s services, I am more aware than many of the needs and benefits of this senior transportation service.” Seabury Connector provides free transportation for older adults to dialysis , cancer treatment and medical appointments six days a week. In addition, the Connector provides transportation to adult day services and to appointments with public benefits agencies such as the Social Security Administration, as well as for group special and holiday events and for shopping trips. Seabury also delivers hot meals daily to older adults who are homebound. Carolyn testified: I am a Seabury customer and use the service for trips to my doctor. It is a very positive experience to ride with Seabury. The service is safe and the staff are true professionals. Over the years I have gotten to know the drivers and they don’t forget me. It makes me feel great when they say that they look forward to seeing me again and they always use my name. And I have recently applied for Seabury’s ConnectorCard, which will give me options to maintain my social connections. I am so proud of Seabury because they take further steps by giving their drivers classes in CPR customer service and safety. And in my role on the Advisory Council, I provide feedback and suggestions for quality improvement. And the staff listen to the Council. As a result of our suggestions, additional grab bars were added to vehicles to improve safety. I am proud of my ability to give back to a service that has done so much to support my independence. Seabury Connector is much more than just lifesaving medical transportation to the older adults who use it. Often Connector drivers are the only other human contact that a rider has had on any given day and that sense of stability, community, and friendship is priceless. Please support Connector so that the needs of D.C. older adults, the people who built this wonderful city can continue to live easier knowing their travel needs are being met.

Learn more at or by calling (202) 727-7771.

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Mark Your Calendar

Join #TeamSeabury for Bike to Work Day Seabury promotes lifelong healthy aging, so we are pleased to sponsor a pit stop on Bike to Work Day, Friday, May 19. Visit “Riggs Park at Seabury”(6031 Kansas Ave. NW), from 4-7 p.m. to demo adaptive cycles (recumbents, hand cycles) courtesy of our co-sponsor, MedStar Adaptive Sports Program. #TeamSeabury is already riding online – join here to roll with us! Bike to Work Day promotes eco-friendly commuting in metropolitan DC, and features free t-shirts and bike raffles.

To register and for information on pit stop locations, visit

What’s So Queer About Aging Anyway? Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and the Quest for Authentic Aging As our culture adapts to embrace people of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations, the intersections of aging and ability are often ignored. We’ll discuss key terms, concepts, and concerns among older adults of diverse gender and sexual identities. We’ll also identify resources for aging and disability concerns in queer communities, as well as offer best practices for supporting older adult clients of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations. Join Seabury in learning more about the intersection of LGBTQ and Aging as part of our Seabury Learning Series on June 6 from 12-1 pm at 6031 Kansas Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20011.

If you are interested in signing up or learning more, please email or call (202) 414-6311.

Are You Unapologetically Proud? Join Seabury’s Pride Team! Seabury staff, volunteers, and clients will be marching in the Capital Pride Parade, to the theme “Unapologetically Proud,” on June 10 to support LGBTQ older adults. Join our team by signing up to walk at | page 7

Thank You To Our Partners

Become A Monthly Giver! Your donation makes a difference for thousands of older adults in our community. You can become a Seabury Sustainer for as little as $10 a month. It is quick, easy, and affordable. You will receive a monthly statement acknowledging your gift, as well as a year-end statement totaling your contribution. You control the time of the month, the amount, and can even designate which Seabury program you would like to support. Our programs of meal service, housing, transportation, and care management reach thousands of people in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area every day. At Seabury, our solutions are innovative and flexible as we strive to meet each person where he or she is in life.

Enroll online at or use the envelope included in this newsletter. Contributions may also be mailed to: Seabury Resources for Aging 6031 Kansas Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20011

Interested in becoming a Seabury Partner? Email Greg Wagner at or call (202) 414-6313.

Give Through Workplace Contributions! To give through the Combined Federal Campaign, use code #63211. To give through the United Way, use code #8904.

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