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7. Ridiculous RESOLUTIONS put fourth to lay the ADMINISTRATION of the seeds of ANARCHY: GAC I. Irrational crowds of people CANNOT be led by REASONABLE arguments a. Freemen Action Logic Chain: GRM  LOC(power)  COLG(defense plan(SUMW(violence/force)))  COLG(justice plan(KOL liberalism(WOG(SUMR))))  COLG(freedom plan(ATIC))  GPOR  EG  KOG b. Freemen Rights Logic Chain: WOG (COLG)  law of God  right (free agency)  YOU(LOC)  power  COLG

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Watch Video: END GAME - the Machinery of God Watch Video: Secret End Game - POSSESSION by the Devil Watch Video: The Rhyme of Reason: Crushing The Stumbling Block Watch Video: The Machinery of GOD - Cosmic, Gods Word, Gods Promise, Gods Curse, The Record Watch Video: The Sun and COMETS Watch Video: Top 10 List - SUPERFICIAL Reasoning Powers from the Book of Mormon See: A.1.III MOL king-men - secret BONDAGE and CAPTIVITY to devil: SEG See: A.1.IV MOL king-men - the devils motive - secret end game SEG See: A.2.III KOL freemen - freedom from devil EG See: B.1.II,IV rational man - good man characteristics Mosiah 4:9-10 King Benjamin (KOL) explains the foundational characteristics of God for a rational man (GRM) to believe: God (Jesus Christ) created all things in heaven and earth; God has all wisdom (EG); God has all power both in heaven and earth (WOG); man cannot comprehend all that God can comprehend (MOG) Alma 30:44 Alma (KOL) reasons with Korihor (MOL) about a sign from God confirming His existence including: the testimony of the holy prophets (WOG); all things indicate there is a God; the earth and all things upon it; the earths motion; the planets which move in their regular form witness there is a Supreme Creator (MOG) Helaman 8:24 Nephi (KOL) reasons with the SS judges (MOL) that they lie by rejecting (DIM) all of the evidence both in the heavens and in the earth (MOG) which witnesses of God 2 Nephi 9:6-10 Jacob reasons that all flesh will waste away and die; therefore there must be a power of resurrection (EG); also, Adam transgressed WOG and was cut off from his presence; therefore there must be an infinite atonement (EG) else this first judgment upon Adam (all man), being cut off from God, must remain for an endless duration (SEG) Alma 34:39 Alma (KOL) reminds to be watchful that the devil does not overpower you (MOG) that you do not become his subjects at the last day (SEG); the devil does not reward any good thing 2 Nephi 2:4,16,26-27 Jacob (KOL) reasons that God prepared the way for a free salvation (COLG), from death and from being cut off from God, through the Messiah; God gave man 'free agency' to act for himself (i.e. liberty) (LOC) and his law (WOG); man is free to choose (LOC) (or has the right, option, or power to choose) eternal life with God (EG) or eternal captivity with the Devil (SEG) 2 Nephi 9:17-18 Jacob (KOL) points to the greatness of the justice of God (MOG); He executes all his words (WOG); His word is his law (WOG); His children who follow his law (KOL) will inherit the Kingdom of God (EG) Helaman 3:28-30 Mormon (KOL) reasons that the gate of Heaven is open unto all who believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God (EG); all can lay hold upon the Word of God (WOG) which is powerful to divide asunder the cunning (MOL), the snares (money, lies, bondage, evils) (GAC), and the wiles of the devil (MOD); all can land their soul to sit down at the right hand of God with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and all the holy fathers to go no more out (GPOR) 2 Nephi 23:12 3:28-30 Isaiah prophecies that God will make a man more precious than fine gold (EG) Helaman 12:3 Mormon (KOL) explains that except God chastens (SUMW) his people with death, terror, famine or pestilence, they will not remember him (MOG) Helaman 12:4 Mormon (KOL) summarizes that how foolish, vain, evil, and devilish are the children of men (DIM); they are slow to do good (WOG); they are quick to do iniquity and listen to the voice of the evil one (DIM); they are quick to set their hearts upon the vain things of the world (GAC)


The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  
The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...