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b. KOG Freemen: Freedom (ATIC) (COLG) is the cause of the stable order of GRM Freemen Action Logic Chain: GRM  LOC(power)  COLG(defense plan(SUMW(violence/force)))  COLG(justice plan(KOL liberalism(WOG(SUMR))))  COLG(freedom plan(ATIC))  GPOR  EG  KOG ii. Rights Logic Chain: COLG(WOG)  law of God  right (free agency)  LOC(power: voice of the people)  COLG iii. Watch Video: Gods COVENANT to Abraham - The Church of the LAMB of God iv. Watch Video: Justice and Freedom FOUNDATION - The LAW of GOD v. Watch Video: The Machinery of GOD - Cosmic, Gods Word, Gods Promise, Gods Curse, The Record vi. See: A.2.I.a KOL freemen - KOG, COLG, membership vii. See: A.2.II KOL freemen - JUSTICE & FREEDOM: COLG viii. See: B.1.II,IV rational man - good man characteristics ix. See: B.3.II rational man - freedom and liberty is goal – COLG x. See: B.4.I.b defense - SUMW  SUMR - brutal force xi. See: B.4.II.b laws of God - KOL - justice of WOG to defend liberty and freedom xii. See: B.4.III.b Word of God - MOG - the authority of WOG is the 'RIGHT to governing' xiii. See: B.5.IV.a.ii use on ally - Freedom = WOG and ATIC xiv. See: B.6.I.b freedom (ATIC) can be used without moderation by rational men xv. See: B.6.II.b freedom (ATIC) turns rational people into organized men with no classes xvi. See: B.6.IV.b the order is stable and prospering (ATIC) xvii. See: B.6.V.b GPOR = the order has freedom and liberty (ATIC) (COLG) xviii. See: B.6.VI.b power of ATIC prospers independently: use on ally - freedom xix. See: B.6.VII.b the order sustains and defends itself - GPOR xx. 1 Nephi 17:36-38 Nephi (KOL) explains that God created the earth; God raises righteous nations (GPOR) and destroys wicked nations (GCOW) (MOG) xxi. 2 Nephi 1:6-9 Lehi (KOL) prophesies that: the Promised Land is consecrated (GPOR) for the people who keep Gods laws (WOG) (ATIC) (COLG); the Promised Land is a land of liberty (ATIC) if they keep Gods Laws (WOG); the Promised Land is cursed (GCOW) if the people choose iniquity (MOL); the Promised Land is a land of captivity (GAC) if the people choose iniquity (MOL) xxii. Ether 2:7-12 The Brother of Jared (KOL) is told by God of his decree upon the promised land (the Americas): the land has been preserved for the righteous (GRM) to be a land free from bondage and captivity (ATIC) (GPOR) if the people serve Christ (COLG) the only true God; God swore to the Brother of Jared that if the people do not serve him (GAC), they will be swept of the land by the fullness of his wrath when the people are ripe in iniquity (GCOW) i.

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IV. State is exhausted by it‘s own convulsions or internal discord: GAC a. KOD King-men: the ‗party wars‘ and the ‗class wars‘ cause GCOW i.

ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. xi.

King-men Action Logic Chain: DIM  LOC(power)  GAC(usurp plot(SUMW(violence/force)))  GAC(SS anarchy plot(MOL liberalism(party power wars(cunning laws))))  GAC(bondage plot(class wars(freedom idea(gold/money/tax(make-believe)))))  GCOW Rights Logic Chain: devil (GAC(make-believe))  law of nature  right (force)  LOC  power: voice of the people  GAC Watch Video: Anarchy and Bondage PLOT - the CUNNING LAW of the Devil Watch Video: Might is RIPE - Destruction Imminent Watch Video: The Machinery of GOD - Cosmic, Gods Word, Gods Promise, Gods Curse, The Record Watch Video: The MULES Watch Video: The WHORE of the Earth: The Great and Abominable Church Watch Video: Top 10 SIGNS - Ripe for Destruction from The Book of Mormon See: B.2.II.dd the wicked are ripe for destruction (GCOW); Jesus Christ‘s sword of vengeance See: B.5.II.a use as bait - GAC Freedom Bait = Anarchy Plot; attract people to one‘s party with a promise of an authority position, wealth, and protection See: B.5.III.a use to crush authority - SUMW  MOL or KOL - use one's party to crush the party in


The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  
The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...