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Watch Video: Ridiculous SEEDS of Anarchy - The Slackening Reins of Liberalism Watch Video: Top 10 List - SUPERFICIAL Reasoning Powers from the Book of Mormon See: A.2.I.c.iii Ideal COLG Action Logic Chain See: B.4.II.b laws of God - KOL - justice of WOG to defend liberty and freedom See: B.5.IV.b.ii yield some power - KOL (liberalism)  if he is willing to yield to WOG See: B.5.V.a.ii catch slackening reigns- KOL (liberalism) - corrupt laws - force See: B.5.V.b.ii catch slackening reigns- 'daily guidance'  B.4.I.b GCOW violence- war; B.4.II.b authority- WOG; B.4.III.b WOG See: B.6.III.b freedom (COLG) (ATIC) is the cause of a stable order of GRM See: B.6.V.b GPOR = the order has freedom and liberty (ATIC) (COLG) See: B.7.V.b every resolution of the crowd depends upon CHANCE or a PACKED majority See: B.7.VI.b all resolutions can SOW seeds of ANARCHY due to the crowds IGNORANCE of the 'Machinery of Politics' (MOD) 2 Nephi 5:18; 6:2 Nephi (KOL) rejects the wish (LOC) of the Nephite people, his family and friends, to make Nephi their king; Nephi does not desire for his people to have a king; Nephi does what is in his power for them; the people look to Nephi as their king (ruler) and protector of the Nephites regardless 2 Nephi 10:11,14-15 Jacob (KOL) declares the covenant of Christ which he made to the Fathers that the Promised Land (the Americas) is a land of Liberty for the Gentiles; the Gentiles cannot have a king upon the land; Christ, the Lord, the King of heaven, will be their king; Christ covenanted to destroy (GCOW) any king (GAC) (SS) when the people are fully ripe in iniquity (MOG) Mosiah 29:16-19,35-36 King Mosiah (KOL) explains that King Noah (MOL) put is people in bondage: by Noah not being a just man (MOL) but a wicked and abominable man (MOL); by wars (SUMW); by steeling and plundering (taxes) (MOL) (SS) (GAC); by whoredoms (GAC) Mosiah 29:21-23 King Mosiah (KOL) warns that an evil king (MOL) will surround himself with his guards and friends (DIM), then the wicked king will tear up the old laws for new wicked laws (MOL); all rebels against the wicked king will be destroyed by his armies (SUMW); a wicked king can be dethroned only through contention and the shedding of blood (SUMW) Mosiah 29:25 King Mosiah (KOL) councils his people to choose, by the voice of the people (liberalism), judges (KOL) who will judge according to the Law of God (WOG) revealed on the Brass Plates of their fathers (WOG) Mosiah 29:27 King Mosiah (KOL) warns his people that when the voice of the people (liberalism) chooses wicked judges (MOL), God will visit the people with destruction (GCOW) according to His Word (WOG) as before (The Plates of Ether) (MOG) Ether 6:22-27 The Brother of Jared (KOL) tells his people that their desire (LOC) for him to anoint a king over them will eventually them lead into captivity (MOL); the people still desired (LOC) to have a king; Orihah (KOL) was then appointed to be their king

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The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  
The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...