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and the shedding of blood (SUMW) Ether 6:22-27 The Brother of Jared (KOL) tells his people that their desire (LOC) for him to anoint a king over them will eventually them lead into captivity (MOL); the people still desired (LOC) to have a king; Orihah (KOL) was then appointed to be their king z. Mosiah 11:1-6 King Noah (MOL) inherits the kingdom from his father; he then began a tax on the people (UWIS) to support his whoredoms, idolatry and laziness (GAC); the people labor under the bondage of taxes (KOD) aa. Mosiah 12:5 Abinadi prophesies (GCOW); the people will be in bondage to taxes (GAC); burdens will be lashed on their backs and the people will be driven like a dumb ass (MOD) bb. Mormon 4:14,21 The Lamanites (SS) sacrifice Nephite women and children prisoners to their idol gods (GAC) cc. 2 Nephi 12:8 Jacob (KOL) quotes Isaiah (KOL) who prophesies that the land is full of idols (GAC); people worship the works made by their own hands (UWIS) dd. Mosiah 23:7,12-13 Alma (KOL) refuses to be the new king; no man should esteem himself above another (GRM); King Noah (MOL) oppressed the people by his iniquity (MOL); God freed people to stand with liberty (COLG); trust no man to be your king (LOC) (GAC) ee. Alma 10:13-15 Lawyer Zeezrom (MOL) seeks to trap Alma and Amulek (KOL) in a legal system causing imprisonment or execution (MOL); the lawyers are studied in the arts and cunning of the professional (makebelieve / deception) (MOL) (MOD) ff. Alma 11:1,20 Zeezrom (MOL) and the lawyers (MOL) cite the law of Mosiah which provides wages for a judges time (MOL): the judges therefore incite people to rioting (SUMW), disturbances, and various wickedness (i.e. drug trafficking) (chaos theory) resulting in more employment and money (GAC) (MOD) gg. Alma 51:4-8 The king-men (MOL), those of high birth and seekers of power and authority (SS) over the people: seek to gain the voice of the people (LOC); seek to alter the laws (MOL) of government; seek to overthrow (SUMW) free government (COLG) and establish a king (GAC); the freemen (KOL) seek to maintain their rights (WOG), their religion, and their free government (ATIC) by a sworn oath and covenant with God (COLG) hh. Alma 54:17,23-24; 55:1 King Ammoron (MOL) claims the right to govern by ancestral heritage (KOD) because he is a descendant of Zoram; he wages war (SUMW) to avenge the wrongs of past generations (revenge) and to obtain the rightful management of the government (MOL) (MOD); Moroni knows the claimed rights are a fraud (COLG) ii. Helaman 6:21-23 Satan (GAC) (SS) stirs up the hearts (SUMW) of the more part of the Nephites (UWIS) to join the Gadianton robbers (SS); the Nephites enter into the oaths and covenants (GAC) of the devil with the robbers (DIM) for power, wealth, and protection (MOL) (MOD); the devil‘s secret signs and words are revealed (GAC) jj. Helaman 7:4-5 The Gadianton robbers (SS) usurp the judgment seats and the head of the government (SUMW); they gain the power and authority over the land (KOD); they disregard their former laws (MOL); they rule by greed, murder, theft, and whoredoms (MOD) (force) (money) kk. 3 Nephi 6:15-21 Satan (SS) causes the iniquity of the people (GAC); he tempts men to seek (LOC) for power, authority, riches, and the vain things of the world (GAC) (MOD); thus causing the corruption of the people (UWIS) belonging to the church of Christ (COLG) ll. 3 Nephi 6:27-30 The high priests, judges, and lawyers (SS) enter into the oath and covenant of the devil (GAC) to protect each other and to avoid punishment for murder; they conspire to destroy the government and the liberty (COLG) of the people (KOL) and to establish a king (GAC) mm. 3 Nephi 7:1-2 The Nephite high priests, judges, and lawyers (SS) (DIM) murdered the chief judge (MOL) and destroyed the government and liberty of the people (GAC); they seek to establish their king (SS) (GAC) y.

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III. Secret BONDAGE and CAPTIVITY to the Devil: GAC a. King-men Action Logic Chain: DIM  LOC(power)  GAC(usurp plot(SUMW(violence/force)))  GAC(SS anarchy plot(MOL liberalism(party power wars(cunning laws))))  GAC(bondage plot(class wars(freedom idea(gold/money/tax(make-believe)))))  GCOW  SEG  KOD b. Watch Video: Reign of the KINGS c. Watch Video: Secret Combinations - The Machinery of LIES and Make-believe d. See: B.1.I,III irrational man - evil man characteristics e. See: B.3.I irrational man - power and domination is goal - GAC f. See: B.4.III.a make-believe / lies - MOD - the RIGHT to governing is force or the ‗machinery of politics‘ g. See: B.7.II most people have SUPERFICIAL reasoning powers


The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  
The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...