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Lamanites (MOL) for their lives; the Lamanites were charmed with the beauty of their women and spared their lives Mosiah 23:7,12-13 Alma (KOL) refuses to be the new king; no man should esteem himself above another (GRM); King Noah (MOL) oppressed the people by his iniquity (MOL); God freed people to stand with liberty (COLG); trust no man to be your king (LOC) (GAC) Alma 1:10-14 Chief Judge Alma (KOL) finds that Nehor (MOL) was using priest craft (receiving money for priest service) (donation/tax) (GAC) and that he was also guilty of murder; Nehor is executed for murdering Gideon (KOL) Alma 5:7 Alma (KOL) was awakened out of a deep sleep; he awoke to God and to His Word (WOG) Alma 5:33-34 Alma (KOL) teaches that God arms are extended towards all men to partake of the fruit and bread of life (WOG) freely (ATIC) Alma 5:37-39 Alma (KOL), the high priest, declares church members (COLG) to be workers of iniquity (DIM); they have gone astray (UWIS) as a sheep having no shepherd; they profess to know the ways of righteousness but are corrupt (MOL), puffed up with the vain things of the world (GAC); they will not harken (LOC) to the voice of the good shepherd (COLG), therefore the devil is their shepherd (SS) (GAC) Alma 10:13-15 Lawyer Zeezrom (MOL) seeks to trap Alma and Amulek (KOL) in a legal system causing imprisonment or execution (MOL); the lawyers are studied in the arts and cunning of the professional (make-believe / deception) (MOL) (MOD) Alma 10:17-18 Amulek (KOL) declares: that this generation is wicked and perverse (UWIS); that the lawyers and hypocrites (MOL) are laying the foundation of the devil (GAC) and are perverting the ways of the righteous; that the lawyers and hypocrites are causing the destruction of the people by God (GCOW) (MOG) Alma 11:1,20 Zeezrom (MOL) and the lawyers (MOL) cite the law of Mosiah which provides wages for a judges time (MOL): the judges therefore incite people to rioting (SUMW), disturbances, and various wickedness (i.e. drug trafficking) (chaos theory) resulting in more employment and money (GAC) (MOD) Alma 12:3-4 Alma (KOL) tells Zeezrom (MOL) that: he lies to deceive the people; his plot is to set the people against Alma (SUMW); his plot is the devils plot (MOD), the Spirit of God has made this plot known to Alma Alma 12:4-6 Alma (KOL) reveals that it is the devil‘s subtle plot (MOD) to use his followers who are seeking for power (GAC) to trick the people (LOC) using lies and deception (make-believe) into the devil‘s snare (money) (MOD) (SEG); the devil‘s plot is to turn people against each other (SUMW); the devil‘s plot is to trick the people into being his subjects under his power (MOL) and captivity (SEG) Alma 30:44 Alma (KOL) reasons with Korihor (MOL) about a sign from God confirming His existence including: the testimony of the holy prophets (WOG); all things indicate there is a God; the earth and all things upon it; the earths motion; the planets which move in their regular form witness there is a Supreme Creator (MOG) Alma 34:34 Amulek (KOL) declares that the same spirit that possesses your body at death will possess your body in the eternal world (SEG) Alma 34:39 Alma (KOL) reminds to be watchful that the devil does not overpower you (MOG) that you do not become his subjects at the last day (SEG); the devil does not reward any good thing Alma 37:21 Alma (KOL) speaks of the twenty-four plates (The Plates of Ether), the record of a SS who has been destroyed (GCOW) (MOG); this record has manifest the murder, theft, and wickedness of their secret society (GAC) out of the darkness unto the Nephites (KOL) Alma 37:25-26 Alma (KOL) speaks of the twenty-four plates (The Plates of Ether): the Lord will bring the secret works and abominations (GAC) out of darkness into the light (WOG) to every nation that possesses the land; the Lord showed to the Nephites that the Jaredites did not repent (LOC) (GAC) and were destroyed (GCOW) (MOG); thus the Word of God has been fulfilled (WOG) Alma 37:28 Alma warns of Gods curse on the wicked in the Promised Land (GCOW); destruction shall come by power of God to all the workers of darkness (SS) when they are fully ripe (MOG) Alma 40:13 Alma (KOL) reveals that wicked people (DIM) choose (LOC) evil works (MOL) over good works (KOL); the spirit of the devil then enters into their body and takes possession (DIM); this is the captivity of the devil (SEG) Alma 46:11-12,21-24 Captain Moroni (KOL) tears his coat; he writes a freedom slogan on it; he then attaches it to a pole (standard of liberty) symbolizing Joseph of Egypt‘s coat of many colors which was torn as he was sold into bondage (MOL) by his older brothers; the freemen (KOL) all enter a covenant with God (COLG) to preserve their liberty (KOL) (COLG) from bondage (MOL) (GAC) Alma 48:10-14 Captain Moroni (KOL) prepares to support: his liberty and freedom (COLG); his brethren from bondage and slavery (KOD); the welfare and safety of his people (KOL); his faith in Christ; his sworn oath (COLG) to defend his people, his rights, his country, and his religion even to


The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...

The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...