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will be lashed on their backs and the people will be driven like a dumb ass (MOD) --- KING(TAX)  CHURCH(TAX) = CHURCH(GAC) ------------------------------------------------- KING(TAX)  EDUCATION(TAX) = CHURCH(GAC) ------------------------------------------------- KING(JUDGE(ATIC))  PEOPLE(JUDGE(ATIC))  CHURCH(COLG) ------------------------------------28. Mosiah 29:37-39 King Mosiah (KOL) convinces his people by comparative reasoning to elect judges (KOL) to administer justice according to the law of God (WOG) instead of having another king; the people agree (GRM); they gathered into bodies throughout the land and cast votes (LOC) for their first judges (liberalism) --- CHURCH(ATIC)  CHURCH(TAX) = CHURCH(GAC) ----------------------------------------------29. Alma 1:10-14 Chief Judge Alma (KOL) finds that Nehor (MOL) was using priest craft (receiving money for priest service) (donation/tax) (GAC) and that he was also guilty of murder; Nehor is executed for murdering Gideon (KOL) --- PEOPLE(JUDGE(ATIC))  PEOPLE(JUDGE(TAX)) = CHURCH(GAC) - judge = lawyers ------------30. Alma 46:34-35- Moroni (KOL) received power over the Nephite army by the appointment of the chief judges (KOL); Moroni, to maintain a free government (SUMW), executed any Amalickiahite (UWIS) who would not enter into a covenant of freedom (COLG); there were few who denied the covenant of freedom (COLG) 31. Alma 51:4-8 The king-men (MOL), those of high birth and seekers of power and authority (SS) over the people: seek to gain the voice of the people (LOC); seek to alter the laws (MOL) of government; seek to overthrow (SUMW) free government (COLG) and establish a king (GAC); the freemen (KOL) seek to maintain their rights (WOG), their religion, and their free government (ATIC) by a sworn oath and covenant with God (COLG) 32. Alma 51:14 Moroni (KOL) was angry with the king-men (MOL) for their treason (SS); he obtains a petition with the voice of the people requesting for the governor (KOL) to give Moroni power to go against the dissenters (DIM) 33. Alma 51:16-19 The governor (KOL) grants Moroni (KOL) power to command the army against nobility (MOL); Moroni levels to the earth four thousand dissenters (DIM) that would not take up arms to support the cause of liberty (COLG) 34. Alma 51:20-21 Moroni (KOL) uses ‗fear of execution‘ to compel the king-men dissenters (MOL): to end their professed nobility (money) and pride (DIM); to yield to standard of liberty (COLG); to hoist a flag of liberty on their towers and cities; to fight to defend liberty from bondage (SUMW) 35. Alma 62:8 Moroni‘s army (KOL) slays Pachus, the King-men leader (SS); the men of Pachus are taken prisoner; Pahoran (KOL) is restored to the judgment seat 36. Alma 62:9-10 Pahoran (KOL) executes the king-men (MOL) and the army of Pachus (DIM) for treason according to the law for denying freedom (KOL) and for the safety of the country (SUMW) 37. Alma 62:43 Moroni (KOL) yields up his command of the Nephite army and appoints is son Moronihah (KOL) as his replacement 38. Alma 62:46-48 Helaman (KOL) declared the Word of God (WOG) to the people (SUMR); they established the church of God (COLG) throughout the land; regulations made to the law (liberalism) and new judges and chief judges chosen (liberalism) 39. Helaman 2:2 Helaman (KOL) was appointed to fill the judgment seat by the voice of the people (liberalism) 40. Helaman 6:37 The Lamanites (KOL) hunt and destroy all Gadianton robbers (SS) by the sword (KOL) as well as also preaching the Word of God to them (WOG) (SUMR) --- PEOPLE(CHURCH(GAC))  PEOPLE(GCOW) ----- GAC Destruction #1 - Nephite Nation - 33 AD ------------------ Nephites AD ------------------- CHURCH(COLG) ----------------------------------------------41. 3 Nephi 12:1-2 Christ (COLG) gives power and authority to twelve disciples (KOL) to minister, teach, and serve the people the Gospel ordinances (COLG)


The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  
The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...