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between classes See: B.6.IV.a the ‗party wars‘ and the ‗class wars‘ cause GCOW See: B.6.VI.a GAC Bondage Plot = uses money to enslave enemy See: B.7.II most people have SUPERFICIAL reasoning powers See: B.7.III most men of the masses are led by PETTY passions, paltry beliefs, traditions, and sentimental theorems See: B.7.VI.a all resolutions can SOW seeds of ANARCHY due to the crowds IGNORANCE of the 'Machinery of Politics' (MOD) 1 Nephi 13:5-9 Nephi sees the formation of GAC; its members desire gold, silver, silks, fine-twined linen, precious clothing, and harlots (UWIS); GAC seeks the destruction of the saints (COLG) 2 Nephi 9:42 Jacob (KOL) speaks against the wise, learned, and rich (fools) (MOL) that are puffed up in their wisdom, learning, and riches (GAC); they are despised by the Holy One of Israel (KOG); they must (LOC) cast these things away (ATIC) and consider themselves fools before God (GAC) or he will not open the gate of heaven unto them (EG) 2 Nephi 12:8 Jacob (KOL) quotes Isaiah (KOL) who prophesies that the land is full of idols (GAC); people worship the works made by their own hands (UWIS) 2 Nephi 28:21 Nephi (KOL) warns the people (UWIS): the devil will cheat you by giving you carnal security (UWIS) now so you think, 'All is well (GAC);' while cheating you of your heavenly inheritance (KOG) Mosiah 7:15,22,26 King Limhi (KOL) explains that his people are in bondage (GAC) to the Lamanites (MOL) by the following: they pay fifty percent tribute or tax of all corn, barley, grain of every kind, flocks, and herds they produce to the Lamanites; it is Gods curse for killing Abinadi (KOL) the prophet Mosiah 11:1-6 King Noah (MOL) inherits the kingdom from his father; he then began a tax on the people (UWIS) to support his whoredoms, idolatry and laziness (GAC); the people labor under the bondage of taxes (KOD) Mosiah 11:6-10 King Noah (MOL) began taxing his people (UWIS) to support himself and his wicked priests (MOL); Noah caused his people: to build elegant buildings of fine workmanship (KOD); to build an elaborate palace (KOD); to build an expensive temple / headquarters with golden seats (KOD) for he and his priest to speak lying and vain words (MOL) to the people (UWIS) Mosiah 12:5 Abinadi prophesies (GCOW); the people will be in bondage to taxes (GAC); burdens will be lashed on their backs and the people will be driven like a dumb ass (MOD) Alma 1:10-14 Chief Judge Alma (KOL) finds that Nehor (MOL) was using priest craft (receiving money for priest service) (donation/tax) (GAC) and that he was also guilty of murder; Nehor is executed for murdering Gideon (KOL) Alma 1:2-8 Priest Nehor (MOL) teaches against COLG suggesting: that priests should not have to work (ATIC); that priests should receive money from the people (MOL) (priest craft, donation/tax); that all men would be saved (no devil) (SEG); the people believed Nehor (LOC) and gave him money to established his church (GAC) Alma 5:37-39 Alma (KOL), the high priest, declares church members (COLG) to be workers of iniquity (DIM); they have gone astray (UWIS) as a sheep having no shepherd; they profess to know the ways of righteousness but are corrupt (MOL), puffed up with the vain things of the world (GAC); they will not harken (LOC) to the voice of the good shepherd (COLG), therefore the devil is their shepherd (SS) (GAC) Alma 11:1,20 Zeezrom (MOL) and the lawyers (MOL) cite the law of Mosiah which provides wages for a judges time (MOL): the judges therefore incite people to rioting (SUMW), disturbances, and various wickedness (i.e. drug trafficking) (chaos theory) resulting in more employment and money (GAC) (MOD) Alma 30:17 Anti-Christ Korihor (KOL) preaches that these is no atonement for sin (SEG); men fare in this life: 1) according to the management of the creature (MOD) (bondage); 2) he prospers according to his genius (MOL); 3) he conquers according to his strength (SUMW); 4) there is no crime (GAC) (SEG) Helaman 6:21-23 Satan (GAC) (SS) stirs up the hearts (SUMW) of the more part of the Nephites (UWIS) to join the Gadianton robbers (SS); the Nephites enter into the oaths and covenants (GAC) of the devil with the robbers (DIM) for power, wealth, and protection (MOL) (MOD); the devil‘s secret signs and words are revealed (GAC) Helaman 6:39; 7:4-5 The Gadianton robbers (SS) usurp (SUMW) the Nephite judgment seats and the head of the government (GAC); they gain the power and authority (force) of the land (MOL); they condemn the righteous (KOL) and allow the wicked (DIM) to go free because of their money; they rule by greed, murder, theft, and whoredoms (GAC) Helaman 13:14,22 Samuel the Lamanite (KOL) prophesies of the Nephite‘s (SS) curses (GCOW) except they repent (SUMR); the Nephites remember their riches, not to thank God, but to swell with


The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  
The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...