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wickedness (i.e. drug trafficking) (chaos theory) resulting in more employment and money (GAC) (MOD) xxvi. Alma 12:3-4 Alma (KOL) tells Zeezrom (MOL) that: he lies to deceive the people; his plot is to set the people against Alma (SUMW); his plot is the devils plot (MOD), the Spirit of God has made this plot known to Alma xxvii. Alma 46:1-7,10 Amalickiah (MOL) conspires to become Nephite king (GAC); he seeks to destroy the church (COLG) and the foundation of liberty granted by God; he flatters lower judges seeking for power (DIM); he promises judges to be rulers for their support; the dissenters from the church (COLG) follow him (SS) xxviii. Alma 47:1 Amaliekiah (MOL) flees with his band (SS) to the Lamanites (MOL); seeks to stir up the Lamanites to anger (SUMW) against the Nephites (KOL) xxix. Alma 47:2-3 Amaliekiah (MOL) is appointed commander of a part of the Lamanite army by the Lamanite king (MOL); Amaliekiah makes a subtle plot (GAC) to dethrone the king; first, he pretends to march out to find and kill disloyal soldiers xxx.Alma 51:4-8 The king-men (MOL), those of high birth and seekers of power and authority (SS) over the people: seek to gain the voice of the people (LOC); seek to alter the laws (MOL) of government; seek to overthrow (SUMW) free government (COLG) and establish a king (GAC); the freemen (KOL) seek to maintain their rights (WOG), their religion, and their free government (ATIC) by a sworn oath and covenant with God (COLG) xxxi. Alma 54:17,23-24; 55:1 King Ammoron (MOL) claims the right to govern by ancestral heritage (KOD) because he is a descendant of Zoram; he wages war (SUMW) to avenge the wrongs of past generations (revenge) and to obtain the rightful management of the government (MOL) (MOD); Moroni knows the claimed rights are a fraud (COLG) xxxii. Alma 61:5-8 Governor Pahoran (KOL) writes to Moroni (KOL) informing him that: the king-men (MOL) have appointed a king over them (GAC); the king-men have joined an alliance with the king of the Lamanites (MOL) seeking to destroy the freemen (COLG) xxxiii. Helaman 2:2-5 Gadianton (MOL) is an expert in words, flattery, craft, murder, and robbery (MOL); he becomes the leader of the Kishkumen band (SS); Gadianton promised the band members positions of power and authority (MOL) among the people if they helped him (SUMW) become the chief judge (MOL) xxxiv. Helaman 4:21-22 Mormon (KOL) summarizes that the Nephites had altered (MOL) and trampled under their feet the laws of Mosiah (WOG) (liberalism); their laws had become corrupt (GAC) and the people wicked (UWIS) xxxv. Helaman 6:21-23 Satan (GAC) (SS) stirs up the hearts (SUMW) of the more part of the Nephites (UWIS) to join the Gadianton robbers (SS); the Nephites enter into the oaths and covenants (GAC) of the devil with the robbers (DIM) for power, wealth, and protection (MOL) (MOD); the devil‘s secret signs and words are revealed (GAC) xxxvi. Helaman 6:26-31 Mormon (KOL) summarizes that the secret oaths, covenants, plots, and plans (GAC) to disobey Gods laws (COLG) are authored by the devil (GAC) (SS); the same being who enticed Adam, Cain, Gadianton, and the tower of Babel plot xxxvii. Helaman 6:39; 7:4-5 The Gadianton robbers (SS) usurp (SUMW) the Nephite judgment seats and the head of the government (GAC); they gain the power and authority (force) of the land (MOL); they condemn the righteous (KOL) and allow the wicked (DIM) to go free because of their money; they rule by greed, murder, theft, and whoredoms (GAC) xxxviii. 3 Nephi 6:15-21 Satan (SS) causes the iniquity of the people (GAC); he tempts men to seek (LOC) for power, authority, riches, and the vain things of the world (GAC) (MOD); thus causing the corruption of the people (UWIS) belonging to the church of Christ (COLG) xxxix. 3 Nephi 6:27-30 The high priests, judges, and lawyers (SS) enter into the oath and covenant of the devil (GAC) to protect each other and to avoid punishment for murder; they conspire to destroy the government and the liberty (COLG) of the people (KOL) and to establish a king (GAC) xl. 4 Nephi 1:24-26 Mormon (KOL) summarizes that the people began changing their affairs (MOL); they then began: to be lifted up to pride (UWIS); to wear costly clothing and jewelry (KOD), to have their goods and substance no more in common (ATIC); to divide themselves into classes (money) (UWIS) (GAC): to build churches to get gain (money) (GAC) (MOD); to deny COLG (DIM) xli. 4 Nephi 1:27-28,42 Mormon (KOL) summarizes that Satan (GAC) got hold of the hearts of people because of iniquity; the people began: to create new churches (GAC) which denied most of the gospel (COLG) (ATIC) (GCOW) (GPOR) (EG) (WOG) (MOG); to administer what is sacred (COLG) to the wicked (DIM); to build the devil‘s SS and enter into the secret oaths of the Gadianton robbers (GAC) xlii. 4 Nephi 1:29-33 Mormon (KOL) summarizes that the people began; to persecute the people of COLG; to exercise power and authority (MOL) over the disciples of Jesus (KOL); to cast them into prison (GAC); to seek to kill them by fire and wild beasts (GAC) xliii. Ether 7:4 Corihor (MOL) seeking to be king (GAC), rebels (SUMW) against his father, Kib (KOL); he uses his fair sons and daughters (UWIS) to lure away the people (DIM) after him (SUMW); Corihor‘s army


The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  
The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...