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if GAC then LOC = MOL(1) or MOL(2) may or may not be LOC = KOL or MOL King-men Action Logic Chain: DIM  LOC(power)  GAC(usurp plot(SUMW(violence/force)))  GAC(SS anarchy plot(MOL liberalism(party power wars(cunning laws))))  GAC(bondage plot(class wars(freedom idea(gold/money/tax(make-believe))))) iii. Rights Logic Chain: devil (GAC(make-believe))  law of nature  right (force)  LOC  power: voice of the people  GAC iv. Watch Video: The WHORE of the Earth: The Great and Abominable Church v. See: B.3.I irrational man - power and domination is goal - GAC vi. See: B.6.III.a freedom ‗bait‘ (anarchy plot) is the cause of the state burning down to a heap of ashes vii. See: B.6.V.a GCOW = the people are destroyed by God (MOG) viii. See: B.7.II most people have SUPERFICIAL reasoning powers ix. See: B.7.III most men of the masses are led by PETTY passions, paltry beliefs, traditions, and sentimental theorems x. See: B.7.V.a every resolution of the crowd depends upon CHANCE or a PACKED majority xi. See: B.7.VI.a all resolutions can SOW seeds of ANARCHY due to the crowds IGNORANCE of the 'Machinery of Politics' (MOD) xii. See: 24 Protocols xiii. 1 Nephi 13:23-29 Nephi (KOL) sees GAC perverting the records (WOG) containing the laws and covenants of the gospel of Christ (COLG); people stumble (UWIS) without these laws and covenants (COLG); Satan gains power over the people (UWIS) (DIM) (MOD) (SS) (GAC) (MOL) (SUMW) (GCOW) (SEG); if GAC then the government = MOL not the government = KOL or MOL xiv. 1 Nephi 13:32 Nephi (KOL) sees the Gentiles blind (UWIS) to the truths (COLG) which were held back from the Jewish records (WOG) perverted by GAC; if GAC then the government = MOL not the government = KOL or MOL xv. 1 Nephi 16:38 Laman (MOL) seek to stir up anger (SUMW) against Nephi (KOL) claiming; Nephi, using his cunning arts (KOL), lies to us about seeing angels and wants to be a king and ruler over us (COLG) xvi. 2 Nephi 24:12-13 Isaiah (KOL) sees Lucifer (GAC) before he fell from the grace of God proclaiming, 'I will ascend into heaven (SUMW), I will exalt my throne (KOD) above the stars of God, I will ascend above the heights of the clouds and be like the Most High' (COLG) xvii. Mosiah 11:6-10 King Noah (MOL) began taxing his people (UWIS) to support himself and his wicked priests (MOL); Noah caused his people: to build elegant buildings of fine workmanship (KOD); to build an elaborate palace (KOD); to build an expensive temple / headquarters with golden seats (KOD) for he and his priest to speak lying and vain words (MOL) to the people (UWIS) xviii. Mosiah 27:8-10 Alma, the younger (UWIS), uses flattery and many words of suggestive power to led away the people from the church (COLG); the enemy of God, the devil (SS), gains power over the people (UWIS), Alma, the younger, secretly works to destroy COLG with the sons of Mosiah (SS) xix. Mosiah 29:21-23 King Mosiah (KOL) warns that an evil king (MOL) will surround himself with his guards and friends (DIM), then the wicked king will tear up the old laws for new wicked laws (MOL); all rebels against the wicked king will be destroyed by his armies (SUMW); a wicked king can be dethroned only through contention and the shedding of blood (SUMW) xx. Alma 1:2-8 Priest Nehor (MOL) teaches against COLG suggesting: that priests should not have to work (ATIC); that priests should receive money from the people (MOL) (priest craft, donation/tax); that all men would be saved (no devil) (SEG); the people believed Nehor (LOC) and gave him money to established his church (GAC) xxi. Alma 2:1-4 Amlici (MOL) knows the cunning (MOL) and the wisdom of the world (SUMW): he lures many people to follow him (SUMW); he seeks to gain the voice and vote of the people (MOL); he persuades them to help him become king (GAC), he seeks to deprive the people of their rights (MOL) (bondage) and destroy the church of God (COLG) xxii. Alma 2:9-11 The majority of the people (KOL) vote against Amlici (MOL) and in support of COLG; the minority of the people who support Amlici are angry, declare Amlici to be their king, and take up arms (SUMW) to usurp the power of the land (GAC) xxiii. Alma 2:24-25 The Amlicites (MOL) and the Lamanites (MOL) create an alliance (SUMW) to kill Nephite (KOL) women and children (GAC) xxiv. Alma 10:17-18 Amulek (KOL) declares: that this generation is wicked and perverse (UWIS); that the lawyers and hypocrites (MOL) are laying the foundation of the devil (GAC) and are perverting the ways of the righteous; that the lawyers and hypocrites are causing the destruction of the people by God (GCOW) (MOG) xxv.Alma 11:1,20 Zeezrom (MOL) and the lawyers (MOL) cite the law of Mosiah which provides wages for a judges time (MOL): the judges therefore incite people to rioting (SUMW), disturbances, and various


The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  
The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...